You can register for marriage on February 2

The reporter learned from Yanji Civil Affairs Bureau that in order to meet the needs of the masses, the marriage registration office of Yanji Civil Affairs Bureau plans to handle marriage registration for the majority of marriage parties from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. on February 2, 2020.
It should be noted that the marriage parties must make an appointment through online appointment, telephone appointment and on-site appointment (not including the day before February 2), and the non appointment and out of time marriage registration parties are not accepted.

Bieber has Lyme disease

Justin Bieber has just released a new song recently, when it came out that there were health problems and rumors of Bieber taking drugs. But soon Bieber responded. Is it true that Bieber suffers from Lyme disease? What’s the matter with Bieber suffering from Lyme disease?
Is it true that Bieber has Lyme disease
It’s true. Recently, it was revealed that Bieber was addicted to drugs on the Internet. In response to this, Bieber sent a message, revealing that his health was not very good, but it was not the way that was spread on the Internet. “I have recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease, not only that, but also with a serious chronic mononuclear disease that affects my skin, brain function, energy and overall health,” Bieber said. He admitted that these years are difficult for him, but he will adjust himself to return in a better condition than ever before.
Some netizens said that Avril also suffered from Lyme’s disease, which was later cured, not as serious as the Internet. According to netizens, in fact, Lyme disease is the most common rumor disease. It is an aphid mediated spirochete infection and a natural epidemic caused by Borrelia burgdorferi. The aphid that can infect Lyme disease is very small, about the size of sesame. As a result, most people with Lyme disease will not remember being bitten by mites. When it is serious, there will be headache, dizziness, muscle ache and other symptoms, which must be treated in time.
What’s going on with Bieber’s Lyme disease
Bieber recently in response to the Internet rumors of illness, revealed that he is indeed sick, but not so exaggerated. Bieber revealed that he has Lyme disease and severe chronic monocytosis, which can affect skin, brain function, energy and overall health.
In addition, Bieber also said that later documentary will talk about his illness and treatment in detail, and hoped that these experiences can help netizens. After that, foreign media said that Bieber’s condition improved after long-term treatment. A new song, which has been delayed recently, is also waiting to make sure Bibb is ready.

Mildew leads boyfriend to the red carpet

According to Taiwan media, Taylor Swift, who won the 77th Golden Globe Award for “best original movie song” with the theme song “beautiful hosts”, showed up with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn on the same day. The two people exchanged sweet glances in the field, and the netizens all said: “the picture is so lovely!”
I saw Tess close to Joe, hand on his shoulder, touch him, eyes are looking at Joe from the beginning to the end, showing full of love and worship. At that time, people at the award ceremony also revealed that the interaction between the two was super cute, and they could feel strong love for each other at a glance.
The relationship between mildewed and Joe is quite low-key. Although they are photographed in private by paparazzi from time to time, they attended the Golden Globe Award for three years. It’s rare for them to appear in public with such a high-profile.
“If I talk about our relationship openly, the outside world will start to think that I am in a lot of discussion, but we don’t think so,” mildewed said in an earlier interview
She added: “it’s OK for me to chat with you in private, but I’m not ready to share this relationship with the outside world. I just want my private life under control.”
In fact, mildewed and Joe have attended the Golden Globe Award together in 2019, but there is no interaction between them from the red carpet to the end of the ceremony.

Zhang Ziyi has two children

On January 1, 2020, Zhang Ziyi gave birth to a second child, perhaps the best gift for her new year.
How soft Zhang Ziyi is now, how sharp she used to be.
At the age of 19, Zhang Ziyi acted as Zhao Di, a rural girl in my father and mother. She had two braids of hemp. She was obviously not involved in the world, but her eyes were full of emotions.
After that, she became more and more powerful, and gradually grew into a woman warrior who could fight at any time.
When “Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon” started shooting, it was said that Zhang Yimou recommended Zhang Ziyi to Ang Lee, but Ang Lee decided to appoint new people after careful consideration. Unexpectedly, the newcomer failed to carry the training of too high intensity, temporarily quit, Zhang Ziyi just had a chance again.
Zhang Ziyi cherishes the chance of recovery. She is the most hardworking person in the cast. She is oppressed and injured, and all is gritting her teeth.
But she felt that director Ang Lee never recognized her.
“It’s not good, it’s not encouraging. He will encourage Michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun fat. Every day I can see the picture of his encouragement. I always look forward to it. Every day I’m basically going to finish ten minutes and twenty minutes late. I’ll wait. I hope the director can encourage me today, but it never happened. “
Until that day, Ang Lee held her and gave Yu Jiaolong a hug.
Later, she was known as “international chapter” and “little Gong Li”. She fought for herself with ruthlessness.
Emotional road also suffered a lot, ups and downs until Wang Feng met.
When their relationship was just exposed, because of the gap between their careers, the outside world was not optimistic, but what Zhang Ziyi was good at was to live more beautifully in a voice of saying no.

CCB fined 300000

As one of the four major banks in China, China Construction Bank has a wide range of business and strong capacity, so it has accumulated many users. However, according to the latest news, China Construction Bank was fined 300000 yuan for its stall. What’s the matter? For what reason was CCB fined? Let’s get to know. Cause of CCB being punished cause of CCB being punished
According to the information disclosure form of administrative penalty of Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Beijing Tongzhou branch of China Construction Bank was ordered to rectify due to serious violation of prudent operation rules by small and micro enterprise loan tying, and was imposed with an administrative penalty of 300000 yuan, the date of which is November 15, 2019. It is understood that as early as September 6 this year, Taizhou Branch of China Construction Bank was fined 300000 yuan by Taizhou regulatory branch for serious violation of prudent operation rules in loan management. However, other branches of China Construction Bank were fined again three months later. Therefore, China Construction Bank should strengthen management in all aspects to avoid similar problems.

New drugs for Alzheimer’s disease

A new drug for Alzheimer’s disease developed by Ocean University of China, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Green Valley Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been approved by the State Drug Administration, which can be used for mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease and improve cognitive function of patients, the reporter learned from Shanghai Institute of medicine of Chinese Academy of Sciences on Tuesday. The drug is the first time in the world and will provide new treatment options for patients.
Geng Meiyu, a researcher from Shanghai Institute of medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences, led the team to develop the original new drug named “nine phase one” (mannose sodium, code name gv-971) for 22 years, which was successfully developed under the continuous efforts of China Ocean University, Shanghai Institute of medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Green Valley pharmaceutical.
Alzheimer’s disease is commonly known as Alzheimer’s disease, once the disease, people’s memory, thinking and judgment ability will be like the “eraser” in the mind slowly wiped away. According to the international Alzheimer’s Association, there are about 48 million patients in the world, and one new case will be added every three seconds. With the aging of the population, the harm of Alzheimer’s disease is more and more obvious.
Geng Meiyu (third from left), the main inventor of the new drug and researcher of Shanghai Institute of medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the research and development team are discussing their work (photo taken on January 2, 2019) Xinhua social development (picture provided by Shanghai Institute of medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
There are only a few drugs for clinical treatment of Alzheimer’s disease in the world. Over the past 20 years, major pharmaceutical companies have invested heavily in the research and development of new drugs, most of which have failed. No new drugs have been launched in this field for 17 years.
It is understood that 1199 subjects participated in the phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials. Among them, the third phase of clinical practice was organized by the mental health center affiliated to the Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Beijing Union Medical College, and carried out in 34 third-class first-class hospitals across the country, with 818 subjects’ medication observation completed. The whole clinical trial is managed by AI kunwei, a global famous outsourcing service organization for new drug research and development.
A new drug for Alzheimer’s disease, “nine phase one” (ganlute sodium) (photo taken on November 2, 2019) Xinhua social development (picture provided by Shanghai Institute of medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
The results of a 36 week three-phase clinical study showed that “nine phases one” can significantly improve cognitive impairment in patients with mild and moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Compared with the placebo group, the main efficacy index cognitive function improved significantly, cognitive function scale score improved by 2.54 points (P < 0.0001). The incidence of adverse events was similar to that of placebo group.
According to Geng Meiyu, the preclinical mechanism of action shows that “nine phases one” can improve cognitive dysfunction by reshaping the balance of intestinal flora, inhibiting the abnormal increase of specific metabolites of intestinal flora, reducing peripheral and central inflammation, reducing β – amyloid protein deposition and tau protein hyperphosphorylation. The unique mechanism of targeting brain gut axis provides an important scientific basis for deep understanding of the clinical effect of “nine phases one”.

Zhang Yixing jumping square dance

On the morning of October 22, Zhang Yixing’s studio shared a video of Zhang Yixing’s square dance on the social platform with the following text: “which one is better than the square dance? Of course, it’s the moment when the two dancing spirits of our boss burn, and we can’t forget the crazy stampede! Follow the boss to move ~” in the video, Zhang Yixing wears a hat and carries a small bag, which is not against the sense of the square dance crowd, and the action is very standard. Lovely.
Fans also commented: “ha ha excellent take us to dance.” “You ask him, will he lead us when we are old?”


2019 Future Science Award Winners Announced

The Scientific Committee of the Future Science Awards announced the 2019 winners list in Beijing on September 7. Shao Feng won the “Life Science Award” for his discovery of the receptors and executive proteins in the human cell for endotoxin LPS inflammatory response. Wang Yifang and Lu Jinbiao discovered the third neutrino oscillation mode in their experiments. New physics research beyond the standard model, especially explaining the asymmetry of matter and antimatter in the universe provides a possible contribution to the “Material Science Award”, Wang Xiaoyun’s innovative cryptanalysis method for her pioneering contribution in cryptography Revealing the weaknesses of the widely used cryptographic hash function, the achievement of the new generation of cryptographic hash function standards has been awarded the “Mathematics and Computer Science Award”.

Shao Feng, winner of the “Life Science Award”, recognized his receptors and executive proteins for the inflammatory response to the pathogen endotoxin LPS in human cells.

Humans and bacteria in the body coexist for a long time. Most bacteria coexist peacefully with humans, helping us digest food and even resist other harmful pathogens. How the body’s immune system distinguishes between beneficial and harmful bacteria and effectively initiates an immune response is an important issue in biological research. Over the past decade, Dr. Shao Feng’s lab has provided a systematic answer: they have discovered several cytoplasmic type recognition molecules (PRRs) that specifically recognize invading bacteria, revealing the distinction between pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria in host cell inflammatory responses. Molecular mechanism. The most important of these is the discovery that the inflammatory proteolytic enzymes caspase-4 and -5 are receptors for intracellular recognition of endotoxin LPS, a lipopolysaccharide of the cell wall of Gram-negative bacteria. Bacterial invasion of host cells can directly bind to inflammatory caspase 4/5 to activate cell death in cytokines and cognate patterns, and promote the release of cytokines into the bloodstream, causing an anti-bacterial inflammatory response. In addition, Shaofeng Lab and Vishva M. Dixit Lab also found that gasdermin D in the gasdermin protein family is the substrate for inflammatory caspase and the performer of cell dying. Based on the importance of cell death in the death mode of the host in the natural immunity of the host, Shao Feng’s findings provide a new way to explore the prevention and treatment of pathogenic infections and related diseases.

The winners of the “Material Science Award”, Wang Yifang and Lu Jinbiao, found that the third neutrino oscillation mode provides a possibility for new physical research beyond the standard model, especially to explain the asymmetry between matter and antimatter in the universe.

The Daya Bay Neutrino Experimental Cooperation Group led by Wang Yifang and Lu Jinbiao first discovered a new electronic neutrino oscillation mode near the Daya Bay nuclear power plant in Guangdong, China, and accurately measured their probability of disappearance due to oscillation. The experimental establishment of this oscillation mode indicates that neutrinos may destroy the joint symmetry (CP) of the parity and the positive and negative particles. Physicists generally believe that the existence of new CP destruction is a necessary condition for explaining the formation of matter in the universe far more than antimatter and the formation of the material world.

A neutrino is an elementary particle with a weak interaction that is released in nuclear decay and nuclear reactions. At the beginning of this century, scientists in Japan and Canada discovered two phenomena (or oscillations) between three neutrinos that are known to have a non-zero mass and existence that exceeds the current physical standard model of particles. Interacted and thus won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics. But the theoretical third oscillating oscillation is more interesting because it indicates that the neutrino oscillation has the property of CP destruction. But in the first decade of this century, physicists thought that the third kind of oscillation might be very weak or not. Despite this, particle physics experimenters in China, France, South Korea, and the United States have proposed experimental programs and launched a high-level scientific competition.

Wang Yufang and Lu Jinbiao found that the high-powered Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant in China is the best experimental site in the world as an anti-electron neutrino source and used as a shield for underground laboratories. They organized and led the collaboration group to carry out a series of innovations, including the design and development of identical detector modules to eliminate systematic errors, the development of chemically stable cesium-doped organic liquid scintillators, and the highly sensitive cosmic ray detection system. This makes the Daya Bay neutrino experiment the world’s highest sensitivity. In March 2012, Wang Yifang and Lu Jinbiao on behalf of the Daya Bay International Cooperation Group announced the first detection of the third oscillation mode of neutrinos. A month later, the Korean RENO experiment confirmed this finding.

The establishment of the third neutrino oscillation indicates the direction for future neutrino experimental research. A new generation of international neutrino experiments, including the measurement of the quality order of the three neutrinos and the experimental plan of the neutrino CP destruction, were designed based on the results of the Daya Bay experiment. The experimental findings of Wang Yufang and Lu Jinbiao will have a profound impact on the future development of particle physics.

Wang Xiaoyun, winner of the Mathematics and Computer Science Award, rewards her pioneering contributions in cryptography. Her innovative cryptanalysis method reveals the weaknesses of the widely used cryptographic hash function and contributes to the new generation of cryptographic hash functions. standard.

Password hash functions are at the heart of most cryptographic applications and systems, such as data integrity verification and authentication, digital signatures, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), information integrity, blockchain, and more. A cryptographic hash function is a function that hashes an arbitrary length of input into a fixed-length digest. The important attribute is that it is difficult to find a “collision” under the current computing power, that is, two different input hashes to Same abstract. If the collision of the hash function can be easily found, it means that the hash function is not safe, and all applications that use it will be considered unsafe.

Professor Wang Xiaoyun proposed a series of powerful cryptanalysis methods for cryptographic hash functions, special mode differential bit analysis. Her approach breaks through a number of previously accepted password hash function standards and revolutionizes how to analyze and design a new generation of cryptographic hash function standards. In 2004, Professor Wang Xiaoyun proposed the modulus difference bit analysis method and demonstrated how to find the real collision of the MD5 password hash function. This is an unexpected result for the password field, because MD5 is a very widely used cryptographic hash function that has withstood more than a decade of attacks from many cryptographers and found no collisions. In 2005, Professor Wang Xiaoyun and her collaborators extended the analysis method and attacked several other well-known hash functions, including MD4, RIPEMD, and HAVAL-128. In the same year, she and her collaborators published another method that could be further reduced in another paper to 269 operations to find another very widely used password hash function SHA in 263 operations. -1 collision. Although in 2005, due to the high cost, the actual attack on SHA-1 could not be performed. After 12 years, other scholars successfully ran the actual attack on the google cloud according to Professor Wang Xiaoyun’s method and found the real collision of SHA-1.

Professor Wang Xiaoyun’s work led to the phasing out of MD5 and SHA-1 hash functions in almost all software systems in the industry. Her work has driven and helped design the next generation of cryptographic hash function standards, including SHA-3, BLAKE2, and SM3. Professor Wang presided over the design of the Chinese national standard password hash function SM3. Since its release in 2010, SM3 has been widely used by Chinese software products.


French crowing cock wins the lawsuit

Rooster crowing is a normal thing, but recently a rooster in France has been charged with disturbing his neighbor by crowing, the rooster and its owner. Finally, the court ruled that the rooster had the right to crow and refused to accept the complaint.
The cock, named Morris, is four years old and lives in the countryside of Oleron Island off the west coast of France. Two years ago, Jean-Louis Billon and his wife bought a house on Oleron Island for a second time, and became neighbors with Jackie Feifer and Colin Feifer, the owners of Morris. The Billons wanted to retire and enjoy rural life, but they were disturbed by the cock’s crowing. They had a dispute with the Feifei couple and took the case to court.
Let Louis complain, “Morris” starts “screaming” at 4:30 a.m., and “screaming” from morning to afternoon. The couple said that attempts to use black cloth covered with chicken cages and other methods to make “Morris” do not crow, have no effect. The Roseford Court, which accepted the lawsuit, sent staff on a field trip and stayed for three nights to confirm the time and volume of the “Morris” sounding. They found that Morris chirped intermittently between 6.30 and 7 a.m., and that the chirp was “audible”, but closed the window without feeling particularly noisy.
The court ruled that the couple could keep “Morris” while the Billons were compensated 1,000 euros for damages to the reputation of the couple. To celebrate the victory of the lawsuit, Colin walked out of court and began to shout cocks.


a meaningful thing

What I am impressed with, what makes me worth remembering is that thing.

That was the mountaineering. That mountaineering, our group went to Mount Taibai, which is a very high mountain and the most famous mountain in Xi’an.

It is rumored that Taibai Mountain is a place where the white gold stars sit. I don’t believe in this kind of thing, I am an atheist.

A legend of my blind date is like this. Once upon a time, a girl found a pebbles by the river. She accidentally ate her, gave birth to a child, the name is too white, because it is a mountain, so too white to go to the sheep, a chance, he became a fairy, he wants to take the mother to the heavens, but your mother Because of fear, on the way to the sky, I fell and died. His son cried and cried, and it became rain on Taibai Mountain. Therefore, people in the mountain area commemorated him and named it Taibai Mountain.

Today, we are going to wait for Taibai Mountain. Maybe mountaineering is not very special, but what is really special is that today is a special day. Today is the New Year’s Day. We are first to take the car. This is a special block. There are so many people. But the weather is particularly cold now. Therefore, a special scene was formed, which is a sea of ​​people.

But the real good scenery has not yet been shown. In the summer, it is lush and gloomy, all at a glance, all green and beautiful. In the mountains, the cool showers are very comfortable.

In winter, this person is very special. It is very special to climb the mountain on the first day of the New Year. We first sailed into the mountains. At the foot of the mountain, there were cypresses, very green, and deciduous trees. The yellow leaves were mixed with frost, which made people think of the old vines and the small bridges, but the water was small. The stream is very slow, as if it is about to freeze. From the foot of the mountain, the misty haze on the mountainside, we chose to walk, but the weather is very cold.

I lost my strength and I reached the mountainside. I looked around and covered the clouds, but I couldn’t catch it. I am very miserable, there are a lot of frost on the trees around, and there seems to be a small ice crystal in the air. The surrounding scenery reminds me of the spring breeze that comes like a thousand trees and pear trees. The surrounding scenery is very beautiful. At this time, the quiet atmosphere, the cold breeze, the small Taibai Mountain. The mind is very beautiful. Let people think that it is like coming to heaven.

It is very cold here and the thermometer has reached minus 5 °C. then what should we do? Continue climbing, we are slow. On the way to the top of the mountain, we appreciate the surrounding scenery, thousands of birds flew, and thousands of people disappeared. However, there are a lot of people here, in groups.

After the summit. I can see Xi’an as if I can. At this point my mood was very exciting and very scared. Too high. As if you accidentally fell down. The mountain is very cold and the tree seems to have frozen. But we, after the arrival of a group of people, the temperature here has risen several degrees Celsius. It seems to be warming up for the warmth of our people. Near the evening, we stayed in a hotel. But no one is in the hotel, we are sitting on the stone bench outside. At nine o’clock in the evening. The entire sky was swallowed by the twilight.

Fireworks, firecrackers, and smashing, are about to set up the mountain. The gold is really beautiful. The fireworks family has been there for a while, and the reunion dinner has come up. Looking at the beautiful scenery, eating delicious food. The heart will be happy. The sky is very beautiful. A round of the moon. A lot of stars. Baiyun will block the moon in a moment. Block the stars for a while. How beautiful.

This is Taibai Mountain. I am not trying to praise the beauty of Taibai Mountain, just to show that this is a meaningful thing, a thing worth remembering.