New Year’s Day activities

Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, and finally looking forward to New Year’s Day. Up to now, the happy and warm scenery often appears in front of me, which makes me unforgettable.
That afternoon, when I happily walked into the campus, the first place I saw was not the tall teaching building, but the warm classroom. First of all, the window decorations on the outside glass of the classroom show the students’attention to New Year’s Day, the lantern riddle party and their service to the class. Two red paper lanterns were hung on both sides of the classroom door. When I entered the classroom, I was amazed at everything I saw: many Pink Bows and bright ornaments hung on the clean wall like snow. Over the classroom, there are 360 large and small color lantern riddles. They look like a colorful ink painting. They are very beautiful. Then they turn their eyes to the blackboard and write seven vigorous and powerful characters: the celebration of New Year’s Day lantern riddle party, with a string of red firecrackers on both sides, and the lovely lambs and emerald green in the lower left corner. The grass in the blank is a pleasant little bow. In the middle above the blackboard, there is a bow with golden stripes on the side. This “sudden” scene makes many students can’t help wandering around in the classroom.
As soon as the bell rang, my dear teacher Wen came into the classroom with a big smile and announced the rules of riddles guessing: “You can leave your seat and guess these riddles, but you have to guess them first and check them with the students who have the answers. If you are right, you can tear them down. The more”trophies”you have, the better you will get. To the prize. Students who grasp the answer should sacrifice, let other students guess first, and now the activity officially begins! “At Mr. Wen’s command, students left their seats happily, eager to try to find their own”favorite”riddles, of course, I am no exception, also began the”search”. In a few moments, Zhang Zhang had guessed three riddles of lanterns, but I still got nothing. I was anxious to think: why are the riddles so difficult for my classmates? None of them could guess correctly. Just when I was depressed, a riddle filled with small stars attracted me. When I looked up, it said eight words, “The blind touch the elephant” (an idiom). Suddenly, I thought of an epilogue: the blind touch the elephant – not knowing the general, the answer should be ignoring the general. I quickly answered the questions with my classmates and quickly unveiled them. Harvest “After one, my confidence suddenly increased greatly, one, two… Five! I finally got five riddles right. Here, the teacher clapped his hands and said, “Okay, it’s time to get back to your seats. “After the students sat down, the teacher selected the students who guessed the most riddles and asked the students who answered the questions to give them prizes.
Next, it’s the students who have the answers to guess the riddles. They have worked hard for half a day and can only watch the students guess. Now, it’s their turn. Mr. Wen asked several classmates to hold the answers instead of them. The rest of the classroom were puzzles. Xu Yunshan turned around and failed to answer any of them. Suddenly, Xu Yunshan suddenly grabbed a riddle, put his index finger on his chin and turned his eyes around, and immediately came up with the answer. After a while, Xu Yunshan has found three…
Happy time is always very short, unconsciously, two classes have passed, I really look forward to the next such activities.

Twenty years from now

On June 20th, a class reunion was held at the initiative of enthusiastic students. Although half of the students did not attend it for various reasons, many of them were active members of the school, so the reunion was very successful.
Today, I saw some uploaded pictures of my classmates’Association and recalled the scene of that day. —— The students who participated in the activity almost arrived at 9 o’clock in the morning. We took four cars to Leisure Villa. After getting out of the car, he was taken to a wooden corridor beside a fish pond. Some people had already brewed tea. Sitting in the corridor and looking at the clear water in front of him made people forget the mugginess of the weather for a while. After sitting in the corridor for a while, some people suggested taking pictures. They slowly walked to the back half slope and a flat ground. When taking group pictures, because boys were young, they squatted in the front row. It was no problem for them to be thin. When they squatted fat, they shouted, “Can you hurry up! Can’t squat!” They all squatted down with seven hands and eight feet and continued to take pictures. Next, we have a free combination of threes, threes and twos, pulling each other and taking pictures with teachers. I, Yangyang and Zheng took pictures together. When we went to school, we liked to be together. Our seats were next to each other. Sometimes we passed notes and stole food in class. Sichuan, Meimei and Ping also said that they often skipped class to play cards at Chunyan’s house when they went to school. Jumping rope and beating sandbags together were also loudly criticized by the instructor for being too noisy. As a result, the instructor became the only school leader we remember together. Twenty years apart, no one feels strange and unwilling. We spent the simplest years of our lives together. After taking pictures, the students came to the corridor sporadically. The sun came out. Someone found a cooler place. So they all moved around and sat together again for tea and chat, describing their respective situations and developments after their separation. Mr. Wu is old, his appearance has not changed much, and his mentality is absolutely young. Now I still stay in school, but the school has been restructured, and the teacher has become the director; Xiao Liu’s size is twice the original, driving a black Safari car, and the accessories business is quite big; Hong is fat, and she is a capable woman, with no delay in both work and business, and driving a silver car; Chun Yan is still so weak, with her personality. But in the work of training and appearance is the opposite, talking about her daughter more than 1.7 meters, in the school volleyball team is very proud; source of insurance and lecturer, heard that the income is considerable, monthly wages are six passbooks; Du is a little taller than the original, looks like his father, but not like a 40-year-old man, still like a big man. Child: The youngest child is Xiao Zheng, who is jokingly called the youngest mother, and was transferred to work as an electrician during the Spring Festival. Tony, who is also a small girl, burns her hair like a steel wire, which is still a pleasant comment. I heard earlier that Bin has suffered some setbacks, but now no one has foreseen her belly. The class leader wears like a dummy. A beautiful cheongsam, everyone said that she now has a feminine flavor; the Deputy class fly back from Yunnan specially, but there is no change in people, the hair is a little gray, just hanging a small finger thick gold chain around the neck, being spoiled by classmates and a belt can lead away… Ha-ha. Several boys in the class gathered together to play billiards are not honest, pushing and shoving each other, or as hip-hopping as they did in school; Jun in Beijing also called several times, and the regret that she could not come back made her cry on the phone. Mobile phones passed through the hands of students, but also conveyed the strong friendship between classmates thousands of miles away.
Several students at lunch are drunk. Twenty years of old wine, how can you not be drunk? Twenty years, years have left some traces on everyone more or less…

I was on duty that day.

“We will, We will, rock you!” Oh, my God! The roof of the teaching building is about to be opened by the group of iron basketball fans in our class! Listen to the beating of tables and chairs, and the enthusiastic talk of the fans (about the Lakers’victory yesterday), playing a wonderful “Campus Rhapsody”. This song echoes inside and outside the whole teaching building… Suddenly, Guo Chenxin, the representative of the Chinese class, came in in in a hurry, shouted loudly, and tried to suppress the rhapsody: “Stop and stop! The teacher said that there would be a big exam! If the exam failed, there would be a heavy penalty!” “Alas, it’s too annoying, it’s been three times this week!” Classmate A muttered frustratedly, and complied. The hand glued the tasteless chewing gum to the blackboard. Classmate B also scratched a box of alteration liquor on the table like breath, and the beautiful desk became scarred! With the efforts of the class representative, the classroom finally quieted down, and the students temporarily picked up their feet – reading a book! _.
After school, nervous for a day, the students lazily walked out of the school gate, but I can not walk, because it is our turn to be on duty today. So, after school, we have to stay and clean the classroom!
Who knows, today should be five people sweeping the floor together, but after school, only Li Yin and I left behind. “Oh, come on, they must be afraid of failing tomorrow’s exam, so they slipped home early to review!” I said to Li Yin’s stall: “No way, let’s start!”
“Well, let’s divide our work. You clean the blackboard and the tables before and after, and I clean the four groups and clean the tables!” Li Yin said confidently to me as she looked at the dirty classroom and the scattered tables and chairs. “OK! That’s it!” Li Yin and I hit it off and rolled up our sleeves for a big job!
I talked to Li Yin and started to accomplish my “mission”!
My “mission” is not special, it is almost every elementary school people have experienced things – cleaning the blackboard. Nevertheless, this small task has made me worry a lot…
At first, I thought that the blackboard was not difficult to erase, as long as the chalk words were erased three times, five times and two times with the blackboard. Isn’t that a piece of cake? However, this “mission” was much more difficult than I thought: I almost didn’t even think about it and erased all the chalk words with the blackboard eraser. Who knows, the effect is not good, the blackboard imagines. It was pasted with a mask, which turned out to be a little black face but turned into a little white face! Hum! I looked at the blackboard with annoyance. Forget it, I still use “magic weapon” to harness you! After a while, the blackboard became clean! I breathed a sigh of relief. Although the blackboard became a “wet face”, it looked clean. I thought I had made a great success and began sweeping the floor. But… After a while, I found that the water on the blackboard had dried up and turned into a “little face”. Alas, what could I do? I began to “study” the blackboard eraser. When I saw that the eraser was covered with dust, I suddenly realized that it was the blackboard eraser that was too dirty. I patted the eraser vigorously, and suddenly, on the platform. Dust is flying! When I clean the blackboard again with the blackboard eraser, “Little Face” immediately returned to its original appearance – “Little Black Face”. “There are ways to steal.” It seems that blackboard cleaning is also learned.
Then, I started to eliminate the dead ends of chewing gum, smear liquid and so on. At first, I picked it slowly with a triangle board. When I saw Li Yin working very hard, I desperately picked it up with my nails…
In this way, we both scramble for work, the classroom will soon become a new look!
Dragging my tired body out of the classroom, I felt blood boiling. Sunshine penetrates my body hot, my blood and bones are burning warmly, at this moment, I really want to shout: “Work is the most glorious!”
That day, I was on duty…

Alma Zoo

In the morning, I still have classes in the classroom. In the afternoon, we drove to the Alma Zoo. After an hour of “trekking”, I finally arrived at the Alma Zoo.

The Alma Zoo is located in the virgin forest. From the outside, it seems that there is no gate, and no matter where people stand, there will be plants around.

When we look at the map, it’s so complicated!

At this time, we saw a large, tall, long iron cage. There are many swings in the cage, seesaws, slides, parallel bars… I think: Which animal needs so many sports equipment! Thinking about it, I saw two monkeys. Ugh! It turned out to be a monkey! The little monkey squats on the back of the big monkey and wants to tickle the big monkey. But the big monkey does not appreciate it and desperately wants to knock down the little monkey. Looking at the two monkeys, I suddenly shouted to my mom: “Mom! Isn’t that you?” (俺老妈是猴)

Chatting in the forest, strolling, the crow is cheering on our heads. From time to time, the big tree came from the crow “ah – ah – ah”. In fact, crows are not only found in the woods. In Australia, the crows are often heard in schools and on the streets. Even every morning, the crow is calling us early in the window of the host family! Australians have never hated crows like the Chinese, saying that the crow’s voice is “crow’s mouth” and does not think that the crows are unlucky, they are always friendly to the crows.

Go forward and see a large open space. There are several basins on one side of the open space, and there is a small room on the other side of the open space. There is also a cow basin in the center of the open space. Let’s go to the house and see! Oh, it turned out to be a little mouse! The small one is as big as a pen ink bottle, and the big one is as big as two pen ink bottles. I took out a little kangaroo food that Mr. Wang gave me to a small mouse to eat, and the little mouse actually ate it. I took the opportunity to catch a little mouse and play it. The little mouse is full of fluffy hair, its coat color is brown and white, and its big head is out of proportion with the body. I don’t know if it is too cold or because it is scared, it has been shaking in my hand. I touched it, it was better, but its small limbs still shrank under the fat body. I put it in the house, I wonder if its mother or its father is rushing to run there. I caught another big mouse that was just big. It was wet and the hair was all upright. Has it just taken a shower? Ugh! Anyway, I don’t know what is going on. I took two of the kangaroo food from my hand and put it in my hand. I reached into the rat house and wanted to see if the mouse could not eat. Unexpectedly, a mouse ran over and ate two kangaroos in my hand. We walked to the cowshed and saw that the cows stood and shook their tails; some lay down and slept. Ugh! It’s really boring.

Came to the sheep shed, there are two goats, two sheep. The goats were very friendly and kept their heads out of the sheep shed. I fed them a little kangaroo food, and they also ate well. I suspect that I have kangaroo food in my hand? The sheep ignored us and kept looking down on the feed. There are two cute spotted pigs in the pig shed next to the sheep shed. They sometimes look up, shake their tails, look at us, sometimes bow their heads and eat feed.

Came to the goat garden, dozens of goats running happily in the garden, playing. One goat ran agly on a few meters high stone pile, and the other goat jumped on a wooden pile more than one meter high, as if to show off their running and jumping skills. I took out a little kangaroo food. The goats swarmed up and smashed the kangaroo food. As a result, they made me full of mud.

I don’t know why, the animals in the Alma Zoo are kept in cages or surrounded by barbed wire, but the peacocks are free-range. We walked away and could see a few beautiful peacocks walking freely and happily on the grass and in the jungle.

Unconsciously, we have come to the place where the deer are raised, and dozens of cute sika deer are wandering around in the circle. They are small and big, thin and fat. They saw us coming, and a few of them immediately ran to the wire fence and looked at us happily. I also fed them a little kangaroo food, and they also took it right. Sheng Shiqian is using a map to smudge the sika deer. The sika deer jumped and bit the paper. Sheng Shiqian was shocked and hurryed back. The sika deer swarmed and rushed to eat the map. Someone exclaimed: “Is the animals here hungry?”

Coming to the Koala Park, I saw that the koalas were sleeping on the banyan tree. At this time, a staff member woke up a koala, and then the koala consciously reached the shoulder of the staff, and the staff took it out. The koala was sleepy and squatting on the staff, very unhappy. Finally, we took a photo with Koala and left this wonderful moment.

I and the changeable “pit mother”

Speaking of my mother, everyone said the words of gentleness, amiability, patience and so on. I always couldn’t help laughing. As the saying goes, I have seen people’s hearts for a long time. Talking about my mother’s understanding, who can feel more thoroughly than my personal cotton-padded jacket? In my opinion, my mother is a changeable “pit mother”.
Mother always does things in a orderly way, but there are exceptions to everything. As soon as she arrives at a strange place, she can’t find the north at all. Last year’s trip to Shanghai Disneyland gave me a good insight into the pitfalls of an idiot mother. After entering the park, because Dad was busy grabbing the fast passes of popular scenic spots with his mobile phone APP, Dad handed over the responsibility of looking for the “Dwarf Mine Car” to Mom. Let mom take us to the hot project as soon as possible to avoid long queues. My mother looked at the map of the park and the leader of the consulting park. Finally, she recognized a road and took us running together. Soon she met a fork in the road and looked at the sign. My brother and I thought we should turn left, but my mother thought we should go straight ahead. What happened? We went straight to the Pirates of the Caribbean. Alas! Who let me stand on such a poor sense of orientation mother! I can only stand on my own feet, I opened the mobile phone APP positioning map, and sure enough, I went back to the fork road just now and found the dwarf mine car shortly to the left. The queue has already reached a large section outside the waiting area. It’s really annoying. It’s freezing outside. Mom flashed a trace of regret on her face and mocked herself by saying, “Wait at most 10 minutes, soon.” Eventually, the thrilling excitement of the mine car journey broke away our waiting pain, even if it was worth waiting for another 10 minutes! Just bumping into a mom who had such an unreliable sense of direction, the project behind could only be done by myself, or I took my mom to play! My mom also enjoyed herself relaxedly, and sometimes praised me, saying that it was much more powerful than her, and made me feel fruitful!
Mother always said that she would wait for me to grow up slowly, so there were some things that could help me solve, but she always stood by. Let’s talk about my new deskmate. I really think he’s the same as his naughty tenth grade. My mother was very sympathetic to me, comforting me and helping me find ways. One would say, “Or should I talk to my mother?” It’s clear that it’s no use. If her mother managed him well from an early age, would he be so provocative? Another would say that if I pulled him to the bathroom and scolded him fiercely, it would be more pitiful. By then, the teacher would know, unfortunately, it’s not me? It’s clear that she just had to mention it to the sheep teacher and help me adjust my position. He refused to help. Mom couldn’t count on it. I had to work with my classmates around me. I remember that when the Qin Dynasty unified the six countries in the historical records, the two sides adopted the strategy of “joining forces vertically and horizontally” and “making close contacts and attacking close”, which gave me some inspiration. I found that he listened to a classmate in the classroom. I decided to ask his eldest brother to take care of him and sign an agreement with him. Now he’s getting better slowly and doesn’t provoke the students around him. In other words, many of the heroes in Water Margin were forced to go to Liangshan, but I was forced to think the wrong way by the mother of the pitcher.
Nagging is probably a self-contained property of my mother. My mother often tells me some truth or points out some shortcomings of me. I hope I can take less detours, but sometimes I don’t appreciate it. At this time, my mother will calmly give me a rude gesture and watch me fall into the pit without warning me. Look at me and give me some hints finally, let me slowly climb out. Pit, really hateful, or mother? Let’s talk about this mid-term exam, mother reminded me, to review the basic knowledge, strive for basic questions can not lose points and so on a lot. But I’m looking at “Those Things in Han Dynasty” with great enthusiasm. I don’t have any intention to review it. Mother said it several times, but she said it no more. I can’t believe that my self-confident Chinese exam actually gave me a hard blow. Because there are too many points deducted from the front basics, I missed out on excellence. I was extremely disappointed and discontented, and my mother felt sorry for me, and helped me to analyze the reasons for my mistakes, as well as the direction of my efforts, trying to comfort me that I would certainly do well next time if I worked hard! But when I did things again, the old problem of unreasonable timing repeated, my mother relentlessly criticized me, “Reading is a good thing, but before the exam, I only wanted to read books.” Do you know the most important thing you need to do first?””Do you see my expression that I want to talk and stop? If you don’t listen to me when I talk too much, you deserve to suffer a long and bad memory!”I’m a fuck, it’s a pit boy. I met Waterloo in such an important exam. The lesson is not so profound. I remember it.
Speaking of my mother’s pit, it can be said for days and nights. But I do not intend to continue to expose it now. It is clear that one of the exposures is to expose one’s own shortcomings. I want to talk about the advantages of her. One of my favorite things about my mother is that she is willing to make all kinds of snacks for me. The snacks she makes are delicious. What coconut recipes, cake pizza, fruit salad are all good, and they are not bad. My favorite pizza is made by my mother. In order to satisfy my picky taste buds, my mother will buy many ingredients, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, sausages, cheese and eggs. After sprinkling all over it, I don’t need to look at the recipe at all. The color matching is very good. When I put it in the oven, I will bake it according to my own time, but it’s still delicious, like what it looks like in the book. Much better, I especially admire my mother’s faithful ability. But every time I make snacks, my mother will not let me enjoy the success. I need help to do the preparatory work, such as weighing the flour, oil, sugar and other ingredients, and responsible for mixing evenly. Mother said that my active participation is very important to her. The ingredients I prepared with my heart can inspire her to match the accessories. Only the food that I made with my heart can be the most delicious. That’s not an excuse for me to do something? No! The snacks made by myself are really sweet!
My changeable pit mother, do you want me to love you or hate you? But I firmly believe that I have grown up slowly!