Red book resumes on the shelves

77 days after the shelves, last night, the small red book App officially resumed.

As soon as the news came out, it quickly exploded in the new media circle. A small red book cooperating with MCN’s business brokers sent a circle of friends for the first time, saying that Xi Dapu Ben, “friends circled the party”, and a colleague is more concise and brief – “double eleven”.
The red book was restored to the shelves. After more than two months, what happened to the institutions and people behind it? From the current situation, the small red book App has been restored in OPPO, vivo, application treasure, Meizu and other application stores, and should be able to be installed in all major application stores in the next few days. This means that the reorganization of Xiaohongshu has been completed.
The red book was restored to the shelves. After more than two months, what happened to the institutions and people behind it? Looking back at this time, although the download is not normal, the business of bloggers, MCNs and advertisers of Xiaohongshu has been fluctuating, but they are still in progress.
In the market, there are even small red book App download tutorials and sub-businesses. There are also several small red book apps named “Little Red Book Selection” and “Little Red Mall”, which are used in major app stores. Top ten on the App Store free list.
Going back to what most people care about most now –
After more than two months, what about the institutions, bloggers and advertisers who work closely with Xiaohongshu? How will the platform’s audit mechanism change? Will the business’s small red book budget change? How will the MCN organization adjust the planning and management of bloggers?

With these questions, we found some small red book bloggers, MCN institutions and advertisers, so let them hear what they say.

Xiaohongshu blogger: “The official review is obviously more strict, and the fitness blogger is more affected.”
Xiaohong’s official cooperation with MCN’s squatting operation, Haiping, said that during this time, they clearly felt that the official control of the content was more stringent.

“There are fans who can’t see the notes in the collection. We guess that this may be the platform for a full content review. Not only the newly uploaded notes, but even the re-review of previously published content.”

A small red book food blogger mentioned that she will now review the illegal words of the advertising law before posting. She thinks that the notes review time is too long, probably because of the contraband in the notes, which was detected by the system.

It is understood that depending on the content, the platform review time is not the same. Among them, the fitness bloggers are greatly affected. “After consulting the official, we got the saying that we should try not to give close-ups.”

In addition, there are also small red book bloggers saying that “the flow of notes during the period of the shelves is unstable”, some bloggers began to reduce the frequency of updates, and others considered developing other platforms.

In terms of brand budget during the rectification period, the feedback from bloggers is also generally reduced.

The beauty blogger hot pot used “the baldness” to describe her recent situation. “There was basically no business list in the first few months, and it may be that the company is not giving force. It is only slightly better near the double eleven.”

However, some bloggers have broken through the bottleneck during this period and have grown against the trend.

Xiaohongshu blogger @啵唧爷爷 currently has a fan number of 298,000. The content published before is mostly lipstick color test, makeup tutorial, etc. Until the end of August, she shared several notes about niche cute makeup, and liked it. The number has risen from a few hundred to a few thousand, or even tens of thousands.
The red book was restored to the shelves. After more than two months, what happened to the institutions and people behind it?
According to reports, the account has increased by 250,000 from the end of August to the beginning of October, and the number of praises and collections has increased by 700,000. “The small red book is not necessarily a good thing, the community is more and more standardized, and I will continue to do content and share what I like and use.”

MCN organization: “The original advertisement was in short supply, and now only 3-4 orders per month”
“The most obvious is that the brand’s budget is reduced or even halved.” A few days ago, several people from different MCN institutions said that the impact of the small red book on the MCN organization relying on platform advertising revenue is not small. .

According to the business of an MCN organization, due to the wait-and-see attitude of many small and medium-sized brands during the rectification period and the increase in the threshold of brand partners, the overall market price of KOL has risen, resulting in advertisers not having enough budget to launch. “At the same time, big brands are also compressing. The budget for the small red book notes.”

There is also a small red book partner MCN sales manager mentioned: “The original KOL advertising cooperation period is in short supply, and now only 3-4 singles a month.”

In the face of the platform’s removal, the anxiety of institutions and bloggers is obvious. In this process, there are quite a few commercial reasons, considering multi-line development, expanding other platforms to make alternatives, and some organizations doing the opposite, considering expanding the number of contracted bloggers.

Zhao Renyuan, founder of Juwei Media, believes that although the reduction of customer placement during the rectification period has caused the decline of fan activity, he still has a positive attitude. On the one hand, he said that he wants to “run the legs” and evade from a commercial perspective. Risk, on the other hand, believes that we must persist in deep farming.

“It can be rushed out in such a platform, and it has a relationship with various aspects of consumption upgrade. Moreover, KOL’s fan stickiness and market recognition on the platform are as always. From the perspective of consumption upgrade, this is definitely worth it. A platform for long-term deep cultivation.”

Advertiser: “Little Red Book is still the core platform, as long as it is alive, there is market value.”
After the small red book was put on the shelves, we also found a well-known brand party. The other party thought that the brand’s adjustment to the Xiaohongshu did not change significantly.

“No matter whether the red book is not off the shelf, the main platform is still dual-micro + small red book, so at least half a year, the small red book is still the core platform. But I don’t know what will happen next. Capital game, mainly it is still alive. With traffic, there is market value.”

In addition, some people in the industry mentioned that “actually, the budget of the brand in Xiaohongshu will be adjusted according to the strength of competing products on the same platform.”

Platform: “The audit team has expanded two or three batches, which is a good one.”
Little Red Book itself has not stopped the pace of change.

According to Phoenix Science and Technology News, the insiders of Xiaohongshu recently said that compared with the situation that the notes sent by users before the shelves were not fully reviewed, the “audit team has expanded two or three batches now, and now every note posted by users will enter. Review process, first machine review, then manual review.

“The most important thing for the team now is to tighten the nerves at any time. It’s a good place to put one.” The insider said, “Sometimes a few numbers will be sealed in one day.”

As a well-known “grass community” with a total registered number of users of 300 million, Xiaohongshu should be more cautious. And from a longer-term perspective, a short break is not necessarily a good thing.

As some peers have said, no Internet platform can ever be “savagely growing”. This rectification in Xiaohongshu is like completing a big test.


Spanish National Day parade

On the 12th of the Spanish National Day military parade, a scene took place. A paratrooper with a national flag descended from the sky, but accidentally hanged a lamppost, and the Spanish king was watching the whole journey…

According to the British “Mirror” report, the 12th is Spain’s National Day, a grand National Day military parade also played in the capital Madrid. However, just as a paratrooper with a national flag descended from the sky, he accidentally ran into the lamppost and was hung on the lamppost…

The sudden scene made a burst of exclamation in the crowd, followed by applause. The Spanish King Felipe VI, who watched the whole journey, also raised his hand.

According to an official of the Spanish Ministry of Defence, the paratrooper is a veteran with 600 skydiving experiences. Fortunately, this accident did not bring him physical harm.

Afterwards, the Spanish king and queen also expressed comfort to the veteran.


iPhone11 increases production

On September 11 this year, Apple brought new iPhone 11 series in Apple’s autumn new product launch, while the new iPhone 11 series was officially released on September 20. This year, Apple introduced the iPhone 11 mobile phone for $699, compared with Apple. Last year’s launch of the iPhone XR was priced at $749, which is a lot less important for many Apple users to increase their demand for the iPhone 11.

According to the Nikkei News, Apple’s demand for the new iPhone 11 series of low-cost phones is stronger than expected, and Apple has increased the production of the iPhone 11 series by up to 10%. Apple told suppliers to increase the production of the iPhone 11 series by about 800. Ten thousand.

According to reports, the main source of Apple orders increased is the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models, and this increase in orders just further proves that Apple CEO Tim Cook has adopted a new strategy in the global economic downturn, attracting with low-priced models. Careful consumers.

On the screen side, the iPhone 11 uses a 6.1-inch LCD bangs screen with a screen resolution of 1792 x 828; the iPhone 11 Pro uses a 5.8-inch OLED bangs screen with a screen resolution of 2436 x 1125; and the iPhone 11 Pro Max uses a 6.5-inch OLED bangs screen. The resolution is 2688×1242;

On the processor side, the iPhone 11 uses the 7nm process to manufacture the A13 Bionic processor, integrating six CPU cores, two of which have a 20% improvement in performance, a 30% reduction in power consumption, and a 20% increase in power consumption in four small cores. Reduced by 40%;

For camera, the iPhone 11 uses a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens + 1200-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens; the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max use a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens + 12 million-pixel telephoto lens + 12 million pixels 120° ultra-wide-angle pixels. Among them, the wide-angle lens and the telephoto lens support OIS optical image stabilization.


Put more than three squirrels together

In response to the “Three Squirrels Statement: No official flagship store was opened in Pingduo, and no distributors or shops were authorized to sell in Pingduo”, Pingduo responded that the Department businessmen were forced to declare that “pressure is bound to be mountainous, which expresses understanding”. In 2017, the three squirrels were stationed as official flagship stores.


Fugitive Zhang Shigang surrendered

The fugitive Zhang Shigang (male, Han nationality, born on September 11, 1972, Fenyang, Shanxi Province, ID No. 142321197209113114) is a suspect in the case of “11.25” extraordinary robbery excavating ancient tombs in Chengcheng County, Shaanxi Province, which was listed and supervised by the Ministry of Public Security. He is suspected of organizing the excavation of ancient tombs and selling important cultural relics. On December 16, 2016, the Chengcheng County Public Security Bureau of Shaanxi Province made a decision on the criminal detention of the suspect Zhang Shigang and pursued him online.
According to the report of Shaanxi Daily in January 2018, the “11.25” extraordinary robbery excavation of ancient tombs in Chengcheng County, Shaanxi Province is the most criminal gangs and the largest number of people involved in the excavation of cultural relics in the history of Chengcheng County, the highest level and the largest number of extraordinary robberies excavation of ancient tombs. According to the data provided by the police, after more than one year of investigation and arrest, eight criminal gangs of cultural relics were eliminated, 6.3 million yuan of stolen money was seized and frozen, 16 vehicles were seized and 402 stolen cultural relics were recovered. Among the stolen cultural relics recovered, there are 12 first-class cultural relics, 15 second-class cultural relics, 62 third-class cultural relics and 313 general cultural relics.
_The Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security introduced that the public security organs of Shaanxi Province have carried out a lot of work, such as groping, investigation and arrest, and arranged for the police to come to Zhang Shigang’s family members for legal and policy propaganda, urging them to surrender as soon as possible and striving for lenient treatment. Under the strong arrest offensive and policy pressure of the public security organs, at about 8:00 on September 18, Zhang Shigang surrendered himself to the Chengcheng police in Shaanxi Province who carried out the arrest work in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. So far, the Ministry of Public Security has issued 32 A-level arrest warrants for cultural relics crimes since 2017.


Dam Collapse in India

A dam built on a canal in Jakarta State, India, collapsed less than 24 hours after it was officially opened, and it has been built for 42 years, costing nearly 22 billion rupees (about 2.2 billion yuan) and blaming the hole for the collapse.
The cost of building the dam has risen from 120 million rupees (about 12 million yuan) to nearly 22 billion rupees (about 2.2 billion yuan) since it was built 42 years ago.
It is reported that on the evening of August 28, the dam showed signs of leakage, less than 10 hours before it was officially opened. During the day, the Chief Minister of Jakarta, India, had just held a solemn ceremony to celebrate the dam’s official opening.
But no one expected that about 22 hours after the dam was opened, the dam collapsed and water overflowed from the breach, flooding the farmland of 35 villages in the Baghdad area near Giridi District.
Related departments blamed the accident on several blocked rat holes, but this statement was sped up by netizens.
Netizens said it was ridiculous to blame the “bean curd dregs project” on the rat hole.
At present, the government has set up an investigation team to investigate the incident in depth.


Thoughts on Teacher’s Day

The only feeling of this festival is nostalgia. Those who give us knowledge and guide us to grow up become ladders and marks in everyone’s life.
In the golden autumn of September, Dangui is fragrant and breezy, and hard gardeners are bathed in the glory of their careers. September 10 “Teacher’s Day” is so loud, China’s land of etiquette, across time and space, passionate reverberation. From the coast of the East China Sea to the snow-covered Tibet, from the South Treasure Island to the frontier outside the fortress, from the three-foot platform to the palace of knowledge, all are immersed in the joyous sea. “Teacher, you have worked hard!” A sincere greeting condensed all expectations; “Teacher, happy festival!” A sentence of affectionate blessings contains countless auspicious! The strong voice of the times constantly hit the hearts of preachers and professors, respecting teachers and emphasizing teaching has become fashionable, science and education to flourish the country blossoms fragrance, teachers are like the old peasants working to provoke. With the basket, the heavy harvest bends the backbone, but it writes happiness on the face. This is the portrait of Chinese teachers, the measurement of Chinese teachers! __
Some people say that teachers are candlelight, burning their own light; some say that teachers are wings, allowing students to fly in space; some say that teachers are the foundation, building a talent building is huge;
But I think that teachers are the spiritual masters who really promote social progress. They use their weak shoulders to carry the hope of national takeoff and spread the accumulated energy of social progress: science and technology, ideas and beliefs. For the sake of peach and plum fragrance, they work hard and worry about their hearts and minds. In order to cultivate pillars, they forget to eat and sleep and persevere. How many nights have they turned on lights to dawn? How many sweats have they sprayed in the classroom? Lead students to climb the palace of books and mountains and sail in the sea of knowledge through the wind and waves.
From the common people of Li to the military generals of Wenchen, from one move to one gallop, from stumbling to soaring, from babbling to singing, from standing up to literary grace, from adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing to fluent operation, who has not realized the teacher’s nourishment? Who has not experienced the teacher’s hearts? Who has not tasted the teacher’s good wine? Teachers have an inexhaustible treasure, from Confucianism to quality guidance, from flying dust to browsing the Internet, from “stinky old nine” to “teaching artisans”. Teachers have traveled a long and arduous road, but the more brave and frustrated they are, the longer they have come from generation to generation, because they have passed it on. It’s the relay stick, the spiritual food left behind, and the strong fighting injected into it that makes the descendants of Yan and Huang stand high in the east of the world.
From the vigorous awakening of the sleeping lion to the giant dragon flying to catch up with the great powers, from the thousand-year dream of Shenzhou flying into the sky, to the submarine exploring the century treasures, from the return of Hong Kong and Austria to the wandering homeland, to the world admiration of Athens, which has no power of behind-the-scenes heroes? But people always like to dedicate praise to the “carp leaping into the Dragon gate” and “arrogant son shooting into the sky”. Wolf”. In fact, the teacher is the hero of the times and the model of the society. The clever lark should sing for the teacher heartily. The teacher can make the desert no longer desolate and breed oasis streams. The teacher has a magic formula, which can make the foolish become full of intelligence quotient. Even if the Yangtze River is the ink, it can not draw the teacher’s light. Even if the earth is made of paper, it can not write the teacher’s chapter.
A drop of water can reflect the light of the sun. Countless drops of inspired water converge into an ocean of wisdom. The engineers of the soul always start from a little bit and lift the sun of tomorrow with their hard work and sweat.

Arbor Day

This year’s Tree Planting Day, the head teacher decided to take us several spontaneously to visit an old man in the mountainous area of our city.
We gathered early in the morning, 桑拿佛山and the temperature was very different in autumn. We wore very thick clothes for fear of catching cold.
The road is tortuous, but also we have never stepped into the area, surrounded by mountains, one by one, continuous, are late autumn gray and yellow, occasionally a dark green, surrounded by thick fog, deep can not see anything, also very boring, there are only layers of mountains, except mountains, but only mountains.
After driving for about half an hour, we came to the foot of a mountain. After getting off, there was a mountain road with clucking feet. Next, we had to climb up. The road in front of us stretched up to the top, surrounded by tall trees like clouds, and the steps under our feet were covered with dead leaves. The front was dark, and we could not see clearly what was going on. Several of us pulled this hand hard on the scalp, and the winding road was still stretching. We went farther and farther. It goes deeper and deeper.
There was a silk in front of him, and after a few steps, there was a family in front of him. The head teacher told us that the three tiled rooms were the old man’s residence. I had seen him too. He was hunched with his back, grey hair, a white short sleeve and a grey cloth hanging on his shoulder. I don’t think he’s cold?
We trotted to him and shook hands with him one by one. What rough hands they were. We bowed politely, and the old man’s eyes narrowed with laughter. His gray and dry skin seemed to glow. He invited us in and said it was cold outside, and we went in. The furnishings in the room are very simple. There is only one wooden table and several low stools in the hall. The teapots and cups 桑拿广州are complete. The room is not very big, but it is narrow when we enter. But it was quite clean. We sat around and drank hot tea. The old man said that the tea was seldom opened by mountain springs. No wonder it was slightly sweet. It was the sweetness of nature.
After our understanding, the old man was a veteran. After retirement, he devoted himself to this vast mountain forest. He planted trees all the year round to prevent wind and fix sand. In the past ten years, he planted hundreds of thousands of trees and hundreds of trees by himself. Then he took us to see the trees he planted.
We came to another hilltop along the mountain road, listening to the head teacher, this winding mountain road is stepped广州桑拿 out step by step by step by the elderly over the years, which not only reminds me of Mr. Lu Xun’s famous saying: in fact, there are many people on the ground who have no way to go, but also become a road. But the old man was alone, so he stepped out of this hundred miles of tortuous road! _
At the top of the hill, there is a vast expanse of forest, a dark green, green black, autumn spring breath, there is a respectful admiration in my heart! The old man beside seems to be integrated with the green mountain, his brown pupil is deep green, his life, his body is blending with it. …
Farewell to the old man, we are again driving on the winding mountain road, where the gray yellow mountains and the old man’s Black Mountains blend, and in the middle is the back of the old man’s slight bow, rough hands…

My favorite teacher

“The stars are shining in the quiet night, and the teacher’s window is bright all night… My dear good teacher… Whenever I hear this song, I think of my beloved teacher Wang.
Mr. Wang is a teacher in the composition tutorial class. His round face had big, shining eyes, and a black plate was particularly noticeable. He’s fat. He weighs about 80 kilograms. The belly is round, like a ball full of fresh air and bulging. He walks like a king, with great air. He likes to play jokes on us very much. After class, we call him “Anzi” kindly.
What impressed me most was Mr. Wang’s dedication to his work and his humor in class.
I used to be afraid of writing. I thought writing was too difficult and boring. So this summer vacation, my mother reported to me the reading class taught by “Anzi” teacher. I went reluctantly. Mr. Wang teaches four reading classes a day for a total of eight hours. In order to make the students behind hear clearly, his voice is very loud, because the weather is too hot, coupled with continuous lectures, drinking less water, on the seventh day, Mr. Wang’s voice was hoarse, but he insisted on coming to class for us, the voice is still very loud. On the eighth day his voice became hoarse and he was almost speechless. On the ninth day, he couldn’t hold on and his voice finally went on strike – Mr. Wang lost his voice. Can not come to our class, can only invite other teachers to substitute for the class, see the teacher’s voice so, the students are in a hurry, have to give the teacher medicine. Under the care of my classmates, one day later the teacher’s voice was much better, and he came to our class again. When I saw that the teacher was well, I felt much happier.
Mr. Wang is also very humorous in his lectures. Once, I was sleepy in class, fighting with my upper and lower eyelids, and almost fell asleep. When the teacher saw that many students were sleepy, he told us a joke. I and other students have come to the spirit, I forgot sleepiness. But the teacher’s voice of telling jokes is getting smaller and smaller. I have to raise my ears and listen carefully. After a while, the teacher’s voice becomes smaller and smaller. We all concentrate on the teacher. After the joke is finished, the teacher looks at everyone’s spirit and begins to talk about the key content. Because Mr. Wang’s lecture was interesting, I began to like composition.
Mr. Wang is not only very dedicated in his work, but also skillful and methodological in his lectures.
In one lesson, the teacher told us the knowledge point of “one article, two lines”: the main line is love, the second line is scenery. In order to let us understand the knowledge point, the teacher gave us an example. The teacher said, “When I was a child, Ama was a very good friend, and we often played together. This is a story; there is a peach tree, peach blossom is particularly fragrant, this is a picture; with the fragrance of peach blossom to contrast my relationship with Ama. Later, Ama and I became enemies because of a little incident, which is a story; the peach blossom fell, snow, which is a picture; with the peach blossom fell to contrast Ama and I became enemies. Twenty years later, I met Ama again at a party, and we became friends again. It’s a story; a peach blossom fell on my nose, but I can’t smell it any more. This is a picture; using peach blossoms to contrast Ama and I are not as good as before. After telling the story, the students learned the knowledge of “one article, two lines”.
From then on, I was no longer afraid to write articles, and took the initiative to participate in the “commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Yuanmingyuan robbery” campaign organized by the Chinese Heritage Conservation Foundation.
Although the composition tutorial class is over, I will never forget Mr. Wang, because I like him and his class, I also like composition. He is such a dedicated, humorous and skilled teacher. Did you like the teacher very much after listening to my introduction?

Growth and深圳洗浴中心2019荤场 Understanding

Not long ago, I heard that there was a sports meeting in the college. If you enter the first two places, you can go to the school competition. What’s more attractive is not the bonus of the college and the school, but the points after you get the place in the school. So I don’t care about the result of the registration, because in my opinion, no matter what the result is, I want to try, in case I get the ranking? Although I’ve never been good at sports, sometimes it’s valuable to have the courage to try.
Now my heart is like a calm lake. I don’t have too many worries, and I don’t want to think about too many nervous things about the game. The so-called “no indifference, no ambition, no tranquility, no farther”, at this moment, all kinds of melancholy and helplessness have gone away from me, the stars in the day seem not to belong to my world. At the moment, when I think of the game, I seem to forget that I was trembling in the eyes of all the people.
Speaking here, time inadvertently pulled me back深圳洗浴中心哪个好玩 to that ignorant junior high school era. In the first year of junior high school, I participated in the oral English contest for the first time when I faced hundreds of audiences. When I stood on the stage, I felt like the sky was falling apart and the whole person lost weight instantly. On that occasion, I repeated it three times on the stage, and the final result must be eliminated. But I was not a willing person, so in the second year of junior high school, I once again took part in my second English speech contest with brazenness. After making full preparations, this time I was not as awkward as the first time. Although I did not achieve good results, I finally reached the finals. After struggling with myself again and again, I finally won the speech contest for the representative class in the third year of junior high school. The contest in the third year of junior high school changed me from a coward who shivered in front of everyone to a person who dared not fear in front of hundreds of thousands of listeners.
The so-called “newborn calves are not afraid of tigers” may be the true portrayal of my three years in junior high school, but with the growth of age, people always have to learn to grow up. Think of tomorrow’s competition, I have been accustomed to participating in such activities, saying, “There are people outside the world, there are days outside the sky.” There are many excellent people in the world, like the shining stars in the universe, I can become one of them, can also be an ordinary dust in the universe, as Big Ice said, this world. Someone will always live the life you want. But sometimes think about it, 深圳洗浴中心价格表we may live the life others want, and the best way to end up is to fight with the world. But we do not have to give up the heart of striving for the upper reaches, just because people vary, different people have different pursuits. Some people live in other people’s way all their lives. Some people struggle for their dreams all their lives. Others want to live in an ordinary life and pursue the realm of mind like water. Others just escape. As Liu Tong said, “All disguises are escape, all escape is due to inferiority complex”. 深圳洗浴哪家好谁知道Fortunately, now I have shed my disguised skin, unloaded the armor of inferiority, just want to pursue their own way of life.
Growth can make a person’s mind mature, growth can make people’s thinking gradually independent, growth can make people understand what is happy and what is sad… Baptism in growth is precious wealth in life. What we want in growth may be sent to the corresponding people one day. We don’t need to live humbly. It’s good to follow our hearts. Maybe someday in a corner, we will find that we did not lose our original self in the vast crowd.