Opening time announced by 17 provinces

Listen to the story of war “epidemic” and learn the knowledge of epidemic prevention On March 25, senior three students of Ningxia junior high school sat in the classroom to welcome the special “the first class”. On this day, teachers and students of grade three in Shanxi returned to campus after more than two months’ absence.
With the relief of the epidemic situation and the smooth progress of resumption of work and production, school opening has been put on the agenda. Recently, many places have made clear the opening time.
According to the statistics of the reporter, up to the time of publication, 17 provinces in the mainland have made clear the opening time, of which, some students in 6 provinces have stepped into the campus and returned to their desks. Other provinces are also preparing for the start of school, and students will be back soon.
More than ten provinces open “soon”
At 7:10, the students of Baita campus of kunshizhong entered the campus one by one through temperature monitoring. They have been in school for a week. Since March 23, the third grade of senior high school and the third grade of junior high school in Yunnan Province have officially started.
At present, six provinces (mainland) have started school. In addition to the Ningxia, Shanxi and Yunnan mentioned above, on February 27, Guizhou Province decided to officially open school on March 16 for senior three and junior three students (other grades to be determined). Then Xinjiang also announced that senior three, junior three, secondary vocational school graduation grade is scheduled to open on March 16. Tibet has made it clear that schools of all kinds and at all levels will open in late March 2020.
According to statistics, as of the morning of March 27, there are 17 provinces in the mainland that have determined the opening time. In addition to the above six provinces / autonomous regions, 11 other provinces / autonomous regions are about to open school, including Liaoning, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hainan, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Guangxi and Inner Mongolia.
The reporter learned that many provinces are actively preparing for the opening of the school. For example, on March 19, Jilin Province issued a notice requiring all localities to make preparations for the start of primary and secondary schools before March 31, while many areas in Shandong Province have been carrying out the verification of school opening conditions, for example, Dezhou City clearly will complete the verification before March 31.
There are also areas that have been slow to open school. The relevant departments in Beijing, Shandong, Chongqing and other places have also refuted the rumors about the opening time spread on the Internet. It is reported that at present, Hubei, Tianjin, Beijing and Hebei still maintain the level of first-class emergency response.
Open the credit batch and the university is about to open
On the evening of March 13, Wang Dengfeng, director of the office of the leading group of the Ministry of education in response to the epidemic, said that we should first solve the problem of opening primary and secondary schools nearby, and then consider the opening of Universities on the premise that primary and secondary schools are basically open, or that the epidemic situation is further controlled.
The reporter noted that all places started school in accordance with the suggestions put forward by the Ministry of education, in order to ensure the safety of the back to school process.
At present, most of the provinces that determine the starting time are junior and senior three; only three provinces are clear about the starting time of other grades of primary and secondary schools, namely Jiangsu, Yunnan and Qinghai; in addition, only one province in Jiangsu determines the starting time of kindergarten as April 13.
In terms of colleges and universities, at present, Jiangsu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other places have a clear opening time. Jiangsu requires colleges and universities to start school on April 13 in six batches; in principle, colleges and universities in Qinghai Province will start school from April 1 to April 15 in succession; colleges and universities in Xinjiang will start school in batches from April 8, 2020 spring semester.
In addition, many colleges and universities have also issued a notice requiring teachers and workers to rework and conduct school opening exercises. Wuhan University issued a notice that required foreign teachers and workers to return to Wuhan before March 31.
In terms of the start date, Jiangsu junior high school, Shaanxi senior high school and other primary and secondary schools in Yunnan Province set the start date at March 30, which will be a small “wave peak”. More provinces set the start date of all kinds of schools at all levels on April 7 and April 13. At present, April will usher in the start peak.

1209 new cases in Iran

According to Tasnim news agency on March 15, hidari, commander of the Iranian army infantry force, said that the biological defense exercise will be carried out throughout the country, but the primary target provinces are geeran and Qom. He said Iranian infantry would set up screening stations at the entrances of the provincial capitals of the two provinces to check people who wanted to enter the city. In addition, the army will disinfect public places and gathering places. Hadari said the infantry will also carry out other initiatives, including the establishment of diagnostic and rescue centers, temporary hospitals and medical centers.
It is understood that novel coronavirus pneumonia is a serious epidemic in Iran. Iran’s military previously announced that it would hold a national biological defense exercise. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the aim of the exercise. Novel coronavirus pneumonia will be tested in 300 communities and regions in the country, and the virus will be further spread.
Extended reading:
One day, 1209 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were added in Iran, and 13938 cases were accumulated.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was found in 1209 cases in Iran over the past day, 13938 cases were reported, 113 new deaths and 724 cumulative cases were reported in Iran’s Ministry of health in March 15th. 4590 people were cured.
Hindering Iran’s fight against the epidemic! Iran’s president sent a letter to multinational leaders condemning the United States
Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Xinhua news agency, Tehran, March, 14 (reporter Chen Lin) Iran President Hassan Rouhani sent a letter to multinational leaders, condemning the US continuous sanctions and seriously hamper Iran’s efforts to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic, which is a collective punishment for the Iran people. He called on the international community to boycott the illegal US sanctions against Iran and support Iran in its fight against the epidemic.
Iran’s president’s official website released some of the contents of the letter on the 14th, but did not specify which country leaders Rouhani wrote to.
In the letter, Rouhani said that while fighting against the new coronavirus, Iran will also face “two years of wide-ranging illegal sanctions from the U.S. government, extreme pressure policies and serious obstacles from systematic government obstruction”. In less than two years, U.S. sanctions have caused Iran’s economy about $200 billion in direct losses.
Ruhani pointed out that at a time when the new coronavirus has become a threat to the people of Iran, the people of the Middle East and even the people of all countries, the sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran are not only illegal and against the resolutions of the UN Security Council, but also immoral and inhumane. They are not only collective punishment for the Iranian people, but also collective punishment for all mankind.
Rouhani called on the international community to resist the “illegal and inhumane bullying” of the United States and “do not let the unjust U.S. sanctions against Iran affect the fight against the deadly virus”.
In novel coronavirus pneumonia, Jawad, Iran’s foreign minister, said in a social media tweet account that President Rouhani told the other side in a letter to leaders of many countries that Iran’s efforts to fight the new crown pneumonia were severely hampering by the US’s illegal sanctions. “It’s immoral to tolerate bullies killing innocent people,” Zarif said.
President Trump’s government withdrew from the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue signed by the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, China, Germany and Iran in May 2018, and then resumed and added sanctions against Iran. After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Iran, the US side offered to help the Iraqi side, but added sanctions.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Iran was diagnosed in 12729 cases and 611 cases died in the middle of the day, according to statistics released by the Ministry of health of Iran on 14 th.

Wang Yibo sues the defamator

Wang Yibo, a well-known actor and host in China, attracted a lot of netizens’ attention in 2019 because of the petition. However, there are many popular people, and Wang Yibo has also been abused and rumored by many netizens after becoming popular. Recently, Wang Yibo finally sued these rumor makers. Let’s see what’s going on.
On November 7, Beijing Xingquan law firm issued a brief report on Wang Yibo’s reputation right case, saying that six Internet users involved in insulting and slandering Wang Yibo had been sued to Beijing Internet Court on October 30, requesting the court to order all defendants to publicly apologize to Wang Yibo and compensate for relevant economic losses and mental damages. Many netizens expressed their support for Wang’s decision, hoping that the rumor maker would be severely punished.
On October 30, 2019, our law firm entrusted Sina Weibo users with ① “Liyuan Jiangzhao” (uid: 5575822988), ② “want to kick the group leader out of group chat” (uid: 1711424053), ③ “handsome old mother” (uid: 5757999209), ④ “Xixi loves eating rabbit” (uid: 64700) in response to the insults and slanders on the Internet suspected of infringing Mr. Wang Yibo’s reputation 32761), ⑤ “- Demon zero – (uid: 6196126055), ⑥” just like 1 “(uid: 5505365974) sued to Beijing Internet court, requesting the court to order Beijing micro dream Network Technology Co., Ltd. to disclose the real name authentication information of the above-mentioned six micro blog users, and will be lazy to terminate the infringement or have other serious problems against the above-mentioned six micro blog users after the information disclosure The real name certification subject of the case sued, and asked the court to order the defendants to publicly apologize to Mr. Wang Yibo and compensate Mr. Wang Yibo for relevant economic losses, spiritual damages, etc.
Beijing Xingquan law firm has accepted the special entrustment of Beijing Lehua Yuanyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and will pay close attention to the Internet public opinion. Our law firm will continue to pay attention to, collect evidence and pursue legal responsibilities for the relevant subjects suspected of infringing the legitimate rights and interests of Mr. Wang Yibo, and will never tolerate.
The Internet is not a place outside the law, and it is not advisable to spread rumors. Wang Yibo’s practice is not only to protect his legitimate rights and interests, but also to give a powerful deterrent to those who want to spread rumors. It is normal for an artist to be disputed by the outside world, but this kind of dispute cannot be reflected in the personal insults and slanders to others, or he will be legally punished Severe punishment.
I also remind all netizens here that even if they have a big prejudice against a star, they should not choose the way of rumor. At the same time, I hope netizens can understand the artists in the circle more, so that everyone can understand each other and no unpleasant things will happen.

National Day 10 years later

This year, the sixty-fourth anniversary of the founding of the motherland, in another ten years, the motherland will usher in the 74th birthday. I can’t help but begin to imagine what the National Day will be like then.
National Day parade. At the beginning of the parade celebration, the bright March of the volunteers sounded throughout the square, and the bright five-star red flag burned like a flame in the sky. The chairman stood in the hall and said hello to the army. Chairman’s greetings, such as warm spring breeze, warm military heart.
The military parade celebrations on the seventy-fourth anniversary have aroused our hearts and minds. Ah! What a splendid nation you have nurtured, along the Yellow River and the Yangtze River! Five thousand years of glorious history and the Chinese civilization, which is well-known all over the world, are impressive enough. Oh, motherland, you have treasures all over the mountains, you have beautiful landscapes, you have a magnificent palace, you have the winding Great Wall stretching across the ages, there are eight wastes. You have a lot more… On your vast land, generation after generation, the descendants of Yan and Huang have created brilliant oriental literature with their own hands.
First of all, a division of the Navy, which formed a triangular array, dressed in naval uniforms, came slowly at a vigorous pace. The blue and white “sea soul suit” is particularly noticeable. Then there was a division of the Army. They wore helmet and yellow-green army uniforms and marched on Tiananmen Square, showing people the appearance of the “mighty division”. Behind them were artillery divisions and cavalry divisions. All of the above teams passed the rostrum with dignity and dignity at the same pace and at the same distance. Then came the army cadet team composed of the mechanical armed infantry academy, wearing the 07 desert camouflage, holding the 05-type micro-sound submachine gun, for the first time in the National Day parade in the capital. Navy cadet squadron, pilot squadron, airborne squadron, strategic missile troop hiking squadron, 378 women’s squadron, reserve squadron, robot squadron, and other walking squadron appeared in turn.
Subsequently, various types of tanks and armored vehicles, and aircraft squadrons, navy, missiles and other military parades, the people are more excited. This is our motherland’s own pride, in a word, “I am proud!”
Next came the flower carts and squadrons made up of the masses of the people. There are “Shenzhou Feitian” phalanx, “Beijing Olympic Games” lottery car, “all aspirations into the city” phalanx, “one world” phalanx, “united and striving” phalanx, as well as on behalf of all ethnic groups and regions of the lottery car, one by one through. The last parade, which lasted more than two hours, ended in excitement and festivity, but that excitement accompanied us all the time. This is a new page of our great motherland. As the host said, 60 years ago, we witnessed the birth of the new China. Today, we witness the birth of the new China. This is a great moment in history, and it is the voice of 1.3 billion people. This is the strength of the motherland!
Students, although this is imagination, but I believe that our country will stand in the future among the strongest of the forest of celebrities. Students, only if we study hard and strive for strength, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will be realized in our hands. Motherland, mother! Please believe that we will not fail the heavy trust of history, the new “Chinese Symphony” will play a more brilliant movement in our hands!

I was on duty that day.

“We will, We will, rock you!” Oh, my God! The roof of the teaching building is about to be opened by the group of iron basketball fans in our class! Listen to the beating of tables and chairs, and the enthusiastic talk of the fans (about the Lakers’victory yesterday), playing a wonderful “Campus Rhapsody”. This song echoes inside and outside the whole teaching building… Suddenly, Guo Chenxin, the representative of the Chinese class, came in in in a hurry, shouted loudly, and tried to suppress the rhapsody: “Stop and stop! The teacher said that there would be a big exam! If the exam failed, there would be a heavy penalty!” “Alas, it’s too annoying, it’s been three times this week!” Classmate A muttered frustratedly, and complied. The hand glued the tasteless chewing gum to the blackboard. Classmate B also scratched a box of alteration liquor on the table like breath, and the beautiful desk became scarred! With the efforts of the class representative, the classroom finally quieted down, and the students temporarily picked up their feet – reading a book! _.
After school, nervous for a day, the students lazily walked out of the school gate, but I can not walk, because it is our turn to be on duty today. So, after school, we have to stay and clean the classroom!
Who knows, today should be five people sweeping the floor together, but after school, only Li Yin and I left behind. “Oh, come on, they must be afraid of failing tomorrow’s exam, so they slipped home early to review!” I said to Li Yin’s stall: “No way, let’s start!”
“Well, let’s divide our work. You clean the blackboard and the tables before and after, and I clean the four groups and clean the tables!” Li Yin said confidently to me as she looked at the dirty classroom and the scattered tables and chairs. “OK! That’s it!” Li Yin and I hit it off and rolled up our sleeves for a big job!
I talked to Li Yin and started to accomplish my “mission”!
My “mission” is not special, it is almost every elementary school people have experienced things – cleaning the blackboard. Nevertheless, this small task has made me worry a lot…
At first, I thought that the blackboard was not difficult to erase, as long as the chalk words were erased three times, five times and two times with the blackboard. Isn’t that a piece of cake? However, this “mission” was much more difficult than I thought: I almost didn’t even think about it and erased all the chalk words with the blackboard eraser. Who knows, the effect is not good, the blackboard imagines. It was pasted with a mask, which turned out to be a little black face but turned into a little white face! Hum! I looked at the blackboard with annoyance. Forget it, I still use “magic weapon” to harness you! After a while, the blackboard became clean! I breathed a sigh of relief. Although the blackboard became a “wet face”, it looked clean. I thought I had made a great success and began sweeping the floor. But… After a while, I found that the water on the blackboard had dried up and turned into a “little face”. Alas, what could I do? I began to “study” the blackboard eraser. When I saw that the eraser was covered with dust, I suddenly realized that it was the blackboard eraser that was too dirty. I patted the eraser vigorously, and suddenly, on the platform. Dust is flying! When I clean the blackboard again with the blackboard eraser, “Little Face” immediately returned to its original appearance – “Little Black Face”. “There are ways to steal.” It seems that blackboard cleaning is also learned.
Then, I started to eliminate the dead ends of chewing gum, smear liquid and so on. At first, I picked it slowly with a triangle board. When I saw Li Yin working very hard, I desperately picked it up with my nails…
In this way, we both scramble for work, the classroom will soon become a new look!
Dragging my tired body out of the classroom, I felt blood boiling. Sunshine penetrates my body hot, my blood and bones are burning warmly, at this moment, I really want to shout: “Work is the most glorious!”
That day, I was on duty…

Once, now and now

To tell you the truth, I don’t treat my mother very well, not because of her increasingly irritable temper, but because of another thing.
In terms of their parents’temper, they are equally stubborn and grumpy. Often two days a little noise, three days a big noise. Every time the quarrel was over, Dad would stay at home all night and sleep in the construction site, while Mom would go back to her bedroom, slam the door, call someone to complain, or cry with her pillow, and my brother and I would go back to my grandma’s house for a meal. Over time, they get used to it.
On the way home one day, I passed by the shop. The aunt of the shop looked at me with a strange look in her eyes. I felt a little uneasy and had an inexplicable impulse to rush home, and I did the same. When I got home, my father and mother were at home. My brother and cousin were very happy to play. They could not feel the low pressure here at all. Sure enough, divorced.
This family is no longer like home, in fact, it has been fragmented, just for the sake of children and barely maintain. But it is no longer a real home.
“You asked for divorce first, not me.” Father sat on the chair and lit the smoke. The smoke burned like a memory, burned a little, and finally became ashes.
“Yes! My daughter is mine and my son is yours.” Mother said.
In a word, the separation of my brother and me is doomed. The marriage at the bedside became a silent irony. My heart was surrounded by a bitter cold.
I went over, took up my brother and kissed him on the forehead, but tears poured out irrepressibly. All this, no one’s right or wrong, no one’s win or lose. I can’t blame anyone, I can only bear it.
On the day of leaving, my younger brother still smiled vaguely and pulled at my sleeve. He smiled and asked me to hold him. His cousin was older and stood beside me silently. He had never been so silent. The road has not been repaired yet. The grass along the roadside is in full bloom, and there are still unfinished buildings. Several dragonflies were flying and playing, and a few children were beating butterflies. The wind blows in my ear, but it’s so strange.
Maybe I can come back later. They are still my family, but I came here not to go home, but to visit my relatives. My home, where are you?
Maybe all this is God’s joke, I lie in a strange room, listening to the noise of cars, think so. Is everything, after I wake up, will become a bubble and disappear? I am still in that little house, on the small bed.
Even though my mother was forced to divorce, I was increasingly estranged from her.
I no longer like to laugh, like loneliness, like rain, like to listen to the dripping sound of rain in the eaves of the window.
I think my mother loves me, but I can’t forgive her. She made it impossible for me to go home and feel the warmth of home again.
Her temper was getting worse and worse, and she became more and more irritable. Always scold me at every turn. Our relationship is becoming more and more rigid.
I finished my homework and went out to eat. It’s been half a year since we left home, two years since the day of divorce. As I walked out of the bedroom door and my mother was cooking, my memory suddenly coincided with that of two years ago.
At that time, you were tall, straight black hair, beautiful and energetic.
Now you have a fat body and a little mess of hair. You always need to build a thick foundation to cover the dark circles.
In fact, the mother is not old, but has become like this.
I suddenly felt relieved. Home is not there, but two people are also home.
Once, let it go with the memory, do not have to retain again and again.
Now is what we should cherish. Don’t wait for it to pass you before you look back.

Happiness is now

“It’s 11 o’clock.” I dropped my pen, took off my glasses, threw down my test paper, rubbed my eyes and tumbled into the bedroom and fell on the bed. Every day life seems like a dull copy of yesterday, fading the color in my eyes day by day. I desperately want to find something happy to make my heart full and lively, but always come back empty-handed.
I used to think that happiness means having a luxurious villa and living a peach blossom life. Sleeping in a small garden, every morning I open my eyes to see the fresh sunshine coming down through the dense green leaves, and every day I close my eyes to listen to the sound of the rippling brook and fall asleep. But the reality is that every day in the noisy city, I bear all kinds of pressure, think of here I restlessly close my eyes, into sleep.——
“Boom,” several planes roared over my head. I looked up and wondered what had happened. I just noticed that the small black dots were rushing towards the ground rapidly, getting bigger and bigger. “It’s a missile!” The tearing noise from somewhere made people panic. “Go to the air raid shelter!” The crowd rushed to the shelter with the loud and loud voice. I was trying to pull out my legs and run away, but I was overwhelmed by the crowd. I panicked, I did not have a family and friends around me to give me a hand! I tried to stand up, but the people who fell again hit the ground. I crawled to the shelter in spite of pain, but I was still getting farther and farther away from the crowd. I feel my heart beating fast, the blood of the wound flowing fast, and many trampled people are unable to wither down on the road to life. I looked up at the huge missile as if it was about to hit the ground, concentrating all my life on rolling up and down to safety. A huge explosion rang through the sky. I immediately hugged my head and lay down. I felt the earth tremble, and I was startled and dizzy by the deafening explosion.
When I woke up, the mushroom clouds covered the whole earth, and I could not see my fingers. It was only vaguely perceived that there were lights and shadows around them, and that fires of different sizes were burning powerlessly. I lie in the crowd and dare not move, nor can I move. Raise your head slightly and scan everything with afterlight. Where am I? How are my family? My heart is filled with unprecedented tension and sadness, and my heart is stuck with countless lead blocks and falls heavily. What happens next? What should I do?
My heart was filled with loneliness, just then, as if a cool wind blew everything away.——
I woke up with a start. It was the direction of the air conditioning that was spitting air-conditioning at me. I looked through the window at the long white clouds floating in the blue sky, and the sun could not hide them from the balcony.
A sense of pride fills the whole heart in an instant – to be able to eat and clothe without worries, to be accompanied by someone living in the present is a kind of happiness.
What is happiness? Maybe it’s listening to grandparents stubbornly fiddling with their old radio and listening to Huangmei Opera, which I think is old-fashioned; maybe it’s the most familiar dishes that I can smell every day when I go home; maybe it’s the nagging of headaches that I can hear every day; maybe it’s eating and drinking enough every day, and also meeting my friends. Talking and laughing, walking hand in hand on the runway of the campus.
Friends, are you still struggling to find the true meaning of happiness?
In fact, happiness is now. Every tiny fragment of living in the present moment is the composition of happiness.

Brilliant crowded Shen Zhen

The chief executive of my consulting company, less than 50 years old, had to be white-haired. He said that he had been consulting in Shen Zhen for more than 20 years, working an average of 70 hours a week. He needed half a year’s rest, checking the years, and so on. His soul would catch up with his body to see if he would be choked by memories. When I asked where to rest, he said to go to Australia, which is totally different from Shen Zhen. It’s very high and uninhabited. I said, OK, before we leave Shen Zhen, let’s have a meal together.
To make a good impression, the Secretary suggested eating a French dish called Spoon on the second floor of the Intercontinental Hotel over Kowloon. Ground glass window, outside the window is the sea, opposite the sea is Victoria Harbour. Eat at 7:30 p.m., the scenery is much stronger than the dishes, the external temperament of the dishes is much stronger than the internal taste, basically for the eyes to eat. Looking from the landing glass window to Shen Zhen Island, the north side of Taiping Mountain, from east to west, along the narrow hillside and reclamation area, is full of tall buildings: International Finance Center Phase II, Phase I, Trade Square, Bank of China Building, Yangtze River Center, Taigu Square and so on. It looks higher than the Taiping Mountain in the background. The sky is dark, the sea is blue and jade, the eyes can also distinguish the fluctuation and translucency, the Taiping Mountain is black and jade, the lights of each high-rise are bright, the color is different, are shining, as if embedded in the Moyu Mountain of various colors of gemstone diamonds. From the Star Ferry Terminal in Kowloon, the ferry frequently goes to the Central Wharf on Shen Zhen Island. The lights on the ferry are also on, like scattered beads added to Moyushan Zi’s brocade.
At my strong request, the man sat facing the seascape, and I sat facing him. At 8:30, Victoria Harbour began to set off fireworks. Moyu Shanzi, as if unable to bear the many shining jewel diamonds, began to spew into the sky, then slowly under the influence of gravity, the night sky became equally shining in a few seconds. The elder man urged me to sit with him in the seat facing Victoria Harbour. The fireworks were more intense. Everyone around me put down their knives and forks and stopped chewing. I found that almost all couples were in pairs. Because of the historical differences of ancestral hybridization, their eyes were different in color, shining in the light of fireworks, like diamonds of various colors. My mobile phone shakes and receives a text message: What are you doing this evening, Tanabata? Don’t drink, don’t show evil eyes, don’t chat up when you see beautiful girls. The night was darker and the dining room was dim. Pairs of young men and women around us began to be wiped and their necks began to circle around each other like swimming birds. I sat with the big man, looking out of the window. The scenery outside the window was beautiful.
“Today is July Eve, Valentine’s Day in China. If we were not very different in age, we would be regarded as comrades by the people around us.” I said, help the big guys who don’t understand Chinese understand why there are so many couples of young men and women around them, and why the small men and women try to stretch their necks to become swimming birds when the fireworks start.
“Oh.” The elder man continued to look out of the window. “Shen Zhen is indeed a beautiful city.”
“You can’t see, restaurants that are too expensive to eat, so many people, almost full.”
“In the early 1990s, the restaurant’s window-side location was booked one month in advance, and it flipped tables three times a night.”
Think about it carefully, the big man is right. Shen Zhen is indeed rich, rich and rich. The city is luxurious, delicate, efficient and orderly.
Shen Zhen Island is a hill rising above sea level in the South China Sea. Places that can be picked up, like terraces, are planted in tall buildings. When people can pass environmental assessment and calm down their objections, they fill the sea and plant high-rise buildings. Between Shen Zhen Island and Kowloon, there is no longer a sea, but a river that can’t be counted as very wide. We go to sea by Cruise boat. The local people don’t call it a cruise boat river. With further efforts and reclamation, Kowloon and Shen Zhen are joined. The River becomes an underground river, and people and cars do not have to travel by boat or through tunnels. Since the founding of New China and before the reform and opening up, in the past 30 years, there has been only one channel for Shen Zhen to open up to the outside world. Even if it is squeezed again, hot money and hot money will continue to squeeze into this bullet spot. On Queen’s Avenue, there is a place where pee, brush teeth and put a stool. It is like a young teenager, who is only allowed to have acne in a square centimeter of the nose tip. The square centimeter of the nose tip is hard to get rid of. That is, the uniqueness of this historical condition, together with the legal system created by the British Empire’s centuries of colonization and the English-speaking labor force, pushed Shen Zhen from a British barracks and supply stations into the world’s largest port, the third largest financial centre and the third most expensive metropolis in the past 30 years.
Because the land is rare, so the construction is intentional. Built high-rise buildings are like German Marlboro Dragon Pens. Every detail is cared for precisely in silence. Every inch of land is squeezed out by top architects with the best technology and craftsmanship at that time. Because of the dense high-rise buildings, the corridors between the high-rise buildings are connected, and the people and vehicles are diverted. In 80% of cases, there is no need to take a car for business meeting and walk, thunder and rain, and no need to take an umbrella. Because of the density, we often meet celebrities and feel like we are living a boiling life.
In less than a year, I ran into Zhou Xingchi twice at the airport, wearing sunglasses and linen shirts. I bumped into Jackie Chan twice at the hotel for breakfast or lunch. I sat next door and talked with several foreigners. White suit, Beige trousers and fifty men with a flower. I picked up some cash from the ATM downstairs from HSBC headquarters. I caught sight of Rolls Royce, whose license plate is HK1, turning right on the side road and heading for Queen’s Avenue. He was sitting behind the driver. He should be a bodyguard on his right hand. The bodyguard was wearing golden glasses with no cross flesh on his face. There was some warmth between his eyebrows. A few dozen meters away from the HSBC headquarters building is the Oriental Mandarin Hotel, where there are delicious cakes and chocolates. That April Fool’s Day night, I think, there must be many people to see like falling flowers from the hotel like Zhang Guorong. Although tall buildings are airtight, the reserve for people’s physical and mental relaxation is inviolable. Between tall buildings, according to the situation, is the public free stadium and bonsai like street garden and children’s paradise. Five minutes by taxi, the well-protected Taiping Mountain opens three or four mountaineering portals and others climb sweaty to reduce belly fat. The mountain road is covered by trees and small animals are occasionally seen. Take the subway station 34, is the Causeway Bay yacht terminal. Less than half an hour out on a yacht is an uninhabited island and the vast Pacific Ocean. I haven’t seen this dense convenience anywhere else in the world.
People have some money, after food and clothing, and then some money to buy houses and cars. Mercedes-Benz cars on the streets of Shen Zhen are as common as Santana on the streets of Shanghai. A man has two cars and some money to buy art and antiques. Despite the decline, Christie’s autumn auction preview at the Shen Zhen Island Convention and Exhibition Center was still crowded. The little old men had elegant expressions and sparse white hair. The little old ladies put on some light makeup, muscular atrophy of the wrist, the jadeite bracelet of the old pit, full of water color, reflecting the bracelet’s entire small hand is faint green. Without any deposit or any certificate, everyone can start with any auction item. Even Kangxi’s goat fat white jade seal, he can ask the waiter to take it out of the glass cabinet, and then put his hand on the carved dragon of the jade seal. His eyes are closed slightly. He feels that Kangxi’s hand is still on it just now, and the rest is still warm. A little south of Queen’s Avenue is Holly Road. Two thousand meters long streets are lined with antique shops, paintings, porcelain, furniture and jades. Most of the men in the shop are from their 30s to their 70s. They also cheat students and others without discussion. The antique industry has been cheating since ancient times, so in a trance this street is a two-kilometer River and lake. Every shopkeeper is actually a master of making swords. Everything taken out from the counter is in the form of swords, waiting to see you crack or bleed. Over the counter, I picked out a few new and old jade pieces that were really messy and said, “These are not right”; Panpan Dao said that in Beijing Antique City, I often had tea with Xiaocui in Hebei, Acai in Guangdong and Dazhang in Henan. The owner’s lethality gradually faded out and made me a cup of old Pu’er, asking me whether I was doing business or collecting. The shopkeeper looked at the Taiping Mountains not far away and said, “I went to Taiwan, the United States and Europe, and went to the halfway mountains and the mansion on the top of the Taiping Mountains.” Sometimes I feel sorry for my ancestors, but I think it’s better to stay at home with fate and doom than to put it in the Metropolitan Museum. Do you stay at home and escape the Cultural Revolution? Can you hide from corrupt officials? I went to an old collector’s apartment in the middle of the mountain. The house built for government officials in the early days did not have the usual acrimony of building in Shen Zhen. On the contrary, there were some old houses in various ministries and commissions in the west city of Beijing. The apartment is tall and clean, but it has dense vegetation. When entering the house, the old collector wears a cotton T-shirt and trousers, closes the living room headlight, turns on the lights around, and the house becomes a museum: there are more than ten purple sand pots in Dabin when he patronizes the Jingzhou, and there are four or five jade beasts and jade people in the Guangshang Dynasty. Jade species, knife worker and refreshing colour are all good. New York Metropolitan Museum In the Chinese Hall of the pavilion, there is only one thing that is so beautiful. The old man said that the highest realm of antiquity is not possession, but temporary, antiquity players are cashiers, hands only, so it is better to have good vision, eyes see the heart slightly drunk. The old man also said that before fate arrived, there were some good things left in the safe in the basement of HSBC headquarters, which could not be seen this time.
After being rich, Shen Zhen indulged in spirituality. In Shen Zhen, with a population of 6 million, Li Bihua writes. In terms of words alone, how many continents with a population of 1.3 billion are more clever and enchanting than her? There is Wang Jing in the movie. After a day’s hard work, who will abandon Wang Jing, who is vulgar and elegant, and go to see Zhang Yimou, who is really vulgar and fake? Who can write the history of modern Chinese culture without mentioning Zhou Xingchi? There is also a pair of small-eyed peach blossom eyes of Liang Chaowei, full of drama and gossip of Huang Qiusheng, and Wang Jiawei, who arranged for Liang Chaowei to touch all the female movie stars I want in 2046. Thirty years of wealth is not enough for Shen Zhen to produce masters. When Wang Jing was young, they were all evil men in Temple Street. They didn’t even know there were 300 poems, but they were enough for Shen Zhen to create a magnanimity of art and indulgence for talented young people.
In the early 1980s, after the reform and opening up, Shen Zhen was no longer the only one.
Shen Zhen is really crowded. I walk on the sidewalk of Shen Zhen Island. If I am in a hurry and want to walk faster, I often feel like driving a Grand Cherokee in the Second Ring Road of Beijing. I have to flicker around, rush left and right, and shout “No way (sorry for Cantonese), no way”, and make a breakthrough. On one occasion, I was walking along a sidewalk in Shen Zhen, where a dry seafood shop was setting up a bamboo pole scaffold to repair its storefront. I dragged a small pull-rod box which I did not need to check on the plane and came up to a big man. I said, “Mogai”, he probably didn’t understand, but he didn’t give me a little space on his side. I could only dodge in sports. The wheel of the pull-rod box swept to the bamboo pole of the scaffold. A voice on my head suddenly screamed “Be careful, kill people.” I looked up, an old man with his hands and legs clinging to the bamboo pole, pulling the pole box over, the bamboo pole shaking, the old man shaking, as if too mature to fall immediately ginseng fruit.
Shen Zhen is too expensive. Similarly, in Donglaishun, Shenzhen, 60 varieties of Shekou serve all kinds of drinks, 28 yuan for lunch, 281 people in Kowloon, and barely eat 80% full. Looking at Shekou Port on the South hill, we can see a new row of quayside bridge cranes. It is only a matter of time before Shenzhen Port surpasses Shen Zhen Port because of its close proximity to the industrial hinterland of the Pearl River Delta where containers are generated and without passing through the gateway between Shenzhen and Shen Zhen. After several Shen Zhen native parents retired and settled for Canadian immigration, they decided to emigrate to Shenzhen. The money for buying a bowl of porridge in Shen Zhen, ordering two dishes and one soup in Shenzhen, massaging one toe in Shen Zhen, making a full three-minute bowl in Shenzhen and delivering fruit plates. The owner of an antique shop on Hollywood Road said that the members of the Shen Zhen collector group who are keen to refine their houses are dying and no new people are growing. Now the biggest antique market is in Beijing and the strongest purchasing power is in Beijing and Zhejiang. It’s better to open a branch in Beijing, keep the old Shen Zhen store, monopolize ghost dummy crafts, and launder the gray money occasionally.
At nine o’clock in the evening, after the fireworks in Victoria Harbor were over, I left the French restaurant called Spoons and took a ferry back to Shen Zhen Island. I said that there was still a complete law and order in Shen Zhen. Shenzhen had a hacking gang, Guangzhou Popular Flying Car Party, two ruffians and a motorcycle. One was responsible for driving and cutting the belt of the bag, the other was responsible for carrying the bag. The police had recently made technological innovations. It launched a collusion gun similar to Yuejiajun in Song Dynasty and blood droplets of Emperor Yongzheng in Qing Dynasty. I don’t know if I can subdue the flying car party. I said, “Well, sir, you’ve saved some money anyway. You don’t collect antiques or keep second wives. You’d better buy a luxury house on the top of Taiping Mountain. When you go to Australia to think about life, I’ll help you see the house without charge.”