Quantum wave speed reading checked

Never mind, quantum mechanics. I can’t explain. I’m going through time and space. “
Science fiction movies usually use the above two sentences to cover up the things that cannot be explained, and the beautiful name is “pay homage to the myth”
However, in real life, some organizations take this nonsense as a magic weapon, and set up a set of teaching system, with the reputation of “whole brain training”, teach children “quantum wave speed reading”, and attract a large number of unknown parents “devout inquiry” to send their children to the past.
On January 16, the Ministry of Education announced the investigation and treatment of several off campus training institutions that had violated the regulations, and shut down several institutions that had violated the regulations in Shenzhen, Taiyuan and Chengdu to carry out similar off campus training, including Shenzhen Branch of Beijing smart brain development Co., Ltd., Zhuolun education, Sichuan pilot Vance Education Technology Co., Ltd., Jinjiang Branch of Chengdu xuezhihai Education Consulting Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Qiqi Avis Education Technology Co., Ltd.
These institutions, which do not even have business licenses or school permits, claim that “the faster they read 100000 words in 1-5 minutes”, the closer they are to the universe. These are the words of netizens that “businessmen just rub my IQ on the ground” are believed by some people, and there are many people.
In the secret interview video of people’s daily.cn on October 23, 2019, a potential training camp held by our excellent education technology Co., Ltd. in Hebei Province announced that after learning, students can read with blindfold eyes, recognize colors with blindfold eyes, sense words with arms, and even carry objects, break steel spoon with open eyes, see through envelope with open eyes, and read with ears.
In the video, some students with black cloth on their eyes perform badly under the instruction of the organization teacher.
Tianyan inspection shows that Hebei meiben excellent education technology Co., Ltd. was founded on October 30, 2017, and its legal representative is Zhang Xiujuan. The company has been listed in the list of business exceptions twice in 2019 due to “the registered residence or business site cannot be contacted”. In fact, if the company is listed in the list of business exceptions and fails to perform relevant obligations for 3 years, it will be listed in the list of serious illegal and dishonest enterprises for management.
However, Tianyan inspection shows that the business status of the enterprise is currently showing survival, that is, “the enterprise exists and continues to operate normally in accordance with the law”. The city called the company, but it was not connected up to the time of publication.
In fact, before being informed by the Ministry of education, the legend of quantum wave speed reading had been circulating for a long time in the primary school community. In their performance, even if the children take the book down, it does not affect them to finish a book in 5 minutes and repeat it completely. Back in 1979, Tang Yu, a young man who read with his ears, reported by Sichuan Daily, has been proved to have achieved the goal of so-called ear literacy by changing notes, stealing and cheating. Because of being caught, the scene was extremely embarrassing.
Quantum speed, super perception, full brain potential development… There is a lesson in the past, parents really don’t know this is a trick?
In the communication with a nearly victimized parent, the city circle learned that she sent her child to a fluctuating speed reading training institution. When the child was in the institution, he could read with his eyes covered. But when he got home, the child told her that the black cloth covered with his eyes was transparent. Fortunately, it is still in the audition stage, and the parents are not cheated.
The parent told the city community that they were also college students, and knew it was impossible in their hearts, but they always had a fluke mentality: “there are other parents in the organization who also sent their children, in case it is true, my children will lose the opportunity if they don’t go?” This parent is quite embarrassed to tell the city, sometimes it is impossible to take the children, this is the urgent medical treatment.
The thinking of Chinese parents is really magical. A 20 yuan parenting book is too expensive for him, but he is eager to spend tens of thousands of yuan to try a sand sculpture training.
Xiong Bingqi, vice president of the College of education and research in the 21st century, told the city circle that this reflected a phenomenon that exists in our society in pursuit of success, opportunism and even obsession. Some people prefer to abandon basic common sense in order to get rich.
Some time ago, an article “I took drugs, mom fed” was swiped on the screen. In order to improve the children’s performance in a short period of time, parents fed them smart drugs, which led to their children suffering from drug addiction. It sounds creepy.
In order not to let their children lose in the starting line, parents believe in the other side of the road, trying to take a shortcut in the process of jumping off, so that they are reaped by the fraud organization.
Li Hong, a netizen, once told the story of attending the quick reading lecture of quantum wave when she was a child. She was selected by the master and completely retelled 400 pages of English books. The master in her ear to say an enlightening words: “you just make up.”
Fortunately, tianwanghuihui is careless without omission.

IKEA travel cup causes cancer

Cups are daily necessities. In daily life, they are widely used and can also be used as heat preservation cups and travel cups. They are mainly for convenience of carrying. However, all cups on the market are not safe and harmless. Recently, after the news of IKEA travel cup carcinogenesis was released, consumers are worried and panicked. At present, the official release of the global recall notice. Carcinogen detected in IKEA Mug carcinogen detected in IKEA Mug
IKEA is the world’s largest furniture and home furnishing enterprise. Its main products are mainly household products, such as sofa seats, wardrobes, tea tables and other furniture, or household products such as cups and refrigerators. I still remember that the glass exploded last year, causing a woman’s face disfigurement. In recent days, IKEA’s travel cup cancer news was released through the official website, saying that it is recalling the product Product. On January 15, the official website of IKEA China announced that the product of IKEA travel cup has been found to be carcinogenic, which is a “traigtvis travel cup”. To this end, the official issued a global recall notice. Any consumer who bought the travel cup can return the product to any IKEA store, and can get a full refund without a shopping voucher. It should be noted that IKEA travel cup is sold in IKEA stores in China. When customers purchase related products, they should pay attention to whether the travel cup products are still sold, because during the investigation, IKEA has stopped the sales of the travel cup. According to the monitoring report, IKEA travel cup is carcinogenic, and the migration of dibutyl phthalate exceeds the specified limit. At present, the official website of IKEA China has issued a global recall notice, which will recall this product from various countries and regions. According to the survey, the travel cup marked “made in India” may also be affected. Go to see if there is such a travel cup in your home, and if so, go to IKEA mall to return it.

8K Spring Festival gala will be launched

The launching ceremony of 5g + 8K / 4K / VR innovation application of CCTV 2020 Spring Festival Gala was held in Beijing media center on January 14. Shen Haixiong, Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and head of the CCTV, heads of the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration of radio, film and television, three major operators and Huawei Company, relevant heads of the CCTV and representatives of various media units attended.
According to reports, 5g network has fully covered the main venue and branch venue of CCTV 2020 Spring Festival Gala.
At that time, the main station will adopt 5g + 8K technology to achieve multi stand shooting and produce 8K version of Spring Festival Gala. 4K signals of mobile shooting and landscape based on 5g network are all connected to the production system of Spring Festival Gala, providing strong support for the full 4K intelligent live broadcast of Spring Festival Gala; the first virtual network interactive production mode (vnis) will also be applied for the first time in the Spring Festival Gala, and users can watch the 2020 Spring Festival Gala VR live broadcast and multi perspective panoramic live broadcast through the central video client. The application of new technologies such as 5g, 8K, 4K and VR will bring users a new viewing experience.

Apple launched a fire collection

Apple launched a fire to raise money. The Australian forest fire has been burning for four months, burning forests and countless animals. However, the prime minister went to Hawaii for a holiday. This time, even the Americans far away can’t watch it. Recently, Apple launched a donation page for Australian wildfires on its official website.
In December, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted that he would donate money to the rescue of the Australian mountain fire. At present, users can go to the donation page of Apple’s official website in the United States / Australia to donate with the associated payment method of iTunes and app store. All donations will be transferred to charity organizations. Apple, the middleman, rarely does not charge any difference, commission or commission.
Since September last year, Australian wildfires have been burning for four months, with an area of tens of thousands of square kilometers and possibly 500 million animals. Nowadays, there is no sign of extinguishing the mountain fire, and with the arrival of high temperature, the mountain fire still has the risk of aggravation. According to the analysis of some economists, in addition to the irreparable ecological disaster caused by the mountain fire, it will also bring 5 billion Australian dollars (about 23 billion yuan) of economic losses to Australia

2020 national examination results announced

On the evening of January 7, the results of written examination of public subjects for civil servants’ recruitment in 2020 by the central authorities and their directly affiliated institutions were officially announced. Candidates can check the written test scores and the minimum qualified score line on the website of 2020 annual examination and employment of civil servants of the central authority and its directly affiliated institutions.

It is reported that this “national examination” is the first recruitment of civil servants by central organs and their directly affiliated institutions after the implementation of the newly revised civil servants law. It is planned to recruit 24000 people, involving 86 units and 23 directly affiliated institutions of the central and state organs. A total of 1.142 million examinees have paid for the examination before the examination. 965000 people actually take the examination, with a reference rate of 84.5%. The ratio of the number of people taking the examination to the number of employment plans is about 40:1.

Netizens waiting for interview list

Candidates who want to enter the interview must meet the following conditions:

1. The written test result must be above the minimum qualified score line. 2. The ranking of written examination results in this position must be within the specified proportion.

Whether or not to enter the interview, in addition to passing the minimum qualified line of written examination, also need to see the candidates to apply for the position’s result ranking to decide.

We official civil service examination is not published ranking! Only the interview list and the lowest qualified score line of this position, then some examinees will ask: since the scores are all out, how long will the interview list be officially announced? According to the past practice, after the official written test results are announced, the first batch of interview list and adjustment announcement will be announced one after another the next day! That is to say, it is most likely to be announced on January 8, but it is not yet known when. So please wait patiently for a while.

Trump warns Iran again

“If Iran attacks US bases or any Americans, we will launch some new and beautiful equipment to them, without hesitation!” in the early morning of the 5th local time, trump continued to threaten Iran. A few hours ago, he vehemently warned Iran, “if Iranians dare to attack Americans or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian targets.”
“The United States has just spent $2 trillion on military equipment. We are the largest and the best in the world! If Iran attacks US bases or any American, we will not hesitate to launch some new and beautiful equipment to them, and not hesitate to! “Trump wrote on twitter.
About 20 minutes ago, trump tweeted a tweet from Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw. Crenshaw first tweeted an interview with David Petraeus, former commander of the U.S. military and director of the Central Intelligence Agency, published in Foreign Policy magazine. Petraeus said trump could help “rebuild deterrence” by killing suleymani. He also said Sulaimani’s killing sent a clear message to the regime that the United States would not tolerate continued provocations.

PCL all staff promotion

After three days of fierce competition, the first round group match of PGC in the global finals of “survival of the Jedi” officially ended. This group game consists of 32 teams divided into two groups: AB and ab. the top 8 teams can enter the semi-finals in the three-day competition. At present, all the teams representing the domestic PCL have been promoted. Here we congratulate them on their victory. Let’s take a look at the details of this group game.
PCL all promotion and 4am successful meeting, 16 semi-final PCL to make further efforts!
PGC in the fierce battle of two groups of games, the 16 teams are the first to enter the semi-finals. The 16 teams that lost in the group match played in the loser group today. In the end, the eight teams escaped from birth and won the final promotion quota. This includes VC, QM and ifty from PCL. In this way, with 4am advanced early, all teams in PCL are promoted and perform strongly in this PGC. AhQ and Gex from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, which fans call the provincial team, also entered the semi-finals. So far, all six teams of the Chinese team have been promoted!
After today’s knockout, the group game is over. The three Chinese PCL teams participating in the knockout will all be promoted to the semi-finals.
Looking back on the final one, ifty finally scares the explanation. Fortunately, the lone wolf finally stabilizes. It’s mainly the final time. Several opponents with threats are present. It’s not serious. It’s impossible. I can also thank QM for a small wave. It’s a perfect ending. All of them are promoted. Ming and the forum are very happy. We have to look forward to the semi-final.
After the game, the VC team members also accepted the interview, just the little sister, it seems to be a little serious!
I love to see the pictures of Chinese E-sports players in foreign countries receiving media interviews. It’s a sense of honor. The lol news is good, but it’s coming. Pubg can’t lose. Waiting for a PGC champion is the PCL team’s news.
4am, VC, ifty, QM, according to the present embodiment, these 4am and VC are a bit fierce. Eight platoons are going?

Chen Meng Advanced to the Women’s Singles Final

In October 5th, 2019, the women’s singles 1/4 final of the table tennis Sweden open ended against Chen Meng, the two men who met in the women’s singles competition, and won the victory. And this year’s most important women’s singles final in the World Table Tennis Championships was defeated by Chen Meng by 4-2. The victory or defeat of this match is extremely important for Chen Meng. If she loses again, it may affect her competition in the Olympic women’s singles.
After the first round of the game was tied to 4-4, Chen Meng scored 11-7 points and won 1-0 points in the game. The second inning led by 3-1. Chen Meng scored 6-6 points in the second inning. After scoring 10-10 points, he scored 2 points to win 12-10 points, and the score was 1-1 flat. He scored the leading edge of the match by winning the lead of the match. Chen Meng himself made a lot of mistakes. Chen Meng 8-2 lead, Liu Shiwen is stubborn to chase points, but the difference is too big, Chen Meng wins 11-8 points, the board is divided into 2-2 flat; the fifth inning Chen Meng also obtains 9-1 of the leading edge, 11-5 wins, the bureau scores 3-2 lead; Sixth Board Liu Shiwen draws the score in the backward situation, and takes 10-9 to take the lead spot first, Chen Meng key ball decisive attack, Liu Shiwen serves the direct fault to deliver the score, Chen Meng 18-1 6 win, 4-2 points to win the women’s singles 4.
Chen Meng’s game started quite quickly. If he lost the first two matches, winning the first game might calm Chen Meng’s mind. After so many competitions, the ability to seize opportunities is stronger and stronger, and he has always insisted on his own skills and tactics, and has taken the initiative to mobilize Chen Meng. But Chen Meng made a very good restriction on the backhand. What is particularly obvious is that the fourth games can only be forced to change the line, and the speed will not be able to come out. There will be too many fearless mistakes. At the most critical moment of the sixth game, Chen Meng missed a lot of opportunities, and so did he. Chen Meng finally won the match and finally realized the revenge. The whole process was very difficult, which might help her to play better in the following games.
As the women’s singles top 8 Chinese table tennis occupies 7 seats, the first half of the competition will be the national table tennis civil war. After winning the game, Chen Meng’s opponent in the semi-finals will be the winner between Qian Tianyi and Liu Fei.


Pawn retired from the Heroes League

In the 2014 global finals, Samsung White swept Samsung Blue at 3:0 in the semi-finals, and the Blue captain Dade put his coat on Pawn after the game, symbolizing his recognition. Samsung White subsequently won the final and became the second Korean team to win the world championship. They were once considered the strongest team in the history of the global finals.
In 2015, Pawn followed the tide of Korean aid and joined the Chinese LPL Regiment’s powerful EDG team with the Blue Team’s Deft players. In the same year, in the final of the first MSI season Invitational tournament, Pawn used Mogana to firmly hold Faker’s demon, and eventually beat SKT to win the MSI world championship.
From 2017 to 2018, Pawn and Deft joined the KT team known as the Galaxy Warship and won the championship in the summer of 2018. Unfortunately, Pawn again faded out of the starting line-up due to injury and was replaced by Ucal.
At the beginning of 2019, Pawn and Deft joined the KZ team again. After finishing third in the spring competition for KZ, Pawn announced that he had been recuperated due to injury again in the summer competition and disappeared into the eyes of fans. The KZ team finally lost to DWG in the bubbles and lost its qualification to participate in the global finals.
Looking back on Pawn’s career, he has been playing steadily and excellently, and his achievements have been close to or even briefly surpassed Faker, but injuries have become the main theme of his career in recent years. Such an excellent professional player is respected and regrettable. Hope that after retirement, Pawn players can heal their injuries as soon as possible, and their future life will be smooth!


There’s always one of these new cars for you at Chengdu Auto Show

Compared with Beijing and Shanghai, the scale of Chengdu Auto Show and the importance of manufacturers are much lower. But maybe this year’s car market is not very good. In order to improve sales performance, this year’s Chengdu Auto Show is more lively than before. There are many heavy-duty cars appearing or going on the market in independent brands, joint venture brands and luxury brands.
According to the usual practice, start with luxury brand models with high heat.
Cadillac CT5
Since the implementation of the Sixth National Car Policy, Cadillac has only CT6 (parameter | picture) which is on sale. Sales have been greatly impacted. Lexus also took the second-tier luxury brand sales Championship position in July. This, of course, is an intolerable fact for SAIC GM, so CT5 arrived.
Cadillac CT5 (parameter | picture) is the successor of XTS (parameter | picture). It is positioned in medium-sized cars, and its product strength is quite bright. For example, its body size reaches 4924/1883/1453 (1445) mm and its wheelbase is 2947 mm; for example, it provides fashion and sports designs; for example, it carries a 2.0T start with maximum power of 241 horsepower. Machine, matching 10AT gearbox; for example, using the front-drive and rear-drive layout.
All sorts of signs show that CT5 is to smash the field of BMW 3 series (parameters | pictures). Since the new generation of 3 series has almost given up sport, CT5 will take over the flag of sport, after all, ATS-L (parameter | picture) has accumulated a lot of sport powder for Cadillac. Maybe the sports benchmark will become Cadillac in the future. What if?
Lexus RX L
The main change in the new Lexus RX is the “lengthening” of six and seven new models. However, according to previous information, RX L is not cheap to buy. Only 450 h version of the new car, or 3.5L hybrid model, will provide an extended model, and its pre-sale price has reached 6780-805 million yuan.
Moreover, because the wheelbase of RX L has not changed, but the length of the body has been lengthened to 5 meters, increasing by 110 mm, the proportion of the side of the whole body is actually somewhat out of tune.
So, is it better for consumers to buy Audi Q7 at this price? Or Cadillac XT6?
BMW 8 Family
In June, BMW announced the pre-sale price of the 8-series family in the Chinese market, including 6 models, including 8-series Coupe (double-door hard top version), 8-series Convertible (open version), 8-series Gran Coupe (four-door coupe) and M8, with a pre-sale range of 97.00-230.0 million yuan. In Chengdu Auto Show, the 8-series family will be officially listed.
BMW 8 Series is really expensive, but handsome is really handsome. Low bodywork, domineering shape and sporting style all show the identity of its luxury GT sports car. Among these models, M8 Thunder is the ultimate representative of performance. The 4.4-liter V8 twin turbocharged engine has a maximum power of 626 horsepower. It matches the 8-speed manual self-contained gearbox and the M xDrive four-drive system with a rear-drive mode. The zero acceleration time is only 3.2 seconds.
So, have you saved enough money?
Next, talk about the joint venture brand.
Mazda 3 should be the most concerned joint venture model among the new cars at Chengdu Auto Show. The second generation soul-stirring styling design and brand-new interior style make this car have a fairly high face value. Unfortunately, the new horse 3 has not launched a two-compartment model, and may not be launched later, and the highly vocal Skyactive-X engine has not been launched. The power system is consistent with cash. The maximum power of the 1.5L/2.0L engine is 117 horsepower and 158 horsepower, respectively. The Skyactive-X engine is expected to be launched by the end of the year. Type of car.
Compared with competitors of the same level, the new generation Mazda 3’s product strength is still a little worse. It’s still a bit difficult to achieve a revival in sales. After all, the brightness of the forefathers’minds is too dazzling. The only hope may be a new engine model by the end of the year.
Ten generations of Sonata
At present, Sonata IX’s performance can be described as “horrible”. Sales in the past few months are even less than three digits a month, which has been completely forgotten by the market. The situation of Beijing Hyundai itself is not much better, and this year’s new generation of Shengda listed on the market has not been able to re-support the brand value of Beijing Hyundai. So the burden fell on the ten generations of Sonata.
The overall design of the 10-generation Sonata is similar to that of Fista. Its shape is very radical, its body size has increased, and its power system has not been exposed yet. However, it may carry 1.6T and 2.0T engines.
Beijing’s modern mid-and high-end models have a certain product strength, but in recent years the brand value has decreased too much, even if the 10-generation Sonata looks good, but the final result may not be too good. Of course, a lower price is not without opportunities.