Statement of kingensheng studio

On March 23, Jin Ensheng’s studio issued a lawyer’s statement, saying that Jin Ensheng and Zhang Meng found on the Internet that they were seriously injured by some malicious infringers with false information such as “stepping on several boats with little five feet every day” and “Zhang Meng makes a little three again” and defamatory language, causing mental injury.
The epidemic situation is getting better. We didn’t intend to take up public social resources when we went back to work in an all-round way. But we can’t keep silent about the escalating untrue remarks, which even affected our families and friends. In addition to pursuing the responsibility of the infringing accounts that have published false statements, we will continue to collect evidence and litigate, and use legal weapons to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests.

The White House’s Secret electric skillet China

China Daily reported novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia, which was reported on the 21 day in a report entitled “White House officials to focus on China to cover up the new crown pneumonia epidemic”, said that the new white crowned pneumonia case continues to grow rapidly. The White House is launching a so-called “public relations plan” among several federal agencies, demanding officials to focus on Beijing’s “trying to cover up the epidemic” and causing a new crown pneumonia in the global pandemic.
According to the beast daily, the telegram sent to State Department officials Friday (20 local time) provided guidance on how U.S. officials could answer questions about the new coronavirus or talk about it, as well as the White House’s response to China. The talking points originally came from the US National Security Council, because part of the telegram read “National Security Council (NSC)”. It even accused the Communist Party of “attaching more importance to its reputation than to the sufferings of the people”. “It’s all about China,” said an official who broke the news, the report said. We were told to do everything possible to get this information out, including in press conferences and TV shows. “
In the past, many American politicians, including President trump and Secretary of state Peng Peio, have called the new coronavirus “China virus” or “Wuhan virus”. Geng Shuang, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, said at a regular press conference on March 20 that some people on the US side have been deliberately linking the new coronavirus with China and constantly stigmatizing China. The Chinese people are strongly indignant and firmly opposed to this. Geng Shuang also listed the facts of information sharing in China’s fight against the new crown epidemic in chronological order, indicating that in the past two months or more, China has provided information to the United States in a timely manner and worked hard to fight the epidemic, winning valuable time for the world, but unfortunately it was wasted and squandered by the United States.
The global times also published an editorial saying that Trump’s government is weak in its command of anti epidemic, but it is very good at launching a public opinion war against China, with full motivation. The root cause is that the epidemic has spread in the United States on a large scale. The confirmed cases in the United States are second only to Italy, becoming the third largest in the world. The death toll has also reached more than 300. The panic is spreading. The White House has no skills to reverse this situation and has a growing political dependence on China. The headline of the editorial is concise: Washington’s pot is too big to throw out.

People’s Daily Comments on Qiu Chen

Sohu Entertainment News on March 16, people’s daily commentator Guan Bo said in a statement on the social account: “a well-known debater suspected to have made a speech in support of occupying China, was torn up by netizens and” vindicated “himself.”. After all, the eyes of netizens are bright. If she says “hope the motherland is strong”, see her consistent comments. What is patriotism, what is righteousness, how can we overturn right and wrong? As a public figure, what value should be conveyed to young people? Don’t think you can change the facts by saying so well. “
It is reported that Qiu Chen had made improper comments before, which caused hot discussion among netizens.
Shortly afterwards, Qiu responded to people’s Daily’s comments on her personal social account. “I express my deep regret and apology for my past inappropriate remarks,” he said. I always love my motherland and have never done anything harmful to it. The reunification of the motherland is the premise of all my expressions. I will close social media accounts such as personal micro blog, withdraw from public view and no longer participate in any program recording. “
Qiu Chen’s full text is as follows:
Dear friends
I would like to express my deep regret and apology for my past improper remarks.
I always love my motherland and have never done anything harmful to it. The reunification of the motherland is the premise of all my expressions. I will close social media accounts such as personal microblog, withdraw from public view and no longer participate in any program recording.
I feel guilty and sorry for my personal injury to the program, my friends and those who love me. Do not want to occupy any public resources and hurt anyone.

CCTV cat call hot search

CCTV news broadcast, which has been paid close attention to for a long time, has recently made a super cute “mistake”. The protagonist of the mistake is not the staff, but the stray kitten.
On March 7, a careful audience found that while watching CCTV news, there had been some different sounds coming into their ears. Meow meow meow ground was very rhythmic, which was suspected to be a cat call. Do cats have their own hosting dreams?
But many CCTV hosts, including Bai Yansong, have very high professional quality. They are not disturbed by the sound of kittens. Instead, they keep their faces unchanged and calmly push the hosts forward in an orderly manner, drawing back the attention of the audience.
Searching for such keywords as “CCTV’s cat call” on social platforms, we found that some netizens had already heard something different as early as a week ago. Some netizens cut the video into a collection and found that at least seven hosts had cat calls coming from the scene. Such a live broadcast accident probably lasted for more than a week.
It’s revealed that in order to prove their conjecture, netizens also played back the program repeatedly to determine the source of the sound. This move made her own male cat repeatedly respond outside the TV. She conservatively concluded that only when a female cat entered the live broadcast hall could she attract the attention of the male cat.
As the staff of the live broadcast, they must have heard better than us, but they had no choice but to find a stray kitten. The staff kept looking for it for several days without any result.
At this critical moment, this small live broadcast accident also caused a heated discussion among netizens, but this time, unlike other accidents, netizens’ comments and paintings are very lovely. We all agree that we can be undisturbed in such a background sound. We CCTV hosts have a solid foundation! Some netizens also named the cat “shangcctv”, saying it was “rooted in Miaohong” and a little star in the cat industry. Such an informal cat “is really high-end and atmospheric.”.
However, the incident of cats’ disorderly entry can not be controlled artificially. After all, no one can predict where the “master” wants to run. And whose owner is so brave that he dares to go to CCTV to sell cute, so maybe he’s just a little wild cat who broke into the live room by mistake. Now the master has attracted the attention of the whole nation, and it is estimated that he will be “arrested” soon.
In fact, compared with the “mistakes” of other TV stations, CCTV’s little wild cat has really aroused everyone’s heart this time. After all, the problem is the cat, not the hosts. However, in other TV stations, the staff seems to be less professional, and even make jokes repeatedly, which makes people laugh.
In one of TVB’s live news programs, a monitor behind the hostess watched the cartoon leisurely, regardless of the situation of live broadcast. Unfortunately, the camera slot cut to this side and was seen by the audience.
What’s more, the host couldn’t bear the hunger and ate the biscuit directly. In the 360 degree dead space of the newsroom, this kind of unprofessional behavior has been recorded one by one.
But as for the Wulong incident that happened during the live broadcast, the most bizarre one is the record of a male reporter from Sichuan local station visiting the spy shop. He was sent to Yibin, Sichuan Province, to investigate whether a massage shop is formal. In order to gain the trust of the boss, he directly consumed a set meal at a certain price in the shop. Unexpectedly, after the photographer followed the camera all the way, the naked material was cut into the news without any treatment!
As soon as the incident happened, it was more or less affected, from the TV station to the host. I hope that for this controllable phenomenon, we will not be as tolerant as cats, but rather put the editing work in place.
The call of kittens from CCTV is also a seasoning for the tense atmosphere. I hope that this “kitten who wants to break into the hosting World” can be found as soon as possible and brought to a warm nest to enjoy the cat’s life.

Tranquility denies changing nationality

On the evening of March 8, tranquility sent a message denying the rumor of changing nationality: “I, tranquility, Chinese people, Chinese people, native born Chinese! The only nation of parents in this life! Behind the only motherland! China! It hasn’t changed in half a second!!! “
It is reported that there was a rumor that tranquility changed to American nationality because of marrying foreigners.

Head of Xiaozhan ins

Last night, some netizens found that the image of Xiaozhan’s ins account turned black, which led to Xiaozhan’s speculation about the recent public opinion storm. Then Xiaozhan studio issued a statement to refute the rumor that the account could not be logged in, and all operations had nothing to do with Xiaozhan! Do not infringe, do not spread rumors. In the special period, I do not intend to occupy public resources. I hope you will treat it rationally and not spread rumors.

26 recovered

“Our discharge standard is too wide!” Zhang Zhan, deputy chief physician and associate professor of respiratory and critical care medicine, people’s Hospital of Wuhan University, said recently.
Recently, many places such as Chengdu, Wuhan and Guangdong have seen positive re examination of discharged patients, among which 14% of discharged patients in Guangdong have positive re examination. On February 24, Zhang Zhan wrote on the wechat official account of “Department II of people’s respiratory and critical care medicine of Wuda”, saying, “with the cooperation of patients (the composition of medical staff in our hospital), we delayed the discharge of 18 patients who met the discharge standard of the national guidelines, continued to reexamine the pharyngeal swab nucleic acid for 5 times, and found that 13 patients showed positive results for the third time. The results of 5 consecutive nucleic acid tests were all negative, and they were discharged immediately. All the samples were collected by the patient himself to avoid false negative results caused by different personnel every day. Five consecutive negative patients have been positive in the past, so there is no false negative due to manual sampling and other reasons. “
Wuhan doctors suggest three times of negative nucleic acid before discharge
According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan (trial version sixth) issued by the National Health Protection Committee, there are 4 criteria for lifting isolation and discharge, of which fourth are: two times of respiratory tract specimens are negative for nucleic acid detection (sampling time is at least 1 days).
However, at present, many patients are positive in nucleic acid reexamination two weeks after discharge. Zhang Zhan pointed out that the possibility of reinfection is small because these patients have produced high IgG of new coronavirus antibody. In order to solve this problem, Zhang Zhan believes that the fourth article of the treatment plan should be revised to “three consecutive negative nucleic acid tests of respiratory samples”
As early as January 31, Zhang Zhan published an article saying that in clinical practice, she found that patients who met the national treatment plan to lift the isolation standard fell ill about 8 days after discharge. During the isolation period, the family members did not contact other people.
At the same time, after the first confirmed medical staff of the people’s Hospital of Wuhan University returned to work, they were tested for viral nucleic acid again, and the result was still positive. Knowing this situation, Zhang Zhan immediately reported to the hospital headquarters. The hospital listened to the opinions of Zhang Zhan and other first-line doctors, and asked the infected medical staff in the hospital to continue isolation for 2 weeks after the throat swab nucleic acid was negative twice. Before returning to work, the virus nucleic acid must be rechecked, and the work can only be resumed if the result is negative.
For novel coronavirus pneumonia, the patient was tested for viral hepatitis DNA by a series of viral tests for 44 new two patients with negative results, including two of the above. Of these 44 people, about 26 had a third positive nucleic acid result, with a very high probability.
“At present, the data shows that there are 5 patients who have negative nucleic acid test for 3 times, and 5 consecutive tests are negative. That is, if the three tests are negative, it can be basically determined that there will be no more positive possibility. In terms of probability, after three times of negative test, the probability of positive test is greatly reduced. At present, it can be determined that the discharge standard in the current diagnosis and treatment plan is too loose, and there are many positive cases after two negative cases. ” According to this, Zhang Zhan suggested that the patients who had been discharged should go to the hospital for virus nucleic acid test two weeks after isolation at the isolation point, and reexamine four weeks after discharge.
Zhang Zhan explained that there may be two reasons for this situation. On the one hand, it may be the problem of the kit, that is, the test result before discharge is false negative. Another more likely cause is the cycle of virus replication. In the course of improvement, the viral load will decrease and intermittent detoxification will occur, so it may cause the results of intermittent negative and positive detoxification.
Anal swab to be tested in Shanghai
Zhang Zhan told reporters that at present, discharge standards in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Guangdong are stricter than those in the current treatment plan.
Professor Lu Hongzhou, Secretary of the Party committee of Shanghai public health clinical center, introduced to China News Weekly that the patients in Shanghai should not only meet the standards of obvious absorption of pulmonary exudative lesions, improvement of clinical symptoms and negative detection of pharyngeal swab virus nucleic acid, but also require that the anal swab (fecal) nucleic acid test of discharged patients be negative. He said that since the discharge standard in Shanghai is more strict than that in the diagnosis and treatment plan, so far, there has been no case of nucleic acid conversion in patients discharged from Shanghai.
Lu Hongzhou also pointed out that at present, in the “diagnosis and treatment plan” in Shanghai, patients discharged from the hospital in the second and fourth weeks of follow-up and follow-up are recommended to be reexamined in the first and third weeks after discharge. “If the patient recovers after discharge, we can find out in time in the first week,” he explained. Although up to now, it is not clear whether there is infectivity in Fuyang patients after discharge, but if there is still infectivity in Fuyang patients, it may lead to more infections, then why should we wait until the second week for reexamination? We would rather be strict with a new infectious disease. It’s better to let the patient come back for reexamination in the first week than to let the patient reexamine in two weeks, which is more reassuring. “
As novel coronavirus pneumonia medical treatment expert group, member of the infectious disease group, Lu Hongzhou said, “I believe that the seventh edition of the” diagnostic plan “will take into account the anal swabs (feces) nucleic acid positive. With our continuous understanding of new diseases and the increase of evidence-based medicine basis, the diagnosis and treatment plan will be one version to one

50% of patients did not have fever

On February 29, the reporter learned from Guangzhou Medical University that on February 28, academician Zhong Nanshan’s team paper was published online in the international top medical journal New England Journal of medicine.
As of January 29, 2020, the research team has extracted 1099 laboratory confirmed patients with new coronavirus infection (covid-19) caused by sars-cov-2 from 552 hospitals in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. This study analyzed the distribution characteristics of patients in different age groups, the symptoms of infected persons, contact history, imaging manifestations, treatment methods, clinical outcomes (including mortality), etc. The study points out that strict and timely epidemiological measures are essential to curb the rapid spread of the epidemic, and the effective treatment of the disease still needs continuous efforts.
The first author of novel coronavirus pneumonia, Guan Weijie, Liang Wenhua, He Jianhang and Professor Zhong Nanshan, responded to the “NEJM front”. The study collected the first nationwide nationwide new crown pneumonia patients. The mortality rate determined by the study was confirmed by analyzing large sample data, which was closer to the official report of the National Health Protection Committee. Only 1.9% of the 1.4% patients were found to have the disease. In the past two weeks, 31.3% of the residents living outside of Wuhan have visited Wuhan, 72.3% of the patients have contacted people in Wuhan.
It is worth noting that nearly half of the new crown patients may not have fever when they are admitted to the hospital, but with the progress of the disease, nearly 90% of the patients have fever; it is clear that the symptoms of the digestive tract are relatively rare, but it is also pointed out that the evidence of the transmission of the new crown virus through the digestive tract (the virus is isolated in the feces, gastrointestinal damaged mucosa, bleeding place), suggesting that all sectors of society need to We should pay attention to the prevention of fecal oral transmission.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia and clinical symptoms but no imaging abnormalities were admitted. The proportion of patients with non severe disease was much higher than that of severe new crown pneumonia.
The median incubation period is 4 days
According to the research team, the incubation period is mainly determined by the time when the patient reported the latest source of infection (epidemic area personnel, wild animals) and the time when symptoms (including fatigue, cough, fever, etc.) first appeared. The incubation period of the whole population is different. The median, minimum and maximum values are used to show the trend of concentration and dispersion of the incubation period.
The study found that the incubation period of one patient in severe group and one in non severe group reached 24 days. However, a careful review of the distribution of incubation period in the whole population showed that 13 cases (1.18%) had an incubation period greater than 14 days, while only 8 cases (0.73%) had an incubation period greater than 18 days. It is easy to cause misreading to evaluate the incubation period of the population only according to the minimum and maximum values.
In addition, the incubation period of patients who live in Wuhan or contact with people in Wuhan area for a long time is mostly 0 days (the contact time is calculated according to the last day); after removing these unreasonable data, the researchers recalculated and found that the latest median incubation period is 4 days. Therefore, to better represent the trend of population dispersion, the researchers determined that the interquartile interval of incubation period was 5 days (2-7 days).
“Three early” novel coronavirus pneumonia may reduce the mortality of Guangdong new crown pneumonia
The team also found that some of the clinical features of covid-19 were similar to those of SARS CoV. Fever and cough are the main symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms are not common. These characteristics suggest that sars-cov-2 has different tropism compared with SARS-CoV, mers-cov and seasonal influenza.
The proportion of patients with covid-19 who did not have fever at the beginning of admission was higher than that with SARS CoV (1%) and mers cov (2%), so if the definition of monitoring cases focuses on the detection of fever, the patients without fever may be missed. Lymphopenia is common and severe in some cases, which is consistent with the results of two recent reports.
The case fatality rate (1.4%) determined in this study was lower than that reported earlier, probably due to differences in sample size and case inclusion criteria. Our results are more similar to China’s official statistics, which show that the mortality rate of 51857 patients with covid-19 was 3.2% as of February 16, 2020. Since patients with mild illness and those without medical treatment were not included in the study, the real world mortality rate may be lower. Early isolation, early diagnosis and early treatment may play a role in reducing the mortality of covid-19 in Guangdong Province.
How to distinguish between novel coronavirus pneumonia and influenza? The team said that although sars-cov-2 and SARS CoV have higher species similarity, some clinical features can distinguish covid-19 from SARS CoV, mers CoV and seasonal influenza (please refer to the online attachment of the original paper for details). For example, seasonal influenza is more common in respiratory clinics and wards.
For the future research direction, the research team said that at present, it is urgent to clarify the dynamic characteristics of virus transmission, transmission routes, and the affinity of virus to human tissues. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic trend has been studied in the past. However, it has not been properly incorporated into the government’s recent strong intervention measures, the impact of the national rehabilitation, the closure of Wuhan and Huanggang on the epidemic trend of the population. Therefore, the construction and verification of intelligent prediction model of virus transmission in the population is also the focus of current work.

200 people watch bullfights in Guizhou

Beijing, Feb. 29 According to the official wechat of the Publicity Department of Jianhe county Party committee, on the afternoon of February 24, 2020 (the second day of the lunar calendar), the young villagers of Jiang’s family and Wu’s family in Gaoding village, Nanshao Town, Jianhe County spontaneously organized four bullfights with themselves to the new bullfight field in Gaoding village for the purpose of auspicious festival, which attracted about 200 people to watch. Most of the onlookers did not wear masks and brought the epidemic prevention and control belt Major potential risks, causing serious adverse effects.
The Propaganda Department of Jianhe county Party committee pointed out that during the period of epidemic prevention and control, the bullfight organized by the masses fully exposed the problems of the Party committee, the government, the Party branch of Gaoding village and the village committee in epidemic prevention and control, such as the main responsibility is not implemented, the prevention and control supervision is not effective and not in place. In order to strengthen the discipline of epidemic prevention and control work and win the Resistance War of epidemic prevention and control, the county Party committee decided to remove Comrade Pan Shengping from the post of Party Secretary of Nanshao Town, Comrade Luo Guoqiang from the post of deputy secretary of Party committee of Nanshao town and head of Township People’s government, Jiang Shengke from the post of Party branch secretary of Gaoding village, Nanshao Town, and Wu Shengliang from the post of village committee head of Gaoding village, Nanshao town And start the recall procedure. The responsibilities of other relevant personnel shall be investigated in accordance with laws and regulations.

Horton responds to Sun Yang’s suspension

The international sports arbitration court announced the arbitration result of the World Anti Doping Agency case against Sun Yang and fina, and imposed a suspension of eight years on Sun Yang. Once the punishment result is published, it has attracted the attention of all circles. Hoton, a famous Australian player who refused to accept the award with Sun Yang at the world championships in Guangzhou, and Dunn Scott, a British player, both expressed their views on Sun Yang’s suspension. Although they did not involve Sun Yang’s name, they both mentioned that their position was to uphold the innocence of swimming.
As Sun Yang’s main opponent in the 400m freestyle, Horton and Sun Yang had a tie up as early as the 2016 Rio Olympics. At that time, Horton attacked Sun Yang personally, calling him “doping player”, which caused great controversy. At last year’s Guangzhou World Championships, Horton once again “grabbed the mirror” and refused to take photos with Sun Yang at the award ceremony after the 400 meter freestyle final.
The result of Sun Yang’s hearing is undoubtedly “good news” for Horton. Unless Sun Yang appeals successfully, he will not compete with Sun Yang again in the Tokyo Olympic Games. “My position is that swimming should be a clean sport, which does not involve individuals or countries, and the result published today will not change my position.” Horton said simply that Sun Yang had been banned for eight years. And charlmouth, Horton’s Australian teammate and Rio’s 100m freestyle champion, naturally stood on Horton’s side, “I fully support mark, which may not be under our control, but I still want to support Mark’s position.”
At present, the Australian swimming team is training for the Tokyo Olympic Games. The head coach of Horton, Jacques verhallen, said his disciples are concentrating on training. Sun Yang’s verdict will not affect him, let alone the Australian swimming team. “Houghton is a very focused athlete, he will not be affected by things off the field, even this matter will not affect him.” Verhallen said, “he has experienced such a scene before and will not be affected. Because this case has nothing to do with him. He has stated his attitude on the international stage, and his attitude will not change. That’s enough. It’s not what we should do to comment on the judgments of athletes from other countries. For us, no matter what the result is, we will accept it. We also respect this process. Our focus is on the Olympic Games, not the Olympic Games Sun Yang’s case. “
In fact, Horton was not the only one who refused to receive the prize at last year’s Guangzhou World Championships. At the 200 meter freestyle award ceremony, Duncan Scott, a British swimmer, also imitated Horton and refused to take the podium to embarrass Sun Yang. At that time, Sun Yang even said excitedly, “you are the loser, I am the winner.” Scott also made a brief statement after Sun Yang was banned for eight years.
“I fully respect and support the decision announced by the international sports arbitration tribunal. I believe that only pure sports can provide a fair competition environment for all athletes. I also believe that the international sports arbitration tribunal and the World Anti Doping organization will uphold this concept.” Scott said.