It took three days for Little Wish to break the billion mark.

Before the release of Little Wishes, the renaming and shifting of its name, together with the “battle for positions” before the release, have really attracted a lot of attention, but this concern has not been translated into box office. On the first day of release, the box office topped 30 million, and on the third day, it topped 100 million, while the current forecast for the film is 267 million.
“Little Wish” is adapted from the Korean film “Great Wish”, but compared with the original score of 7.4, “Little Wish” 5.1 Douban score, can only fail. And “Little Wish” also made some adaptations on the basis of the original, so to compare the differences between the two films.
Different roles
When they reach the age of 18, they face death, which is a bit heavy for them. Zhang Zhengyang and Xu Hao suffered a lot in order to fulfill their lofty wishes. Even the two men went to ask their female classmates in various ways, and in the end they all got a beating. On the basis of the original work, Sima Tank was added to Little Wishes.
Sima Tan likes Xu Hao, so he follows Gaoyuan all day, which makes Zhang Zhengyang and others misunderstand. But the eighteenth National Women’s University changed, Sima Tan also changed a lot. In order to reflect their brotherhood, Xu Hao also asked Sima Tan whether he would like to be a lofty girlfriend, and the result is naturally conceivable.
Actor Wang Yuwen plays Sima Tan, and Deng Xiaoqi, who she plays in “Junior School” this year, has attracted a lot of attention. In Little Wish, she has only two scenes. Her main function is to show Xu Hao’s lofty feelings.
Different plot
The plot of Little Wish has been restored a lot, but there are still some changes. Xu Hao saw the beggar’s father and son on the street, who were very disgusted with their behavior, and asked them why they could stand and lie down. In the original book Great Wish, Nan Jun mocked his classmates with frostbite.
Zhang Zhengyang and Xu Hao took Gaoyuan to see the sea and fulfilled the so-called dream of youth, but the reality and dream are still very big. There is also a shampoo scene in the middle, which is not in the original work, but also for the emergence of “Miss Wish” to pave the way.
In the original work Great Wish, Miss and Sister only have the scene of hospital. In Little Wish, besides shampooing and hospital scenes, she was also given a funeral scene. At the same time, in her memory, she explained the little secret between her and Gaoyuan, which is also for the need of trial.
Brotherhood is the main focus of the film, and in order to reflect this point, the director added some real brotherhood pictures at the end of the film, originally intended to sublimate the theme of “brotherhood” better, but also in order to make the audience feel the same. The idea is good, but the sense of substitution is still lacking.
“Little Wish” premiered one day earlier than Xiao Zhan, Meng Meiqi and Li Qin’s “Xiaoxian 1”, but the box office of “Xiaoxian 1” has reached 160 million at present, while the forecast box office is 345 million, and there will be movies to eat up the market share of “Little Wish”. If there were not so many storms before the film was released, do you think the box office of the film would be a little higher?


What’s the reason why the man hammered Ferrari?

It is said that money can make the ghost grind, but it is unexpected that money can also make the grinding and pushing ghosts. We all know that Ferrari is very expensive. Men hammer Ferrari, so arrogant because of lack of money!
For ordinary people, Ferrari encounters a luxury car with a fear of a little scratch and a cost of millions of dollars. Even a slight cost of scratch is amazing. If it is serious, it may cause the savings of ordinary people for many years or even a lifetime to burn. But recently, a man hit a Ferrari worth 3.68 million with a hammer, and was caught saying the motive was laughing and crying.
Recently, a car crash occurred in a Ferrari 4S shop in Changsha, Hunan Province. A man with a hammer broke into the 4S store and smashed a brand new Ferrari Portofino, causing damage to the hood, doors and windows of the car.
Then the 4S shop staff heard the noise and quickly stopped, grabbed the hammer in their hands and gave the alarm at the first time. After a preliminary inspection, the cost of repairing the damaged Ferrari sports car was as high as 500,000 yuan, which was a considerable expense.
Such a high maintenance fee is also justified. The Ferrari Portofino, released in September 2017, is an open GT sports car. The car used to be considered the cheapest Ferrari, but the price is still as high as 3.68 million yuan, which is generally a sky-high price!
Why did the man destroy such a good car? The man explained that he smashed the car in order to attract the attention of Ferrari’s boss, hoping he would raise money by himself. When he visited his hometown, he found a potential project, but more than 400 funds were needed to promote it. Since he did not have any collateral capital, he thought of the Ferrari 4S store and hoped that the owner could help him.
It has to be said that the man’s idea is really a little speechless, afraid not to confuse the content of the film with the reality, think that this will be appreciated by others, but do not know that they have committed a crime. Ask, even if such a person comes out, who dares to invest? So, what do you think about it?


2019 Future Science Award Winners Announced

The Scientific Committee of the Future Science Awards announced the 2019 winners list in Beijing on September 7. Shao Feng won the “Life Science Award” for his discovery of the receptors and executive proteins in the human cell for endotoxin LPS inflammatory response. Wang Yifang and Lu Jinbiao discovered the third neutrino oscillation mode in their experiments. New physics research beyond the standard model, especially explaining the asymmetry of matter and antimatter in the universe provides a possible contribution to the “Material Science Award”, Wang Xiaoyun’s innovative cryptanalysis method for her pioneering contribution in cryptography Revealing the weaknesses of the widely used cryptographic hash function, the achievement of the new generation of cryptographic hash function standards has been awarded the “Mathematics and Computer Science Award”.

Shao Feng, winner of the “Life Science Award”, recognized his receptors and executive proteins for the inflammatory response to the pathogen endotoxin LPS in human cells.

Humans and bacteria in the body coexist for a long time. Most bacteria coexist peacefully with humans, helping us digest food and even resist other harmful pathogens. How the body’s immune system distinguishes between beneficial and harmful bacteria and effectively initiates an immune response is an important issue in biological research. Over the past decade, Dr. Shao Feng’s lab has provided a systematic answer: they have discovered several cytoplasmic type recognition molecules (PRRs) that specifically recognize invading bacteria, revealing the distinction between pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria in host cell inflammatory responses. Molecular mechanism. The most important of these is the discovery that the inflammatory proteolytic enzymes caspase-4 and -5 are receptors for intracellular recognition of endotoxin LPS, a lipopolysaccharide of the cell wall of Gram-negative bacteria. Bacterial invasion of host cells can directly bind to inflammatory caspase 4/5 to activate cell death in cytokines and cognate patterns, and promote the release of cytokines into the bloodstream, causing an anti-bacterial inflammatory response. In addition, Shaofeng Lab and Vishva M. Dixit Lab also found that gasdermin D in the gasdermin protein family is the substrate for inflammatory caspase and the performer of cell dying. Based on the importance of cell death in the death mode of the host in the natural immunity of the host, Shao Feng’s findings provide a new way to explore the prevention and treatment of pathogenic infections and related diseases.

The winners of the “Material Science Award”, Wang Yifang and Lu Jinbiao, found that the third neutrino oscillation mode provides a possibility for new physical research beyond the standard model, especially to explain the asymmetry between matter and antimatter in the universe.

The Daya Bay Neutrino Experimental Cooperation Group led by Wang Yifang and Lu Jinbiao first discovered a new electronic neutrino oscillation mode near the Daya Bay nuclear power plant in Guangdong, China, and accurately measured their probability of disappearance due to oscillation. The experimental establishment of this oscillation mode indicates that neutrinos may destroy the joint symmetry (CP) of the parity and the positive and negative particles. Physicists generally believe that the existence of new CP destruction is a necessary condition for explaining the formation of matter in the universe far more than antimatter and the formation of the material world.

A neutrino is an elementary particle with a weak interaction that is released in nuclear decay and nuclear reactions. At the beginning of this century, scientists in Japan and Canada discovered two phenomena (or oscillations) between three neutrinos that are known to have a non-zero mass and existence that exceeds the current physical standard model of particles. Interacted and thus won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics. But the theoretical third oscillating oscillation is more interesting because it indicates that the neutrino oscillation has the property of CP destruction. But in the first decade of this century, physicists thought that the third kind of oscillation might be very weak or not. Despite this, particle physics experimenters in China, France, South Korea, and the United States have proposed experimental programs and launched a high-level scientific competition.

Wang Yufang and Lu Jinbiao found that the high-powered Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant in China is the best experimental site in the world as an anti-electron neutrino source and used as a shield for underground laboratories. They organized and led the collaboration group to carry out a series of innovations, including the design and development of identical detector modules to eliminate systematic errors, the development of chemically stable cesium-doped organic liquid scintillators, and the highly sensitive cosmic ray detection system. This makes the Daya Bay neutrino experiment the world’s highest sensitivity. In March 2012, Wang Yifang and Lu Jinbiao on behalf of the Daya Bay International Cooperation Group announced the first detection of the third oscillation mode of neutrinos. A month later, the Korean RENO experiment confirmed this finding.

The establishment of the third neutrino oscillation indicates the direction for future neutrino experimental research. A new generation of international neutrino experiments, including the measurement of the quality order of the three neutrinos and the experimental plan of the neutrino CP destruction, were designed based on the results of the Daya Bay experiment. The experimental findings of Wang Yufang and Lu Jinbiao will have a profound impact on the future development of particle physics.

Wang Xiaoyun, winner of the Mathematics and Computer Science Award, rewards her pioneering contributions in cryptography. Her innovative cryptanalysis method reveals the weaknesses of the widely used cryptographic hash function and contributes to the new generation of cryptographic hash functions. standard.

Password hash functions are at the heart of most cryptographic applications and systems, such as data integrity verification and authentication, digital signatures, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), information integrity, blockchain, and more. A cryptographic hash function is a function that hashes an arbitrary length of input into a fixed-length digest. The important attribute is that it is difficult to find a “collision” under the current computing power, that is, two different input hashes to Same abstract. If the collision of the hash function can be easily found, it means that the hash function is not safe, and all applications that use it will be considered unsafe.

Professor Wang Xiaoyun proposed a series of powerful cryptanalysis methods for cryptographic hash functions, special mode differential bit analysis. Her approach breaks through a number of previously accepted password hash function standards and revolutionizes how to analyze and design a new generation of cryptographic hash function standards. In 2004, Professor Wang Xiaoyun proposed the modulus difference bit analysis method and demonstrated how to find the real collision of the MD5 password hash function. This is an unexpected result for the password field, because MD5 is a very widely used cryptographic hash function that has withstood more than a decade of attacks from many cryptographers and found no collisions. In 2005, Professor Wang Xiaoyun and her collaborators extended the analysis method and attacked several other well-known hash functions, including MD4, RIPEMD, and HAVAL-128. In the same year, she and her collaborators published another method that could be further reduced in another paper to 269 operations to find another very widely used password hash function SHA in 263 operations. -1 collision. Although in 2005, due to the high cost, the actual attack on SHA-1 could not be performed. After 12 years, other scholars successfully ran the actual attack on the google cloud according to Professor Wang Xiaoyun’s method and found the real collision of SHA-1.

Professor Wang Xiaoyun’s work led to the phasing out of MD5 and SHA-1 hash functions in almost all software systems in the industry. Her work has driven and helped design the next generation of cryptographic hash function standards, including SHA-3, BLAKE2, and SM3. Professor Wang presided over the design of the Chinese national standard password hash function SM3. Since its release in 2010, SM3 has been widely used by Chinese software products.



Baiyun Airport has put into operation the International Travel and Entry Processing System of “Going Abroad”
On August 26, Baiyun Airport put into use the “Golden Treasure” International Travel Entry Procedure Processing System, which can help travelers to quickly handle entry procedures such as relevant national entry cards, landing signature application forms, customs declarations, and so on. Passengers are exempted from manual operation on board or after arrival. The trouble of filling in. At present, the system can handle entry procedures in 11 countries such as Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Morocco, the United States, Cambodia, the Philippines and so on. This is another new measure for Baiyun Airport to deepen the construction of “Smart Airport” and facilitate passenger travel.
The International Travel and Entry Processing System of “Going Abroad” is located in the international departure area of the T1 and T2 terminal buildings of Baiyun Airport (as shown in the figure). There are 10 machines installed, 5 for T1 and T2 respectively. Passengers only need to download “Going Abroad” APP or open the “Going Abroad” Wechat program in advance, and upload the passport page photos. The system will automatically identify and extract relevant information. Subsequently, according to the system prompt, select the flight, hotel, residential address and other travel information, click submit, the system can generate print code, prompt to the corresponding number machine of T1 or T2 terminal to print. After arriving at the airport, passengers scan the two-dimensional code at the corresponding number of self-service terminals, and then print out the entry and exit cards and landing signature application forms in a few seconds.
“Going abroad treasure” machine shape similar to ordinary self-check-in equipment, the elderly, children, including infants can be processed entry procedures. Group travel and entry procedures are also time-saving and labor-saving, open the “go abroad treasure” to choose “multi-person mode”, travel information (arrival flights, Hotel addresses, visiting purposes, etc.) can be copied to each person’s entry procedures only once. Compared with manual filling, it is much easier and quicker to re-fill every form.


Praise the gardener

Teacher, everyone says that you cultivate the pillars of the motherland, but I want to say that you are the pillars of the motherland. It is you who support the backbone of our generation!
You are like a red candle, dedicating all the heat and light for younger generations! Your character and spirit can be used in two words – burning! Keeping burning!
Your lectures are so rich and varied that every chapter seems to open a window in front of me, which makes me see a beautiful new world…
Ah, with you, the garden is so gorgeous, the earth is full of spring! Teacher, open the window to see, this garden spring, this garden of peaches and plums, are saluting you!
How could there be so many beautiful flowers of the soul without the nourishment of your thoughts? Ah, teacher, engineer of the human soul, who is not praising you?
To spread knowledge is to sow hope and happiness. Teacher, you are the seeder of hope and happiness!
Teacher, you are the cultivator and seeder of beauty. It is you who shine with beautiful sunshine and moisten with beautiful rain and dew that make our hearts green and blossom like flowers.
You are busy with the blooming of flowers and the ripening of fruits, silently hanging the shade of leaves! Ah, teacher, your spirit, always remember me!
You are much like the unknown roots, which make the small trees grow strong and full of fruits on the branches, without requiring any remuneration.
You have given us a ruler of life, let us measure every day; you have given us a mirror of exemplary behavior, let us have learning examples everywhere.
You are the bridge, connecting the cut hills for us, leading us to the peak of harvest; you are the ivy, tough and slender, guiding us to pick the Ganoderma lucidum and ginseng on the cliff top.
When a seedling needs a cup of water, never bring a bucket of water, and when a bucket of water is needed, never give a glass of water. It’s a good gardener’s skill to give it in time and in moderation. My teacher, this is your art of education.
Regardless of hard work and cold inkstone, peach ripening and flowering dan, Li ripening is technically disabled, it is easy to plant flowers but difficult to cultivate people. Valley Feixiang is not ordinary, poetry is full of the world, paintings are full of the world, gifted and smiling.
Teacher, with the loftiest feelings of human beings – love, sowing spring, sowing ideals, sowing power…
Sowing with words, plowing with colored pens, watering with sweat and moistening with painstaking efforts are the lofty work of our beloved teachers.
You work in the present, but build the future of the motherland; you teach in the classroom, but your achievements are in all directions of the motherland.
Teacher, if you are compared to a clam, then the student is the sand in the clam; you use love to lick it, grind it, soak it, wash it… Over the years, the sand grains became pearls, shining.
You have countless memories of pride and happiness in your teaching career, but you treasure them in your heart and only look at the garden to be opened up.
If I were a poet, I would write poems with full enthusiasm, praising the vastness and far-reaching of the sea. And dedicate it to you, my broad-minded and knowledgeable teacher.
Teachers are the kindling of fire, igniting the fire of students’hearts; teachers are stone-level, bearing students step by step down to climb up.
You are like a candle, although weak, but there is a heat, a light, illuminate others, deplete themselves. This selfless dedication will never be forgotten.
The language of your lecture is as pleasant as a tinkling spring, as tender as a rippling stream, and as fierce as a torrential river…
Spring silkworm has never said self-praised words in his life. The silk that he spits out is a ruler to measure the value of life. Dear teacher, you never show off in front of others, but the blooming peach and plum is the highest evaluation of you.
Your love, the sun is generally warm, the spring breeze is generally warm, and the spring is generally sweet. Your love is more severe than father’s love, more delicate than mother’s love, more pure than friendship. You, the teacher’s love, is the greatest and noblest in the world.
The value of fireflies lies in using the lamp hanging at the back to focus on others; your respectability lies in always providing convenience to others.
Who scattered the rain and dew all over the earth? Who nurtured the seedlings diligently? It is you, teacher, you are a great gardener! Look at the flowers blooming everywhere, which one does not have your painstaking efforts, which one does not have your smile!

Families have good mothers

From the beginning of my memory, I found that my mother was a person who did not care much about life. She always forgot to pick me up because she was too busy with her work. I stood in front of the big iron gate of the kindergarten waiting for my mother. Looking up at the hot sun outside,桑拿佛山 I narrowed my eyes, and tears of sunshine came up. My aunt asked me with concern if I wanted to call my mother or send me home. I shook my head and stubbornly walked into the scorching sunshine with my little schoolbag. From then on, I never expected anybody to pick me up. When the children were picked up by their parents one after another, I put up my umbrella and started walking alone. My aunt asked me where my mother was. I said that she often forgot to pick me up and watched my aunt spit out her tongue. I walked home by myself unconcerned.
Yes, my mother has a lot of forgetfulness, so I have to remember everything by myself. Sometimes I write in a small book and cross out one thing when I finish it. Even sometimes, I have to remember something for her.
That day, my mother changed the sheets and put them in the washing machine. Then she muttered, “Well, first, wash them several times, three times; then change the water, wash them again, and then dehydrate them.” With that, she poured some detergent in, picked up the bag and went away. I ran over to see that the switch of the washing machine had not been pressed yet. I had to turn on the washing machine with my neck up while recalling my mother’s words. When I finally aired the sheet that I could hardly hold, my mother came back and said, “Ah, I haven’t changed the washing machine yet!” When she saw that the clean sheet had been aired on the balcony, she took a long breath and said, “Good boy, you can share half of our housework in the future. “!”
Mother not only has no memory, but also a little lazy. When I went out with her, I prepared my luggage the night before.桑拿广州 She never took anything with me. Once we went to Laohekou. When we went out, the sun was shining and it rained heavily as soon as we got to the station. I explained that the weather forecast clearly said there was no rain. Mother went out and bought two umbrellas. When she handed them to me, she said, “This money has to be deducted from your pocket money!”
Mother often asked me to do adult things. She would let a child go to the ATM beside the bank to deposit and withdraw money on the grounds of being too tired. She would give me money to help her buy things. She would let me go to other people’s houses instead of her and tell her something, and then bring her the reply. I often hear people say to my parents, “Your children are like little adults.” I also feel that I am mature very quickly. I also think that mother is a child, and I am her mother.
Since I am a parent, I have nothing to complain about. The night before I went to the summer camp, I got everything ready and went to bed. Suddenly I heard a small noise. I crept past and saw my mother checking my schoolbag under the lamp. She looked at her father as carefully as she did and said, “How can a pair be enough if my daughter forgot to bring her shoes?” Father said, “广州桑拿You’re so strange, just bring them to her.” Mother carefully pulled up her bag and said, “How can we do that? We can’t let her depend on others for everything. If we forget, let her suffer a loss once. Next time, we will learn a lesson.” Dad closed his eyes and laughed, “It’s hard to find a mother like you with a lantern. From the time her daughter went to kindergarten, you let her go home alone and follow her behind secretly, and make her a little adult. What’s more?”My mother whispered a word that made me cry.”Someday she’ll leave us and face it all alone.” At that moment, tears mingled with love and gratitude wantonly crossed my face.
I walked back to the room in silence, and at that moment I felt I really grew up a lot.

Happy to have you

It was raining, the wind was soft, and the soft touch was like cotton candy. In a twinkling of an eye, it was time for school to start again. At this time, the rain would come unexpectedly. The next day, the sun was hanging high.
Next week will be an indispensable parents’meeting for every semester. The students were all discussing enthusiastically, but like an outsider, I turned a deaf ear to the news that could stir up thousands of waves in my class.
Because they have never arrived on schedule, and this time it should be the same. I used to tell them the news with great expectation every time, but they all refused my invitation on the grounds of busy work. There are several other girls in the class who share the same pity with me. At first, we would stand at the back of the classroom helplessly, looking silently at other classmates and their parents. Gradually, we got used to standing more often, so that now every time we hold a parents’meeting, several girls take the initiative to walk out of the classroom and wander aimlessly in the campus.
Once upon a time, I would argue with them for this matter, even cry twice, but ultimately it was useless. I know they’re really busy. I’m not a sensible kid. I just can’t figure it out. Aren’t the parents of other students busy? Why can the parents of other students follow the contract, no matter whether the weather is bad or not, no matter where they are, they have come through both storms. I think it must be because they all understand that their arrival is of extraordinary significance to their children.
My parents have never been to school, and my teachers have talked to me, but I have pushed them away with my parents’busy work.
But this time, the teacher said with great emphasis, “This is the last parent meeting, and the most important one, which may affect your high school entrance examination. Parents must be children-oriented, right? And then communicate well with your parents, you know.
I couldn’t help the teacher’s whispering persuasion. After a moment of silence, I dialed the phone number of my mother, which I remember very well. Toot… ” A series of dial-up calls responded to me, and when I was once again frustrated and ready to hang up, a familiar voice came from the other side.
“Hello, Nannan, is there anything wrong?”
“Mom… The teacher said that this is the last parents’meeting. It’s very important. It will affect my high school entrance examination results. I hope you can come.
“Well… I see. I’ll try to get there. When will the parents meet?
“September 12, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.”
“Well… Nannan is sorry. Mother has to work overtime that day.
“Oh, I see. That’s all right. Mom, I understand you, let’s not talk about it.”
I don’t remember whether I hung up the phone first or my mother. I stood in the same place with a dull mood. I thought it was the last parents’meeting. I was lucky, but it turned out to be the same.
Mood instantly fell into a trough, want to cry but can not cry out, like a grim choke but stuck in the throat, uncomfortable death. I kicked and ran to the empty place, comforting myself and trying not to let the tears fall.
Once squatting down, tears flow out. Want to cry a lot, but dare not cry out, “Nanyin, why are you so angry, said not to cry, not all have been used to it, how still cry, how so affectation.”
That afternoon, it was raining heavily, and other parents came one after another, even those parents who had never been there.
They hold an umbrella in one hand and hold their children tightly in the other. The umbrella tilts towards the child like an unbalanced balance. Their clothes got wet, but the first thing to put down their umbrella was to ask their children if they got wet. It was really happy and enviable to have such parents.
“This time nobody accompanies me. How embarrassing it is for me to stand behind alone.”
I turned my head, closed my eyes, and lay on the desk, not thinking about that.
“Nan, are your parents still absent?”
“Well, they’re too busy to have time.”
“Oh, let’s go to the bathroom.”
“Well, let’s go.”
We walked along the main road and talked about the parents’meeting. Although we knew she couldn’t come, we still wanted to see if there was her at the school gate. “Nan, you’re all right.”
“It’s okay, just not sleeping well.”
As I walked back, my eyes drifted unconsciously towards the school gate. In a trance, I seemed to see my mother walking slowly towards me with an umbrella. I was stuck there, suspecting that something was wrong with my eyes, and rubbed them vigorously with my hands. Opening her eyes again, her figure became clearer. “Didn’t she say she couldn’t work overtime?” I was surprised and delighted.
“I have something else to do, you go back to the classroom, you take the umbrella.” Before she responded, I ran quickly to my mother.
“Why don’t you take an umbrella? What if you get wet?”
“Mom, I’m all right. You see, your umbrella is not better, your shoulders are wet. What about arthritis when you get old? Ah, Mom, didn’t you say you weren’t coming?
“Didn’t you say it’s important to you, so I took leave of absence for my daughter’s sake and didn’t hurt you. I came all night.”
I took my mother’s hand and looked at the tiredness on her face and the shadows under her eyes. At that moment, my heart was filled with guilt for my mother, but more happiness.
In my heart, I have misunderstandings and complaints about my mother, and sometimes I even feel disgusted. But at the moment of her appearance, all the complaints and complaints vanished in an instant.
Dripping in the drizzle and blowing the breeze, I had a walk with my mother, talking and laughing, for a long time, I was very happy. Complaint, discontent and disgust, like the dust of life, will make you forget the beauty of life, brush away the thick dust, the sunshine will quickly illuminate your whole heart.
Mom, it’s you who make me happy again. At this moment, I want to hold you well and whisper to you in your ear, “At this moment, it’s really happy to have you.”