Clean up the room

Every weekend, I spend half a day doing all my homework, watching the cartoons that I have saved for a week in half a day, and then I make an appointment with my little friends to go out for a day the next day. But the weather was not beautiful. It rained on Sunday. The animation is finished on Saturday, what can I do?
I couldn’t think of anything I could do, so I walked around the house boredly. The mother who was cleaning suddenly stopped her work and said to me helplessly, “Look at the ground, I just cleaned up and you stepped on all the footprints. It’s so boring to tidy up your room. It’s comfortable to live on your own. After listening to my mother’s words, I suddenly got interested, quickly prepared tools, and walked into my room.
My room is not big, but it looks comfortable because my mother cleans it for me every week. Because the table is often used, there is not much grey, the ground because my mother often sweeps, and can not see any garbage, so I quickly cleared up. But the thought that there was still more than half a day left me with a deep sense of boredom. I decided to give my room some different tidying.
The walls of my room are very white, but it looks so empty that it doesn’t look like a girl’s room at all. I found last year’s calendar and a pair of scissors and began to cut the colorful paintings in the middle of the calendar. I saw these paintings very early, just want to cut them out and have no place to use, and have been collecting them. I chose an orchid, a dog catching butterflies, and a colorful picture of a weeping willow pond. To avoid monotony, I also cut the edges of the paintings into wavy shapes.
After cutting the colour paintings, I found solid glue and pasted the three paintings side by side on the wall on the left side of the bed, so that I could get up every morning or go to bed at night and enjoy them beautifully. Although these paintings are not from famous artists, they are no worse than those paintings when they are affixed to the wall. They not only add color to the room, but also make the whole space warmer.
When the walls are finished, I’m going to start tidying up the most chaotic corner of my room, the desk. There are two penholders on my desk. Brushes and typesetting pens are inserted into the large pen barrel to draw watercolor paintings. Another small pencil holds pencils, neutral pens, rulers and rubbers, which are usually used for homework. These two penholders can be left alone. Some other books and materials can be arranged neatly. I decorate my desk with something new like a wall.
I found some white paper, cut it into a small rectangle, and then rolled up and tightened the two corners of the rectangle with the core of the pen, so that a petal would be ready. When I had almost made more than ten petals, I began to learn the method taught by the teachers in the engineering class. They stick together one by one and become a white peony flower. Then I painted them with water colours, which is similar to the real flowers. It makes people want to sniff the fragrance of the flowers.
When the flowers are ready, there is still a vase missing. Just in the corner of the table, a bottle of dew had run out. I tore the label clean, removed the cap, and a small cute and transparent vase was finished. The peony flower I made was inserted. It was very beautiful. It’s just right in the corner of the desk.
“Wow, how beautiful!” Mom’s voice came from behind me. It turned out that my mother had come out of the house for half a day to test my results. I can tell from my mother’s tone that she is satisfied with my results.
Originally, tidying up the room is also a very interesting and fulfilling thing.