Longgang Henggang Freight Co., Ltd. was registered in Longgang District of Shenzhen in 2002. Our company operates Longgang Henggang Freight 上沙下沙哪里有站街的 Co., Ltd.; Longgang Henggang Logistics Co.迪富桑拿城怎么样 , Ltd.; Longgang Freight Co., Ltd.; Longgang Logistics Co., Ltd.; Shenzhen Longgang Freight Co., Ltd.; Shenzhen Henggang Freight Co., Ltd.; Shenzhen Longgang Freight Co., Ltd.; Shenzhen Henggang Freight Co., Ltd.; Shenzhen Longgang Freight Co., Ltd.; Shenzhen Longgang Freight Co., Ltd; Shenzhen Henggang logistics freight company has 301-500 employees and a registered capital of 1.5 million yuan. The 鸿丰大酒店水疗休闲 office address of Longgang Henggang freight company 深圳康美阁金玉池is Longcheng South Road, Longgang Nanlian community, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. If you are interested in our products, technologies or services, you are welcome to call or visit us at any time.
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Basic information of Longgang Henggang freight company
Full name: Longgang Henggang freight company
Registered 南山上门一服务 area: Longgang District, Shenzhen
Business 深圳罗湖区哪里站街多 address: Longcheng South Road, Longgang Nanlian community, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province business model: business services
Designated representative: Hu Hao
Contact person: Li Rou (Business Manager)


Shenzhen yuelang Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. It is an enterprise specialized in sales and technical 深圳 桑拿 论坛 蒲神 bbs consultation of storage chips and 太平洋桑拿更新图片 computer components. We cooperate with many famous semiconductor brands, including micron, Samsung, Hynix, Kingston, etc. The products are suitable for all kinds of electronic products, such as GPS, DVD, DVB, LCDTV, PMP, PND, MP3, MP4, U-disk, mobile phone, computer, 沙井御泉湾休闲会所 computer board, notebook, digital camera, digital photo frame, camera, game machine, e-book, learning machine, security monitor, network products, etc.
The company has high-quality supply channels in Hong Kong, China, the 会城金港明珠地址 United States, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Europe, thus 福田区大宝剑 establishing a global sales and procurement network and product supply chain. We are able to provide customers with a full range of products with more effective supply chain, shorter delivery time, more competitive price, professional technology and honest attitude
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Shenzhen yuelang 佳宁娜金沙滩搬哪去了 Technology Co., Ltd
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Shenzhen anruixin Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen anruixin Technology Co., Ltd. is 深圳私人按摩 a professional manufacturer and distributor of vehicle monitoring supporting products. With professional production technology, stable and reliable quality, complete specifications and perfect service system, we have become the designated supplier of many well-known companies. The products are sold all over the world. The main products are: car video 惠州沐足按摩论坛 recorder, car camera, car monitor, memory card, hard disk, pickup, security wire, etc. Our products are widely used in buses, buses, school buses, trucks, engineering vehicles, cars, etc. Our tenet: quality for survival, service for development. Our goal is to expand every expectation of you and to be a long-term partner with you, just like our existing 深圳QM社区 customers. When you have such a demand, please do not hesitate. We will invest our time, knowledge and money to establish an ideal security 深圳按摩kb体验报 monitoring solution to meet your needs and keep you absolutely superior to your competitors. The company pays attention to the career planning of employees, provides good development space for employees, humanized management mode, and a group of vigorous new forces become the core team of the company. At the same time, we have established excellent service 深圳沙井老街女50一次 system and good product sales channels. Welcome new and old customers to inquire and discuss cooperation.
Shenzhen anruixin Technology Co., Ltd. is highly recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiation.
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Company 深圳宝安休闲会所包吹 name: Shenzhen anruixin Technology Co., Ltd
Enterprise type: private enterprise
Business model: production type
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
China Security Network > monitoring equipment, monitoring system > integrated monitoring system
Address: Jinlian building, 134 Qianjin 2nd Road, Xixiang, Bao’an District
Main products: vehicle monitoring vehicle video recorder hard disk video recorder monitoring camera


Shenzhen guangshimei Technology Co.,罗湖kb Ltd. is a professional supplier of LCD advertising machine products and terminal 深圳按摩酒店 multimedia digital products. At present, we have successfully developed all kinds of LCD advertising machine products according to the requirements of advertising machine market, such as advertising machine, touch all-in-one machine, LCD splicing wall, high-definition player box, and the product size 深圳qm论坛之家 covers 7-84 inches. To meet the customers’ all-round, diversified needs.
Business 深圳华会所怎么进philosophy:
Following the business philosophy of repaying the market with high-quality products, aiming at the high-end technology of the LCD industry, the core independent research and development technology has always been ahead of the market, committed to improving the service ability, and has established a nationwide customer-oriented service system, giving full play to the 深圳福田哪里可以做大保健 advantages of brand, technology and market, and leading the development direction 上海有没有特殊的洗浴 of the industry. It has become a leading manufacturer and solution provider of HD special display equipment in China.
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Shenzhen guangshimei Technology Co., Ltd
Address: 10 / F, building a, quanju high tech park, Jiangshi Road, Guangming New District, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
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Shenzhen 深圳向西村还有吗2020 anshibei Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2013. The company is located in Shenzhen, the frontier city of reform and opening up. It is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the design, production and sales of vehicle mounted security monitoring system and related derivative 深圳足疗按摩技师招聘 equipment. The company has 蒲友网骗局 strong development and design capabilities, perfect production management system, complete testing equipment and stable product performance. Take the market demand as the guidance, take the technical innovation as the support, wholeheartedly provides the stable reliable high quality product for the customer.
The company pays attention to team cooperation, sets many years of experience in the security monitoring industry, based on customer needs, cooperates with collaborators, develops and manufactures the “HD intelligent 广州越秀区洗浴保健 car mounted PTZ series”, “portable car mounted infrared 弘法寺闹鬼 PTZ series”, “4G portable wireless mobile control terminal series”, “Digital HD network PTZ series”, “full real-time SDI HD PTZ series”, “infrared laser heavy intelligent integrated PTZ series”, “thermal imaging vehicle mounted PTZ series”, “mobile lifting lighting system” and “pneumatic 深圳桑拿一条龙会所 mobile lifting rod”
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Shenzhen anshibei Technology Co., Ltd
Address: unit 1102, unit C, No. 37, Baoshi West Road, Longteng community, Shiyan street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
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Dust pad manufacturer
Shenzhen longzhijing dust pad products factory is a high-tech manufacturer specializing in safety protection products. “Longzhijing” was founded in 2006, the main products 深圳福田保健按摩 are: human protection series; packaging turnover series; purification consumables series; anti-theft alarm series; security camera series; building intercom series. Since the establishment of the company, 增槎路美丽汇桑拿 according to the comprehensive opinions of various authoritative technical institutions, and relying on the continuous innovation of a group of excellent anti-static materials R & D, manufacturing, sales and management personnel, the anti-static dust-free products and security equipment are particularly prominent in the safety protection products. Truly achieve a “clean”. In the anti-static dust-free products, the company relies on years of practice and is familiar with the new concept and new situation of modern electronic industry anti-static consumables. We have a deep understanding and understanding of the high standard 深圳男同邪骨场 anti-static purification requirements in the electronic industry manufacturing, and provide customers with accurate, efficient and high-quality services and diversified technical consulting and application 罗湖永美姿桑拿好不好 services. In the security equipment smart home products, the company adopts the first purification production mode in China. Focus on dust-free, anti-static, security products to achieve high standards of production processes. Truly let the product in the “net” get different product quality in the security industry. With high-quality production and service, let you get the product has different “quality”! “Longzhijing” always believes that high quality products and high quality service are the foundation of the company! Our goal is to do a good job in every detail of production, to give you a promise to do what you say!
Dust 深圳福田新港源按摩 pad manufacturers with integrity, strength and product quality has been highly recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiation.
Tel: 0755-3302216深圳兼职9
Business information
Company name: dust pad manufacturer
Enterprise type: state owned enterprise
Business model: production type
Legal representative: Guo Jun
Detailed address: Baoan Central District, Shenzhen
Main products – dust pad


Fujian Shanpu new materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018. The company focuses on the production, development and sales of dust-free paper and dust-free 水疗会所营销方案 绵阳男人最好耍洗浴中心 cloth in the field of purification. It is currently a professional large-scale dust-free cloth and paper manufacturer. With professional technical guidance and perfect after-sales service, we have established a good cooperative relationship with high-tech enterprises and 宝安浅海湾598是什么 intermediaries. In order to meet the needs of customers, Shanpu has developed and produced KX series dust-free cloth, dust-free paper and other purification products with * * cost performance. It has 30000 square meters of modern plant, standard purification workshop, equipped with 深圳国宾酒店水域桑拿 the industry’s advanced dust-free cloth laser cutting machine and ultrasonic cutting machine, dust-free paper cutting machine, SMT steel mesh wiping paper and other production equipment. In addition, the company is equipped with a complete set of product performance testing laboratory 飞龙洗浴中心怎么样 and testing center to ensure that the performance of each product meets the requirements of high-tech product production environment. At the same time, Shanpu science and technology in the same industry in China took the lead in passing is
Tel: 0755-84091268
Fujian Shanpu New 深圳十大灵异地方 Material Co., Ltd
Address: No.16 Songtang Road, tangxiayong, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
Contact person: LAN Ye

Official report of Heilongjiang epidemic situation

Beijing, May 1 The novel coronavirus pneumonia imported from Harbin and Mudanjiang in Heilongjiang province has been associated with local clustering since April 2020, especially in hospitals, which have been infected by nosocomial infections, which have lasted for a long time, and there are many cases of infection. The society will have bad effects, which will bring new pressure to consolidate not easily won epidemic prevention and control results.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia joint prevention and control mechanism comprehensive group of the State Council in April 30th will inform the following:
1、 Basic information of epidemic situation
(1) The epidemic situation of aggregation in Harbin. On April 2, a 87 year old patient, Chen Yujun, was admitted to the second hospital of Harbin City for “body temperature 37.3 ℃, right lower extremity walking procrastination and urinary incontinence for 4 days”. CT of lung in hospital showed the possibility of double pneumonia. After treatment, it did not get better. On April 6, it was transferred to the fever clinic of the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, and was admitted to the respiratory department. In April 9th, novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia was found to be highly likely to be transferred to the isolation ward, and the new crown pneumonia nucleic acid detection and serological antibody test were completed. On April 10, Harbin CDC reported that the nucleic acid test was positive and diagnosed as a confirmed case, which was transferred to Heilongjiang infectious disease prevention and control hospital for treatment. Epidemiological investigation revealed novel coronavirus pneumonia among close contacts, and dozens of related cases and asymptomatic infections were confirmed. Among them, several medical workers in the hospitals mentioned above led to a new crown pneumonia epidemic.
(2) The epidemic situation in Mudanjiang city. In April 16th, novel coronavirus pneumonia suspected cases were reported in 2 cases (Gong Moulan, Wang) in Mudanjiang Kang An hospital, and the diagnosis was confirmed in April 18th. Through epidemiological investigation, nucleic acid screening was carried out for close contacts, and a number of related cases were confirmed successively, including several medical staff from Kangan Hospital of Mudanjiang City and North Hospital of Mudanjiang city.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is caused by imported imported cases.
2、 Exposed problems
(1) Insufficient understanding of the situation of epidemic prevention and control. Harbin City and Mudanjiang City, as port cities, fail to fully understand the severe situation of “external defense input and internal defense rebound”, lack of awareness of the risk of imported epidemic, and have the feelings of war weariness and paralysis and relaxation. Relevant hospitals mistakenly believe that through customs and community prevention and control, they can completely screen out the new coronavirus infected persons, and the possibility of the occurrence of hospital clustering epidemic is very small, and there is a fluke mentality.
(2) There are weak links in pre hospital prevention and control measures. First, the entry personnel did not implement 14 days of centralized isolation management, and the “national” source epidemic control measures were not strict enough, leading to the possibility of missing detection of new coronavirus infection in the entry personnel. The preliminary results of epidemiological investigation show that the source of the epidemic in the two cities is the recent entry through the customs. Second, the community prevention and control measures have not been effectively implemented. For example, the clustering epidemic in Harbin is caused by Chen’s dinner party.
(3) Nucleic acid detection failed to be carried out in time as required. Only disease control institutions and infectious disease hospitals in Harbin can carry out the detection of new coronavirus nucleic acid, and other medical institutions fail to implement the requirements in time to strengthen the laboratory construction and carry out nucleic acid detection, and the relevant departments fail to carry out effective guidance on the work of laboratory filing of medical institutions in time, resulting in most medical institutions do not have the conditions for nucleic acid detection. In the diagnosis and treatment of fever patients, medical staff failed to strictly follow the diagnosis and treatment standards, blindly relied on clinical experience and imaging examination, failed to carry out nucleic acid detection in time, resulting in misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis.
(4) The implementation of nosocomial infection prevention and control measures is not effective. Relevant hospitals have not fully implemented the national requirements for hospital sense prevention and control. The prevention and control measures of the key departments such as pre examination triage and fever outpatient service are all in vain, and the appointment diagnosis and treatment cannot be carried out effectively, and the patients can be divided reasonably; the disinfection and isolation measures are not implemented in place, and the zoning requirements are not implemented; the ward management is seriously derelict, and no strict accompanying and visiting system has been established, and the personnel in different wards flow at will; the protection awareness of medical personnel is weak, the sensitivity is not strong, and the training is not enough In place.
3、 Next work requirements
All localities and medical institutions must learn from each other and draw lessons from each other. We should stand at the height of safeguarding people’s health rights and interests, establish the bottom line awareness, strengthen the post responsibility, and avoid the recurrence of such epidemic.
First, we should have a deep understanding of the severe situation faced by epidemic prevention and control. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control should be highly valued everywhere, and further enhance sense of responsibility and urgency, tighten the epidemic prevention and control string, and grasp the situation of prevention and control of epidemic situation. Especially in the places where the air port and land border port are located, we should always pay attention to the situation of the imported epidemic situation abroad, strictly prevent the spread of local infection, the occurrence of related cases or even the clustering epidemic situation.
Second, we will implement the requirements for the prevention and control of regular epidemics. All localities should improve and implement the regular prevention and control mechanism of timely detection, rapid disposal, precise control and effective treatment, and find and put out relevant epidemic situations together. We should further implement the requirements of early detection, early reporting, early isolation and early treatment, and do a good job in the whole chain of closed-loop management from “overseas” to “national” to “home”. Strengthen community management, reduce personnel gathering, guide scientific prevention and control, and reduce the risk of community communication.
The third is to further improve the detection ability of new coronavirus nucleic acid. On the basis of new coronavirus nucleic acid detection services provided by disease control institutions, local governments should further expand the scope of detection institutions and support and guide medical machines

The first cold wave of this year

At present, a new cold air is brewing in Siberia to Mongolia. It is expected that from tomorrow (13th) to 16th, the strong cold air will “head south” and affect 29 provinces and cities in China. At that time, the strong wind, cooling and rain and snow weather will come together, which is likely to sound the first cold wave warning this year! This cold wave process has three characteristics of rapid cooling, wide range and strong intensity. There is Blizzard in the northern region, with a cooling range of more than 14 ℃.
This year’s first cold wave warning is about to ring in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region, which may face the strongest snowfall this winter
In recent days, I believe that many netizens feel that most of China’s regions are not really warm. The temperature of major cities in the Middle East has repeatedly reached new highs. However, this is a “blind way” caused by the temperature. It is expected that starting tomorrow, cold air will break out in the south, and rain, snow, strong wind and temperature drop will affect most of China from the north to the south.
First come to see the rain and snow. From today’s night to tomorrow, the snowfall in the Middle East of Inner Mongolia and Jilin Province of Heilongjiang Province is the first to increase. But the snow is still on the 14th-15th. There may be large-scale snowfall or rain to snow in North China and Huanghuai river. The area of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei may reach the level of Blizzard, or it will be the strongest snowfall this winter (2019-2020 winter). Beijing is expected to receive the seventh snowfall in this winter. On the 15th, the snowfall center moved eastward and southward, and gradually moved southward. Liaoning, Shandong and other places may also welcome it It’s a blizzard, a local blizzard.
In terms of temperature, the script of “roller coaster” was staged again. On December 14, many areas in the Middle East were still warm as early spring, and then the strong cold air with strong wind brought rain and snow all the way south. On March 13-17, the temperature also “dived” all the way, from northeast to South China, with a general cooling range of 10 ℃. Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shandong may even reach 15 ℃, from warm as spring to Shivering, maybe only overnight.
Cool down! Wide range! Strong strength! “All-round” cold air or disturbing spring transportation
According to Hu Xiao, chief meteorological analyst of China Weather Network, this cold wave process has three characteristics: fierce cooling, wide range and strong intensity. In the early stage, China’s central and eastern regions heated up rapidly, just like a roller coaster, which made the subsequent temperature drop very prominent. It is expected that the northeast, North China, the east of Northwest China, Huanghuai, Jiangnan, etc As far as South China and other places are concerned, they can’t escape the “attack” of the cold wave process. The temperature drop will generally exceed 10 ℃, and the accumulated temperature drop in the north will even reach 20 ℃.
It is worth mentioning that in Northeast China, Inner Mongolia and other places, this time not only the maximum temperature drops obviously, but also the minimum temperature drop will be more prominent. For example, the minimum temperature in Changchun on the 13th will be above or below 0 ℃, and on the 17th, it is expected that the minimum temperature will drop to – 19 ℃, and the cumulative cooling range will be close to 20 ℃!
In addition to cooling, this cold air will bring a very strong snowfall! On the 14th-15th, there will be strong snowfall in North China and Huanghuai, and on the 14th, there will also be heavy snow in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. It is worth noting that many places in the Middle East may also have rain and snow changes, and the snow line may be pushed southward to the central area of the south of the Yangtze River. Changsha, Nanchang, Shanghai and other places may have short-term snow around the 16th. In Lingnan area, the cold wave will fight against the main body of the warm and humid air flow, and thunder may be heard when rain falls in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan, Jiangxi and southern Hunan.
To sum up, this year’s first cold wave process will be an all-around player, with a lot of rain, snow, wind and cooling. It is worth mentioning that the temperature fluctuates greatly in this cold wave process, especially in the south where there is no heating. With the rainfall cooling, the body will feel colder and colder. The public should pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm and prevent colds. On the diet, they should drink more cold driving drinks such as jujube tea, ginger water and longan tea.
In addition, the spring return tide is continuing. This rain and snow, cooling weather process or adverse impact on railway and road travel, especially the public driving back, should pay attention to the forecast, early warning and road closure information issued by the meteorological department and transportation department in advance, arrange travel time reasonably, and pay attention to the visibility reduction and road wet and slippery knot caused by rain and snow Adverse effects of ice and other conditions.

China Southern Airlines exits Tianhe Alliance

China Southern Airlines announced its exit from Trina alliance.
On December 24, China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. announced that China Southern Airlines would complete the transition work from Trina on December 31, 2019, and formally withdraw from Trina from January 1, 2020.
According to the announcement, China Southern Airlines will continue to maintain the original code sharing cooperation with the airlines of Tianhe alliance through bilateral cooperation, and with Xiamen Airlines, Air France, Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Airlines, Korean Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Czech Airlines, Air China, Vietnam Airlines, Europa airlines, Argentine airlines, Italian Airlines, Russian Airlines Saudi Airlines continues to maintain frequent passenger cooperation. Members of China Southern Airlines Pearl Club will continue to enjoy mileage accumulation, exchange and elite member service rights and interests when they take the above Tianhe alliance partner flights.
At the same time, since January 1, 2020 (included), China Southern Airlines officially launched the service brand of “China Southern Airlines enjoy CZ priority”, replacing “skypriority of Trina Solar”, ensuring that the rights and interests of gold and silver card members of China Southern Airlines and elite / Elite Plus members of above Trina alliance partners when they take flights of China Southern Airlines remain unchanged, including priority check-in, priority baggage, priority boarding and VIP Lounge And so on.
Previously, based on the needs of its own development strategy and the new trend of the global air transport industry cooperation mode, on November 15, 2018, China Southern Airlines decided not to renew the membership agreement of Tianhe alliance since January 1, 2019, and completed the transition work in 2019.
In addition to the Tianhe alliance partners, China Southern Airlines has accelerated the expansion of the global “circle of friends” and carried out bilateral code sharing cooperation with American Airlines, British Airways, Finland airlines, Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Qantas airlines, Japan Airlines, etc. passengers can travel to and from major cities around the world through China Southern Airlines and its partners. China Southern Airlines and American airlines have carried out all-round cooperation with frequent flyers since March 20, 2019, signed a joint venture agreement with British Airways on December 17, 2019, and the cooperation with frequent flyers will also be launched in June 2020.
The announcement shows that the above-mentioned business decisions are not expected to have a significant impact on the company’s production and operation. Please pay attention to the investment risks.
On the evening of December 24, China Southern Airlines announced that it would complete the transition work from Trina on December 31, 2019, and formally withdraw from Trina from January 1, 2020.
This means that at present, only 8 days (including December 24) are left before China Southern Airlines officially quits the alliance, and the transition work of one year’s quitting is coming to an end, and China Southern Airlines is about to usher in “freedom”.
Aviation alliance emerged in the 1990s, and overseas airlines successively established Star Alliance, oneworld and SkyTeam alliance. Air China took the lead in joining the Star Alliance in 2007, followed by China Southern and China Eastern Airlines.
It is generally agreed by the aviation alliance that the airlines of the alliance and its members will enter and operate in the same terminal in the main airport, share airport facilities, such as check-in counter, luggage facilities, transfer counter, lounge and office area, and share route network and parking space.
On the route network, establish a coordinated regular flight, a single ticket can take the flights of other airlines in the alliance, and strive to coordinate the service quality of passengers.
Aviation alliance is a very close way of cooperation, which not only brings convenience to cooperation, but also has exclusive binding force on all alliance members.
In recent years, many industry voices have pointed out that to some extent, the aviation alliance has also restricted its members’ free international cooperation.
After announcing its withdrawal from the alliance in November last year, China Southern Airlines obviously accelerated its cooperation with other alliance members. For example, since March 20, 2019, China Southern Airlines has carried out comprehensive cooperation with American Airlines on frequent flyers. On December 17, 2019, China Southern Airlines signed a joint cooperation agreement with British airways. The frequent flyer cooperation will also be launched in June 2020.
However, despite the withdrawal, the friendship between the old allies is still there.
China Southern said that through bilateral cooperation, China Southern will continue to maintain the original code sharing cooperation with the member airlines of Trina, and maintain frequent passenger cooperation with Xiamen Airlines, Air France, Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Airlines, Korean Airlines and other members of Trina.
In addition, the rights and interests previously enjoyed by passengers of China Southern Airlines in Trina alliance airlines can continue to be used.
Retreat from the alliance and keep making contact with China Southern Airlines to bypass China Eastern Airlines and restructure “Tianhe partner”
After nearly a year of “transition period”, China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Southern Airlines”) has finally reached the moment to say goodbye to Trina.
I don’t know whether to choose deliberately. On Christmas Eve, December 24, the most important traditional festival in the west, China Southern Airlines announced the news of “breaking up” with SkyTeam alliance.
China Southern Airlines said in the announcement that it would complete the transition work of leaving Trina Solar alliance from December 31, 2019, and formally withdraw from Trina Solar alliance from January 1, 2020.
However, the withdrawal does not mean the interruption of the cooperation relationship. In the announcement, China Southern Airlines stressed that the company continues to maintain the original code sharing cooperation with the member airlines of SkyTeam through bilateral cooperation, and with the member airlines of SkyTeam Xiamen Airlines, Air France, Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Airlines, Korean Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Czech Airlines, China Airlines, Vietnam Airlines and Europa Airlines, Argentina airlines, Italian Airlines, Russian Airlines and Saudi Airlines (collectively referred to as “SkyTeam partners”) continue to maintain frequent flyer cooperation.
It is worth noting that the 14 “partners of Tianhe alliance” do not include China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Eastern Airlines”), which means that China Eastern Airlines will become one of the few in Tianhe alliance