Zhong Nanshan, Zhang Wenhong, double alarm bells

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases are diagnosed in the world as of 10 hours in Central Europe at 17 hours in Beijing, March 27th, according to the latest data from the World Health Organization. 509164 cases of new crown pneumonia were diagnosed globally. This is the 400 thousand novel coronavirus pneumonia case reported by the World Health Organization in March 25th, only 2 days ago.
China has China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia cases. The world has more than 10 thousand confirmed cases in China, including the United States, Italy, Spain, Germany, Iran, France, Britain and Switzerland (Liechtenstein). Among them, the United States and Italy have more than 80 thousand confirmed cases, and the United States has surpassed China and Italy to become the world’s most new cases of new crown pneumonia cases.
At the China EU anti epidemic Video Conference on March 25, academician Zhong Nanshan said: in the context of the global epidemic, in order to prevent the second wave of peak, we should still maintain the existing prevention and control measures, and at the same time, strictly prevent the input of external prevention.
The reporter contacted Professor Zhang Wenhong, director of the infection department of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University. On March 27, Professor Zhang Wenhong responded: “keep alert, the prevention and control measures are important, but the direction is different from the first stage.”
Zhong Nanshan’s latest judgment on the epidemic situation
It is estimated that there will be no second wave of epidemic peak in China
Zhong Nanshan said that the peak of the second wave would not appear in China, because it is difficult to have another big outbreak under the group prevention and control measures, provided that we should actively prevent and control and keep vigilance. According to the mechanism of group prevention and control, now the focus of prevention and control has reached hundreds of foreign importers, especially from the “first wave of epidemic countries”, which is highly infectious, so it is very right to actively diagnose and isolate.
The epicenter of the epidemic may have moved to the United States
How to control the novel coronavirus pneumonia quickly, Zhong Nan Shan said that there are two strategies to control the epidemic, one is suppression, the other is delay. China has chosen a strategy of repression to control the epidemic in the short term. As you can see, the number of patients is still increasing during the two weeks, but it has reached a peak within two weeks, and it will return to the original situation after two weeks. Chinese communities also have strong group prevention and control measures, specifically, four “early discoveries”, early reports, early isolation and early treatment, which play a very important role.
Zhong Nanshan said that some countries have taken corresponding measures after learning about the situation. Now, the number of infected people in Italy and Germany has declined, but other regions are still growing, especially in the United States. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is now more than China, reaching over 8.2 000 cases in the United States. It’s possible that the epicenter has moved to the United States.
If the global response is positive, it is expected to be effective in April
For the current “closure” measures in some foreign areas, Zhong Nanshan responded that “closure” does not mean solving the problem. After closure, there should also be good personal protection in the city, and everyone should follow the protection principle. If measures can be strictly implemented, cases in Europe will be expected to peak in the next week, and the global epidemic in April is expected to achieve results.
Zhang Wenhong’s latest judgment on the epidemic situation
Current main anti input risks
Normal life can be gradually restored
Will China’s domestic epidemic be affected by the global epidemic and repeated? In an interview with reporters, Zhang Wenhong pointed out that whether the epidemic will recur depends on three reasons:
First, it depends on whether there will be a relapse of pneumonia in discharged patients or even a change to chronic poisoning in the country and region,
Second, are there any asymptomatic patients not found in our population,
Third, overseas import risks.
At present, how should Shanghai and even the whole country face the development of the epidemic?
Zhang Wenhong said in response that we want to keep the first stage of China’s epidemic prevention and control of the fruits of victory, but at this time we must also do a good job is to prevent imported cases. Cities without local cases for more than two weeks in a row mean that they are safe. It is also necessary for us to start normal life and work at this stage, which is also the return of taking very strict control measures at the early stage. In such a relatively safe environment, we can gradually carry out normal work and living conditions.

One belt, one road, saves lives.

“One belt, one road” press cooperation alliance Secretariat issued a joint epidemic prevention line in Beijing on 25 May for global members. “One belt, one road, stand together through storm and stress”, the member of the alliance is actively playing the role of the media. It continues to report accurate and reliable information on epidemic prevention, convey information of solidarity and support to the public, uphold media responsibilities and human morality, and promote the “one belt and one road” building a country in the battle of the whole human race with the virus, sharing the same boat, working together and fighting together to win the final victory.
One belt, one road, is issued in the six language versions of the Chinese, British, French, western, Arab and Russian languages, and is issued in the English version of the alliance mobile terminal platform. According to the open letter, no country can be alone in the face of the epidemic. This battle proves once again that the fate of all countries in the world is linked and shared, and that human society is a community of shared destiny. The cooperation of “one belt, one road” emphasizes peace, cooperation, openness, tolerance, mutual learning and mutual benefit, and win-win. Both have long-term future and realistic urgency.
Since China novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak one belt, one road, one belt, one road news cooperation alliance governing unit, member unit and the media participating in the short term visiting class of “one belt and one road” news cooperation Union has paid great attention to it. In the report, they have actively evaluated the effective and effective measures taken by China to prevent and control the epidemic, and called for opposing all kinds of false statements to promote international cooperation in the prevention and control of epidemic.
The open letter hopes that the members of the alliance will continue to report accurate and reliable anti epidemic information, jointly crack down on rumors and false information, truly and rationally reflect the change of epidemic situation and the process of anti epidemic, provide objective and fair public opinion help for anti epidemic of all countries, and guide people of all countries to unite, help each other and respond scientifically.
Members of the open letter initiative alliance pay close attention to and report on the stories of countries around the world supporting each other and delivering warm news and positive energy to fight the epidemic together.
The open letter calls on alliance members to “safeguard the right to life, shoulder the responsibility of prevention and control, respect dedication and sacrifice, and pass on the values of people first and life first”.
The “one belt, one road” news cooperation Union held its first executive meeting in April 23, 2019 in people’s daily. At present, 205 media from 98 countries have become full members. The people’s daily is the chairman unit of the alliance.

Bai Yansong reminds you not to expand

Bai Yansong: I hope a lot of people don’t expand. We have experience because we fought earlier and bigger battles, and we also paid quite a price. It’s true patriotism to be able to accurately position one’s own country, never expand, and learn from the advantages of others to know one’s own shortcomings. In many aspects, such as public health and medical resources, we are still developing countries.

Zhang Meng responds to Zhang Meng

Recently, Zhang Meng has attracted great attention for her role in the hit show “settle down”, and she also went to a website to interact with netizens on March 17. In response to a netizen’s question “whether there is plastic surgery”, she replied “I am cute, not lemon.” Many netizens think that this is the suspected connotation of Zhang Meng, another actress.
Later, Zhang Meng himself saw the controversy. He tweeted directly to Aite Zhang Meng, saying that he hadn’t filmed for two years. He had been far away from the entertainment circle for a long time, and didn’t know where to offend her. Zhang Meng confesses that it’s not the first time to lie down with a gun. He hopes to add a contact information with her and communicate privately.
Zhang Meng is known to the audience for her role in “three thousand gold in summer family”, “moon knife in the end of the earth” and other plays. She was once a promising actress, but later she fell into the negative news of plastic surgery repeatedly, and her image plummeted. She has not appeared on the screen for a long time.
However, for Zhang Meng’s suspected connotation of Zhang Meng’s plastic surgery, many netizens said that Zhang Meng’s EQ was too low, a little too much, and Zhang Meng was just. Of course, more netizens stand at the angle of eating melon, and it’s wonderful to see the actress come off the stage in person.

Why Luo Zhixiang broke up

Taiwan media reported that Luo Zhixiang (piggy) fell in love with Zhou Yangqing five years ago. In recent years, it has been frequently reported that he and his wife were close to each other or even secretly married. Recently, they fell into a cold war and ended their relationship for eight years. According to media reports, the reason for their quarrel is widely believed to be related to their marriage. They can’t go on until they have no consensus on the marriage, but they didn’t break up. The final result depends on their fate. Luo Zhixiang didn’t respond positively to the incident, and the brokerage company said “no response to the private affairs of artists”.
In the past, Luo Zhixiang and Makiyo, Selina, Li Yufen, sister butterfly, etc. have been linked. In 2015, he was photographed staying in the same hotel with Zhou Yangqing. He went to the women’s room for two nights in a row for the night. Later, Luo Zhixiang fell in love with him. In recent years, the two became more and more public. Zhou Yangqing called Luo Zhixiang’s mother “mother”. The relationship seemed stable, and many netizens blessed him.
Recently, it was revealed that Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing had fallen out for some reason. Netizens also found that they were suspected of fighting in the air between the Internet. However, Piggy’s film narration was accompanied by: “no false eyelashes, no nose, no lips, no chin pad, this is called plain face”. Doubtfully, Zhou Yangqing admitted the whole shape of Zhou Yangqing. Zhou Yangqing wore a fog coat, while Luo Zhixiang’s brand was referred to in the past Suspected of copying fog.
Some netizens have reported that Luo and Zhou are quarreling. They think that the reason for their break-up is that there is no consensus on marriage, but they just quarrel and have a chance to get back together: “at present, it seems that the relationship is quite tense. It is understood that two people have problems in their marriage position. One wants to get married and the other doesn’t want to get married. As a result, the relationship between the two people is quite tense. As for the rumors of breaking up, there are some exaggerations Zhang, whether the last two can come to the end depends on their fate. “
But yesterday, Zhou Yangqing clarified that he didn’t buy the water army black pig, and stressed: “I’m not the kind of person who does small moves, I like to be positive and just.” as for breaking up, he didn’t want to say more.

Goebel sent an apology

Rudi, Goebel, novel coronavirus pneumonia, confirmed the new crown pneumonia March 13th, updating Instagram, a personal social media, and apologizing to the public.
“I want to thank everyone for their concern and support for me over the past 24 hours. I have experienced too many emotions since I was diagnosed… Most of them are fear, anxiety and embarrassment.
First and foremost, I would like to publicly apologize to those who may have been hurt by me. At that time, I really didn’t know I was infected. I’m too careless. There’s no excuse. I hope that my things can alert you to stand up. I will try my best to use my experience to educate others and prevent the spread of the virus.
I’m being taken care of very well now. I’ll recover. Thank you again for your support. We must keep healthy and safe. Love you! ” Gobel wrote.
Before the Jazz home game against the Raptors, Gerber ignored the epidemic in an interview and deliberately touched every microphone with his hand. The novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by his teammate Donovan Mitchell yesterday.

Building Leishen mountain without permission

“Wang Deping, this time you go to support the construction of Wuhan leishenshan hospital is a voluntary act. We all praise you! However, it is against discipline not to ask for leave when you go out. Since you are out of public interest and have outstanding achievements, you will be given fault tolerance and exemption after the study and decision of the District Supervision Commission’s business committee. “
“Thanks for the understanding and concern of the organization. At the same time, I will learn from the lessons and abide by the discipline and rules. If the country needs me in the future, I will be bound to advance!”
Recently, in the conference room of Suining Chuanshan District Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision, Luo Zhongzhong, the leader of the discipline inspection and supervision team assigned to the district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, opened a wechat video conversation with Wang Deping, a staff member of the municipal public affairs center under the district housing and urban Rural Development Bureau at the isolation point.
In this online conversation, in addition to the care and greetings for Wang Deping’s health, it is more important to inform Wang Deping of his behavior of not going out on leave.
It turns out that on February 9, the discipline inspection and supervision team assigned to the district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau received the clue of Wang Deping’s not going out. After the approval of the relevant leaders of the supervision committee of the District Commission for Discipline Inspection, the discipline inspection and supervision team assigned to the district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau started the preliminary examination of Wang Deping’s problem.
According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the work of the new crown pneumonia prevention and control system was implemented. From February 3rd, the flexible working system was implemented in the Chuanshan district. But on the night, Wang Deping received an urgent invitation from his friend, and asked Wang Deping to set out for Wuhan to support the construction of Raytheon hill hospital. Time is tight. In response to the national call, Wang Deping simply packed his bags and drove to Wuhan with Xiong and others. When he arrived at the epidemic area, he put into work. It was not until the evening of February 8 that Wang Deping thought of reporting and asking for leave to the relevant leaders of the Bureau.
During the construction of Wuhan leishenshan hospital, Wang Deping’s team work was outstanding, successfully completed the ventilation system installation in the A3 ward of leishenshan hospital and the installation and commissioning of indoor electrical equipment in some ward, and the hospital successfully delivered and put into use. On February 13, Wang Deping successfully completed the construction assistance task, returned to the boat mountain area and consciously accepted isolation observation.
“Discipline enforcement requires both strength and temperature. In view of Wang Deping’s situation, I suggest to start a fault-tolerant audit procedure for him.”
“I agree!”
After discussion, the members of the investigation team reached an agreement and proposed to start the fault-tolerant audit procedure for Wang Deping’s disciplinary violations.
“Forced by the situation or for the benefit of the people, some breakthroughs have been made in the promotion of work, but the expected objectives have been achieved and good results have been achieved.” According to the implementation measures for fault tolerance and error correction audit of public officials in Chuanshan District of Suining City (Trial), Wang Deping’s behavior meets the fault tolerance conditions, and the fault tolerance audit procedure is officially launched.
The investigation team puts forward fault-tolerant suggestions, the unit provides a description of the actual performance, and the fault-tolerant audit team of the district supervision committee checks the relevant supporting materials On February 18, the Council of the District Supervision Committee decided to deal with Wang Deping’s violation of organizational discipline with fault tolerance and exemption, and to settle the clue of the problem.
“I believe that with the practical application of the measures for the implementation of fault tolerance audit, the cadres of the whole region can be further encouraged to take on the initiative and dare to charge. At the same time, we should remind the cadres of the whole region to keep discipline and rules in mind and make good deeds more perfect. ” She Guohua, deputy secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and deputy director of the Commission, said.

Shooting in Germany

According to local media in the city of hanou, Hesse, Germany, quoted by Russia today, two hookah bars near hanou were shot on Wednesday night local time, killing several people and leaving the gunman at large.
Local police suspected a link between the two shootings, the report said. According to Reuters, the shooting has killed at least eight people.

Hand in the mahjong reward mask

“Now that the epidemic is so severe, the big guys should not play mahjong and increase the risk of infection.” At 2:00 p.m. on February 1, in a residential building in Changfu Road community, baoshenghu street, Chen Xingping, a resident, was painstakingly propagating the importance of home-based prevention to several people playing mahjong. His attitude was very sincere.
If it wasn’t for Chen Xingping, it’s hard for you to imagine that a few days ago, like these residents, she spent her time playing mahjong every afternoon.
The change starts a few days ago.
On January 29, during a visit to changfulu community cadres, they found that Chen Xingping was having a lot of fun with a group of “Ma friends”. Based on the principle of “no leakage of one household, no leakage of one person” in epidemic prevention and control, community cadres conducted patient persuasion and epidemic prevention publicity to elder sister Chen. In the publicity, novel coronavirus was also cited by community leaders, and the situation was serious. Chen Xingping was deeply touched when she saw that community workers worked hard and conscientiously to prevent and control the epidemic. She also wanted to do what she could to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.
A day later, the opportunity came. Due to the emergency of the epidemic, the entry and exit personnel of Jinfu community where Chen Xingping is located are mixed, which is not easy to grasp the flow of foreign personnel, and there are loopholes in prevention and control. So Chen Xingping volunteered to join the epidemic prevention front line of the community. After she came to the community to express her will, she took the temperature meter and epidemic prevention and control publicity materials, spontaneously organized Jinfu Garden community to be enthusiastic about the owners and property management staff, took the temperature of the people in and out of the community, registered and publicized, and patiently dredged the residents’ mood, which can be regarded as reassuring the residents of the community. During the extraordinary period, the community residents praised the warm-hearted elder sister.
Seeing that he has gained from his efforts, Chen Xingping feels that it is very meaningful, and then he has a new action. When it was known that the community was organizing a volunteer team for prevention and control patrol, Chen Xingping actively responded to the call of the community, joined the volunteer team and participated in the volunteer service work of joint prevention and control of community epidemic. Now, Chen Xingping works with the community staff every day to go on the streets for propaganda and persuasion, to go upstairs for inspection and disinfection, to take home temperature measurement, to be diligent, not afraid of hardship and fatigue, just to build up a safe defense line for epidemic prevention and control, and to protect the life safety and health of residents.

Howard returns to the dunk contest

If Superman can fly, let him take part in another dunk contest!
Today, according to shams report, the League invited Howard to participate in the dunk contest, and Howard has confirmed that he will participate in the dunk contest.
In addition, according to sources, considering Howard’s important role in the team now, the Lakers plan to take care of Howard when he enters the dunk contest.
Howard, as a young man, has always been very keen to participate in the dunk contest. He participated in three consecutive dunk competitions in 2007, 2008 and 2009, and won the championship in 2008.
It was an impressive dunk contest. Howard, who didn’t make it to the final one the year before, decided to take part in it again and prepared a set of big moves.
In the final, his opponent was Gerard green, who was also a very jumping player. He also completed the air pick-up windmill during the rebound period.
Gerard green performed an impressive pattern dunk in the final. He put the candle on the basket’s neck, blew out the candle while jumping up and dunking, which made him astonished.
In the previous year, Howard was obviously well prepared, his first shot first hit the ball to the backboard, then after holding the ball in the air, the rod hit the ball into the basket, 50 points!
Second button, Howard’s teammate Nelson took a red cape from the side, and then Howard was also eager to try, he lifted up the Jersey, revealing a superman robe with S shape in front.
At this time, the whole audience knew what Howard was going to do and began to be very excited. The idea of Superman’s robe has never been thought of in the history of dunk competition.
Then the dunk was not perfect, Nelson’s throw was bad, but Howard managed to catch it and hit it into the basket with inertia. Strictly speaking, it can hardly be counted as a dunk. He didn’t even touch the basket.
But when Superman’s robe appeared, the entertainment significance of the dunk contest was greater than that of the competition. The judges let Howard win the championship, because this may be the most entertaining dunk in NBA history.
Next year’s dunk contest, Howard still took out Superman’s uniform, but the judges have not bought his account. This time, Howard came back 11 years later.
This will be Howard’s fourth dunk competition, and in history, only the glider Drexler and Dominic Wilkins are more than him.
Of course, there is also a player audience waiting for his return. Trey young tweeted: “Vince Carter to dunk, we need him!”
We all want to see Carter fly again.