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Shenzhen Gu brothers Technology Co., Ltd. is a technical laser processing enterprise specializing in design, production and sales of channel gate machine series. Gu brothers has been committed to the R & D and application of three roll gate, swing gate, wing gate, turnstile and other channel gate core technologies, and gradually improved the integrated application of a series of products with channel gate as the core, such as plate cutting, bending, grooving, laser cutting, CNC punching and access control channel. It has become a reliable channel gate supplier in this industry. Gu brothers have strong technical force, 深圳福田有上门一炮的吗 theoretical innovation, and constantly develop new products to meet market demand. The product has exquisite appearance, high quality, complete functions, stable operation and high cost performance. With the development of intelligent technology, the intelligent channel has been developed for more than ten years, and the intelligent channel has been integrated into the traditional life and service for users. Strong technical force, with professional electronic 增槎路美丽汇桑拿 engineers and mechanical engineers, theoretical innovation, people-oriented, market-oriented, constantly develop all kinds of new products to meet the needs of the market and customers, and constantly integrate intelligent high-tech products into all fields of modern life, so as to achieve advanced management, convenient, safe and reliable. It is widely used in enterprises 罗湖富临大酒店桑拿怎么样 and institutions, shopping malls, troops, intelligent communities, stations and tourist attractions. In line with the design concept of “pursuing details” and “humanization”, Gu brothers strives to improve each product and meet various functional requirements, * realizing easy integration, easy installation and easy maintenance to a large extent, so that Gu brothers channel gate products are at the leading level in the industry. Gu brothers emphasize that 深圳市南山区不正规按摩 technology, quality, service as the core competitiveness, close to demand, beyond expectations as the direction of development. If you have relevant needs with the project, you are welcome to contact us at any time.
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Female teacher receives geography love letter

Some chemistry teachers make the periodic table of elements into songs, and some mathematics teachers make the last question of the sprint test paper into poems Every time I see such news, I have to sigh: it’s not easy to be a teacher these days, not only to strive for strength, but also to strive for creativity.
These days, a geography teacher in Jinhua Binhong senior high school became angry. Because she received 700 love letters in just four days.
More than 200 students
I wrote 700 love letters in two days
The teacher who received the love letter is Ding Xiaohan, the geography teacher of Binhong senior high school. The love letter comes from her senior one (9), (10), (11) and (12) classes.
In fact, “love letter” is written by Mr. Ding and requires “geographic edition”. The reason why I have this idea is that I just learned the content of geography compulsory one, and I want to combine it with interest, let the students “change from passive to active”, and read the textbook again.
At the beginning of the arrangement, Mr. Ding was not at the bottom of his mind. He was so busy with his studies. He was afraid that the students would conflict with this form of homework.
Unexpectedly, in just four days, more than 200 students have submitted 700 works, basically every student has submitted them, the most is Lin Ranran of class 10, who wrote 15 works by himself.
These “love letters” cover a wide range of knowledge, involving geography compulsory one, compulsory two, compulsory three, regional geography, and even the contents of elective modules, which are far beyond Mr. Ding’s expectation.
Take a look at some of the love letters. I don’t know anything about geography. I really can’t understand them.
You are the cold port of Vladivostok
I’m the port of Murmansk that never freezes
I keep my heart forever
Waiting for you to enter my world
This “love letter” was written by Luo Linxiang, a freshman in Grade 9, who likes geography silently. Occasionally, he comes to Mr. Ding’s office to ask some questions. The geographical knowledge covered by “love poems” is two famous ports in Russia: Vladivostok port (Vladivostok), which is affected by the cold current of thousand islands and has a long freezing period. Affected by the North Atlantic warm current, the port of Murmansk is not frozen all year round.
I was a gray limestone
One day I will be transformed into
A fine marble
Shi tianxinyu, a senior 1 (9) student with a good geographical record, handed in 10 articles in total, including the transformation among the three major rocks. Limestone metamorphism became the knowledge point of marble.
Like how you can be dignified
I want to cross like a cold front
Cloudy, windy, snowy
This song, written by Jiang Gang, a senior one (10) class, is a favorite of Mr. Ding. It is rainy, snowy and windy when cold front passes through the country, showing the feeling of “bullying” when he likes it.
Students call teachers “super baby”
Teachers are only seven years older than students
To receive so many homework, Mr. Ding himself did not expect. One of the reasons is that she is popular among her classmates.
Born in 1996, Mr. Ding graduated from Zhejiang Normal University and studied geography. He took part in the work in September this year. Now, most of these senior one students were born in 2003. In other words, Mr. Ding is only seven years older than them.
Mr. Ding has a nickname – “super baby”. This is the name of teacher Ding’s U disk. Once it was discovered by her classmates. Everyone thought it was very close to her with the head of the ball tied. Slowly the nickname spread.
“Every student is a warm individual. When they like school and geography from the heart, they will feel the joy of active learning.” In order to improve the students’ enthusiasm for learning, Mr. Ding has not spared no effort. In addition to this “love letter”, she once printed out a black-and-white world map for students to fill in colors. “At that time,” secret garden “color filling was very popular. Imitate it and remember the world climate distribution while playing.”
This time, the students wrote “love letters”, and Mr. Ding could not be idle. She specially bought many blank postcards from the Internet, and was going to choose some “love letters” to make pictures and print them. These star postcards will be presented to her classmates as New Year gifts.

Spurs 4-0 Crystal Palace beat their rivals

At 22:00 p.m. Beijing time on September 14, Spurs host Crystal Palace in the fifth round of the Premier League. In the first half of the match, Sun Xingtu scored twice with a cut shot and a volley, and contributed two good passes to create the goal, with Spurs leading 4-0. In the second half of the match, neither side made any progress. At the end of the game, Spurs won the first four rounds with a 4-0 victory at home.
Spurs 4-0 Crystal Palace beat their opponents to win the first four rounds
On the evening of September 14, Beijing time, Spurs play Crystal Palace at home in the 5th round of the Premier League. Sun Xingtu scored two yuan in the first half. Oliye’s cross caused Van Anholt Oolong. Kane assisted Lameira to break the door. Neither side made any progress in the second half, and Spurs finally won 4-0 at Crystal Palace. Relevant Reading: Blow! Sun Xingtu made four balls in the half! Mei Kai Two Degrees + Two Great Passes
In the first minute, a long shot from outside the Winks penalty area, the ball was above the beam. In the 6th minute, Kane received a long pass from Aldwell and shot in the penalty area, but was confiscated by the goalkeeper.
In the 10th minute, Aldwell’s long pass in the back court, Sun Xingtu cut the ball perfectly after stopping, shot hard with his left foot to break the deadlock, and Spurs led 1-0.
Premier League – Sun Xingpumei’s second-degree Ramela’s breakthrough at Spurs 4-0 Crystal Palace
In the 19th minute, Lori confiscated the low-angle shot near Ayu’s forbidden zone line. In the 21st minute, Sun Xingtu’s excellent pass in front of the restricted area and Oliye’s right pass in the middle resulted in Van Anholt Oolong, Spurs 2-0 ahead of Crystal Palace.
Premier League – Sun Xingpumei’s second-degree Ramela’s breakthrough at Spurs 4-0 Crystal Palace
In the 23rd minute, Oliye returned the peach and plum with an arc on the right. Sun Xingtu volleyed his left foot into the air to break the door and Spurs 3-0 Crystal Palace.
In the 36th minute, a long-range shot from outside the Winks penalty area, the ball deflected from the post. In the 42nd minute, Sun Xingtu counterattacked the long-distance attack and passed Cain again. The latter assisted Ramela in the right-hand pass, which led Spurs by four goals in the half.
Premier League – Sun Xingpumei’s second-degree Ramela’s breakthrough at Spurs 4-0 Crystal Palace
In the second half of the match, the two sides changed sides and fought again. In the 46th minute, a low shot in the Winks area was thrown out of the bottom line by the opposing goalkeeper. In the 51st minute, Crystal Palace scored a free kick on the right side of the front court. The free kick opened and Cahill headed the ball in the middle of the penalty area, which was released by Spurs goalkeeper Lolito. In the 63rd minute, Sun Xingtu took advantage of speed to eat Sarko and shot from a small angle on the right side of the restricted area on the side net. In the 69th minute, Sun Xingtu scored the ball to the left, Danny Ross crossed, and Oliye’s volley was blocked by the defender.
In the 79th minute, Sissoko’s mistake was broken, Crystal Palace counterattacked, Bentek’s left foot shot, but hit the Spurs player, and Lori finally threw him underneath. In the 87th minute, Zaha’s shot was powerless and was easily confiscated by Lori. At the end of the game, Spurs beat Crystal Palace 4-0 at home and won the first four rounds. Now they have eight points after five rounds.
Spurs start: 1-Lori, 24-Oriyer, 4-Aldwell, 5-Wilton Heng, 3-Danny-Ross (76’33-Ben-Davis), 17-Musa-Sissoko, 8-Winks (67’28-Ndonberai), 11-Ramera, 23-Eriksson, 7-Sun Xingbo, 10-Harry-Kane (85’27-Lucas-Mora)
Crystal Palace starters: 31-Guaita, 3-Van Anholt, 12-Sarko, 24-Gary-Cahill, 2-Ward, 15-Schlup, 8-Kuat (76’22-McCarthy), 4-Milivojevich, 10-Thomson (85’23-Camarasa), 9-Jordan-Ayo (71’17-Bentek), 11-Zaha


Spring Festival Life

If you ask what day is the busiest, your answer must be the Spring Festival. I like the Spring Festival. Why? Please listen to me carefully.
On the eve of Spring Festival, adults will prepare a lot of beef, mutton, vegetables and fruits. We can stick couplets, Spring Festival couplets.
According to legend, this festival existed in Yao and Shun dynasties in China. The oracle bone inscriptions in Yin and Shang dynasties also recorded the Spring Festival. There was a custom of celebrating 桑拿佛山the first Spring Festival. However, it was difficult to determine whether the calendar was accurate or not. In 104 BC, the first year of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, the people of China created the “Taichu Calendar”. It is clearly stipulated that the first month of the lunar calendar shall be the first year of the year. From then on, the custom of the lunar new year has spread for more than 2000 years. Until the founding of New China and the change to AD, the festival will be changed to the Spring Festival.
In our country’s oldest written records, there are many stories about the first year of the year. The month of December and the new spring are just the leisure seasons after the “harvest in autumn and harvest in桑拿广州 winter”. Zheng Xuan of the Han Dynasty also said that at the beginning of the first year of the year, “labouring farmers to rest”. Take our words today, it means the combination of work and leisure.
So how did the Spring Festival come about? Legend has it that long ago, a young man named Wannian saw that the festivals were chaotic and wanted to set the time. One day, he went up to the mountains to cut firewood, sat down under the shade of trees and rested. The movement of the shadows inspired him. He designed a sundial for measuring the sun’s shadow. However, it was cloudy, rainy and foggy, which affected the measurement. Later, the dripping springs on the cliffs aroused his interest. He started to make five leaking pots. Over the years, he found that every 360 days, the length of the day would be repeated.
At that time, the emperor was Zuyi. The unexpected weather made him very distressed. A minister named Aheng, in order to please the emperor, said to set up a roof to worship the gods. Zuyi thought it was reasonable to lead hundreds of officials to worship the gods, but it was no use. After thousands of years of knowing, he could not help but bring a sundial and a leaky pot to the emperor, and told Zuyi the truth about the operation of the sun and the moon. After Zu Yi listened to Longyan Dayue, he felt reasonable. So he left the ten thousand years behind and built the Sun and Moon Pavilion in front of the Temple of Heaven, built the sundial platform and the leaky pot pavilion, and sent twelve children to wait for ten thousand years. Zu Yi said to Wannian, “I hope you can measure the law of 广州桑拿the sun and the moon, calculate the exact time of morning and evening, and create a calendar for the benefit of the people of Li under the world.”
On one occasion, Zu Yi ordered Aheng to know the progress of the ten thousand year test calendar. When he climbed the Temple of Sun and Moon, he saw some words written on the stone wall beside the Temple of Heaven. When Aheng saw them, he knew that the calendar had been studied successfully. He was afraid that the emperor would reuse him and assassinate him in Japan for ten thousand years. As a result, the assassin was caught by the guards and Zu knew that. Afterwards, Aheng was punished and went to the Sun and Moon Pavilion to visit Wannian in person. Wannian pointed to the sky and said to Zuyi, “Now it is 12 months old, the old age is over, the new spring starts again, and pray for the king to set a festival.” Zu Yi said, “Spring is the way of the year. It’s called the Spring Festival.”
Winter went to spring, year after year, and later, after long-term observation and careful calculation, an accurate solar calendar was formulated. Later, in order to commemorate the achievements of the ten thousand years, the solar day was named “the ten thousand year calendar” and sealed as the sun, moon and longevity star. Later, people put up the map of longevity star in the New Year, according to legend, in order to commemorate the ten thousand years.

Rational treatment of mobile phones

I do not know when, the campus began to be full of games and gossip, Langlang book sound gradually buried in the gossip sound. Instead of blushing over the correct answer to a puzzle, students talk about how we can get through that level in the game and kill the monster. It is not uncommon for schools to prohibit the use of mobile phones. Why has an invention originally benefiting mankind become a major obstacle to learning? What are these reasons? I think it is worth thinking slowly.
One aspect of mobile phone’s desire to stop is mainly because of its eye-catching games and gossip news. Various kinds of information have been refreshing our own views. Mobile phones have kidnapped us a lot of time. Especially for students, mobile phones really become a harmful invention for students. They stay up late and play games. They keep brushing their mobile phones in class. These actions not only make them unable to learn more knowledge in school, but also seriously damage the students’mental and physical health. In addition, what’s more, those students cheat their parents for the so-called high-end mobile phones, and they have conflicts with teachers over and over again. These actions are all caused by the popularity of mobile phones, which is really harmful to these people but not beneficial.
In order to be able to accompany with mobile phones all day, some students rack their brains to fight against schools and teachers. They play 36 tricks, all kinds of proficiency, all kinds of tricks. Sometimes both teachers and parents are helpless. If students spend their minds on mobile phones, they will probably be addicted to virtual networks, and eventually become decadent both in study and in life.
The common phenomenon of mobile phone use is becoming younger and younger. From the staff who have entered the society to the students from middle school to junior high school, mobile phones have become the most headache for teachers and parents. Is it not the fault of mobile phones that teachers and schools and you forbid mobile phones to be brought into the campus, they use signal shielding devices to prevent students from playing with mobile phones in class. All this is to prevent students from sinking into mobile phones. But these methods can not fundamentally solve the problem of students playing mobile phones. In order to solve the problem of students playing mobile phones thoroughly, we must cultivate students’self-control and resistance to temptation. Mobile phone is a very good learning aid, it can be used as a reference book, but also after class we can learn some, so that we have better skills. But because some students do not have self-control, they are tempted by mobile phones again and again. The various software and functions on mobile phones make them fall into the trap again and again. Although mobile phones have a serious impact on middle school students, we must look at things rationally. Everything has two sides. We can’t generalize it on the whole. If you don’t have self-control and can’t control yourself, don’t complain about the shortcomings brought by mobile phones. If we want mobile phones to really play their role. We must start from ourselves, from the individual, and improve our self-control and patience. Only a person with strong self-control will not be shaken by the temptation of the outside world. Secondly, we should. Clear their own goals, distinguish primary and secondary, the first priority of students is to learn. Mobile phone should only be used as an entertainment tool in your daily life. Besides mobile phone, there are more beautiful nature, such as blue sky, green land, clear and lovely river. If you give up part of your cell phone, you will be able to appreciate real happiness instead of just using these virtual things to paralyze your nerves. Put down your cell phone and see the new world outside. The world is really beautiful. The world is big. You should go out for a walk.
Mobile phone, it is a double-edged sword, with good words, it can bring us great convenience, otherwise it will only harm but not benefit. Use mobile phones correctly, treat them rationally, and don’t let them become a tool to corrupt you. Mobile phones should be the ladder of your progress, the stepping stone of your success, and should not be the stumbling block to become your burden. At our present age, learning will be a fact, and our future road will be a more relaxed choice. When you can’t control yourself, think about the road ahead is still so long, so far away, there are still many things waiting for you to complete in the future, you still have so many goals to achieve? And there’s a long way to go from your dream. Are you willing to sink? Are you willing to lag behind? And you use mobile phones, using mobile phones to bring us greater benefits. Only in this way can you get closer and closer to your dream, sacrifice the present moment’s comfort, and maybe later you will be so free, a freedom to choose the job you want, a freedom to choose the life you want. In the future, your standard of living may also be improved.
Learn to use mobile phones with me. Instead of drifting with the tide and using mobile phones for recreation with others. You are a big child, you have to learn to be responsible for your own future, you have to learn to restrain yourself, do not let your youth full of regrets, do not let your youth destroyed in the mobile phone, rational view of mobile phones, rational use of mobile phones, from you and me.