Bill Gates guest star in American TV series

It home December 12 news today the sixth season of the American drama “Silicon Valley” ushered in the finale. Bill Gates guest starred in one of the important roles is himself. As the founder and former CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates expressed his confusion about the reasons for the failure of Piper’s entrepreneurship.
Silicon Valley describes four unsociable but brilliant computer programmers who are specially cared for by millionaires who depend on Internet sites to make their fortune. They can live in his home for free, but if their project is successful in the future, he will take a 10% stake. At first, these people failed to persuade a billionaire to invest in their project, so they returned to their original jobs. The billionaire and one of the company’s computer programmers soon realized that their new file compression algorithm had immeasurable business potential, and a heated battle began.
In November, Bill Gates recommended Silicon Valley in his blog. If you want to understand how Silicon Valley works, you should watch the HBO TV series, he said.
Silicon Valley tells the story of pied piper, an Internet start-up company, and how a group of people who are not good at working with others try to make their ideas come true and compete with technology giant Hooli. The venture touched gates.
“It’s satirical, so it exaggerates, but like all great satires, it captures a lot of substance.” “I feel familiar with most of the different personalities in the TV series,” Gates wrote
What gates felt the most was Richard Hendricks, the founder of pied piper. He was a first-class programmer, but he learned some painful lessons in management.
Of course, Gates also tucking aside one aspect of the play: Pied Piper is described with extraordinary ability, while Hooli, such as Google and Microsoft, has been described as incompetent.

Grandma’s funeral

Grandma struggled with the disease for many years, and finally did not escape the magic of death. From then on, so hard-working hands will no longer have temperature, numbness and cold forever. I’ve written about my grandmother before. Although I don’t get along with her very much, I always feel sorry and miss her because I didn’t attend her funeral. And I remember many things about her. Although many of them were told by my mother, I still admire my grandmother.
When she was young, she and her grandfather had six children in the village. My mother was the youngest daughter. At that time, the family conditions were very poor. It was even more difficult to raise six children. Fortunately, both of them were strong. Grandpa depended on farming to support the whole family. Grandma worked at home all day to take care of their mothers and children. In addition, they also had to raise livestock and take care of all the small and large things in the family. When my mother grew up, they could have enjoyed the joyment of family, but the death of my grandfather brought a heavy blow to my grandmother, and the children also had to work outside, rarely go home. In order not to drag their children, she could only stay alone in the familiar village, until my second aunt gave her the children, she was full of joy, even if not with them. The child has broken her heart, and she is very happy, her life is such a continuous hard cycle.
I would go to my grandmother’s house for a few days on vacation. I always quarreled with my brother, but none of her participated in the quarrel. She always acted as if she had nothing to do with her time. When our quarrel stopped, she would bring us two candies from the jar. My brother and I smiled instantly.
The last time I saw my grandmother was after the college entrance examination. It was the Dragon Boat Festival. When my mother came to pick me up from school, she went directly to my grandmother’s house. At that time, my grandmother’s condition was very unoptimistic. She always felt dizzy. Every day she relied on expensive drugs to temporarily stop the pain. She still wrapped the dumplings happily. We all knew that she was afraid that we would not be able to eat the dumplings she handbagged. Zheng didn’t like rice dumplings very much, but I still ate seven with tears, so I didn’t eat anything else. Grandma thought I liked it very much, and she was going to pack some more for us to take home. I finally failed to control myself and cried out. My mother knew I was crying because of my grandmother, but she didn’t want to destroy her good mood and comfort. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t do well in the exam. It won’t take another year to study. How can we all support you?” I cried and didn’t give any answer. Then my grandmother took me to her not very bright room and took out a string of wood-carved beads with me. These beads were from her management of a small temple when she was young. Now they can smell the scent of incense wood. She helps. I smiled and said to me, “How can my great grandson do badly in the exam? If you wear this string of pearls and Bodhisattvas to protect you from going to college, Grandma will also follow you to enjoy happiness.” I smiled at Grandma and looked at the string of pearls and thought, how can Grandma be so simple, how can this string of pearls protect me? If this string of pearls really will protect me, I must. My grandmother is healthy and healthy to accompany me, she is so simple, I hope that time will always stay at that moment, the next day I took her bag of zongzi and beads home, she still like to send us to the fish pond below the home, I walked a few broken roads and can see her looking at us, until I could not see her, then neither I nor she thought that this was a farewell. !
After a few months, I went to college as I wished, and the beads that my grandmother gave me came to light, but my wish didn’t come true. My mother called me and told me that my grandmother had died and that the funeral would be held immediately because I was too far away. My mother told me not to go back. Anyway, there was no room left. I was numb and could not shed tears, but it was more painful. She had been hospitalized before. Two days before her death, she had difficulty breathing, stopped eating and began to speak vaguely. But she still insisted on returning to her hometown. The doctor also said that she might not be able to stand up and everyone could not find her, so she had to be sent back to her hometown. She had to leave us forever in the rush of the country road.
My uncle had a grand funeral for my grandmother. He came to mourn her great life and carved dishes as a memorial, which became the only way for me to watch her funeral. I didn’t expect that I would attend my grandmother’s funeral in this way. When I saw the dishes and some pictures, I felt sad for a long time and couldn’t calm down. Memories seem to return to childhood holidays, the pond under Grandma’s house and small fish are moving, warning that it’s going to rain, and we and Grandma gathered together to pack up the food in front of the door. In spring, Grandma will take us to grow melons and order beans, and then we will make trouble specially and follow Grandma home in the drizzle; in summer, Grandma will pick watermelons in the field to cool us and quench our thirst in the hot sun; in autumn, she will always give me a lot of fruits and vegetables to bring home; in winter, Grandma is not busy outside, but she is preparing food for the New Year. I always cook delicious sausages and bacon for me to eat; now, only familiar villages and I, but less amiable grandmother, I hope I am still a child, no relatives leave the trouble, grandmother is still that grandmother, there is no pain that can not escape.

Paper dragonfly

In my long teenage years, there was a chapter that belonged only to the balcony of my family, which was 5 square meters long.
The hot sun baked the city like a hot potato. I didn’t stay in the classroom depressed like other girls and let the fans blow all over the place. The bone injury of the left ankle is the most grand reason for truancy.
Hiding on the balcony of my home, looking at the clouds through the dense and unusual ornamental plants, I have only one pastime for the whole summer. Living on the top floor nearest to the sky, but without a pair of wings to fly, is a waste of resources. Naturally, the mood will not be as bright as the sunshine. When a girl begins to learn to observe the world with her own eyes, her sensitive mind is always the first to experience sadness.
The little bamboo basket tied to the rope was thrown out of the balcony by me. Put it down, pull it up, toss and turn again and again, killing a lot of empty and lonely time. You can’t catch fish in the air, but I found a basket of paper dragonflies. A small card, with the smell of tobacco on it, and the elegant and neat handwriting of a man: When you are in a bad mood, let them go!
The unexpected gains are always gratifying. I immediately picked a rose I planted from the pot, and I was eager to give back this strange gift.
“Thank you. It’s the first time I’ve received someone else’s flowers. How beautiful!
That afternoon, the sky was blue and clear, there was no cicada crying obscurely, there was no wind.
For a long time afterwards, I communicated with the men downstairs in such a strange and interesting way as to convey messages to each other. I often put the basket down slowly with a feeling of uneasiness. Every time, I can recover a few warm and interesting words and all kinds of paper dragonflies. He was an ordinary night-old teacher who lived downstairs with his family; he was 14 years older than me and called me “little children” kindly like his own children; he said that paper dragonflies were his favorite toys in childhood, and told me how to make them….
Sometimes downstairs came the harsh voice of women, which I could not understand in Wenzhou dialect. He never mentioned these private topics to me, nor did he ask me why I played truant, nor did he invite me downstairs to sit down. We all carefully reserve the last inch of space for each other.
I don’t know how long this kind of life will last. Five square meters of balcony, small paper dragonflies give me too much happiness and secrets. The melancholy and sadness inherent in the teenage years were offset by the tolerance and patience of the strange man downstairs.
Turning in the hot night, the noise downstairs disturbs my mood at all times. Hysterical women swear loudly, children cry hoarsely, and heavy objects hit the floor countless times. I pricked up my ears, but I couldn’t find the man’s voice. His silence made the night extremely frightening.
The next morning, standing on the balcony, I saw a large piece of paper dragonflies flying through the grass downstairs.
Before long, the man downstairs moved away. The small basket tied to the rope drifted solitary outside the balcony on the top floor, and nothing was salvaged.


The moment she opened the door, I was stunned. Want to escape.
It’s only four years since I saw my former one-bedroom classmate. Now I live in the only mansion in Singapore with a swimming pool and golf practice ground on a hilltop. When I climbed half way up the hill, I saw a sign saying that this road leads to private property. Please go around.
Do you know the concept of private housing in Singapore? Of course, in terms of momentum and breadth, it would be inferior to the Updown Court Village Villa in Windshan Village, UK, but in terms of unit area, it would be more expensive than the top 10 houses in the world. I’ve read newspaper reports that an old couple divorced and sold their common property, a dilapidated and dilapidated building, to the tune of 15 million new coins, doubting whether they could find a buyer’s house to dispose of.
So when I climbed up the 163-metre “peak” on foot and turned around to touch the foreign house hidden by green trees, the first thought that came to my mind was that the owner of the house must be a huge sum of money, and I should have paid more for the tuition.
Then I met the man who I used to despise, and she was the mistress of the house.
She also froze, and then gently and charmingly smiled and said, “My daughter’s tutor is you?”
I followed her into the hall, where the glazed ceiling lamp fell from four floors to nearly overhead, looking like a drop of water melting from a snow-covered mountain. The decoration of the hall is full of splendid European court-style vulgarity, which is really in line with her past temperament. Of course, to see her again today is extremely simple and elegant, as if she had been married.
I followed her up to the fourth floor and felt the softness of the wool under her feet when I stepped on a carpet as thick as a pine needle. My stomach is beginning to pan-shanxi vinegar-like acid. Think of that year, we were all studying East Asian history in the United States. I was so tired that my eyes and nose were swollen that I spent all day thinking about how to win the hard-won half prize in order to avoid the fate of working in restaurants. If you mix well, you can’t find a research assistant position in a university after graduation, and then start boiling a green card. And she, the one who didn’t want to make progress, spent all day facing the only mirror in the dormitory, decorated herself, occupied the toilet in the morning and wasted half an hour just washing her face, so that I hated itchy teeth, and finally, unexpectedly… Life is like a play!
As I climbed the stairs, I concealed my envy and jealousy. I said lightly, “If you climb up and down the fourth floor every day, you’ll also exercise.” She looked up and led the way ahead and said, “No, there’s an elevator next to the building, but usually I don’t come up. It’s the servant who takes the teacher to the children’s room. Today, because it’s you, I’ll take you there myself.”
Her child is only two years old, and her speech is incomplete, but she has invited a tutor to start learning Chinese. In my impression, she should have graduated from the Chinese Department of Nantah University before. She would not be a little worse than my Chinese Department of Peking University. She did not know what music she put up. It was only when she entered the room that she and her daughter spoke English – and with a genuine Singaporean accent, they had a taste of Hainan chicken rice.
After an hour of class, she waited for me to have afternoon tea in the downstairs lobby.
The two chatted irrelevantly. She asked me how I came to Singapore, and I answered that no matter how hard I worked in the United States, it was very difficult for me to stay in this major. Halfway through the doctor’s study, he finally woke up and rushed to Singapore to seek gold for the sake of China’s strength. It’s very popular to teach Chinese here. If you work hard, you can still get along well with it.
She couldn’t help asking, “How much do you make every month?”
I answered, “If the class is fully scheduled and you work hard, you can get four or five thousand when you are full. With contributions to newspapers, six or seven thousand is always okay.” I already know I can’t compare with her, but before I met her, I was always proud of my income.
She breathed a sigh of relief, revealing that she had been uneven before. She spent a lot of money in the United States. During the two years with my classmates, she wore braces and eventually formed her teeth like scallops. She drew a beautiful arc at the corner of her mouth: “You can see, it’s better to do well than to marry well.” I don’t know how to live if I only have seven thousand dollars a month.”
If it had been four years ago, I would have despised her as an unproductive parasite and had been dreaming of marrying into a luxury class all day long. At that time, she laughed at me and said that the purpose of women’s reading was not to feed themselves, but to add value to the charm of their marriage. If they really concentrate on getting in, they will inevitably be aiming at people with glasses as thick as beer bottle caps.
But after four years of drifting away, my painstaking knowledge left me hungry for half a year and unable to find a job. Even the flight tickets to Singapore were sponsored by my first love, which I had abandoned for driving me out. I could not take the courage to ridicule. Even when people mocked me, I couldn’t help showing great admiration.
Some people always have a clear mind, every step of life is calculated clearly, and youth as an investment, in the coming decades will continue to have returns.
Some people, on the other hand, always follow the trend, and only follow the trend when people are profitable and then be trapped.
This is fate. You can’t escape.
I do not intend to continue to uphold my nobility. I don’t intend to continue wasting my last resources at the age of 30.
Suddenly, I put the vinegar jar flat, especially sincerely consulted: “Sister, you taught me a few tricks, how did you pick honey from the flowers? How did you catch your distinguished brother-in-law in that crowd? If I don’t learn any more, I’ve spent another four years. Life can’t always pay tuition. You have to save the victims, do charity to sympathize with me, pity me, let me quickly step into the luxury and do not shake out.
She smiled.
Mix some rose tea for me and say, “It’s very simple. All you have to do on a rainy night is to hold an oil-paper umbrella with Chinese characteristics, put on a cheongsam-style silk cardigan, step on a pair of embroidered shoes, stand under the bank corridor and wait to see a handsome man coming out of the turning door and driving a Mercedes-Bentley or Bentley. You rush past, brush the car and fall down, throw down the rain-soaked oil-paper umbrella, and lie quietly in front of the car. Waiting handsome man will get out of the car at a loss, rush to your side, call you, and shake you, you slowly open your eyes, rain mixed with tears falling along the eyelashes, difficult to stand up, a bite of teeth said, I’m all right, and then limp and hurry away, leaving handsome man alone guilty. If he doesn’t catch up, you fold up to get the oil-paper umbrella, pass by him, and then dizzily stroke his head, waiting for him to help. He’ll leave you a business card. You are not in a hurry to go to CALL, but when his thoughts and feelings are piled up everywhere, you call him again and say hello timidly – he’s yours.
I really want to throw myself into the ground.
“Can you imagine such a classic? You are really… Idol!
“I didn’t think of this classic. When Eileen Chang saw Hu Lancheng, I adopted the detached dress. Later, the wife of Tan Dun colluded with Tan Dun. I told you long ago that the purpose of reading is not to learn.”
I have benefited a lot.
After I get the Sutra, I will return to my native land. I have all these tricks. Why should I be confined to a place like Singapore? I want to go back to China, to my haunting homeland. In China, those who drive Mercedes-Benz BMW must be officials and businessmen if they are not the Soviet Party. Take one as you like, and you’ll never worry about eating or drinking in your life. Don’t talk to me about love or career, I want to reach the climax of life as fast as possible.
I planned it.
I’ve been staring at that man for days. He drives BMW 7. He always hangs out alone. He lives in a big villa in the suburbs. He’s not old, either.
I held an oil-paper umbrella, wore a cheongsam like a night dress, wrapped my chest like a golden armor, stepped on a pair of embroidered shoes of Su embroidery and Haizhu. On the rainy night, on his way back from the bar to the villa, he happened to brush the body of his car and fell down. I closed my eyes, waited for him to get out of the car and lift me up, gave him a sad look, and then tortured him for the rest of his life.
He got out of the car.
Come nearer, he comes nearer, and I open my eyelids that I cut according to Korean cosmetology, and I fall in love with him at one glance.
But he didn’t leave. He gave me a frightened look and suddenly turned around and went straight into the driver’s seat.
He started backing up.
Want to run away! My Millennium spider is very difficult to cloth the web! I was about to get up when he fell back and slammed on the accelerator.——
I see
The BMW Seven crossed over my head, crushing my newly cut eyelids to pieces and splitting my arms and legs. And he poured back and forth several times, until my blood stained the whole tire into the sun.
He said to the fragments of my body, “I’m sorry. It’s better to die than to crush you to pieces. Everyone’s mind is saved.”
Now I wander between hell and heaven.
On my left, Diana and Grace Kelly are playing poker, and on my right, Jean-fei, Princess Yang and Mu Guiying are playing mahjong. When they saw me, they looked at me lightly and cut a line: “What’s good about marrying into a big family?” Where have you read all your books?
I laughed and asked, “Are my sisters waiting for me, and I’ll just have a table when I arrive?” After that, sit at the table. Yang Guifei stared at me and said, “You are still a mile away from being a real fruit like us. You come here to see tea.”