The Palace Museum’s new year’s Eve meal is 6688 yuan

The most interesting news of the weekend is the grand dinner launched by the Forbidden City.
It is reported that during the Spring Festival this year, the corner restaurant of the Forbidden City will launch the new year’s Eve meal. The preliminary plan is from the big year to the 15th day of the first month. Each table is set according to the standard of ten people, with a charge of 6688 yuan for one table and another 680 yuan for each additional one.
It’s worth noting that since the corner restaurant is open on the outside, you don’t need to buy tickets to the Forbidden City for eating.
Why this news attracts public attention lies in the status of the Forbidden City on the one hand and its price on the other.
Needless to say, as the Royal Palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties and the largest museum in China at present, the tourists who visit the palace museum every day are crowded, and their every move is very concerned.
With its name of “Palace Museum Corner Restaurant”, the launch of new year’s Eve dinner, naturally is one of the focuses. Many netizens joked that this may be based on the royal court meals of Ming and Qing emperors.
But what netizens are focusing on is actually the price of new year’s Eve meal in the corner restaurant.
In principle, a dinner for ten people costs 6688 yuan, which seems to be a relatively high price.
Some netizens said that, you know, the national poverty alleviation standard per capita net income is only 4000 yuan. At the beginning of the year, Jiangsu province put forward an annual income standard for the poor, which is 6000 yuan. According to this standard, a meal in the corner restaurant is equal to one year’s income of the poverty-stricken people in Jiangsu Province.
By comparison, we know that a new year’s Eve meal in the corner restaurant of the Forbidden City is not expensive.
But looking at the comments of many netizens, many people say that the price is really not expensive. Some even said that after the price was expensive, it immediately attracted a lot of people.
See what netizens say.
Netizen “eat your smile well”: when other Forbidden City needs to repair and inherit culture, a group of people do not pay or contribute, and they are unwilling to forward a microblog. Now that they have found ways to increase domestic demand and expand the surrounding markets, these people have jumped out and said, “don’t move.” this is our common wealth. I think later, Puyi will buy tickets to the Forbidden City. Who are you?
Netizen “pancake thin” said: a table of rice 6688 is really expensive for ordinary people, but don’t see where it is? The Forbidden City, alas, even if there is a big scramble for the table.
Screenshot of netizen comments
Netizen “kicks giant’s belly” thinks: what to eat is rice, what to eat is atmosphere, culture, service, and the cultural heritage of China for five thousand years. In addition to the Forbidden City, where else can you enjoy the five thousand year culture? Besides the Forbidden City, where there is such a profound cultural heritage, where the emperors of the past dynasties live, where the literati, the poets and the famous generals have gone. The price is worth it.
Such comments are not only many, but also arouse the resonance of many netizens. All in all, the reason why people think that the 6688 yuan dinner is not expensive is mainly due to three reasons: one is in Beijing, the other is in the Forbidden City, and the third is that many things are expensive now, such as an Apple phone, Disneyland charges, etc.
Even for example, some people say, “a big hotel in a small county town usually requires 5 / 6000 of a table”, “a table of annual dinner in a third tier city can’t go down by 2000, what’s wrong with the Palace Museum more than 6000?” One called “cool straw mushroom” also said that it’s not expensive but not expensive. My friend just ordered a table of ordinary rice 5888 in Changsha Hotel. It’s the Forbidden City. It’s not the best bar! This is not your fly restaurant downstairs. There is a cultural background besides catering.
According to your reflection, most of the people who think that the charge for the new year’s dinner in the Forbidden City is not expensive.
However, up to now, the dinner for the new year to the 15th of the first month has been fully booked. It can be seen how popular the price is.
Xiaobian also believes that if the price was put more than ten years ago, it would be considered as a high price. But from the comments of many netizens, does it mean that everyone’s income level is indeed improving and their vision is also improving. This is a good thing. In fact, the Imperial Palace corner restaurant is only reported, some of which are not known by the public, and the price is more expensive.
Radish and pickled vegetables, each has his own love. Whether it is high-income families or low-income groups, as long as reasonable consumption, within the scope of their ability to bear, it is normal. What’s more, it’s new year’s day. Bite your teeth, grab your relatives and friends, have a big meal and have a tooth beating ceremony.
But Xiaobian also believes that no matter the price is high or low, everyone stands in a different angle, and the conclusion is naturally different, so it is not necessary to force others to be the same as themselves.

500 million animals died in the sea of fire

Australia’s wildfires have been raging for more than four months, and every scene here is heartbreaking. A shocking set of figures tells you how serious the fire is.
80% of koala’s natural habitat was destroyed by mountain fire, and more than 20000 koalas died;
More than 500 million birds and other animals were killed;
The area of wildfires is more than 52500 square kilometers;
In Australia, the temperature is more than 40 ℃ for many days, even close to 50 ℃;
The death toll rose to 27
500 million animals died in the sea of fire
Wildlife and the whole ecosystem
Suffered great damage
Someone recorded it on camera
It’s a bloody tragedy
The animals died in the fire
The body is like black charcoal
Even standing
Terrible scene, heart wrenching
According to a number of satellite monitoring products released by the National Satellite Meteorological Center, New South Wales and other places in the southeast of Australia are densely covered with fire spots, and the smoke caused by wildfires has spread to the north of New Zealand 2000 kilometers away. Even from the point of view of satellites far away in space, the mountain fire is also shocking.
The most serious forest fire in southeast Australia has a disastrous impact on the ecological environment
In early January 2020, wildfires in southeastern NSW and eastern Victoria developed rapidly. According to the fire monitoring map of FengYun-3 meteorological satellite on January 4, there are a large number of fire spots within the range of 270 km from the east to the West and 360 km from the north to the south. Some of the fire spots have spread to the beach, with a total area of 7900 square kilometers. Most of these fires occurred in forest areas.

Zhang Mi’s success in fighting cancer

Singer Zhang Mi’s daughter shared a group of photos and posts with her daughter on social platforms, saying: “in the past two years, she has been taking her baby at home full-time, trying to be a good mother, and at the same time, she insists on making good music, although it is difficult, and she cannot lose herself.” Some netizens asked when she got married, but she said she got married quietly. Her husband does a lot of things and is good at cooking
In addition, Zhang Mi’s daughter said that her mother has been successful in fighting cancer and is recovering. She and her uncle take care of Zhang Mi. Earlier, Zhang Mi revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer and was optimistic that she would take active treatment, which was encouraged by many netizens.
As early as November 26 this year, Zhang Mi published a paper about the late stage of cancer. After countless times of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she suffered from hair loss, dizziness, vomiting and other reactions. At the same time, she lamented that it was her family’s encouragement and company that made her have a different experience of life. Then someone familiar with the matter revealed that Zhang Mi had tonsillar cancer.
Zhang Mi has a rich love history. Before she became popular, she married her ex husband Li Baojian and gave birth to her daughter Li Luoyi. As a child, liloy was raised by her uncle. When she was 13, she didn’t know that her mother was a famous singer, Zhang Mi. In 2003, at the suggestion of her mother, 16-year-old Li Luoyi went to Beijing for development, studied vocal music at Beijing modern conservatory of music and began to enter the performing arts circle. In 2014, Roy participated in the talent show “I’m not a star” and was well known by the audience. Many netizens were moved by her bitter experience.
Zhang Mi is still fighting against the disease after she announced the advanced stage of cancer, hoping to succeed in fighting cancer. Lying in the hospital bed, she grew old in a moment, and really looked like her age, which was heartbreaking and pitiful. Fortunately, now that everything is over, Zhang Mi has finally come out, and now there is a third generation. I hope she can live a happy life.

BBS inventor dies

Recently, it was reported that Randy Susi, the inventor of Internet BBS, died on December 10 at a hospital in Chicago at the age of 74.
At the end of January 1978, Sue joined an early home computer enthusiast club called the Chicago area computer enthusiast Exchange Association (CACHE). He and another club member, an IBM engineer named ward Christensen, have been discussing the idea of a new computer information exchange tool, but have no time to develop it seriously.
Then a snowstorm hit the Great Lakes, and Chicago was covered with thick snow.
With the city closed by snow, Christensen called sue and said they finally had enough time to build a new information exchange system. Christensen suggested they get help from the rest of the club, but, as he recalled in the interview, Sue told him it was a mistake because other people’s participation would only slow down the project.
“Forget about the club, it’s just a model of committee management,” Christensen recalled, adding that sue thought she was a self-taught computer technologist who was used to making quick decisions. “It’s just me and you. I’ll make hardware, you’ll make software. “
The idea is to build a central computer where club members can connect their own computers and telephone lines, which is equivalent to an electronic version of a cork bulletin board on the wall of a grocery store where anyone can post paper flyers.
Two weeks later, their BBS system came into operation and the club began to exchange information about meetings, new ideas and new projects. Christensen said. “The forum is all about computers.”
At first, Susi suggested that they call it “computer elite exchange project”, but they finally chose “computer bulletin board system”, or “CBBs”.
In the late 1970s and 1980s, with their BBS system spreading through business magazines and word-of-mouth, fans all over the country set up their own online forums to provide rich content from real-time chat rooms to video games. These early services are pioneers in global social media services such as twitter, Facebook and Youtube.
“Everything we communicate with others online can be traced back to Randy and his bulletin board,” said Jason Scott, a computer history archivist who produced a documentary about the birth of online forums. “The only difference is that now everything has become smoother and simpler.”
Randy John SUSE was born on January 27, 1945 in Skokie, Illinois, about 20 kilometers north of downtown Chicago. His father, Milland, was a police officer in Lincoln wood nearby, and his mother was a nurse.
After two years in the Navy and graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Sue held a variety of technical positions in the city, including at IBM and zenith.
Like Christensen, he joined the new Chicago Area Association of computer enthusiasts in the summer of 1975. This is one of many “do it yourself” computer clubs springing up in the United States.
SUSE and Christensen developed their bulletin boards on a personal computer called the S-100. After adding a modem that can send and receive data over a phone line, Sue soldered together additional hardware that automatically rebooted the machine and then loaded the software developed by Christensen whenever someone dialed in.
“Randy was built almost from scratch,” Christensen said, adding that the device looked crude, as if it were a combination of gum and cables.
Christensen offered to run the system at his home in Dalton, Illinois. But Sue, who lives in wrigleyville, Chicago, insists on keeping it in his basement so that anyone in the city can dial up without paying for a long-distance call.
When they shut down the BBS system in the 1980s, its single phone line had connected more than 500000 phones.
Later, Sue has built a bigger BBS system, called “Chinet”, which connects to the Internet through satellite signals. At that time, the Internet was so small that other users could download the whole thing to his machine in one night. Others can browse the global data collection, including the new CBBs, through 22 phone lines plugged into a row of modems.
Some people called in from as far away as Australia and Singapore. Sue’s son Ryan remembers hearing the modem “whine” day and night, “and” in the end, it just turned white noise, “he said.
In addition to her son and daughter, Kelly, Sue has another daughter, Christine, and three grandchildren. His marriage to Agnes crook and dawn Hendrix ended in divorce.
40 years after its launch, a version of souse CBBs is still running on a computer, accessible to anyone from a laptop or smartphone. This month, the bulletin board announced the death of sue.

CCTV host competition

“CCTV 2019 host competition” is being broadcasted on CCTV comprehensive channel. On October 31, a reporter from Beijing News interviewed Lu Jian, the judge of the competition. In Lu Jian’s opinion, compared with the previous host competition, the present host selection pays more attention to the personality of the contestants. “I hope that the personality of the contestants can be combined with their own ability and professional quality.”
In the top 60 candidates of this competition, the proportion of master’s graduates is more than 40%, including graduates from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Cambridge University, University of Pennsylvania and other famous universities; “post-90s” and “post-95” players are more than 50%, becoming the main new force, and there are not a few cross-border players such as financial elite and senior programmers. The host, Jing Yidan, said that he would like to see players from all directions with different professional backgrounds and life experiences. “When competing, I also tend to pay more attention to different professionals. Because if we have different professional backgrounds and achieve different professional cross, our host team will be rich and multi-level. I think it’s a very benign phenomenon. “
The competition will recruit composite talents with excellent guidance and control ability, news live interaction ability, multimedia application ability and personalized communication ability as the new standard. Lu Jian said that the current media environment has changed a lot compared with that before. Before, the host would pay more attention to knowledge, elite talents, thinking power, knowledge reserve, and integrity. “Now the communication environment is different, everyone can become a communicator, knowledge communication is only one aspect, we would like to see personalized players in a certain aspect It’s outstanding and extreme. ” But the so-called “personality” is not just the appearance of external personality. Lu Jian said, “the personality of players depends on knowledge, emotional ability and talent. It is a personality combined with ability and specialty, which can fully show the characteristics different from other people.”

Double high plan list


The Ministry of education and the Ministry of Finance announced the list of planned construction units of high-level vocational schools with Chinese characteristics and major construction plan (referred to as “double high plan”) on Friday, with 197 vocational schools selected.
According to the list, 10 higher vocational schools, including Beijing Electronic Technology Vocational College and Jinhua Vocational and technical college, have been selected as high-level school construction units (file a), 20 higher vocational schools, including Beijing Industrial Vocational and technical college and Liaoning Transportation College, have been selected as high-level school construction units (file B), more than 20 vocational schools, including Beijing Finance and Trade Vocational College and Tianjin Light Industry Vocational and technical college. More than 20 vocational schools including Beijing Agricultural Vocational College and Beijing Information Vocational Technology College were selected as high-level professional group construction units (a), nearly 60 vocational schools including Beijing labor and social security Vocational College and Shandong Transportation Vocational College were selected as high-level professional group construction units (b), and Beijing Transportation Vocational College was selected as high-level professional group construction units (b). More than 50 vocational schools, such as Qinhuangdao vocational and technical college, have been selected as the construction unit of high-level professional group (file c).
According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of education, in terms of the layout of provinces, 197 proposed units publicized cover 29 provinces. From the perspective of specialty layout, the 389 specialty groups applied for cover 18 major categories of higher vocational education, and the five major categories with the most distribution are equipment manufacturing, transportation, electronic information, finance and commerce, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery. From the perspective of industrial layout, there are 113 professional groups for strategic emerging industries, 112 for modern services, 100 for advanced manufacturing, 32 for modern agriculture and 32 for others.
The person in charge also said that the selection work has made clear the basic conditions of three levels, namely, the provincial level, the school level and the major level, especially the nine landmark achievements at the school level, which are the major reform tasks promoted by the Ministry of education in recent years and facing the higher vocational front. They are all facing all higher vocational schools and have been selected through competition, highlighting fair opportunities and fair processes.
According to reports, “double high plan” fully implemented project performance management. The results of performance evaluation will be an important basis for adjusting the amount of project funds. We will increase support for projects with strong financing and remarkable construction results. For the projects with poor fund raising, slow implementation progress and limited construction effectiveness, we will give a warning and reduce the amount of fund support. For projects with major problems and no improvement after rectification, the project construction shall be suspended. The project units that suspend construction shall not apply for the “double high plan” project again.
What’s more, the “double high plan” has a support cycle every five years. It implements total amount control, dynamic management, annual evaluation and expiration assessment, and has a management mechanism of “in and out” and “survival of the fittest”. At the end of each support cycle of the “double high plan”, the project establishment and construction unit shall submit the acceptance report as required and submit it to the two departments for review after passing the provincial acceptance. The results of the review will be published as an important basis for the selection of projects in the next cycle.

Tang Yan is pregnant.

A few days ago, the media took a group of photos of Tang Yan and Luo Jin helping Tang Dad move one night during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday.
Tang Yan was wearing a long and medium-length black dress and a black fisherman’s cap. Luo Jin was also wearing a low-key dress and went abroad in a black costume. Both of them probably wore black masks to avoid being recognized.
The two men helped Tang Yan’s father pack up his things by the roadside. Luo Jin also moved all the suitcases to the trunk of the car. During this period, Luo Jin and Tang Dad took special care of Tang Yan. Tang Yan’s appearance that night looks like a belly bulge, very much like pregnant women, coupled with the actions of her father and husband, people can not help but wonder if Tang Yan has been pregnant?
Tang Yan was invited to participate in the live broadcasting event on the 17th. That evening, she and Li Jiaqi jointly broadcasted live. This was Tang Yan’s first public appearance in recent months. In the live video of that day, Tang Yan wore a white skirt with slim shoulders and long curly hair shawl.
Tang Yan and Li Jiaqi sat together at the table and greeted the audience enthusiastically. As the live camera was facing the two people, we could clearly see the lens above the waist. Tang Yan’s small abdomen was prominent in the picture. Although she was wearing a black belt around her waist, it obviously did not play a role in self-cultivation, but instead, she had the abdomen. The bulge is more obvious.
And Tang Yan’s face and shoulders are much rounder than before, some people speculate that the reason for the live camera may be that it looks fatter, but in the same morning exposure of the crew working photos, confirmed that Tang Yan’s figure is indeed plentiful.
From the side photos, although the belt is tied, it can still be seen that the abdomen is obviously bulging, and the contrast with Tang Yan’s ancient style is still very obvious.
At the opening ceremony of the new drama, some netizens pointed out that Tang Yan looked very round. Although she was wearing a loose black T-shirt, she could still see a slight bulge in her abdomen. At present, Tang Yan and Luo Jin have not responded to the pregnancy. If they are really pregnant, I believe it is not far from Guanxuan.


Haier employees were fired from lunch break

Recently, four employees of Haier Group were fired for lunch break, which aroused concern and made a hot search on Weibo. In the afternoon of September 6, Haier Group Human Resources Platform issued a note saying that four employees who violated the rules did not take a nap during break time, but slept in public reception during working hours. Haier said that the above acts violate Haier’s employees’code of conduct and should be terminated according to the regulations.
This issue has aroused wide concern because it has hit the pain point of the majority of workers. In the workplace that must be called “dedication” and regard overtime as “virtue” or even as “hidden rules” of large companies, many companies, especially large companies, work late every day, and some specific industries such as finance and interconnection. Internet companies may even work overtime until early morning. The difference is that some people work overtime with overtime pay, while a large part of them do not. Now, suddenly found that even a short lunch break is likely to lose their jobs, it is unavoidable to let people sigh – if a nap is to be fired, how will life go?
Haier’s response, which was not timely but tough and vague, apparently failed to ease people’s minds. On the contrary, it intensified the controversy. According to Haier’s official statement, the company system stipulates that between 11:30 and 13:00 employees can arrange their meals independently, emphasizing that the four employees sleep in public reception places during working hours. The problem is that the dismissed employees sleep between 11:30 and 13:00. According to the company system, they should have rest time. How can they sleep during work time? According to reports, former employees of Haier said that there was a concept of stealth exchange. Employees could choose a 30-minute period of time for meals within 11:30-13:00, that is to say, the total time for meals was only 30 minutes, and the number of people queuing in the dining hall was 10 minutes. Sometimes there were 7 minutes left after the meal was finished. Arrive on duty a few minutes ago. It is reported that the four employees slept in the cafe, saying that they could be seen by foreign guests at any time, so they became “public reception places”, and the inspection team fired them as soon as they found out.
That sounds so inhumane! Even if sleeping in a coffee shop is really inappropriate, persuasion, review, fines, records can not be resolved, can only be dismissed? Isn’t it more inappropriate for foreign guests to see someone sleeping in a cafe so harsh and suspected of infringing on workers’legitimate right to rest? After all, a former Haier employee reported that even choosing not to eat but to sleep was not allowed.
Whether employees have a 30-minute lunch break, or whether they are not allowed to take a lunch break even during this period, Haier’s response does not provide answers to these questions, and probably will not respond again. After all, Haier’s attitude is very tough. In response, Haier emphasizes that the company system “conforms to the laws and regulations of our country” and “passes through the discussion of the working congress”.
Of course, perhaps Haier’s approach is legitimate, but it is not only an “unequal treaty” for employees relying on the advantages of the workplace, but also a disadvantage for the long-term development of enterprises. Recently, Japan, the birthplace of the term “social animal” known for its long working hours, has begun to pay attention to the loss of efficiency caused by insufficient rest for employees. Since studies have shown that the economic loss caused by sleep deprivation in Japan is as high as 15 trillion yen every year, companies have converted vans into bedrooms for businesses in need as “take-out nap space”.
The dismissal of Haier employees during lunch break is still controversial, but the concern about employees’rest rights should not be confined to the company. The era of sweatshops is far behind, but in the name of “corporate culture”, can the reduction of employees’legitimate rights and interests and the manufacture of “social animals” bring the future to enterprises? Employees’long working hours are not equal to high efficiency. It is also helpful to improve the efficiency of enterprises to let employees get proper rest. How to achieve a balance between them and want to study this balance is what enterprises need to consider.


Model around us

People are all born with inertia. It is precisely the inherent inertia that restricts the steps of most people. So only a few people defeat their inertia with strong perseverance, and get the fruits of the season on the road of life.
I am very glad that there are a lot of perseverance, down-to-earth and hard-working colleagues in the collective of my work. It is precisely because of them that our collective is full of positive energy. In this silent but never-ending positive energy shining like gold, I dare not slacken for a moment. Often tired, dizzy and exhausted, but such a day makes me feel full and happy.
I think the reason why I can persist is that these examples around me are always pushing me and touching me.
I am often touched by the leadership of our collective. They set an example everywhere, are pragmatic and diligent, treat their subordinates warmly and peacefully, and win our respect and trust with a respect, understanding and tolerance.
I am often touched by our collective team of old teachers. Although retirement is imminent, but the work is still vigorous, independent. Teacher Zhang Gui’e’s smile made the winter morning warm; Teachers Dong Xiuying and Pan Ying’s persistence and earnestness for decades made people awe-inspiring; Teachers Jia Jia’e and Gao Yumei built a monument of their teachers’soul with their endless patience and love; Teachers Su Meirong and Xu Guimei poured out like silkworms in spring all their lives. My love for education. Looking at their diligent figures, looking at their old backs, I saw a kind of silent greatness.
I am often touched by those platoon leaders of our collective, who have brought back the glittering and sweaty trophies one by one. This is their credit. It is their credit that they have brought back their proud achievements one after another. Gao Wenying, Bian Rongmei, Yang Lan, Dong Mei, Yang Hongmei, Shang Chunhong, Han Mei, Gao Ruiqin, Gao Jiaoqin, Zhang Rong, He Jinhua, Li Jiefang, Zhuangyan and Wang Qiaoling. They are the gold of our collective, because of them, our collective shines brightly.
I am often touched by every unknown colleague in our collective. They have no halo on their heads and no applause in their lives. What makes them consistently willing to contribute? What makes them never stop rushing? I think it’s responsibility, responsibility and conscience. There are many special students in Chang Zhi’s class, but she seldom complains. She teaches children knowledge steadfastly and cares for every child’s growth peacefully. Teacher Chai Xudong’s eyes are not good, so many compositions, diaries, homework to be corrected, she often has no intention, but she always feels that the school language teachers are in short supply, and has been gritting her teeth. Teacher Liu Fenglian has an indescribable tenacity in her work. Her work is always so orderly and effective. Teacher Zhang Wenying’s patience, carefulness and ingenuity in his work often make me feel inferior to myself. As a math teacher, Ms. Su Lixia can teach children knowledge and at the same time, as a head teacher, strictly require children’s behavior and habits. I’m really happy to work with her. Teacher Li Xianfeng is both a head teacher and a math teacher. I can’t help envying her vigorous and popular work.
Looking at Linhe five small posts, there are inspiring examples. A single flower is not spring, a hundred flowers blossom in spring, I would like to blossom in such a large garden, I would like to leave a touch of fragrance in such a large garden.

A good teacher in my mind

“The stars are shining in the quiet night, and the teacher’s window is bright all night.”
The stars are the long lights in the dark; the teachers are the engineers of the human soul. It’s him, it’s her, it’s him… These good teachers illuminated my growth path and guided my way forward. If you want to ask me who is the good teacher in my mind, I will tell you:
A good teacher in my mind! Like us, vigor, broad mind, solid work like foot on the ground, profound knowledge like steep mountains, innovative teaching methods, and intimate contact with classmates. Is she not our mother’s Chinese teacher, Mr. Dong?
A good teacher in my mind! He is as energetic as we are. The combination of humor and unrestrained will make us more friendly and close to him. His bold demeanor will make him gradually stand up in our hearts. He made serious math lessons a favorite among his classmates, made tense exams easy and easy, and gave full play to his true level. Is he not the same math teacher as our big brother, Mr. Zhang?
My idea of a good teacher! She has the same broad mind as the sky, so that the fear of students back to nature, her actions and hearts, will make the students who made mistakes blush, this is not our English teacher – Miss Zhao!
A good teacher in my mind will enlighten people with infinite wisdom. They strive to seek the law of teaching, while not forgetting to dig deep into the art of teaching. Let’s grasp the boring knowledge happily in a humorous atmosphere.
In my mind, a good teacher will not miss any chance to encourage us, because in our eyes, encouragement is the catalyst to regain self-confidence and success. Good teachers don’t care too much about our strengths and achievements. Encourage us as long as we make progress. Our courage and wisdom need you to set up a stage for exhibition.
In my mind, a good teacher will understand the child’s heart, some naive, some sensible, some strong, some fragile. They will never easily hurt or trample. When students encounter difficulties, they can talk to us heart-to-heart, with good-will action to support. A family visit to care about children, an encouragement in frustration, a greeting in sickness, a congratulations after success, and a cheering cry in long-distance running. These little touches will also be deeply branded in our hearts.
My idea of a good teacher, chalk dyed your black hair, homework boiled your eyes red, but your love and love for us is deep like the sea, high as the blue sky.
A good teacher in my mind, you are a bumpy boat, full of knowledge, sailing into the harbor of children’s hearts in the strong wind and waves.
My idea of a good teacher, ah, you are a red candle, usually forgotten, but whenever the power is cut off, you stand up, illuminate others, burning yourself.
The sea is blue and seabirds fly. The good teachers in our minds take us to walk on the sea of knowledge, the real connection between heart and heart, the fusion of laughter and laughter. Feeling on the body, expressing on paper. Every teacher writes the truth in the ordinary and the greatness in the true. Originally, every teacher who devotes love to students is a good teacher in our mind. They have noble personality and sentiment. Therefore, my idea of a good teacher is not a person, but a collective, this collective is the coordinates of the students’life path, regardless of which point we are, which straight line, will always be on the coordinates.
“The stars are shining in the quiet night, and the teacher’s window is bright all night.” The familiar song reminds me of it again in my ear…