Hunan Satellite TV drama series

Recently, the list of Hunan Satellite TV’s upcoming plays has been circulated on the Internet. The content of the film list is rich and colorful, and the lineup is luxurious. For example, Zhao Liying, who came back after childbirth, cooperated with Wang Yibo, a hot summer student, and another little Zodiac battle of Chen Qingmen’s group, with Yang Zi’s “please give me more advice for the rest of his life”. Even Wu Yifan and Yang Zi’s “Zan Zhonglu” are among them. From these, we can see that the ratings of mango stage next year must not worry!
The 14 dramas are dilireba’s “beautiful women”, Zhao Liying’s and Wang Yibo’s “have a jade”, Yang Zi’s and Xiao Zhan’s “please give me more advice for the rest of your life”, Wu Yifan’s and Yang Zi’s “record of Zan hairpin”, Tang Wei’s “Ming Fenghua”, Wang Kai’s and Jiang Shuying’s “isolated city closed”, song Qian’s song Weilong’s “next station is happiness”, Wang Kai’s “fox hunting” and Huang Xuan’s Tong Liya’s “finish” The relationship between beauty, Guan Xiaotong’s twenty puzzles, Tang Wei’s Zhu Yawen, Zhang Yixing’s Ming Fenghua, Liu Kaiwei’s Chen Turing’s this is life, Huang Bo’s Wang Xun’s alley celebrities, Wang Junkai’s Wu Lei’s ancient secret treaty of the classics of mountains and rivers.
Just look at the cast, the major strength of the cast plus a large number of small traffic students, are small audience experts. Yang Zi, Zhao Liying, Wang Yibo, Xiao Zhan, these popular stars really dominate the audience.


France Reverses Australia’s World Cup Final

On September 15, in the final of the three or four basketball World Cup in 2019, France completed the reversal with a maximum of 15 points behind. Finally, France defeated Australia 67-59 and won the third place in this World Cup, equalizing the best result in team history (World Cup in 2014); Australia won the fourth place and also created the best team history.
The best result in the history of France’s equalizing team
France entered the knockout stage with 4 wins and 1 losses in the group and semi-finals. In the quarter-finals, they beat the United States, but lost to Argentina in the semi-finals. With today’s third place, France equalled its best record in World Cup history and won third place in two consecutive World Cups.
Australia is still the best team in history
Australia entered the knockout stage with 5 wins and 0 losses in the group and semi-finals. In the quarter-finals, they beat the Czech Republic, but in the semi-finals, they were overtime and missed the final by Spain. With today’s fourth place, they have also achieved the best results in history, and their previous best results in the World Cup were fifth.
Bogut was booed again
Bogut was booed by Chinese fans throughout the World Cup because he mocked Sun Yang before the World Cup and sparked a scolding battle with Chinese fans on Twitter. In today’s game, every time Bogut catches the ball, fans at Wukesong Stadium will boo, and when he makes a mistake or fails to shoot, the scene cheers.
Tony Parker watched the game live
As one of the greatest players in the history of the French men’s basketball team, Tony Parker, who has retired, came to the scene to watch the game. After the match, he also congratulated the French players on hitting their masters one by one.
Competition data
Throughout the game, France led 38-36 rebounds, 15-13 assists, 8-3 steals, 1-4 blocks and 13-19 mistakes less than Australia. In three-point shooting, France is 9-4 in the lead, 43-24% in the three-point shooting rate and 13-9 in the number of free throws.
Personal data, the French team Decolo 19 points 3 assists 2 steals, Funier 16 points 5 rebounds, Gobel 2 points 4 rebounds 2 steals, Batum 9 points 6 assists 3 steals. Australia’s Ingels 17 points 5 rebounds 3 assists, Mills 15 2 assists, Bogut 5 points 6 rebounds 2 assists, Dravidowa 4 points 4 rebounds 5 assists.
The Star of the Game: Decolo’s 19-point Leadership Reversal
Decolo scored 19 points in the game. In the second half, he opened up the situation at the offensive end. In the last quarter, both ends of the offensive and defensive performance were excellent. Finally, he led the French team to complete a 15-point reversal.
Highlights of competition
With 5 minutes and 31 seconds left in the first quarter, Gobel had physical contact with Dravidowa when he was walking. Gobel was hit hard by Dravidowa, and eventually fell to the ground and scolded Dravidowa. Gobel was not only punished for offensive fouls, but also for technical fouls.
With 6 minutes and 31 seconds left in the second quarter, the French captain returned the pass and Rabery finished the attack with one-handed cleavage, playing a perfect cooperation.
With 7 minutes and 18 seconds left in the third quarter, Ingels was replaced because of bleeding on his left arm, so he was replaced for treatment.
With 8 minutes and 03 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Decolo used the cover to pull out the jump shot directly from the top of the arc and still hit three points in some unbalanced situations.
Competition review
In the first quarter, Bogut made two mistakes. Kai broke through the layup and scored for Australia for the first time. Mills shot three points and Australia led 5-0 in the opening. Funiye and Nilikina made successive strikes, Mills hit jumpers, and Australia’s 7-4 score remained for a long time. In the middle, Gobel got a technical foul, Mills broke the scoring shortage with a free throw, Mills and Bains blossomed inside and outside, and Decolo threw in. Bogut also shot under the basket. Decolo shot three points against the whistle. At the end of the first quarter, Australia led 16-11.
In the second quarter, Ingers hit three-point shots, and the two teams fell into an iron battle again for a long time, without scoring for a long time. In the middle, Ingers threw in, Bogut scored one of the two penalties, Funier made three-point fouls and three penalties, France was 18-22 points behind 4 points. Ingers scored two points, Mills gave a rare blockade, Funiye hit three points, Ingers scored four points, the end of the first half, Australia led 30-21.
In the first half, France scored 21 points, the lowest score in the second half of the World Cup since 1963, when they only scored 19 points against Uruguay. Australia scored 21 points in the first half, the first time they lost so little in the first half after losing only 20 points against Germany in 2010.
Yi Bian fought again, Kai broke through into 2 + 1, Dravidowa broke through, Batum dry pull jump shot for France to stop bleeding. After Australia extended its lead to 15 points, the French team sounded the call for a counterattack. Batum dunked heavily, Funier shot three points, Batum also had three points, the French team played 9-2 to catch up to 34-42. Ingels broke through to stop bleeding in Australia, with Decolorian leading France 8-2 to 42-44 and 2 points behind. Della threw in, Mills sent out the blockade again, the third quarter ended, Australia 46-42 ahead.
In the last quarter, Decolorian scored 5 points to help the French team to overtake 1 point. In the third quarter of Decolo, the French team led by 4 points. Kay and Mills scored successively, and Australia reached 50 draws. After Albich hit three points, France led 58-56. Gobel scored his first goal in the game, Decolo snatched Bogut, Albich shot three points, and France led 63-56 in the last minute. Mills shrank after three-point shooting


The Shadow of Ruju

It was already late, and the cold wind blew loudly. Looking at the figure that had gone away, I just felt a warm current flowing into my heart.
She was just a stranger, met me that night, but left a deep impression on me, as if a fresh and elegant, pure chrysanthemum is blooming, so beautiful, so close.
On that day, my mother and father were still busy in the shop, but the night was late. In order to make me more energetic tomorrow, I had to go to sleep alone in the opposite house. The road became so long in front of me that my heart could not help but tighten and I still dared not go. I just felt that the darkness was swallowing up the light, and I would. With the light is swallowed up. But I went forward step by step.
At this time, a man came by and I hurried around. At this moment, I was really afraid that a stranger would take me away, so that I could never see my parents again. Where should I go? Time passed so slowly that I was walking slowly on the path, my feet became heavier and heavier, listening only to the rustle of leaves and other people. The sound of footsteps, just think of other bad people to take me away, and only fear accompanied me all the way.
After a long time, I stayed at home, but my fear did not stop. Although I had arrived at home, I still felt uneasy and stared at the door tightly. I always felt that someone would break in and look at the door. I regretted it. Why didn’t I come back with my parents? Why should I be afraid of it alone? No, I’m going to find my mother!
I rushed out and ran to the road in one breath, but, looking at the endless stream of cars, my legs couldn’t walk out. Mom, Dad, you guys are coming soon! It’s getting darker and darker, and I’m anxious and afraid, but I have to wait. Everyone rushes home, but I _. I couldn’t help standing alone by the road and crying, Mom, why don’t you come yet?
When I was sad and sad, she came to my side, bent down and gently asked, “What’s wrong, little boy? Do you miss your mother?”
At first, looking at this strange sister, I dared not say anything, just whispered, but looking at her friendly eyes, I nodded, “Hmm” a.
She touched my head, smiled and asked, “Where’s your mother?”
“I…” How did I remember my address when I was young?
“Well? Don’t you know? Never mind. Do you know your mother’s phone number? I’ll call her for you.” Say, she took out her cell phone to help me make a phone call, while waiting for my parents, she has been comforting me, teaching me: “In the future, do not run around, what if you meet bad people? Listen to my sister’s words, then stay at home, okay?” I watched her, a warm flow in my heart.
Dad came, which meant that my sister was leaving. I was reluctant to part with him.
Looking at her leaving behind, I suddenly felt the darkness dispersing and the warmth returning to my side. She was like a chrysanthemum that was about to blossom. Although it had not yet reached the most beautiful moment, it made people smell the fresh fragrance first, so they wanted to approach, so pure. If a person with impure soul, how can I deal with a strange child I don’t know? I can see her heart as transparent as a mirror, and like chrysanthemum stamens, how beautiful! That figure like chrysanthemum, I will never forget in my life.

I’m a health commissioner.

The new semester began, after a fierce class cadre election, and then combined with the selection of teacher Liu, the head teacher, because I usually work conscientiously and responsibly, I became a class health committee. I am so happy, because as a class cadre, I can help Mr. Liu do more things.
But just one day on duty, I’m not happy. This health commissioner is too bad! Because most of the cleaning in the first grade is done with the help of parents, but now in the second grade, Mr. Liu said that parents are not allowed to help, so when doing sanitation, everyone is not very good at sweeping the floor, and some students do not finish sanitation and do not talk to me, they run away, and there is also a second grade, Mr. Liu said that parents are not allowed to help. The first time my classmate did not clean up, when I asked him to do the second time, he was not happy, but also angry at me. After more than an hour of cleaning, the on-duty student ran to the head of the day’s health team, but the classroom was still in a mess: there was a mass of paper, there was a pile of rubbish, tables and chairs were crooked, not at all neat.
No way, I can only retain the head of the health team and I to clean all the hygiene again, and then put the tables and chairs in order, clean up the trash can, change the trash bag, I and the head of the health team together carry the trash bag downstairs, and throw the trash bag into the garbage station.
By the time I got home, it was more than two hours away from school. Mother asked me, “Honey, why did you come back so late today? How did you feel when you were a health commissioner on the first day?” “That’s terrible!” I answered tiredly. “What’s wrong?” Mother asked again. I said, “Today’s cleaning children are not very good, some are not very good at sweeping the floor, some run away before they finish cleaning, and some are angry at me.” My mother listened to me and said, “What you said reflects two problems. First, you teach your classmate who can’t sweep the floor. Think about it. When you start to learn sweeping, your mother also taught you many times. Second, the runners and the students who are angry with you, you will tell Mr. Liu tomorrow to see what happened to Mr. Liu. Handle. Of course, you should also pay attention to the way you speak and be gentle.
The next day, I took advantage of the break to tell Mr. Liu about yesterday. Mr. Liu listened and said, “In this way, you write the names of the classmates who ran away yesterday and those who were angry with you on the blackboard, and I will punish them to copy the text.” In Chinese class, Mr. Liu said what he said to my classmates again. Sure enough, the children who cleaned the room the next day were much better, but they were still not very clean. But we worked together to clean the classroom in a decent way.
Now, I’ve been a health commissioner for more than half a semester. Although I get home later than before, sometimes when I’m on duty, I yell at them. Students will say that I’m on duty when I’m particularly fierce. Although I need to do some cleaning work every day, we still have to do it. Class 2, Grade 2, has been awarded the “Health Mobile Red Flag” for six consecutive weeks. Here is my credit.
I am a member of the health committee. Although I am only an official in charge of sweeping the floor, I feel very honored!

The Story of Bear Finding a Job

Once upon a time, in a mysterious forest, there lived three brothers and sisters of Little Bear. Originally, Little Bear was the eldest brother. He had a brother and a sister. The parents of Little Bear died of illness when their three brothers and sisters were very young. All along, Little Bear led his brother and sisters through a difficult life. Although the days are bitter, they are still optimistic and happy.
However, with the passage of time, the three children are growing up and growing taller. At this time, the problem arises. Because Xiaoxiong feels that his brother and sister will become married when they grow up, but they have no specific economic income. How can they let his brother marry his daughter-in-law and his sister marry a good family?
In short, if you want to continue to live in the world, you can’t live without money. What should I do?
Bear began to lose sleep, so to speak, racked his brains to find a way out. Finally, he decided to leave his brothers and sisters at home, and then go out to work alone to make money.
In this way, Little Bear said goodbye to his brothers and sisters, came out of the forest alone, and walked along the main road towards the city.
After nearly a day’s walk, it was getting dark. He walked hungrily into the streets of the city, tired and hungry. Although these things troubled the bear, the bear could only stand stiff because he had no money in his pocket, so these problems could not be solved.
Considering the current situation, Little Bear hopes to find a job as soon as possible and earn money as soon as possible.
Because of his anxieties, Bear would go in and ask if he could find a job in the store, but he had no skills. So he knew that it would be too hard for him to find a job without skills.
He spent almost all his night looking for a job, but he still couldn’t find it.
The next morning, he found some scraps of leftovers in the street. After a few mouthfuls of belly pad, he squatted in a corner and meditated. Finally, after consideration, when he felt he could not find a job, he shook his head when people asked him if he would do it or not. That would be silly and affordable. I’m afraid he would never find it in his life. To work for money.
When I look for another job, people ask me if I can do this, I will. People ask me if I can do that, I will say yes. Then use the two words to retain themselves, as for other things, that’s the time to talk about it.
Yes, that’s it!
When he made up his mind, Bear went to the place where he had information about job recruitment. This time, he entered a barbecue shop. He stood at the counter and said that he would apply for a job. The owner of the barbecue shop asked him, “Would you like to join us?”
“Yes.” Bear nodded his head as he thought ahead.
“Can you cook kebabs?”
“Yes.” The bear nodded again.
In fact, he has no concept of a string of barbecues. How could that be possible? But in order for the boss to keep him working here, the bear seems to have drunk too.
The boss was very happy when he heard that, so he said, “That’s just right. Since you know everything, our store needs people like you, so you can stay here. The salary is good. As long as you do well, I’ll pay you once a month. There’s absolutely no problem of overexpenditure here, and you can eat and sleep. So, you can work here safely.”
Bear listens, the condition is so good, he is almost mad, for food, sleep and extra money, it is very good.
But just as he was enjoying himself, a group of guests came up to the barbecue shop and said they wanted to eat roast sheep kidney or something.
At this time, the boss immediately ordered Little Bear to say, “Go ahead, go to the back cook and bake all these things, and then bring the guests to the table!”
“Ah!” When the bear listened, he couldn’t help but put away his smile and thought uneasily, “I really can’t do anything. What can I do about it?”
Despite this thought, Bear walked back to the kitchen with a hard scalp. Ouch! _. In order to survive, we can only take one step at a time. He thought at this moment. Then he went to the back kitchen and looked at the big oven. First he lit the fire, then sprinkled some spices on the food that needed to be barbecued, and then he roasted it. Gradually, he smelled the aroma of the barbecue meat. After a long time of not having a good meal, he immediately became greedy. Finally, his saliva flowed down and he simply put the food on the table. Forget about it, and then bite the barbecue, especially when he finds that everything in the kitchen is available, and even honey he likes, so that he can eat all the delicious things in the kitchen in a twinkling of an eye, and then wipe his mouth with satisfaction. Because of the urgent voice from the front desk, the bear realized that he shouldn’t eat these things. What can we do now that everything has been eaten up?
In frustration and urgency, he had to run away from the open rear window.
He fled to the street and was full of food and drink. He was determined to stop talking nonsense when he looked for another job. In the long run, sooner or later, he would be beaten by a fat punch. He would come home without knowing his brothers and sisters. He decided to find a suitable job for himself.
After thinking about it, he finally felt that the security guard was the best one for him, because he had thick arms and paws, and it was just right for him to be a security guard.
So he came to the door of a hotel. The hotel receptionist thought he was a VIP and was quite polite to him. But when he heard that he was looking for a job, he immediately changed his face and said solemnly, “We don’t lack security here, we need laundrymen. I think you are in good health. If you want, you should be a laundryman.”
“Yes, as long as money is given.” Bear nodded his head, and then he was assigned to the hotel laundry in the next few minutes.
Drink, to the laundry, the bear found that the laundry workers here are female bears, only he is a male bear, the bear came here, immediately received the warm welcome of these female bears, the bear is also willing to work here.
Finally, after a month of hard work, the bear finally grabbed the money, and then happily took it back to his home in the big forest, not only that, but also two little bears, a brother married to the bear, and a brother married to the bear himself.
Finally, Xiaoxiong said satisfactorily, “I am satisfied this time. Next year, I will find another object for my sister to marry a good family. My eldest brother is at ease.”
Later, Bear brought his brothers and sisters to work in the city, and they all worked as laundrymen. Their brothers and sisters felt the comfort of labor, and their days became richer. Life is on the right track, so the story of Bear looking for a job is over.