Ghana Football Association announced its dissolution

According to foreign media, Ghana disbanded all coaches and technical teams of its men’s and women’s national team due to serious corruption. In recent years, Ghana football has opened up the world’s eyes because of its open and close approach. In 2018, because the president of Ghana Football Association was exposed to bribery, the Ghanaian government directly announced the dissolution of Ghana Football Association, and a new football association was established one year later. Today, the decisive attack of Ghana Football Association is also amazing.
It is estimated that seeing this news, many Chinese fans can’t help thinking about when Chinese football will come out like this. In fact, most of the fans think that the Football Association, as the competent unit of Chinese football, is responsible for the worsening of Chinese football over the years. At that time, many officials, big and small, in the Chinese Football Association, including the president of the association at that time, were defeated. All the Football Association presidents left behind are not achievements but quotations and a joke. We are all very sorry that our relevant departments did not show the courage of Ghanaian people, directly disbanded the football association and expected to welcome the unanimous support of the fans.
From the perspective of the new policies and handling styles released by the new football association leadership, the leadership of the new football association is still changing the soup and not changing the dressing. The slogans are loud, and the actual work is still in place, even backward. Basically, all the policies are in the head. The table is fixed. A pat on the thigh, it’s broken. A pat on the ass, gone.
The football association has set a 23-year-old protection clause, which is a bad idea. Players on the court don’t depend on their strength, but also on their age. 23 years old still needs protection, and there is no room for growth.
Youth training are all shouting, no one really do it, because pay more, effect is slow, in addition to the results are successors, the current who are not willing to do this brain bag thing.
There are so many changes in policy, and often only one boot is thrown, which makes every club wait for the damn second boot to fall?
Li Tie is not bad, but since we have domesticated players, why don’t we let Scolari take over as a direct successor? We can run in the team and get familiar with the team for more than half a year. For the next 12. Was it just because Scolari stood up for programmers? I can see that the script of the Russian world cup is going to be repeated!

20000 monthly salary for pig breeding

Some time ago, there was a saying in the circle of friends: pork is 60 kilos. How about the coming winter? Where is the sausage? Where is bacon? Who do you want the radish stewed with? What do you think of cabbage and vermicelli? Potatoes are too annoying. Where is the pickled dried vegetables? Where to buckle?
In 2018, a large number of pigs have been culled since the outbreak of African swine fever in China.
Pork prices keep refreshing, one a day. From 10 yuan a Jin soared to 30-40 yuan a Jin, can not afford to eat pork netizens have ridiculed themselves. “Now think about the time when the teacher asked me to go home and raise pigs for my good”, “today I go to buy pork, the boss asked me whether I should pay in full or in down payment”, “have you realized the freedom of pork”
The imbalance between supply and demand has led to a sharp rise in pork prices, and pig enterprises have made a lot of profits. No, today, a recruitment advertisement released by a listed company has become a hot topic#
Salary: 20000 yuan / month for undergraduate, 22000 yuan / month for master, 24000 yuan / month for doctor, which is quite attractive
The teacher used to say that he could only go home and raise pigs if he didn’t study hard. Now he understands the teacher’s good intentions, but he may not have dreamed of it. Now he has a doctor’s degree in pig farming
In line with the purpose of a stall, I read this recruitment ad (in advance, I am not interested in this position, um, not interested. Ah, it’s sour.)
So, where to see this company recruitment is pig!
At present, the development of all walks of life is becoming more and more refined, and more attention is paid to quality. That’s especially true for our catering related industries. High-end technical talents have become the focus of competition in various industries. Therefore, they should also want to better promote the development of enterprises through the power of technology.
Of course, the phenomenon of constantly improving the requirements of the industry is everywhere.
Just like the coming of the second child era, the whole Yuesao industry is booming. Our previous cognition is that these groups are generally young and middle-aged people with low education background. Now it is reported that the average monthly salary of sister-in-law is 9795 yuan, and more and more people with bachelor’s degree. Of course, the current moon sister-in-law is not as single as the previous needs, cooking and cleaning children. Know some basic nursing knowledge, medical knowledge and other professional skills will be more popular.
In the face of more and more fierce industry competition, only to improve their own strength will not be lost. This problem, huluwa group has not been able to relax. After all, it has always been adhering to the “mission of making the Internet more secure and credible”, providing all-round Internet security solutions such as Internet security authentication, electronic contract, network security, SSL certificate, level protection evaluation, etc. it has also been using leading technology, and constantly hiring industry-leading talents, that is to It can provide better services for users and contribute to the development of Internet Security and credibility.

70 Years of People’s Memory

Seventy Years of People’s Memory – Seventy Years of City Take You to See the Development of Xuancheng Real Estate Market
Seventy years, seventy glorious years, seventy years of glorious journey, seventy years of progress, the development and rise of New China bears the wind and frost of history, precipitating the memory of the Chinese people can not be replicated.
Jingting Mountain, Xuancheng
Xuancheng, formerly known as Wanling and Xuanzhou, is located in the southeast of Anhui Province, east of Hangzhou and Huzhou in Zhejiang Province, south of Huangshan Mountain, West and northwest of Chizhou and Wuhu City, north and northeast of Maanshan and Nanjing, Changzhou and Wuxi in Jiangsu Province. It is located on the Western waist line of the Shanghai-Ningxia-Hangzhou Delta. The city belt of Anhui River undertakes industrial transfer. One wing of the transfer demonstration area is the frontier position for the central region to undertake industrial and capital transfer in the eastern region, the central city of the convergence area of Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and the important channel for the southeast coast to communicate with the mainland.
Xuancheng is officially designated as G60 in 2018. Now Xuancheng is in the rapid development area of the Yangtze River Delta.
Xuancheng real estate market is also in the rapid development stage, from the former earthen brick to the present high-rise building, from the former local small housing enterprises, to the present national large housing enterprises.
On the 70th anniversary of our motherland, cheer for our motherland and be proud of Xuancheng!


Dai Zhikang surrendered himself

Dai Zhikang, chairman of Securities and Exchange Group, once said publicly that in all directions of development in the financial system, he preferred P2P.
Another big man planted on P2P.
According to Titanium media, Dai Zhikang, chairman of Zhengda Group, surrendered himself to the case and his company was suspected of illegal fund-raising. At present, 41 people have been detained in prison and the assets involved have been seized.
According to 21st century economic reports, the total capital involved in Dai Zhikang’s platform of “fishing for treasure” and “securing great wealth” reached 5 billion yuan.
Dai Zhikang surrendered on suspicion of illegal fund-raising
On September 1, the Pudong Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau issued the “Information Bulletin on the Investigation and Handling of”Certificate Companies”.
According to the circular, since August 12, 2019, the police have accepted investigations into allegations of illegal fund-raising by the company’s “treasure-fishing” platform and “treasure-fishing” company.
On August 29, 2019, Dai Moukang, the legal representative of the Grand Duke of Certification, and Dai Mouxin, the general manager, surrendered themselves to the police, claiming that there were illegal and irregular acts such as setting up a pool of funds and misappropriating funds in the operation of the company, and that they could not be paid.
Shanghai police also said in the briefing that without the approval of the relevant financial qualifications of the state, the company through its online financial management platform (Shanghai Securities Da Aite Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.) and off-line financial management stores (Shanghai Securities Da Thumb Wealth Management Co., Ltd.) to the Shanghai Securities Da Aite Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. At present, the case of illegal deposit absorption by the unspecified public is under further investigation.
It is understood that Lucaibao was established in 2014, headquartered in Shanghai, with shareholders as the major group, and Dai Zhikang as the actual controller.
According to official website Xinpi data, as of the end of July 2019, the platform had a total transaction value of 29.638 billion yuan, a loan balance of 4.966 billion yuan, and the current lending data of 28,031 people.
But these data are forever history.
On August 12, Lucaibao announced on its official website that due to the unilateral termination of cooperation between the depository bank, Huarui Bank, the platform stopped adding new business and the payment channel was closed at the same time.
On the same day, another company under Dai Zhikang, Shanghai Securities Investment Consulting Co., Ltd., issued a notice to all employees to terminate the labor contract relationship in advance. According to the notice, the company suspended all new loans and business from now on, retained the normal collection after the loan, and decided to terminate the labor contracts of all the employees of the company’s headquarters and all its subsidiaries in advance, in accordance with the requirements of government supervision.
As soon as the news came out, it aroused heated discussion among the public.
On August 13, Shanghai Securities Real Estate Co., Ltd. (00755.HK) announced that its main business is the development, operation and management of real estate construction. Its business scope does not have any intersection and business contacts with the consulting companies mentioned in relevant media reports. On February 13, 2015, Dai Zhikang completed the transfer of its controlling shares in the company.
In response to the growing “thunder” of P2P, Dai Zhikang has sent an open letter to users of treasure salvage, indicating that treasure salvage will quit benignly.
On August 26, Dai Zhikang made it clear in his second open letter that he would not throw off the pot, run away or lose touch with others. In the future, he would focus on repayment management and collection of creditor’s rights and assets.
Less than three days later, however, Dai Zhikang chose to surrender.
Dai Zhikang has said publicly that in all directions of development in the financial system, he is most optimistic about P2P. Today, he is in the quagmire of P2P for suspected illegal fund-raising. I don’t know how he feels now.


Parental love

Today, the teacher told us about my parents’love for me, which reminds me of my childhood story.
When I was very young, one night, my face suddenly turned red and my body became hot. My mother hurried up to take my temperature. Time passed by, and the temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius made my mother more anxious. Mother’s cry woke up my dream father. They hurried to give me a fever-killer and dressed me. They rushed me to the hospital. After an overnight examination and treatment, the fever gradually subsided, but I felt I could hear nothing.
Because our city hospital did not have hearing testing equipment, so my parents took me to Beijing Children’s Hospital, but the doctor said to my mother coldly: “Because of fever, the children’s ear nerve is damaged, according to the analysis of audiometric decibels, there is no possibility of treatment to restore hearing, that is to say, the children will never hear voice!” When my mother heard this, she cried aloud on my father’s shoulder. I also seemed to vaguely hear their conversation. When I saw the sad look of my father and mother, I also burst into tears.
When I woke up, my father and mother sat on the sofa across the bed. Where am I? The line of sight became clearer and clearer. I saw something like a hotel. Then I giggled at my parents. Looking at their sad faces, it is obvious that the answer to my question is worry. Because I couldn’t hear my parents’voice, I suddenly got excited and cried. Every day I know to cry and my eyes are swollen.
Every time my mother looks at me, she always looks worried. No matter how tired my parents are, they go out every day to find a hospital that can look good at my ears. When my father heard that there was a hospital that could cure the disease, he took me there to prepare medicine. Unfortunately, he cheated me of money and made me eat Chinese medicine for more than three months. Seeing that I had no improvement, my mother cried again. My mother took me in her arms and went to a big hospital. I saw that there were children like me. I also saw my mother’s surprised expression. Time passed, and we were still in line. I was impatient to wait. I sat on the ground and got angry.
The nurse’s aunt took the case manual to her mother and asked her mother to take me to the doctor’s office. I saw the doctor’s uncle talking with her mother. The more she talked, the more excited she was. I finally saw her happy look. I must have saved my ears!
A few days later, my aunt came to Beijing to see me. At that time, I didn’t know why they came to see me. Later, I heard from my mother that I would have an operation on my ear. I vaguely remember the moment I left my mother when I entered the operating room, the nurse’s aunt took me from my mother’s hand, and I struggled desperately, but it didn’t seem to work. I began to use anesthesia. A long, pointed needle was inserted into my back. I cried because of the pain. My mother was walking around outside the operating room, very worried and so anxious. Hearing my cry, my mother knocked excitedly on the door of the operating room. It was hard to imagine what kind of mood my mother was in at that time. After a while, he fell asleep slowly.
Mother was waiting for a long time, but she was very quiet. After about three hours, the operating light went out. The doctor said, “The operation was successful! You can rest assured that with the implantation of an electronic receiver in the brain, the child will soon hear the sound, but she is not in good condition and is still in a coma. Let her rest for a while. Mother sneaked a look at me safe and sound before she relaxed.
Since then, this cochlear implant has been with me.
After recalling these touching and profound stories, I learned that mother’s love is the most precious and the greatest. Besides, I also realized that parents’love for their children is a very warm love. I want to savor it slowly. Slowly cherish this warm love, unforgettable memories!

Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s love is the greatest and most selfless love in the world. Every time when I was sick, my mother always took good care of me; every time I kicked the quilt at night, my mother always took the trouble to help me cover the quilt. Every year, Mother’s Day is also the time for our children to show filial piety to their mothers.
On Mother’s Day in the past, I just offered a carnation and said a few words of wishes, so I hastened. But this year, I will dedicate to my mother a unique “Mother’s Day” gift – active piano practice.
Since my first grade piano lesson, I have been practicing piano for an hour every afternoon when I come home from school. I’m tired of it. Mother always watches over me, pointing out the wrong place from time to time. At this time, I would dislike her nagging, and sometimes even talk back to her, often make her angry. I worried my mother too much. Unconsciously, wrinkles quietly climbed up the mother’s forehead, black hair also mixed with a few silk. I know it’s all for my sake. So on Mother’s Day, I decided to make my mother happy.
Mother’s Day has finally arrived. I listened to my mother all day and tried not to annoy her. It’s time to go home from school in the afternoon and practice the piano. For the first time, without waiting for my mother to remind me, I came to the piano consciously and began to practice with concentration.
Although my mother was still nagging during the piano practice this time, I did not dislike her, but obediently practiced the wrong place over and over again. I also know that the reason why my mother is so “nagging” is not that I hope to practice the piano better? I hope I have a more brilliant tomorrow?
When my mother saw that I was so sensible today, she stared at me wide-eyed and asked doubtfully, “How can I be so conscious today? The sun is coming out from the west?” I smiled embarrassingly and answered, “I used to be wrong, always making you angry, and never let you work too hard again.” I looked up and found my mother smiling with relief.
After listening to my words, you may think, “Mother’s Day” did not give a gift to her mother, how can it be? Then I will tell you: Although I did not give a gift to her, but I can see, for my special “gift” today, my mother is more recognized. Mother said that the best gift for her was to practice the piano well and not make her angry. She has already felt my strong love for her! That’s enough.