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HKU cancels graduation ceremony

The University of Hong Kong announced today (16) on its website that it would cancel its graduation ceremony, which was scheduled to be held from the end of November to December.
The university decided to cancel its graduation ceremony, which was scheduled to take place from the end of November to December, in view of the continuing uncertainty and the disruption of transportation services, the statement said. The university will inform the graduates about obtaining the diploma and other relevant arrangements. The college will also decide whether to hold a celebration for graduates at a different time in this academic year.
For some time, violence has been raging on Hong Kong’s university campuses. In addition to HKU, other universities announced the cancellation of the graduation ceremony. According to Hong Kong media, City University of Hong Kong announced on November 14 that it would cancel the graduation ceremony of the college originally scheduled to be held from November 16 to December 8 and the graduation ceremony of the whole university on November 23.
The Chinese University of Hong Kong also announced the cancellation of the 88th graduation ceremony and honorary degree awarding ceremony, which was scheduled to be held next Thursday (21). The awarding of doctor’s degree will still be held on the same day (21) in the absence of graduates, and the graduation certificate will be distributed later. According to the University, the commencement ceremony and honorary degree awarding ceremony have been cancelled due to the disruption of public transport services, which has seriously affected the access to campus traffic and the safety of graduates, their families and friends. The university will set another time to hold a celebration for the graduates. The honorary degree awarding ceremony will be held in due time.

Memories of Campus

Pick up the red kapok, sniff the fragrance, led me to precipitate in the heart of the memories.
—— Notes
Stepping into the warm campus, 广州桑拿the morning light bathes my whole body and kisses the earth. Lightweight birds absorb the nectar of flowers deliciously, the bright national flag flutters with the wind, the kapok tree hangs clusters of bright red flowers at the school gate, the broad basketball court and the football field intersperse on the left side of the school gate. At first sight, the students’vigorous figures seem to be vivid, and some of them are on the basketball court. Fighting, some sweating and galloping along the long runway…
In the most valuable campus life in life, we work together, strive hard, appreciate the charm of flowers blooming and falling, praise the efforts to create brilliance, time is running fast, white. What storms we have not experienced, what difficulties we have not solved together, what joys we have not shared, what sorrows we have not shared? Years of indifference and ruthlessness have taken away our past, but what we can not take away is our unity and perseverance. Looking back, the dream-like memories are so fragrant that I would like to enter the purple dream, the dream lingering in my heart, your angel-like faces, the heroic figure…
The most memorable thing is our head teacher, who is kind-hearted and sincere. She is our best teacher! You always pass on what you have learned without reservation through your heart; you always say 桑拿广州that any questions you don’t understand should be asked me; you can always lead the atmosphere in the classroom, lead our thoughts and roam the mystery of mathematics. The unpredictable sea of knowledge…
You are so popular. Even after class is over, your desk is always crowded with students who come to communicate and study, some ask learning questions, some just come to disturb the situation, and some help you beat your back. Even if the bell rings, there are still so many students at your desk! Only your graceful and moving tone: “Classmates, go back to class!” I know your heart is beautiful!
You are so friendly. Everywhere on campus is your friendly voice and shadow. At the school sports meeting, there will always be some students who will be injured carelessly. When you see that scene, you always feel the pain of gripping your heart. You always shush and ask for warmth and send charcoal in the snow. In the classroom, there are always some “sleeping fairies”, tireless teachers, you will be warmly reminded again and again until they wake up from their sleep, give full face, without losing dignity. Teacher, your warm reminder is so reasonable and understanding!
You are so… So…
One day, the nightmare came to you and us. 桑拿佛山You can’t teach us any more because of your work. The bitter pain is hard to say! The clear sky of ten thousand miles turned into a cloudy haze, and the students were reluctant to part with you. On the day of separation, they all went to your office to talk about their previous disrespect for you and poured out their right opinions. You reluctantly how many sincere expression, with tears to explain everything and your separation. You are still so indifferent, we know, your heart is crying, forcing, forcing. All that remains is memories, your kindness to others, your sincerity and selflessness… No matter how many beautiful words you have, you will never be missed.
Teacher Lin, the memories you bring us are sweet and astringent. We will treasure the brochure that records you and me in our hearts! In our spare time, we will glance over the memories of the purple strands like the red dust in our hearts! _

What a surprise!

My mother wears a pair of thick glasses. Behind the glasses are bulging eyes and glassless eyes. In my mind, these eyes are not beautiful. But it was such a pair of eyes that played a magical role in that time, which I really did not think of ah! _
Mother said, Sunday morning to participate in the TV “Sunshine Baby” competition, I heard, excitement, but also a little scared! I looked at her secretly, her eyes seem to say: “What’s the use of fear! As long as you go to practice, hard to practice, fear will disappear naturally!” After listening, I do not know why. Yes, I don’t feel afraid, and my spirits are shaking violently.
Okay, practice! I quickly wrapped my nails and sat in front of the zither. Mother sat in front of me, looking at my performance without blinking her eyes. What a surprise! Her eyes are so magical! From her eyes, I could see hope. At this moment, my heart is filled with the word “touched”. I think, my mother is so responsible to me, she patiently teaches me, accompanies me with her heart, with such a loving mother beside me, I should learn everything with passion! Think of here, I adjust my state, take a deep breath, and play carefully. Get up. At the end of the song, I didn’t miss a note! Mother praised me, my heart was full of flowers! Mum, I really want to thank you for that look of expectation! With it, I have the strength of struggle, the confidence of victory!
Guzheng is ready. It’s time to practice dancing. My mother and I came to the third floor of my house. There are clean floors, huge mirrors, like our dance classroom, the only thing missing is the cool air. But I had no complaint because I saw my mother’s expectant eyes. With my mother’s attention, I danced again and again with melodious music. At that time, my back was soaked with sweat and my hair was wet. My dear mother sweats all over her face, but she always smiles and looks at me silently. I practiced harder and practiced for an hour. Even I admired myself! I could not bear the burden of effort, so long dance was conquered by me! Mom’s attention was so important to me at that time! This was something I had never thought of before! __

With the confidence of victory, I entered the scene of “Sunshine Baby”. There are a lot of people, but I am not afraid, because there is such a sentence: life is for the prepared person! Yes, I am a prepared person!
At last it’s me! I straightened up and stepped onto the stage. As soon as I looked up, I met my mother’s warm eyes. In the surroundings of such eyes, I played a song “Spring to Lhasa” vigorously, and a section of “Auspicious” was full of applause! Perhaps I was infected by my dancing posture, and the lovely judge let me sing a song immediately! To tell the truth, at that time, I was full of applause. I was confused, my mind was blank, I was at a loss on the stage, and my mouth faltered. I threw my eyes to my mother for help. My mother’s eyes were so complicated. She was anxious and worried, but more encouraged. In a moment, my brain was awake, right! It was useless to be stunned like this. I had to be calm and calm. My brain was spinning rapidly and there! After singing, the lovely judge came to me. With a lot of praise, my self-confidence is “bursting shed”. I think all this is due to my mother’s encouraging eyes!
What a surprise! Mom’s eyes are so beautiful and magical to me now! I firmly believe that my life path will be wider and farther! Because these magical eyes have been branded in my mind!

Looking back, recalling the past

As the sun was setting and the evening breeze was blowing, I sat in the car home and thought about the exam again.
“Think of your father as a genius in physics and chemistry. Where like you, you are getting farther and farther away from each other! _ At the dinner table, listening to my physics exam results, my father began to talk and recall that year. “But you haven’t been admitted to college yet.” The younger brother sneered aside. “How can that be calculated? Your father and I didn’t have enough money to go to college. Dad quickly said, “It was hard to get into college at that time!” Your father and I are poor in Chinese and English. When it comes to math, physics and chemistry, the head teacher has to raise his thumb to give a bar. After that, Dad’s face darkened, and then he said, “My head teacher is a good teacher, but it’s a pity that he’s not here now. When I was a child, my family was poor and I had no money to buy draft paper, which was given by the head teacher. There was a stack of books for me. With that, Dad compared.
Whenever I hear Dad mention his head teacher, Dad always shows a strange look, like missing, like sad, like recalling, I think, Dad really met a good teacher!
I asked, “Dad, didn’t you say you had participated in the Olympic Mathematics Competition?” My father’s sense of pride, which I still remember, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I won the second prize.” “What level of competition is this? For example, town-level, county-level? I went on to ask.
“City-level competition.” Dad paused for a moment and said, “I remember the first time I stayed in a hotel in my life. That Olympics question was so difficult that I got four right on ten courses.” Dad laughed wildly.
“Yes, that’s the second prize.” The younger brother couldn’t help it again, and said disdainfully.
“There are many people who can’t do it together! There are more than a dozen contestants in our town, and only one of them won the prize.” Dad said with some seriousness, and my brother snorted silently.
The air gradually quieted down, as if nothing had been said. My father suddenly asked, “Do you know why I couldn’t learn in the first year of junior high school, and came up in the second year of junior high school?”
My brother and I shook our heads.
“That’s because in the second year of junior high school, I had a fight with my deskmate. He started first, but he studied better than me. We had a hard fight. Later, you should guess how the teacher punished him. He was fine, but I was taught a lesson. The younger brother echoed, “That’s right, who don’t hit you?”
Dad’s tone was obviously excited by the integral: “Since then, I have been studying desperately. The poor foundation of Chinese and English is not enough. I can only learn mathematics and physics. I depend on these doors and work until the first in my class!”
I asked, “Why don’t you ask the teacher to help you with your English and Chinese? Should be OK!” “They all volunteered to help me, but it was no use. I remember that English teacher was a girl who just graduated!” After that, somehow, Dad’s face darkened again.
“Then you’re really upsetting the little girl!” The younger brother rushed to say. “Who said no?” Dad answered, but he didn’t speak any more.
Perhaps, I understand a little, parents expect us. That old dream, now only rely on us. I know that on my way of learning, I will never walk alone. Behind me, they are!

I learned ping pong things.

I was a table tennis training class that I entered last Wednesday. I got to the first level after six days and I went to the third level today. The third level of the task is simple: practice the serve.

Serve, this kind of work, in the eyes of those who have not been properly trained, is simple; it is not the case for the ping-pong veterans who have already practiced; but for beginners, they must concentrate on practicing and be convinced. Condensed to experience the method of serving, it is not a big deal.

At first, the coach wanted to touch my “bottom”, then threw two balls and let me try it out; the result was very unexpected. I was very good, the ball was low and fast, even the coach I couldn’t help but admire a few times. I was surprised and happy. I was shocked that I didn’t officially learn to serve, so I sent it so well. I liked that I “showed two hands” in front of the coach, and it also shows that I can easily master the teeing skills. The coach soon walked away, and I also practiced with my companions with confidence.

But with the minutes and seconds, the effect of my serve is getting more and more unappealing. First, it is getting higher and higher. Later, the speed of the ball is getting slower and slower, and even “off-target” is often repeated. I can’t help but be anxious: Could it be that the first two balls just happened to happen? I actually have poor basic skills and need to practice for a long time?

Taking advantage of the “shift” time, I calmed down my mind and carefully thought about my previous actions. When it was my turn, I calmed down and carefully practiced according to the teacher’s standard movements. I gradually found some tips and the service situation gradually improved. Every time the ball went further, my heart was easy. In the end, my serve finally returned to the state of the first two balls, and it stabilized, and my heart was finally completely relaxed.

Taking advantage of the “change of class”, I carefully tasted before and after I practiced the serve, and found a very interesting phenomenon, everyone can also understand according to philosophy, huh, huh. “Many things, when the initial fiery feelings pass, if you can work hard and return to the original state, then you really ‘practice’ it.” This sentence can also be used to friendship, learning, only It will be a real success if you can stand the test of time.

In order to save time, the coach asked us to catch the practice. That is to say, the two groups, standing on the same side of the table, one on the left and one on the right, is equivalent to splitting the table into two. It is. For the “right-handed” who is a beginner to serve, it is not possible to completely control the direction of the serve. Generally, the ball will be sent to the right side of the opposite case. As a result, the children’s shoes standing on the left side of the table are unfortunate, often put The ball is bounded. But there is a strange phenomenon in me: two people in our group take turns standing on the left side. Every time, when I stand on the right side, I am very used to naturally send the ball to the left; but when I stand on the left side, I rarely send out the boundary, but subconsciously do not send the ball Too far left. Later, I tried to see if I stood on the right side and couldn’t make the ball too far left. I was surprised to find that it was very difficult for me to do it.

Oh, weird, the same person, the same is a racket, why is the effect different? Now think about it, in fact, it is quite simple: when standing on the right side, there is a lot of space on the left side of the opposite case, and I naturally serve the ball without worrying about going out of bounds; when standing on the left side, there is almost nothing on the left side of the opposite case. Free, I subconsciously control the hand, try to make it fly straight ahead.

In fact, this little thing is quite connotative. What is “a hero in a chaotic world”? In fact, at any time, the heroes are almost the same, only in troubled times, but more heroes. For example, if the Eastern Han Dynasty is not chaotic in the end of the year, he can take the opportunity to recruit and buy horses without being blamed. Certainly not. When you are in adversity, you will redouble your efforts and exercise yourself. If you are in peace, you will not be as strong as you are in adversity.

That is to say, in the Taiping, “artificial brewing” has an adversity, in which it constantly grinds itself, and when it encounters adversity, it will not be so flustered – this is another episode of my playing table tennis.

Birthday banquet

I entered the hotel early with my mother, and it was very noisy. The voice, the singing in the recorder and the friction between the stool and the ground made me nervous.

My mother helped me find a place to sit down and watched a large group of strangers be a little afraid. And my mother pointed to those people who told me how to call them, I listened, and said hello one by one. This feeling is very uncomfortable, like being manipulated. What “uncle, aunt, uncle, sister…” is like a recognition meeting, I am already bored, but my mother’s life is hard for me. After that, my mother went to play cards with them, and I sat quietly, waiting for the dishes. Although there are some children, but I don’t know, it’s not easy to talk, and I generally don’t like to talk to people. I have been sitting quietly there, no one is coming to disturb, I am also happy. Nothing can be done, I began to regret to go with my mother to participate in this broken banquet, is it for the eight-dollar red envelope? Or to eat a meal? I am suffering from this crime, it is better to sit at the computer Before playing the game is free. Although it is quite boring, it is much better than staying in this completely strange area.

I can’t stand my own feelings and walked to the window to breathe. The splendid curtains swayed in the wind, and the small floral flowers on it were lovable, flowing like ripples, pulling my heart. The sound of the car outside the window was even more harsh, and I hurriedly tied the window. The transparent and smooth glass reflects a strange landscape. The green leaves nodded frequently outside the window, and the passing vehicles traversed at the crossroads. The slogan “Red light stopped, green light line” rang in my ear. Looking at a thing in a daze is my strength, this is not my big eyes and looked at the road out of God. The thoughts don’t know where it is, and fly aimlessly. Suddenly someone took my shoulder and said, “Baby, have dinner.” I only returned to God, it turned out that my mother called me. Unhurriedly rushed to the table, hurriedly ate the meal, did not taste any taste. Because I really can’t stay, I want to leave this place. But my mother hasn’t finished eating yet, so I have to wait.

I felt more and more depressed on the table. The glass of the chopsticks was placed on the tablecloth, and the wine was spilled out. I accidentally splashed on my body. A wine smelled straight into the nostrils. I didn’t know how to describe it. Everyone is holding a glass of wine, and it’s a pleasure. From time to time, I have a cup of laughter, and I talk about it from time to time. Look at the mother next to me, like those people, ignoring my existence and pleading eyes. I feel very terrible, but I have no way to succeed in escaping (I feel bad, but can’t escape). Can only sit quietly, waiting for the end of the banquet. I want to go home, I want to slip away, I am afraid that my mother will rebuke me, so I dare not. And it is far from home, I don’t know how to go home, what should I do? I will continue. I don’t understand why, whether it’s a banquet or a meal, its theme is always big and big? I don’t understand why a small birthday, a move to eat at a time?

At this time a tender voice was introduced into the ear. I looked at the stage in the hotel lobby. Several children were singing to a middle-aged man about 40 years old: “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you… “I can’t get inside and feel the joy of birthday.” The inexplicable depression is alive, and the wait is long and anxious.

One thing that makes me feel most proud

On National Day, my father took me and my mother to the home of Wang Shushu’s Zheng Lu Chajiawan Dengshan. My father said that there is a mountain and two holy places in the mountains and the legend of the Holy Land has been given more than 4,200 years of history and culture. Listen to my father and uncle. With the scenery of Lushan, I was particularly looking forward to and happy. I really wanted to fly to Lushan immediately.

Later, when I had lunch at Uncle Wang’s house, he took us to the towering mountain. At that time, my mood changed from sunny to cloudy, and I didn’t want to go hiking. My mother said to me: “Gao Yining is with us. However, the decision must be done, and you can’t retreat before you do it. We can stick to the summit at the top of the hill. We can’t drag the parents’ legs, not only the beauty but also the novelty. “I listened to my mother’s words and flew to the first hilltop. I ran for about two minutes and couldn’t run anymore.” Uncle Wang, they also came up, saying that the second hilltop can see the flower valley, and I immediately flew to the second hilltop. This time, my mother and I ran for a while and then took a rest. Soon we reached the top of the mountain. Looking down from the mountain is a sea of ​​flowers. The colorful flowers are full of enthusiasm. I feel like I have come to the paradise. I feel that I can touch the white clouds and the flowers are at the foot. This feeling is wonderful. Uncle Wang said that we arrived in the middle of Lushan Mountain, and we had to walk halfway to reach the other end of Lushan Mountain. When we came back, we had to take the boardwalk. At this time, I was looking forward to the feeling of taking the boardwalk. I ate oranges with my mother while walking, and I felt that I was not tired at the moment. At this time, I was also very proud and did not drag my parents’ hind legs. Thinking about it, I looked up and found a squirrel cage in the tree. The uncle said that it was a house for the little squirrels. I was afraid that they would freeze in winter. I was looking forward to the little squirrels. My mother asked me to look for it while walking. We arrived at the other end of Lushan in a short time. I didn’t let my father and mother hug the whole process, and I didn’t feel too tired. At this time, I saw a large lawn at the foot of the mountain. I ran to the past and lay on the soft lawn. The white clouds on the sky made me think of marshmallows.

At this time, I only heard that Uncle Wang shouted and started to wake up. My mother pulled me and walked to the boardwalk. I found that the plank road was all made of wood and it felt strange. Walking and walking, I found a big tree coming out of the steps. If I watched it, I would catch these strange trees. At this time, I felt that my calf was a little tired. My mother also felt that I was a little bit unable to move. I wanted to ask my father to come back to me, but I don’t want to continue to hold on for a while. Walking, I saw a grass like a small bug in the bush. It was full of thorns and curling sticks. Mother said that when they were young, they used it to play hot hair games. I also put it in my hair, and it can stick to my hair. It’s hard to get it down. It’s so interesting! I walked to the point where I quickly reached the starting point of climbing. At this time, I dare not imagine that I can go back and forth alone in such a long and long mountain. My mother also rewarded me with a delicious strawberry ice cream, saying that I should be proud to climb a mountain!

It is true that this mountaineering has made me understand. I must try to do things that I have never done before, and I will not shrink when I encounter difficulties. I must persist in the end. I will persist in the same way as the spiders in the Eighth Time. There will always be reward.

My 61. I’m in charge.

In order to leave a good memory for our childhood and an unforgettable childhood, our creative head teacher, Mr. Wang, decided that we should make joint efforts to subscribe an eight-tier birthday cake. And here’s our cheer. For this small grass class “birthday party”, we have prepared elaborate programs. And I love this performance of the grass must be in this last June 1 children’s day to cash in a good!
Laughter accompanies the last festival; the clear sky breeds a refreshing mood; white clouds echo the joy of grass; the hot sun shines on the heartbeat of our grass. On Friday afternoon, we took our dry food, snacks and drinks, and we couldn’t wait to come to our multimedia classroom, where we performed.
As soon as I came to the multimedia classroom, I grabbed the second row of out-of-print position and got the favor of the camera.
When I came to multimedia, I began to beg. Not only did I get drinks, but I also exchanged snacks with my classmates, killing two birds with one stone, which was good! And give me five! Time ticks by, and soon, the multimedia classroom has gathered the whole class, and the teachers have entered this place.
Everything is ready and the program begins. The first part is the host’s speech, the host with beautiful words, appropriate speed of speech and we share the final happiness and fate.
The second part is the speech given by the teacher present. The first, of course, is our most creative teacher, Mr. Wang, to give a speech. The second one is our headmaster and our excellent music teacher, Mr. Li, to give a speech. Next, our math teacher, Mr. Cui, gave a speech. Finally, it is our English teacher’s speech. She came and went in a hurry.
The third part is the exchange of gifts between us and our good friends, and I sent my sincere gift to my colleagues at the table – a small rice pot. Ha-ha, the gift is light and the affection is heavy, and they also gave me a small snack.
The fourth link is the time to perform! The first one was Liu Yu’s “Childhood” song. The memory of childhood is accompanied by our life, and the memory of childhood is forever in our mind. The joy of childhood is over, as is our last Children’s Day. Next came the magic performance of Wuyuntao, the magic is unpredictable; magic is difficult to penetrate; Magic also blossoms in this magic. Landong’s Friends. As the saying goes, “Depend on parents at home, depend on friends at home.” Friends are part of the world. It’s indispensable, but I also have a friend + girlfriend + classmate = Hongrui who has been meticulous for six years. When Landong students sang, many of them left tears for their childhood breakup. Guo Rong in the row behind me cried like a rabbit, with red eyes and clear tears. Our program has not started yet. I am sorry for that. Because our program is the finale and the last one. We have no chance to show it to our classmates. A week’s work has been wasted like this. But childhood always has a little suspense, and most of them are happy and smiling faces.
Every one of us wears a birthday cap that we can only have on our own birthday. Teachers are no exception. Our 104 classmates surrounded the magnificent eight-tier cake, and made a long-cherished wish, as well as a sincere wish for their parents. Everyone’s face was filled with an unprecedented smile when eating the cake, and the window of the soul was opened at this moment. Hong Rui and I put cream on each other’s faces. Cakes and cream were on my feet, clothes, face and hair. The teacher also took the first grade children to share our happiness at this moment, giving them cakes and happiness. The group of children held out their hands for the cake. I think if it were me, it would be so naive.
Finally, we all returned to the classroom happily with snacks and drinks, the “trophies” we had gotten from our classmates. And I chose to stay and clean the windows of the multimedia classroom.
I have 99 in this June 1 children’s day. 9% of the joy, and 0. 90% of the loss of 1 is about the loss and sadness of the last Children’s Day, and 10% is because we carefully prepared funny sketches but did not meet you. But joy is always more than loss and sadness. That’s the way people are. They have both joy and sadness. They have both sadness and happiness.
Graduates’last Children’s Day is over…
Laughter and laughter accompanied by the last festival; the bright sky always breeds a refreshing mood; white clouds echo in the grass’s happiness every moment; the hot sun still shines on our grass’s hot heartbeat.
Unforgettable Children’s Day Composition 1500 Words 2
For me, this is my penultimate Children’s Day. Dreams of schools will be different today: slogans such as “happy children’s Day” and “Celebrating children’s Day” are everywhere. At the very least, a banner should be hung at the school gate, with a large number of words: “Celebrating June 1 children’s Day”. I have made an appointment with some good classmates to have a good time this afternoon. But the situation greatly disappointed me. The school atmosphere was normal. It was just a simple meeting, then some candy was sent out, and then school was over. What a boring afternoon! This is our penultimate Children’s Day. This Children’s Day has passed, leaving only the last Children’s Day. I wish I wasn’t sure. The mood is not good, lying in bed, unconsciously sleeping, made a very beautiful dream.
Happy Children’s Day! Wearing the most proud clothes and new sandals, we walked to the school with confidence and laughter in the sunshine. My good classmates and I are no exception, talking about the layout of the school together.
At the entrance of the school, a line of big characters greeted us with “Happy Children’s Day on June 1st!” A red carpet leads to the school.
“Go on! Go in and have a look.” Qile said excitedly.
We walked on the red carpet, soft and comfortable. Look around, ah! The walls were covered with paintings, and these words all revolved around a theme “happy children’s day on June 1”.
At the end of the red carpet, we looked around and were fresh-eyed. Campus, playing a beautiful song “Happy Holiday to You”, surrounded by bonsai, smell, a fragrance floating. Looking around the doors of each classroom, we found that there were “Happy Children’s Day on June 1st” on the doors.
Entering the classroom, the students are sending each other holiday cards, I arrived a lot, very happy. After the festival greeting cards were sent, everybody talked as usual, but the content changed to “What’s your wish?” Everywhere is full of laughter and laughter…
“Xanthotrexate…” As the crisp bell rang, we began to hold the “61” celebration. Line up and rush to the meeting place. When we got there, we were surprised. Decorations were hung everywhere and bows were attached. After we sat down, the teacher sent a wish note to each of us. Let’s write down our wishes on the wish note. After that, we posted the wish note on the wall. We read, “I hope I can have a princess skirt”, “I hope I get the first place in every exam”, “I hope I have a lot of pocket money and snacks every day” and so on. It’s very interesting.
The celebration officially began. We performed a lot of dances, many of which I have never seen before: Swan Lake, Little Butterfly, Childhood, Make Yourself Smile and so on, which made my eyes full. There are many other sketches: Your Home and My Home, Good Friends, Brothers and so on, which almost broke my belly with laughter.
By the end, it was over 11 a.m. When we returned to the classroom, the teacher brought more than a dozen bags of sugar, which tasted different. Each person has 29, you can choose which type you want. After the candy, it’s time to go home.
After a full meal, he began his afternoon life.
All my classmates have come in succession. We started to play the game. We all circled around and played Frog Diving first. Many people made mistakes, which made us feel very interesting. Then, we played Dad and Son. Many people said “Dad is my son” in the last sentence, which made us laugh.
Time passed quickly and it was evening. I went to the “61” party with my partners, and the program lasted until 9:30. Because of too many sketches, we could not stand up laughing, but still supported us to go home and sleep.
Late at night, everyone entered into a sweet dream. Month…
When I wake up, it is daybreak, wipe my eyes, and awake my mind, I realize that today is June 2, and a very bitter feeling is pouring into my heart.
It’s a dream. Next year, I will be in charge. Have a good time and have a good time!

One plus one equals two

One plus one equals two, which we can never forget in our life. And our old class did the same thing.
In order to wake us up in the morning, he had to get up earlier than we did. The temptation of bedding was hard to resist. Didn’t he fall in love with bed? In fact, he forgot himself. Standing under the moon, standing in the wind, our hands were so cold that he bought gloves for us. We named it “True Love Glove”. Since then we have been armed to fight against the cold wind and we will never shrink back. But there were also some people who complained because she did not wear gloves and confessed there. When the old class came to see her red hands, he would not hesitate to take off his gloves for her. The man took the gloves shamefully, and she felt warm with the old class temperature in them.
One by one, one by two, nine by nine is the first teacher in our life – the parents’church. Imagine that childish us, the eyes full of question marks, so that parents can not laugh and cry. Now our thirst for knowledge is stronger. The old class begins to act as our captain. We are passengers. With US roaming in the sea of knowledge.
Explore the mystery of function and the magic of geometry. People in class started fighting because they didn’t have a good rest. Through the anxious eyes of Lao Ban, his heart was warm. So in our old class, his sleep time is beyond our expectation, but he still stands on the platform and tries his best to explain every knowledge point to us. The sunshine and warmth of winter make our class inefficient. He will deliberately give us a wrong point of knowledge, students like the discovery of the new continent, as bright as the eyes of the struggle to correct. Old class, this is really a good way! After class we dragged tired body, the old class will see us put on a light music. He taught us to be time-saving and efficient, and to share with us the articles he saw on his mobile phone after school.
When the flu came, he bought us granules. The night before the exam, he put a post-it note on the yoghurt and wrote down his true words. It was 12 o’clock when these things happened last night. Get up early and greedy all day, just for us.
The old class sprinkled youth on the three-foot platform, and he wrote his life with chalk. His pain and tiredness are not overflowing. He forgot that I just wanted to be better. He’s just for us. Lao Ban, thank you for your company, your concern and education. I wish the old class happy every day.