70 Years of Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing

Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China 70 years ago, China’s industrial production capacity has increased rapidly. The output of major industrial products has entered the forefront of the world and become the world’s largest industrial manufacturing country.
Manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy, the main battlefield of scientific and technological innovation, and the foundation of founding, rejuvenating and strengthening the country.
At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation characterized by the integration and development of the new generation of information and communication technology and manufacturing industry are stepping up in the global scope, which forms a historic intersection with the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry.
Facing the problem of manufacturing industry being big but not strong, Made in China is speeding up its new journey towards “Made in China by Intelligence”.
Making great powers stand in the East
When New China was founded, the industrial base of our country was almost poor and white. Throughout the 70 years since the founding of New China, especially since the reform and opening up, a poor and backward agricultural country has grown into a major industrial manufacturing country in the world.
From low-end manufacturing represented by “three to one” to high-end global value chain represented by high-end equipment manufacturing industry, from “world factory” at the end of the industrial chain to “China Intelligent Manufacturing” of independent innovation, in the process of accelerating transformation and upgrading, Made-in-China has not only formed a complete manufacturing system. And the value added of manufacturing industry continues to grow.
According to the World Bank data, in 2010, China’s manufacturing added value surpassed the United States for the first time and became the world’s largest manufacturing country. Since then, China’s manufacturing added value has ranked first in the world for many consecutive years. In 2017, China’s manufacturing added value accounted for 27.0% of the world’s share, becoming an important engine driving global industrial growth.
Although China is a big manufacturing country, the manufacturing industry has been in the middle and low end of the industrial value chain for a long time. The low-end overcapacity coexists with the insufficient effective supply of high-end products. In 2015, the development plan of China’s advanced manufacturing industry described a grand blueprint for building a manufacturing power. With accelerating the deep integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing industry as the main line and promoting intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of attack, China has begun to accelerate the historical leap of manufacturing industry from big to strong.
“The background of the development plan of advanced manufacturing industry is that many developed countries have implemented the strategy of’re-industrialization’. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, 5G, industrial Internet and other emerging technologies, intelligent manufacturing has become an important development trend of global manufacturing industry, which has a profound impact on industrial development and division of labor pattern, and promotes the formation of new production modes, industrial forms and business models. Accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing is the only way to cultivate new momentum of economic growth and create new competitive advantages of manufacturing industry. Wang Xiaoming, a researcher at the Institute of Scientific and Technological Strategic Consultation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told China Economic Times.
Intelligent manufacturing has great application potential. Yang Yuanqing, chairman of Lenovo Group, once took Lenovo as an example to say that the intellectualization of manufacturing industry will not only be limited to the manufacturing sector, but also include the development, supply, manufacturing, marketing and service of products. For example, when developing a product in the past, we should talk to users about the impression of the product, and then improve it.
Now, there are thousands of data on the Internet, and all users’feedback can be analyzed through the application of big data, so R&D is more intelligent.
Innovation Enables the Future of Manufacturing Industry
Intelligent manufacturing is a strong demand for transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry. According to the sample survey, 73% of the 1815 enterprises in 10 cities in China have strong willingness to implement intelligent manufacturing.
According to the survey of intelligent manufacturing related projects, after the intelligent transformation of 308 projects in 2015-2017, the average productivity increased by 34%, the average operating cost decreased by 22%, and the average product development cycle shortened by 32.4%.
According to statistics, the funds for upgrading the technology of intelligent transformation in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang have accounted for more than 70% of the local industrial investment.
China’s manufacturing enterprises are in different stages of development. Their digital transformation includes not only improving the information level of enterprises in the lower stage of development, but also realizing the digitalization, networking and intellectualization of enterprises in the higher stage of development. In recent years, China’s manufacturing industry digital transformation has achieved some results. The level of digitalization, integration and interconnection, intelligent collaboration has been continuously improved, and the scale of industrial Internet applications has been expanding. However, there is still a big gap from the requirements of the manufacturing powers.
Shen Hengchao, a researcher in the Innovation and Development Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council, has recently shown that problems such as lack of authoritative data standards, data security issues to be solved, data openness and sharing level to be improved, relatively weak technological base and information infrastructure, and severe challenges to employment still exist. It hinders the further deepening of the digital transformation of manufacturing industry. It is suggested that relevant departments should improve their support and encouragement policies, promote the construction and application of industrial data standards, strengthen data security protection, support key technology tackling, enhance the supporting capacity of information infrastructure, promote international cooperation, and achieve overall planning with reemployment training and social security system.
“China’s Internet economy, big data, Internet of Things, 5G, artificial intelligence and other development levels are on the same starting line as the developed countries in the world. The scale advantage of industry provides very good conditions for the application of digital, networked and intelligent technology. The transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry has a very good foundation.
Generally speaking, the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China is at the initial stage, and there is still a need for innovation and breakthroughs in key technical equipment, industrial software and system solutions.


Flowers in Memory

In memory, there is always a person’s figure wandering in the heart, like a flower that never fades, in the heart.
—— Notes
(1) First encounter
The first time I saw you was on a spring morning, the sun was shining on the earth, and the warm glow was reflected on your face. The first time I saw you, the most conspicuous is the two small braids, big and clear eyes with sincerity, you sat next to me, quietly said to me: “Hey, the future is the same table, more care.” I was stunned and smiled at you lightly. I saw a little red on your face, giggling and telling the truth. At that time, I was thinking in my heart that I had made up my friend.
(2) Don’t be afraid
“Why are you so careless? If you don’t bring the book, stop the class and stand for me.” I was shocked by the teacher’s roar and saw you stand up embarrassed, red cheeks, like a big red apple. The teacher didn’t know what was going on that day. He gave you a bad scolding. I stared at you and saw your forehead gradually sweating. I wished it was me who was punished. The lower your head is buried, the more my heart is seized by it. I stood up with a loud voice and said to the teacher, “Actually, I forgot to bring my book with me. I’m sorry, teacher.” Looking at the lively classmates laughing together, the teacher became even more angry: “Go out, you two go to the door.” I dragged your hand and went out…
(3) Dead Party
“Hey, have you heard the word”dead party”lately?” You asked me in my ear. “Ha-ha, dead party, that’s our relationship.” “Really? Well, then we can say that, for a lifetime, we will always be a sworn followers.” you extend your little finger to hook me up. I laugh at you when you are several years old, and still believe this, but you don’t think so: “HMM.” “uh!” and I snappled on your finger: “hanging hook for one hundred years is not allowed to change, it is changed, that is, pig eight quit!” We laughed with tacit understanding. I said, “look at you, laugh like pigs, and others say your lady!” “ha ha, I am pig Ba Jie, you are my daughter-in-law.” “Who is your daughter-in-law? Are we all good or bad women?” “Who said, where are you like a woman?” You are more and more interesting, I also understand, between two sincere hearts, nothing can be blocked…
(4) Metamorphosis
“Go to junior high school! Where did you take the exam?” I cheered. “My mother asked me to go to No. 2 Middle School, what about you?” “Ah? No, my goal is to experiment. No. 2 Middle School is not good. You can take the same exam as me.” I’m really a little disappointed, because I’m afraid I’ll grow apart from you. “No way…” What can I do for you when you are in silence?
Until some time, I was surprised to find that we have not been in touch for a long time. Are we all busy forgetting each other and losing that feeling? I am worried. Suddenly, the QQ rang, and I received your message: “Kin, are you busy? I miss you…” You must not know, at that time, I was already full of tears. The original friendship maintenance, just a simple sentence I miss you. I tapped my voice on the keyboard: “Oh, beautiful woman, I miss you too.”
You are the flower blooming in memory, remember, forever and ever, will not fade.

The trace of concern in my heart

In the predicament of life, care is the warm spring breeze, comforting the injured heart; in the journey of life, care is a kind guide, guiding the way ahead; in the family, care is a beautiful rose, creating a happy life.
With care, family will have more warmth; with care, friendship will have more happiness; with care, love will have more wisps of love. It’s sweet to be concerned about others, but the most wonderful happiness in the world is to be concerned about others. Greetings from relatives and friends will never make you lonely; blessings from friends will multiply your confidence; thoughts from loved ones will fill your heart with sunshine.
In the poem, “close seams in front of the line, fear of delaying return”, is this not the concern of the loving mother who “worries about the thousands of miles in the journey”? “When the sun sets, the broken intestines are in the horizon” is the concern of the wandering son for his hometown. “Sijun makes people old” is a concern for the husband and gentleman who defend the frontier far away. “Solitary sail far shadow blue empty” is a concern for friends… On one hand, as long as the history of mankind is, there will be as much concern; as deep as the human kinship is, there will be as deep concern; and as strong as the human kinship is, there will be as much concern.
When I was twelve years old, I went to visit my father who worked in Weihai alone. When I came back, my father took me to the train and told me, “Don’t run around in school. Girls should pay attention to safety.” All the food is in the bag. If you are hungry, you can eat it. Grandma will pick you up when you get off the bus. Father still wanted it, but I was impatient. Father had to say goodbye to get out of the car and stand in front of the window for a long time without leaving. When the train left, my father seemed to think of something and followed it. He stuffed a bag of plum candy into my window and said, “Hold it in my mouth, and you won’t get sick.” I was shocked. My father’s white hair was so dazzling that my tears could not help flowing down. I put my head out of the window and shouted to my father, “Papa, take care of your mother, take care of yourself!” My parents are deeply concerned about the children far away from home, which have been rooted in their parents’hearts since the day they were born, and accompanied them to the end of their lives. Finally, they still take care of their children. With this concern, and the children?
In our life, we are so used to being concerned about by our parents, but we have never carefully cared about our parents. Parents give us endless efforts, and what else do we have for our parents besides demands and dependence? The toddlers hold on to their parents because of dependence; the children fight with others and cry to find their parents or because they rely on young couples to go home for three days and two ends, what does it bring to their parents? When they have children, their hearts are all thrown on their children, while the parents who have given birth to them, raised them and always cared about them are left behind. Occasionally think of, only to find that their concern for their parents almost no, or so shallow!
Concern, is a cup of strong emotional agar, is a general wish relying on farewell. Parents’concern for their children is like a cloud, which lingers in their children’s minds as the birds in the sky float around and across mountains and rivers. The concern between brothers and sisters is like a mountain stream, clear and transparent, springs flowing constantly, drinking all the way to sing, clear all the way to spray. Concern between husband and wife is like a graceful word, lingering and distant, Acacia often makes tears stained. There are also friends that do not contain blood relations, do not mix with selfish misconceptions of concern, often give people infinite strength and courage.
It is precisely because of concern that we are left with a true and sincere sad beauty.

My winter vacation

School will begin in the afternoon, and the last vacation of junior high school is near the end. And the vacation seems to be yesterday, the winter vacation is about to end in a blink of an eye, which is close to a month.
I remember that just after the holidays, the whole people relaxed a lot, like a string that had been tense for a long time, suddenly relaxed, and began to not adapt to it. Who doesn’t want to relax after being 桑拿佛山nervous, but I quickly adjusted.
I was busy for the first few days. Because the Spring Festival is approaching, there are many things to do. Need to help parents do some housework: cleaning, purchasing New Year’s Goods, pasting couplets, hanging lanterns… These things are all about me. It’s not what parents want, it’s all voluntary. But I’m not the “main force” in everything. I just give the “main character” a hand, help or something. It’s just a little work. In addition to busy housework, on the other hand, I have to rush to do my homework, because visiting relatives and friends during the New Year will delay a lot of homework time, so I am very “busy” these days. So I became a homemaker.
On New Year’s Day, I have no fixed place to live, most of the time is in New Year’s greetings. On the first day of New Year’s Day, a large family of us who were traveling around finally got together. Dozens of people finally had the chance to sit together and spend the Spring Festival together. 桑拿广州I think today’s China is happy, although some people may not be able to spend this good time with their families and loved ones, but I believe they are also happy, happiness in their own positions. On the second day of the Spring Festival, I went to my grandmother’s house. Snowflakes were floating in the sky, which added a strong flavor to the red Spring Festival. Our family is far away from my grandmother’s home, so we seldom visit them at ordinary times, and my mother keeps talking about her family. She says she is afraid that she will be busier in the future and give her parents less time. Listen to her, I am silent, in fact, cherish our parents and our loved ones together every day, this is the real happiness.
After the fifth day of the first lunar month, I devoted myself to my homework again. But I also went out with my friends in my spare time to feel the strong flavor of Chinese New Year. There are some new patterns in the Lantern Exhibition of artificial lake this year. This year, different from previous years, we pay great attention to the time of lighting, which should also be “frugal style”. Our children’s paradise, this year also has a new game, that is, “360 degrees of rotation”, more and more new creative games into our small “Pingyao Village”, which is not difficult to see that our Pingyao is growing faster and faster. There are also new activities in Pingyao Ancient City, such as “Tour around the Ancient City”. Walking around every corner of the ancient city, enjoying the ancient city in detail, and seeing those people who live and work in peace and contentment on the edge of the ancient city, why is it not a pleasure? On the South Street, tourists are continuing, and those antiques symbolizing Pingyao are more and more distant and stop. Steps, look at these gadgets is also very good. This year, Zhang Yimou’s eighth real-life performance masterpiece “Impression Pingyao” attracted many people’s attention. 广州桑拿Impression Pingyao is not only the first “impression” performance project in northern China, but also the first performance theme of Shanxi’s history and culture, Shanxi merchants’characteristics, national characteristics, Shanxi people, events and objects. Performing projects. From these “new”, I deeply feel that Pingyao is developing.
Winter vacation is so short, more than 20 days, but it has a summer vacation without the flavor and a variety of activities. My winter vacation is very interesting!

One plus one equals two

One plus one equals two, which we can never forget in our life. And our old class did the same thing.
In order to wake us up in the morning, he had to get up earlier than we did. The temptation of bedding was hard to resist. Didn’t he fall in love with bed? In fact, he forgot himself. Standing under the moon, standing in the wind, our hands were so cold that he bought gloves for us. We named it “True Love Glove”. Since then we have been armed to fight against the cold wind and we will never shrink back. But there were also some people who complained because she did not wear gloves and confessed there. When the old class came to see her red hands, he would not hesitate to take off his gloves for her. The man took the gloves shamefully, and she felt warm with the old class temperature in them.
One by one, one by two, nine by nine is the first teacher in our life – the parents’church. Imagine that childish us, the eyes full of question marks, so that parents can not laugh and cry. Now our thirst for knowledge is stronger. The old class begins to act as our captain. We are passengers. With US roaming in the sea of knowledge.
Explore the mystery of function and the magic of geometry. People in class started fighting because they didn’t have a good rest. Through the anxious eyes of Lao Ban, his heart was warm. So in our old class, his sleep time is beyond our expectation, but he still stands on the platform and tries his best to explain every knowledge point to us. The sunshine and warmth of winter make our class inefficient. He will deliberately give us a wrong point of knowledge, students like the discovery of the new continent, as bright as the eyes of the struggle to correct. Old class, this is really a good way! After class we dragged tired body, the old class will see us put on a light music. He taught us to be time-saving and efficient, and to share with us the articles he saw on his mobile phone after school.
When the flu came, he bought us granules. The night before the exam, he put a post-it note on the yoghurt and wrote down his true words. It was 12 o’clock when these things happened last night. Get up early and greedy all day, just for us.
The old class sprinkled youth on the three-foot platform, and he wrote his life with chalk. His pain and tiredness are not overflowing. He forgot that I just wanted to be better. He’s just for us. Lao Ban, thank you for your company, your concern and education. I wish the old class happy every day.

Lonely kitchen

Archimedes said, Give me a fulcrum, I can tilt the earth!
Mimi said, “Give me a kitchen, and I can cook it alive and fragrant!”
During the holidays, in order to avoid the trouble of entertainment and stiff smile, you can hide in the kitchen, picking up mashed onions, ginger and garlic and tossing pots and pans. Of course, there will still be various situations to intervene in your peace: children will shout for snacks; old people will add confusion on the grounds of keen attention; the most disgusting thing is him, idly hiding behind, like a rogue snake tightly around you, making people nervous. At this time, the kitchen, has evolved into a social occasion, can not help but involve you in the right and wrong, and eventually left out those lovely and simple food.
Only when the kitchen attributes are restored to its original appearance, you are only your own.
A person walks around the market with a basket, carefully chooses the food that best suits you, and everything is premised on satisfying the basic demands of oneself. Put up your hair and tie up your new homespun apron. Let’s start with the simplest fried rice with eggs. Stir-fry the rice until it’s six or seven minutes cooked, then beat the eggs in. On the edge of the pot, gently click, hold the hands of the eggs over your head, just listen to the “click” sound, the eggs and Rice met like this. Quickly turn and blend, so that each rice sticks to the egg powder, then add purple and white onions, bright red ham dices, when the pot is up, sprinkle leek seeds on it. We can cook with simple fried potato shreds and pickled vegetable soup. We can also make fish head tofu or steamed pork spareribs. By the way, don’t forget to add soybean milk when steaming meat.
Choosing a small dish or a big meal depends on your mood and money. Wash, cut, cook, and taste slowly. After eating, wash dishes slowly. Using our hands to manipulate and create, and using our senses to appreciate the subtlety of taste, it is not just a process of enjoyment. A small kitchen can not only cook food, but also provide a lonely and introspective space for you to see yourself at the moment when the fume is diffuse, and find the true taste after tasting the life.
Like writing, cooking is best suited to people’s lonely moments. Forget the dribs and drabs of the surroundings and devote ourselves to them. Every food in our hands is permeated with the complicated emotions of the parties. The blade of the cutting board lets you vent your anger, the dish basin in the pond cleans up your impetuosity, and the soup bubbling in the pot is stewed with yearning and love… The kitchen is a private place for nurturing and releasing.
Mr. Cai Yuan, a famous food expert in Hong Kong and Taiwan, said that people who study cooking “must be curious about life, and you must spare no pains to go up”. Today, kitchen learning is no longer simply a key indicator of women’s virtue, just like a fashion, which is loved and sought after by more and more men and women.
The interest has come, and I intend to cook a table for myself seriously. Before we started work quickly, the phone calls from friends rushed to us. “Who’s still doing it at home these days? Quick, come with us to GOLDENHANS for South American barbecue!” Social animals are happy to make appointments. The moment I closed the door and left, looking at the empty kitchen, I suddenly remembered that awkward figure of last year’s day was cooking soup for me, and then I boiled it in my memory.

Candid camera

He was so tough and hot that the tip was already in the thirsty grass beneath me, ready to launch a charge.
The heart thumps as if it could jump out of its throat at at any time.
There are a lot of people on Mingming’s car, but I feel like I’m almost crazy and suppress a lot of desires.
I am also a normal woman, I also have normal physiological needs, but my husband does not mention, I married two years or virgin, think it is ridiculous.
When my husband is not at home, I also secretly masturbated, but where can my fingers compare with men’s masculine objects? I secretly bought sex objects, but I dare not take them home. My husband likes to clean up the house, if he finds out, he will feel very hurt. I had a very humble life. I dared not speak to anyone. I could only hold it in my heart.
It was because he had been depressed for too long and hungry that he hesitated when he asked for it.
“Zhou Ying, so coincidental! How unexpectedly met you!”
The familiar voice of Tao sounded behind me. I turned my head and saw Zhao Kun, my immediate superior.
“General Zhao, why do you take the bus?”
“Today, my car is restricted, so I’ll go green once!”
After that, he looked at me again and put the cell phone in his pocket.
I don’t know why. I think his eyes are a bit meaningful.
I thought I was really crazy just now and almost obeyed the strange man. Zhao Kun awakened me from the primitive madness, and I instinctively wanted to push away the man in front of me. But the other hand of the man immediately pulled a dagger out of his pocket and hit it on my stomach.
He must have been afraid that I might poke him when he saw me meet an acquaintance.
The dagger wasn’t sharp, but it made my heart beat. I stopped struggling and dared not move.
Instead of entering my body, he rubbed a few times in my privacy, and then hot, magma-like, sticky liquid sprayed directly into my shorts.
The strange man got off in a hurry and Zhao Kun came up to me to chat with me.
But the sticky liquid kept running down my thighs, so I quickly pulled out the paper towel from my bag and felt for myself to clean it up.
Think of the scene just now, I blushed with shame, afraid of being discovered by Zhao Kun, embarrassed.
I joined Zhao Kun in the company, just as I had a report to ask for Zhao Kun’s signature, so I took the report and went directly to him.
After knocking at the door, he was looking down at his cell phone, but there was a bad smile on his face, which was always serious.
I went up to him and put the folder on his desk.
“General Zhao, you have a look!”
He looked up and down at me. I noticed that his eyes stayed on my chest for a long time, and finally landed on my slender white legs, as if there was a small act of swallowing saliva.
I was stared at by him, and my heart began to beat wildly. Although when I first joined the company, I had a vague feeling that he was fond of me, but in my eyes, he has always been a gentleman, and when contacting with female subordinates, he has a sense of propriety.
His eyes just now really look like a sex wolf, which makes my heart very uncomfortable.
“Zhou Ying, I have a video I want you to see!
I walked over suspiciously, just glancing at it, and immediately felt a “boom” in my head. He took pictures of me on the bus making out with the man. No wonder, his mobile phone has been in his hands, no wonder he looked at me like that!
“Unexpectedly, you are so wild! It seems that your desire in that respect is very strong, and your husband can’t satisfy you at all, otherwise you would not be so hungry and choose food, right?”
He said, putting a handful around my waist, rudely lifting one of my legs and letting me sit on him. And the bulge beneath him was just right in my privacy.
He’s moving so fast that I can’t respond at all.
Men’s hormonal breath wrapped me tightly, I wanted to resist subconsciously, but he clamped my waist with one hand, put his other hand directly into my neck, squeezed my right chest tightly, and whispered, “Give me now! Otherwise, I will post the video online, so that the whole world knows what kind of woman you are!”