Pollutants in Tengger Desert

On the morning of November 29, Liu Youbin, spokesman of the Ministry of ecology and environment, responding to the pollution problem at the edge of Tengger Desert, Zhongwei, Ningxia, said at a regular press conference that as of 18:00 on November 25, 129264 tons of bags of pollutants had been cleared on the site. Of the 14 contaminated plots, 11 had been preliminarily cleared, 93.2% of the total amount of clean-up had been completed. At the same time, the investigation scheme of groundwater monitoring has been determined on the site, groundwater monitoring logging is under construction, and groundwater sampling monitoring analysis is carried out.
Since October this year, the Tengger desert has again exposed the incident of “desert pollution discharge”. On November 8, the media reported the incident; on November 9, the working group of the Ministry of ecological environment and the working group of Ningxia ecological environment department arrived and rushed to the scene overnight; on November 10, the ecological environment bureau of Zhongwei City filed a case investigation on Ningxia Meili Paper Group environmental protection and energy saving limited company suspected of environmental violations.
Liu Youbin said that after the preliminary investigation, on November 13, the Ministry of environment had carried out the Listing Supervision on the ecological environment pollution in Zhongwei city. After the Listing Supervision, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region attached great importance to it, and relevant leading comrades had rushed to the scene for investigation and disposal.
In order to eliminate the hidden dangers of environmental safety as soon as possible, Liu Youbin said that the Ministry of environment has instructed the Department of ecological environment of Ningxia Autonomous Region to urge the Zhongwei municipal government to continue to do the following work:
First, we will continue to clean up the pollutants on the site in a scientific way, accelerate the identification of soil pollution attributes, and formulate measures for soil pollution disposal, soil risk management and remediation;
Second, we need to conduct a comprehensive investigation and serious treatment, investigate the responsibilities of relevant responsible persons in accordance with the law and discipline, disclose the relevant information to the public, and carry out the work of compensation for ecological environment damage in accordance with the law and regulations;
Third, we should draw inferences from one instance to identify hidden dangers, carry out a major investigation of environmental pollution in the Tengger Desert and surrounding areas, resolutely crack down on environmental violations in accordance with the law, and ensure the safety of the ecological environment.

Giant Royal cat in the Forbidden City


On October 27, 2019, in front of the Taobao Experience Hall of the Forbidden City near the Shenwu gate of the Imperial Palace in Beijing, the giant Royal cat statue is vivid and attractive. Attract tourists from nearby to take photos. To this end, some netizens sent out a friendly reminder: scientific cat, please do not climb!
Netizens commentary
Nine nine is me: it’s really a lovely wife. Everyone is very lifelike. I really want to take a picture with these kittens
Don’t get emotional Yuan Yuan: it’s estimated that it will be polished in a few days
Chongqing Normal University: it’s so dry and numb!
Time xingxu: how lovely! Can I buy it?
5go front: the expression is really cute and creative. There should be more art in the scenic spot to bring better experience to the tourists. What do you say?
FM walking and singing: you’re still wearing the Royal vest. Have a look
Scholar Lao Yang: well received by royal guards cat

Seoul Hydrogen Taxi

According to Reuters, although the Korean government is promoting hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, if there is no government subsidy for operating costs, all hydrogenation stations will have no choice but to close.
Last September, Sung Won-young, a Korean citizen, opened a hydrogen fuel replenishment station in Ulsan to take advantage of South Korea’s opportunity to promote hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Only a year later, he was considering closing the hydrogen station.
In May this year, a hydrogen storage tank exploded in a government research project in Gangneung. The explosion destroyed a building the size of a football field, killing two people and injuring six others. Preliminary investigation revealed that the explosion was caused by sparks generated by oxygen entering the water tank.
Kong Gikwang, a lawyer for the deceased, said: “A victim was blown away by pressure and then shot dead by a stone.”
A month later, a hydrogen station in Norway exploded. Three workers were burned this week after a hydrogen leak and subsequent fire at a chemical plant in South Korea.
Such security concerns have sparked protests from South Korean residents who fear building hydrogen facilities in their own areas.
After the explosion, potential hydrogen station operators began to retreat.
In April, Pyeongtaek picked two gas stations to operate hydrogen refueling stations, but in less than three months, both operators decided to quit, forcing Pingze to look for operators of hydrogen refueling stations again.
A potential operator, who declined to be named, said: “At first, I was very interested. But when I looked closely, I realized that the government was pursuing something unprofitable. And I’m particularly worried about another explosion.”
To address this concern, the government is holding briefings for residents. Hyundai also said it was trying to convince consumers of the safety of hydrogen fuels through YouTube and social media.
This time, Seoul’s hydrogen taxi publicity campaign may also be a campaign for energy vehicles, as well as a campaign to convince consumers of the safety of hydrogen fuels.


Goldmine Bombardment Football Association

Xuan Haowei, the former official of the Football Association, succeeded Hiddink as the executive coach of the National Olympic Games. Many outside statements point to Hiddink’s negligence. Gao Lei Changwen, a 39-year-old foreign player, bombarded the leadership of the Football Association. He said that the problem of Guoao had nothing to do with Hiddink, and inviting God to come could not save Chinese football.
Gao Leileilei Weibo is as follows
It really has nothing to do with Hiddink! God can’t save Chinese football!
You don’t have to be a coach to play football. You don’t have to be a coach to manage the Football Association. Professionals do professional work, but we don’t have professionals at all! Leaders do not understand, looking for a group of other projects to do football, and now find retired players or coaches to do the work of the Football Association, nominally as if professionals do professional work, in fact, do not know how to improve the level of football! They only focus on the national team. Nobody organizes youth training, let alone the youth training system. The level of youth coaches is low. Players and youth coaches are two fields at all. That’s not the case.
My former club owner in Spain was a professional player, lawyer, master of sports management, master of football management, master of economics, lecturer of a university and rich thief. But he appeared in the club stands every day from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. to watch a team training to each echelon training. A small club has young people. More than 1500 players a year, he often eats in clubs, but also to see other levels of competition charging!
Can Chinese club owners do it? Can the leaders of the Chinese Football Association do it? Ignorance, incompetence, not diligence, Chinese football to do, you let the world football reasoning? Leaders, do you wait for retired players to get a degree in sports management after years of further study? Wait until there’s no interpersonal relationship to go to the management? The essence of the problem is still in education, most of the players have not been to junior high school, how to write papers? Sports economic management is all digital. Can you understand it without foundation? Two kinds of disabled people: sports students and cultural students, both look down on each other and do not deal with each other! The species of the two worlds do not intersect each other!
Our educational philosophy and parents’perception are gifted to engage in a sport, and to judge the success of sport or not? There’s only one answer: Become a professional athlete! Ignoring the cultivation of talents around sports and closing most people out of the gate of sports from childhood, the people who love sports have no way to know what is in football, and the people inside have a slurry head. They don’t know anything except playing football. When do sports students have culture and culture students are top sportsmen, what else does football do? Just take it out and you can hang the world’s heroes!