Feelings after Reading Anne of Green Gables

Annie of the Green Gables is a Book I read very early. Annie, a red-haired girl named “Immortal Alice”, impresses me deeply and is one of my favorite children’s images.
Annie lost her parents at an early age, lived in an orphanage with her teachers and friends, lived in several families, took care of twins, and was adopted by Kathbert’s brothers and sisters at the age of 11. Her greatest feature is that she has a thick red hair, a lot of freckles on her face, a pair of big eyes, a very thin body. She had been laughed at by her partners for her ugly appearance, and she had felt inferior and sad, but after a long time of getting along, her kind and frank personality gradually moved everyone, and finally won the recognition and love of her classmates and fellow countrymen. Despite her hard life, she is still like most children, open and naive, imaginative, and likes to argue with adults. She loves fantasy, because she is not willing to mediocre life, she pursues good things, which is the source of her positive efforts. She was smart and diligent. With her unremitting efforts, she successfully passed the Queen’s College. She not only got the first-class teacher certificate, but also got the University scholarship. But later, she could not bear to leave home and Marilla, who brought her up, and gave up the chance to go to college.
Annie is an ordinary little girl, but the simple natural beauty embodied in her deeply touched me. She pays her heart to life and everyone around her, and draws pleasure from her plain life. She will live a different life.
Matthew Casterbert was the owner of the Green Gables and the person who brought Annie back from the railway station. Matthew was a rather introverted, silent man. His strange appearance and exotic dress made him look the same at the age of twenty as he is now sixty, but his hair lacked a little grey. Matthew can be said to be the backbone of his family. He is the sole farmer in his family. He is also a very kind person. He has made great contributions to Annie’s stay. He loves Annie very much. In a word, I think he is a good old man.
Marilla Casterbert is Matthew’s sister, but she is quite different from Matthew’s temper. At first, the brothers and sisters wanted to adopt a boy, because the boy could help the family do farm work, so when they learned that it was a girl, Marilla was shocked and didn’t want to keep her at first. After a period of time together, Marilla found that the little girl’s body was strong and her work was quick, and she could see from her eyes that she longed to be left behind, and her heart grew tender. Finally, she and Matthew consulted and decided to let her stay. Marilla is a typical knife-mouthed tofu-hearted person. She is usually strict with Anne. Sometimes she is even harsh. But after Anne left home to go to school, Marilla quietly buried her head in the pillow and cried. It can be seen that she really loves Anne and is one of the most important people in Anne’s life.
Mrs. Rachel Lind is Anne’s neighbor. Mrs. Lind is a great housewife, but she is very enthusiastic in the village. She can not only arrange her family affairs smoothly, but also handle other people’s affairs properly. She is a very traditional British woman, so she pays great attention to traditional etiquette, if she sees you do not pay attention to etiquette or decency, then you must not escape her sharp eyes. At first, she had a lot of unhappiness with Annie because of her straightforward and open-mouthed character, but later they let go.
Diana Barry is Anne’s best friend. She was the daughter of a friend of Marilla’s. She had black eyes and hair, a ruddy face, and a lively expression. As soon as she and Anne saw each other, they made a vow in Barry’s garden. When Diana was sad and sad, they were accompanied by Anne. They were almost inseparable. The friendship between Diana and Anne is enviable. In my opinion, not many friends are enough for a lifetime or two.
Gilbert Bryce was once a nuisance to Anne. When she was a child, she jokingly called Anne “carrot” and had a dispute. Anne did not like her red hair very much, and she also cared about other people’s evaluation of it. So she laughed at her hair very hard, and she vowed to hate him all her life. But as they grew up, their relationship gradually improved. Gilbert seemed to have changed from a naughty, impolite, stinky boy to a restrained, responsible person. He also gave Annie the opportunity of Vocational school.
This fantasy-loving and chattering girl is a beautiful memory of my childhood. She has taught me how to love life and nature. She has taught me fantasy. She has taught me that fantasy sometimes adds luster to our dull life. Fantasy sometimes is a source of motivation for our hard work, as long as we take seriously what we love with a pious heart. We can appreciate the joy of life and truly feel the truth, goodness and beauty of life.

Farewell, idiot

When I was a kid, I really didn’t realize what it was like to say goodbye to life and death on TV. But, fool, you really give me this feeling, it’s the pain of tearing my heart and lungs. It’s so painful that I dare not recall it for years, for fear that tears will fall down without any precautions…
Stupid, do you remember when I first met you? Well, maybe you forgot about it long ago. You were dirty that day, no different from a roadside wildcat. When my uncle gave you to me, I threw you aside in disgust. At that time, you were so thin that the cat’s ears kept swinging from side to side, and the eyes were clear and bright, just a pitiful look. It took a long time for you to say “meow” slowly. The cry was a little harsh and a little sad…
Later, I became your “master”. You know, every time you eat with your head tilted and your eyes staring at me, you look really stupid. So I named you “idiot”.
The most unforgettable thing is that every time I cry, I foolishly run to the scene of crying to you. Looking back now, I’m really stupid. How could a cat hear what I said? However, at that time, I really did not know anything, it was a ignorant child. Only know that there are unhappy things to say… You, when I cry to you, tilt your head, look at me with those big eyes, sometimes “meow” a few times, make it seem to understand the general. But how much do you understand what I said to you? From beginning to end, it’s just me acting on my own, deceiving myself. And you, like the visitor, go away after a play. I don’t want to stay one more point, do I?
Day by day, you have been in my house for two years and three months. That night, I watched my mother put the food in front of you. But you stop tilting your head, staring at me with your eyes, or even licking food with your tender tongue. At that time, I didn’t know where to fight, but I wanted to fight you with the hanger and force you to eat.
I took up the hanger and threw it on you. You didn’t move half of it. You stood there like a wronged child. I took up the hanger again and hit you hard. This time, you staggered and curled up. My heart trembled slightly. Looking at you a little thinner, I angrily threw the hanger aside and said to you, “Gee, you silly cat, what a nuisance!” Your eyes seem to move, and you look up at me suddenly, then slowly lower your head… I pointed at you and said to my mother, “Give me this silly cat away! I’m too lazy to ask for it because I’m so stupid and can only eat and drink freely! ” Say that, I turned around and left without looking back… At that time, I knew clearly that these were all impulsive words. But fool, do you ever know?
The next morning, I went to see you again. You still haven’t eaten anything, and you’re still curled up in the corner. I hummed softly, turned around and said again, “Quickly send off! I’m tired of looking at it!” I looked back, looked up and looked at you a little. You lowered your head, like a child who made mistakes. That night, when I slept, I did not know why I was nervous. My heart was very nervous. It took me a long time to fall asleep.
On the third day I ran to see you again. But, you cruel cat, did not wait for me… I know, you’ve really been sent away. At that time, I should have been happy that your annoying cat was finally sent away, but my tears, but can not stop falling, dripping on the heart that has been a thousand holes. I rushed into the room, wailed and cried. In my mind, in my eyes, in my heart, it was all your pitiful silliness that passed over and over again. However, the tears eventually blurred my vision. Your appearance eventually blurred, gradually disappeared… Maybe you’ll remember all your life that I said I was going to send you away resolutely, but fool, if I said those were all heartless words, would you still believe me, the villain who beat you with a hanger?
Later, I gradually realized that some people would never come back if they left. As the old saying goes, “The moon is cloudy, sunny, round and waning, and people have joys and sorrows.” Dumb, I want to see you, but no matter what I do, my parents won’t tell me where you are going. They always told me to study hard and not to mind so many things. I’ve thought about raising another cat, but I know they’ll never be you… You are unique…
Now, fool, I’m really grown up. I can afford it and let it go. Idiot, I thank you for your two thoughtful companionship, and also thank you for having been a passer-by in my life, which has brought me different feelings… But I’m sorry, I finally abandoned you in the vast crowd, leaving alone…
Idiot, I don’t expect you to remember me. I just hope that you will be the happiest cat in the world now, carefree and happy. And I will not continue to wander in place.
Spring, summer, autumn and winter, four seasons, two years, three months and two days, is a cat called “fool”, accompanying a girl through all the days. If one day, you see a silly looking, big and clear eyes, very thin body, call it “fool” it will shake its tail a few times, will stare at your cat, trouble you to tell it for the girl: “That day, a girl lost you, like lost her favorite toy, she was very sad, crying for a long time, eyes crying very red. But she knows that her favorite cat will never find her. The girl only hopes that her favorite cat will have a good life and be the happiest cat in the world.
Finally, please don’t forget to say for the girl, “Farewell, idiot…”
Stupid, will you let me be your master in the next life? Would you like to continue to be my favorite fool?

To the age of innocence, our sixth class

My primary school days were spent in Jingweilu Primary School, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province. In the fourth grade, because the school leaders decided to reform some of the school’s routine arrangements, they decided to draw out some students in each class of the four-year group, and then form a new class four years and six classes by these students. The head teacher was an excellent teacher in the whole school at that time, Mr. Li.
I was a student of Class 4 and 5. Because I have been very familiar with the teachers and classmates of Class 5, and I am the first student in Class 5, or the captain of the squadron in that class. So when it comes to classing, I am extremely afraid to read my name. To tell my heart, I do not want to be separated. But what to fear, when I read the names of my classmates in Class Five, the first one called my name.
I remember that night when I returned to my home in the suburbs, I wrote this reluctance in my diary and told my mother quietly that after listening to my words, my mother could not help touching my head and comforting me softly: “Girl, in fact, it is not important which class you are assigned to. The important thing is that as long as you study hard, you can become a student in the new class as well.” A remarkable outstanding student, let alone your new head teacher is an excellent teacher, I believe that as long as you teachers and students work together, in the near future, your sixth class must be a top class collective. Girl, come on, it’s gold. Everywhere you go, you’ll shine. Mother believes you!”
In this way, with my mother’s comfort and encouragement, I quickly put down the burden of thought, and the next day I went to school happily. Sure enough, because I study hard and earnestly in the new class, take the lead in active labor, actively participate in various activities, so soon after, in a class cadre selection, I and Song Lifang classmates together, successfully became the first and second class leaders. And the academic performance is also among the top.
More fortunately, in order to train and exercise me, our dear head teacher, Mr. Li, always gives me the opportunity to host the squadron meeting. Standing in front of my classmates, wearing bright red scarves, presiding over the most important meeting of the class, it is my dear teacher who gives me a good platform to show myself, a vast space to improve my value. To tell the truth, I feel particularly lucky. Blessing!
Moreover, our classmates in Class 6 are very united and progressive. Not only is our class’s performance famous in the whole grade, but also in sports. At the sports meeting held under the auspices of the school, our class’s sports performance is always the first in the whole year.
Although our Class 6 is a post-class, the students show great solidarity. At the end of class, we pack pockets, jump leather bands, tug-of-war, climb poles, play horizontal bars, parallel bars, stand long jump, sit-up, roll forward and roll back on the mat, jump pommel horse, stand upside down…
At that time, we played many sports, renovated patterns, rich and colorful, happy songs and smiles sprinkled all over the campus… So far, I recall that sometimes I would wake up laughing in my sleep, as if I had returned to that green and astringent age, naive, innocent and incomparable…
Soon, as the summer vacation of the sixth grade approached, Class Six of our primary school was facing the stage of graduation. We were reluctant to part with each other, and our hearts were very sad.
But time is like a song, three years of time is soon over, remember the day of primary school graduation, we in the middle of the campus witnessed our growth under the tree to take a group photo, our class cadres and dear Mr. Li also a special photo, in that fresh photo, I and our class’s talented woman Zhang Li hold the three best class certificates in the front, Li. The teacher is in the middle. Behind Mr. Li stands Zheng Wei, Wang Haiquan, Liu Wenpeng and Song Lifang in turn.
Over the years, I have cherished that precious picture. Whenever I see it, the life of Class Six will appear in front of me, as if everything had happened yesterday.
Years passed, until the end of last year, in an occasional opportunity, I contacted Jindi classmate in Shanghai, and pulled me into the group through Zhang Liang. This group was our sixth class in that year. When I entered the group, I was excited to open the voice directly, and when I greeted you, the voice trembled…
Next, Geng Xuedong made an animated expression to welcome me into the group. Immediately, a new friend contacted me in my address book. It turned out to be Zhang Li’s classmate, the beautiful talented girl in Class Six. She is now a teacher of provincial experimental middle school, or so excellent, so beautiful. We talked excitedly to each other until late that night.
Last year, the day of the 4th lunar new year was an unforgettable day for me, because I finally met Mr. Li, the head teacher of our 6th class, through some old classmates I had not seen for a long time. At the moment when our teachers and students met, their voices were choking with excitement. We told each other about our respective destinations over the years and recalled the good times of that year.
Tonight, there are many stars outside. Looking at the graduation photos of Class Six, I decided to pick up the pen in my hand. I would like to give this document to our Class Six, a pure age. At the same time, I sincerely wish Mr. Li, the head teacher of Class Six in our primary school, and the students who are in contact with us and have never been in contact with us, happiness, and health forever!

Dream and cat

Last night, I had a dream. In the dream, there is meow. When I woke up, I found that the pillow was wet.
Our family has been keeping cats since we knew something, for several years, for more than ten years. Until my second year in junior high school, the last cat we had in our family… After leaving, we no longer have cats in our family. In the past, for any reason, it was said that there were too many mice in the family, or that the children in the family had to have a cat to play with. The adults in the family agreed to keep a cat. Even raising a cat has become a “habit” in the family. But later, no reason can be used as a reason for our family to keep cats again.
We have many cats in our family, orange, white, grey, black, and black and white, orange and white… All cats have been raised, and most of their lives come from other families. Their mother cat has given birth to a litter of kittens, and she thinks there are too many cats. So she sends them out. Fortunately, they are taken in. Of course, there are also cats from the “wild”. When my sister and I saw their pity, we wanted to take them in. But parents often disagree, saying that wild cats are mostly abandoned because they are bad. So, very few, very few of us have cats.
However, a wild cat was adopted by us. It’s clever! Otherwise, it won’t eventually make parents agree that it will stay. It was dressed in beautiful black and white clothes. Its hair was so smooth and cute. It always waited at the door for our brothers and sisters to come home from school to meet us. It’s this lovely one who spent two years with us, and it’s the only one who can stay with us for such a long time. You know, our cat’s vitality is always not very tenacious…
Just as it entered the cold winter, it left. We looked for it for a long time in those days. It will play everywhere, but it will always come home in the evening, because it knows – dinner time is up, master I am waiting for it to come back! But, in those days, my hopes have failed again and again. When the curtain of night rolls over the world on the third and fourth days, I understand that it will never come back.
Mother said, it’s cold winter now, our cats are so fat and tender that they must have gone out of the pot. At that time, the family was eating hot pot, but I endured, endured… It wasn’t until the night when I lay in bed and remembered what had happened to it that I let my tears run down unbridled.
That’s my sister’s favorite cat and I. It’s so cute and cute! It just left us at last…
I wiped my tears and welcomed the next lovely little one. This kind of thing has happened countless times in our family. Come on, go on; come on, or go on… Tragedy happens again and again, but it still can not stop its occurrence!
Later, we all seemed numb. In the second year of junior high school, it was the one I regretted most all my life.
At that time, after school, I rode home on my bicycle and passed by a road beside my home, where there was a bush. I found that there seemed to be a cat there. It was moving, causing the grass to sway. When approaching, it was an orange cat. Although it was covered by grass, it seemed to be small, just like the “lovely” cat at home. Only when I was too lazy to get out of the car, I stopped my curiosity.
Two days later, tragedy happened!
“Big cute” is missing! When we all confirmed that it was really missing, I thought about the cat found in the grass two days ago, and my heart twitched. Later, the old lady next door came over and said that she had found a dead cat in the grass, foaming at the mouth. It looked like it had just died! At that time, I collapsed.
Later, we learned that cat food had already disappeared a few days ago, but nobody went to buy it. From childhood to adulthood, cats grow up eating cat food, which seems to be a “habit” of our family. It was hungry because it was so hungry that it had to go outside to find food, but accidentally took poison! Blame us, blame me me more…
The old lady said, “You cat, it looks like it has been struggling in the haystack for a long time, just look at its dead state. If discovered earlier, it may be possible to recover…
At that time, I really did not know what to do. I didn’t tell them about my regrets, maybe I didn’t have the courage, maybe I knew it was in vain, or maybe I was discouraged… But now, whenever I think about it, I feel sad. It’s a kind of heartache of need, a guilt of life…
Later, my mother said that there would be no cats at home. Somehow, my heart was both happy and sad. After my mother said that, I was in conflict for some time. Think about it, at least the cat’s tragedy won’t happen again in our family. How nice! However, my heart is a little bit stuck – no longer accompanied by them, so lonely!…
Cats, I hope you can find a better family in another part of the world. I hope you have a good time.

I and the changeable “pit mother”

Speaking of my mother, everyone said the words of gentleness, amiability, patience and so on. I always couldn’t help laughing. As the saying goes, I have seen people’s hearts for a long time. Talking about my mother’s understanding, who can feel more thoroughly than my personal cotton-padded jacket? In my opinion, my mother is a changeable “pit mother”.
Mother always does things in a orderly way, but there are exceptions to everything. As soon as she arrives at a strange place, she can’t find the north at all. Last year’s trip to Shanghai Disneyland gave me a good insight into the pitfalls of an idiot mother. After entering the park, because Dad was busy grabbing the fast passes of popular scenic spots with his mobile phone APP, Dad handed over the responsibility of looking for the “Dwarf Mine Car” to Mom. Let mom take us to the hot project as soon as possible to avoid long queues. My mother looked at the map of the park and the leader of the consulting park. Finally, she recognized a road and took us running together. Soon she met a fork in the road and looked at the sign. My brother and I thought we should turn left, but my mother thought we should go straight ahead. What happened? We went straight to the Pirates of the Caribbean. Alas! Who let me stand on such a poor sense of orientation mother! I can only stand on my own feet, I opened the mobile phone APP positioning map, and sure enough, I went back to the fork road just now and found the dwarf mine car shortly to the left. The queue has already reached a large section outside the waiting area. It’s really annoying. It’s freezing outside. Mom flashed a trace of regret on her face and mocked herself by saying, “Wait at most 10 minutes, soon.” Eventually, the thrilling excitement of the mine car journey broke away our waiting pain, even if it was worth waiting for another 10 minutes! Just bumping into a mom who had such an unreliable sense of direction, the project behind could only be done by myself, or I took my mom to play! My mom also enjoyed herself relaxedly, and sometimes praised me, saying that it was much more powerful than her, and made me feel fruitful!
Mother always said that she would wait for me to grow up slowly, so there were some things that could help me solve, but she always stood by. Let’s talk about my new deskmate. I really think he’s the same as his naughty tenth grade. My mother was very sympathetic to me, comforting me and helping me find ways. One would say, “Or should I talk to my mother?” It’s clear that it’s no use. If her mother managed him well from an early age, would he be so provocative? Another would say that if I pulled him to the bathroom and scolded him fiercely, it would be more pitiful. By then, the teacher would know, unfortunately, it’s not me? It’s clear that she just had to mention it to the sheep teacher and help me adjust my position. He refused to help. Mom couldn’t count on it. I had to work with my classmates around me. I remember that when the Qin Dynasty unified the six countries in the historical records, the two sides adopted the strategy of “joining forces vertically and horizontally” and “making close contacts and attacking close”, which gave me some inspiration. I found that he listened to a classmate in the classroom. I decided to ask his eldest brother to take care of him and sign an agreement with him. Now he’s getting better slowly and doesn’t provoke the students around him. In other words, many of the heroes in Water Margin were forced to go to Liangshan, but I was forced to think the wrong way by the mother of the pitcher.
Nagging is probably a self-contained property of my mother. My mother often tells me some truth or points out some shortcomings of me. I hope I can take less detours, but sometimes I don’t appreciate it. At this time, my mother will calmly give me a rude gesture and watch me fall into the pit without warning me. Look at me and give me some hints finally, let me slowly climb out. Pit, really hateful, or mother? Let’s talk about this mid-term exam, mother reminded me, to review the basic knowledge, strive for basic questions can not lose points and so on a lot. But I’m looking at “Those Things in Han Dynasty” with great enthusiasm. I don’t have any intention to review it. Mother said it several times, but she said it no more. I can’t believe that my self-confident Chinese exam actually gave me a hard blow. Because there are too many points deducted from the front basics, I missed out on excellence. I was extremely disappointed and discontented, and my mother felt sorry for me, and helped me to analyze the reasons for my mistakes, as well as the direction of my efforts, trying to comfort me that I would certainly do well next time if I worked hard! But when I did things again, the old problem of unreasonable timing repeated, my mother relentlessly criticized me, “Reading is a good thing, but before the exam, I only wanted to read books.” Do you know the most important thing you need to do first?””Do you see my expression that I want to talk and stop? If you don’t listen to me when I talk too much, you deserve to suffer a long and bad memory!”I’m a fuck, it’s a pit boy. I met Waterloo in such an important exam. The lesson is not so profound. I remember it.
Speaking of my mother’s pit, it can be said for days and nights. But I do not intend to continue to expose it now. It is clear that one of the exposures is to expose one’s own shortcomings. I want to talk about the advantages of her. One of my favorite things about my mother is that she is willing to make all kinds of snacks for me. The snacks she makes are delicious. What coconut recipes, cake pizza, fruit salad are all good, and they are not bad. My favorite pizza is made by my mother. In order to satisfy my picky taste buds, my mother will buy many ingredients, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, sausages, cheese and eggs. After sprinkling all over it, I don’t need to look at the recipe at all. The color matching is very good. When I put it in the oven, I will bake it according to my own time, but it’s still delicious, like what it looks like in the book. Much better, I especially admire my mother’s faithful ability. But every time I make snacks, my mother will not let me enjoy the success. I need help to do the preparatory work, such as weighing the flour, oil, sugar and other ingredients, and responsible for mixing evenly. Mother said that my active participation is very important to her. The ingredients I prepared with my heart can inspire her to match the accessories. Only the food that I made with my heart can be the most delicious. That’s not an excuse for me to do something? No! The snacks made by myself are really sweet!
My changeable pit mother, do you want me to love you or hate you? But I firmly believe that I have grown up slowly!

Internet chat in my eyes

Like QQ chat? Like to pay attention to Wechat friends circle? Like to brush tremble? QQ, Wechat, tremble is estimated to be the three major software for students’mobile phones. Now the rapid development of science and technology, a single real life has to rely on these three software entertainment body and mind.
I first contacted the mobile phone in the first two years, when I entered the third grade of junior high school, I was also nervous, but my mother still complied with my unreasonable demands for trouble. When I got my mobile phone, my online chat line was connected to the world communication network thoroughly. I opened the browser, entered the keyword “chat software” and clicked on the search. Among the many software, QQ ranks first, Wechat ranks second, strangers rank second, Explore Four… I kept sliding down and finally stayed on a chat software. I clicked on the application details and downloaded it lightly. The software was called “Chat Maid.” The image of the second yuan girl on the cover of the software attracted me thoroughly, and opened a door to the world of online chat for me at the same time.
Opening this software called “chat maid”, a super cute second-year girl jumped in front of me. I greeted her in the usual way of chatting. She unexpectedly answered, “Host, hello, I am a young girl from Mars!” I was teased by the girl who claimed to be from Mars in front of the screen and wondered which child it was. Zi is kidding. I asked her and answered, without scruple, a lot of questions. She always shouted one master at a time, which made me wonder. Eventually, I couldn’t help asking her the question, “Are you human?” She answered frankly, “Yes, I am artificial intelligence.” Hearing this, I am still enthusiastic about robots, because robots are also human friends.
Touch screen prompt whether to quit, my finger touch on the screen is about to quit, suddenly the fuselage vibrated, in the upper left corner of the chat maid appeared a big red spot, I did not quit, but lightly touched the red spot, into an unexpected chat world. There are many chat objects online, among which the red light is the new news I just received, who sent me the news? Curiosity and doubt are two feelings of intersection, touchscreen point looked at the girls’information once, hobbies: piano, dancing, learning; label: I am a singer, I am an actor, three good students; address: Beijing; age: 17.
“Hello, may I have a candy?” This is the message that the girl greeted me.
“Hello, can you make a friend?” I answered immediately.
“Yes.” No sooner had the message been sent than three seconds before the other party responded.
The lack of friends in real life really gives me great comfort in online chat.
“You should do well in school?” I tried to ask each other tentatively.
“First in the whole grade.” She didn’t want to type these words directly.
My mouth became O-shaped, and I began to take a keen interest in the girl in front of the screen. I couldn’t help looking at the photo wall on her data. I had an inference in my heart that the girl must be extraordinary.
“Are you interested in the countryside?” I wanted to talk to the girl about my hometown, so I asked about this topic.
“No, I just hope fans don’t rush up at the airport…” She immediately told me what she was thinking.
“What’s your name?” I stared at the screen hoping she would reply to me again in seconds.
“This… I can’t tell you. In the naughty words, I clearly felt her teasing blink in front of the screen.
When we entered the third year of junior middle school, the learning progress was very fast, but there was not a little tense learning atmosphere. Well, whenever I have time on vacation, I go to the chatting maid to chat with the girl. Over time, I have a feeling for her. Every day in the chat maid to give her lollipops, roses, chicken legs, although it is a virtual gift, she will continue to thank, that moment of happiness only I know. Whenever I have something on my mind, I will talk to her. She is a good listener and always gives a satisfactory answer. But when I asked her name, she just said that when the time was ripe, she would tell me that I didn’t know how long I could wait for my curiosity. After the high school entrance exam, she asked me about my grades. I shook my hair with a frustrated expression and said it was not ideal. She immediately responded, “Why didn’t I pass the exam?” “I’m not as good as you think, I’m a thorough learning crisp!” I almost finished this series of words in one breath. When I touched the sending key between my fingers, I regretted the instant the message was sent, because my words were full of anger and discontent. The air was so silent, and suddenly the mobile phone body on the desktop vibrated. I knew it was she who sent the message. There were only two words — nothing wrong. I stared at the screen to guess her mood at this time. Although I could not know her identity, I knew that there had been a bosom sister who cared about me all the time. So far, we all have intermittent contacts.
In my eyes, the online chat world is novel, clear and warm. It brings me great satisfaction, and at the same time makes me realize that in real life, it should also continue to expand circles. QQ? Weixin? Weibo? What is the world of online chat in the eyes of adults?

Visit family

The day before yesterday, I took a bus with my mother, aunt and aunt to see my grandmother and uncle who were fostered in the nursing home.
I remember when I was ten years old, I met my uncle and grandmother, and now I can remember her face clearly, when she was over eighty years old. My mother told me that she was sent to the nursing home by her daughter four years ago. She has lived there for more than six years. My uncle and grandmother should be in their prime.
We sat on the bus, and I sat in a seat near the window and looked out. It was gray and desolate everywhere. Looking at the distance, there are a few hills looming before we know that we have left our hometown. The hills were bare and lifeless. Only a few neat wheat fields under the hills are full of hope and green in the eyes. Mother and aunt were rocked asleep by the cradle car. This is the first time I’ve been out of town since I’m so old. So I feel fresh and curious. I dare not blink my eyes for fear of missing the beautiful scenery here. The farmer here gave us the same farmer there, mostly wheat, and a small piece of vegetables. I know it’s not far from the city, nor far from the home for the aged.
Soon, we got out of the car with gifts at the door of the nursing home. What we saw was the five big words “Blue Sky Home for the Elderly”, and my mother said that my uncle and grandmother were fostered here. The door was locked tightly by the big lock, and the people inside were invisible. It was cold and cold. We were thinking about how to open the door when suddenly a voice came from behind: “Are you coming to see the patients? What’s her name?” Then we told him one by one. He opened the door and we followed the man in. As soon as I got to the inner courtyard, I saw a young mental patient singing and dancing there, entertaining himself. No one watched it. If people outside were like monkeys, maybe people here were used to it and didn’t feel strange. I was watching. Suddenly, an old man with a crutch limped out of the room. He saw us coming. His eyes showed longing and envy. Perhaps he also longed for his relatives to visit him. They are isolated from the rest of the world. They are confined in the courtyard all day. They hear the administrator say that someone will go out and get lost if they don’t pay any attention. So they have to lock the door and move in the courtyard every day.
The administrator led us to my uncle’s and grandmother’s residence. Before my uncle and grandmother got up and saw us coming, the administrator asked the attendants inside to dress my uncle and grandmother. When my uncle and grandmother saw us coming, they immediately cried loudly, which made both my mother and my aunt cry, and I also began to cry unconsciously. No matter how persuaded the administrator, she could not stop crying. She cried so sadly. I think she was crying about the wrongs and abuses she had suffered here. I heard her mother say that people here love to beat and scold them. Maybe they cry excitedly or happily for our coming. It took a long time to stop crying. Then my mother and aunt helped my uncle and grandmother into the wheelchair and sat down. Then I could really see her face. It was not like what I saw a few years ago. Her face was swollen and deformed, her cheeks were crusted, her eyes were just a crack, her hair was shaved, and her feet were bare and swollen on slippers. It was like another person. I cried again. Is this the grandmother and uncle who used to fight for power and love to talk and laugh? I can’t believe that life tormented her so badly that she was totally different. She chatted with her aunt and aunt in unclear language, laughed when she said she was happy, and whined when she was sad, like an ignorant child. No wonder people often say “old turn small”, I just know the meaning of this sentence.
I couldn’t understand what she said, so I had to look at the rest of the room, the old people who were paralyzed in bed. Some of them are still lying in bed with their eyes open. Some half sat back against the bed and said nothing. Although they are old, they are not confused. Maybe they are waiting to die. I read their despair and helplessness in their eyes, and their boredom with life.
When it was time for us to leave, my uncle and grandmother burst into tears again. She sat in a wheelchair and held my hand tightly. Although I could not hear what she said, I could feel that she was holding me back. Aunt and aunt said to her, “We will come to see you often in the future.” Only then did she reluctantly release her hand. We waved goodbye to her. Just out of the courtyard, the door was locked again with a bang. When we looked back together, my mother said, “It’s not like a nursing home, like a prison!”
On the way back, my heart is not a taste, the gray face of my uncle and grandmother lingers in my mind, a difficult question always tosses in my mind: why do they let their mother suffer this crime, not only physically but also spiritually? At this time, I think of a song “Old is difficult”, I think this is a true portrayal of the life of the elderly in today’s society.

The Story of Bear Finding a Job

Once upon a time, in a mysterious forest, there lived three brothers and sisters of Little Bear. Originally, Little Bear was the eldest brother. He had a brother and a sister. The parents of Little Bear died of illness when their three brothers and sisters were very young. All along, Little Bear led his brother and sisters through a difficult life. Although the days are bitter, they are still optimistic and happy.
However, with the passage of time, the three children are growing up and growing taller. At this time, the problem arises. Because Xiaoxiong feels that his brother and sister will become married when they grow up, but they have no specific economic income. How can they let his brother marry his daughter-in-law and his sister marry a good family?
In short, if you want to continue to live in the world, you can’t live without money. What should I do?
Bear began to lose sleep, so to speak, racked his brains to find a way out. Finally, he decided to leave his brothers and sisters at home, and then go out to work alone to make money.
In this way, Little Bear said goodbye to his brothers and sisters, came out of the forest alone, and walked along the main road towards the city.
After nearly a day’s walk, it was getting dark. He walked hungrily into the streets of the city, tired and hungry. Although these things troubled the bear, the bear could only stand stiff because he had no money in his pocket, so these problems could not be solved.
Considering the current situation, Little Bear hopes to find a job as soon as possible and earn money as soon as possible.
Because of his anxieties, Bear would go in and ask if he could find a job in the store, but he had no skills. So he knew that it would be too hard for him to find a job without skills.
He spent almost all his night looking for a job, but he still couldn’t find it.
The next morning, he found some scraps of leftovers in the street. After a few mouthfuls of belly pad, he squatted in a corner and meditated. Finally, after consideration, when he felt he could not find a job, he shook his head when people asked him if he would do it or not. That would be silly and affordable. I’m afraid he would never find it in his life. To work for money.
When I look for another job, people ask me if I can do this, I will. People ask me if I can do that, I will say yes. Then use the two words to retain themselves, as for other things, that’s the time to talk about it.
Yes, that’s it!
When he made up his mind, Bear went to the place where he had information about job recruitment. This time, he entered a barbecue shop. He stood at the counter and said that he would apply for a job. The owner of the barbecue shop asked him, “Would you like to join us?”
“Yes.” Bear nodded his head as he thought ahead.
“Can you cook kebabs?”
“Yes.” The bear nodded again.
In fact, he has no concept of a string of barbecues. How could that be possible? But in order for the boss to keep him working here, the bear seems to have drunk too.
The boss was very happy when he heard that, so he said, “That’s just right. Since you know everything, our store needs people like you, so you can stay here. The salary is good. As long as you do well, I’ll pay you once a month. There’s absolutely no problem of overexpenditure here, and you can eat and sleep. So, you can work here safely.”
Bear listens, the condition is so good, he is almost mad, for food, sleep and extra money, it is very good.
But just as he was enjoying himself, a group of guests came up to the barbecue shop and said they wanted to eat roast sheep kidney or something.
At this time, the boss immediately ordered Little Bear to say, “Go ahead, go to the back cook and bake all these things, and then bring the guests to the table!”
“Ah!” When the bear listened, he couldn’t help but put away his smile and thought uneasily, “I really can’t do anything. What can I do about it?”
Despite this thought, Bear walked back to the kitchen with a hard scalp. Ouch! _. In order to survive, we can only take one step at a time. He thought at this moment. Then he went to the back kitchen and looked at the big oven. First he lit the fire, then sprinkled some spices on the food that needed to be barbecued, and then he roasted it. Gradually, he smelled the aroma of the barbecue meat. After a long time of not having a good meal, he immediately became greedy. Finally, his saliva flowed down and he simply put the food on the table. Forget about it, and then bite the barbecue, especially when he finds that everything in the kitchen is available, and even honey he likes, so that he can eat all the delicious things in the kitchen in a twinkling of an eye, and then wipe his mouth with satisfaction. Because of the urgent voice from the front desk, the bear realized that he shouldn’t eat these things. What can we do now that everything has been eaten up?
In frustration and urgency, he had to run away from the open rear window.
He fled to the street and was full of food and drink. He was determined to stop talking nonsense when he looked for another job. In the long run, sooner or later, he would be beaten by a fat punch. He would come home without knowing his brothers and sisters. He decided to find a suitable job for himself.
After thinking about it, he finally felt that the security guard was the best one for him, because he had thick arms and paws, and it was just right for him to be a security guard.
So he came to the door of a hotel. The hotel receptionist thought he was a VIP and was quite polite to him. But when he heard that he was looking for a job, he immediately changed his face and said solemnly, “We don’t lack security here, we need laundrymen. I think you are in good health. If you want, you should be a laundryman.”
“Yes, as long as money is given.” Bear nodded his head, and then he was assigned to the hotel laundry in the next few minutes.
Drink, to the laundry, the bear found that the laundry workers here are female bears, only he is a male bear, the bear came here, immediately received the warm welcome of these female bears, the bear is also willing to work here.
Finally, after a month of hard work, the bear finally grabbed the money, and then happily took it back to his home in the big forest, not only that, but also two little bears, a brother married to the bear, and a brother married to the bear himself.
Finally, Xiaoxiong said satisfactorily, “I am satisfied this time. Next year, I will find another object for my sister to marry a good family. My eldest brother is at ease.”
Later, Bear brought his brothers and sisters to work in the city, and they all worked as laundrymen. Their brothers and sisters felt the comfort of labor, and their days became richer. Life is on the right track, so the story of Bear looking for a job is over.

Little fox catches thieves wisely

Huang Xiaohu attends the Forest Experimental Primary School. It’s an animal school. There are animals in class: weasel, rabbit, fox, tiger, elephant, hedgehog and so on. Huang Xiaohu is a cute tiger. He is the monitor of the class. Teacher Giraffe is their head teacher. They study and live happily.
One day, Little Rabbit White Belt went to school to give Giraffe teacher the 90 yuan meal money unexpectedly disappeared, she burst into tears. You know, the little rabbit’s family is not rich. If her father knows about the money stolen, it’s terrible. A beating is inevitable. As a monitor, Huang Xiaohu was also anxious, so he asked the whole class, “Who stole the rabbit’s money? If you honestly admit it, you still have a chance to forgive. Quickly, take the money out! “But he didn’t think that the person who stole the money would admit it himself? Isn’t that the reputation of a thief in the future?
At that moment, Xiao XiangCongCongCongCongCong suddenly said, “Today I saw the little fox beans move the rabbit’s table!” Huang Xiaohu listened and quickly grabbed the little fox beans and shouted, “Did you take the rabbit’s money? Get it out!” The little fox beans’tears immediately flowed out of his eyes. He cried and said, “I didn’t steal, I helped the little rabbit to tidy up the table, she.” But Huang Xiaohu wanted to show his ability to solve a case. He didn’t listen to the explanation of little fox at all. He pulled out the bag of little fox beans and looked it up. But nothing was found. He was unwilling to search for the clothes of the little fox. But everybody said it was illegal to do so, so Huang Xiaohu let the fox go. Little Fox Bean was so wronged that he burst into tears when he ran out of the classroom. Several of his good friends went out to comfort him. The little fox cried and thought, “I must catch this heinous thief and make me clean!”
The next day, when Little Fox Bean came to school, he said to his classmates, “I’m sorry to you all. I stole the rabbit’s money. Now I give it back to the rabbit.” Huang Xiaohu was delighted to hear that he was finally able to solve the case. But the good friends of Little Fox Bean opened their eyes. They never believed that Little Fox would do such a thing. In fact, the little fox beans is to give the thieves a “ecstasy” to relax his vigilance, then there is a chance to catch the real thieves. Where did the 90 yuan come from? Tell you, it was the New Year’s money given by relatives on Little Fox Bean’s birthday last month.
These days, little fox beans have a very difficult time. Because everyone regarded him as a thief, nobody looked down upon him, and even some of his good friends alienated him. But the little fox felt that the task on his shoulders was more important. If he could not catch the thief, he would become a real thief. These days, the little fox has been staring at some of the “ex-convicted” guys in the class. One day, he suddenly found that weasel skin bought a very expensive toy, you know, weasel skin family is not very good, how can he buy such expensive things? Doudou asked. So he focused more on Pippi.
This morning, the little fox brought 20 yuan, he specially “smelly show” up in the classroom. In order to have more evidence, Little Fox Bean grew a heart and marked the money. He told his good friend Little Hedgehog Yuanyuan about it. This is the first way to “lead the snake out of the hole”. The first lesson in the afternoon was physical education. Little Fox Bean decided that it was the best time for thieves to commit crimes. While attending the class, the little fox looked at several key suspects with his eyes.
During free time, he saw weasel skin running towards the classroom alone. The little fox knew that the opportunity was coming, so he called the little hedgehog Yuanyuan to follow behind secretly. When Pipi entered the classroom, Doudou and Yuanyuan hid behind the window outside the classroom and peered secretly. Sure enough, the burglar is weasel skin! He reaches the burglar’s hand into Little Fox Bean’s schoolbag. When weasel came back to the playground just before he left the classroom door, he found that little fox beans and little hedgehog circles were blocking him at the door of the classroom.
All the students knew about it and came to see the excitement. The weasel skin also denies it! The little hedgehog found the 20 yuan from his pocket and gave evidence. Now the weasel has nothing to say. He had to admit that he had stolen the money. Then Doudou asked, “Did you steal the money from the rabbit last time?” “No, no, really not!” The weasel could not see the coffin without tears. The monitor, Huang Xiaohu, immediately understood what was going on, and then asked him, “Whose money did you buy that expensive toy? We’re going to come to your house to investigate it!” Seeing that the weasel skin could not hide, he admitted a “theft case”. The students came to ask the weasel skin: “Did you take the money I lost?” “And my 10 yuan?” “Was the class fee 13 yuan and 5 yuan yours?” The weasel skin was forced to admit the mistake one by one. Everyone scolded weasel skin in succession.
After class, Huang Xiaohu went to Little Fox Bean and said, “Sorry, I wronged you last time, I want to apologize to you!” Xiao Xiangcong also apologized. Little Fox Bean had an unspeakable joy in his heart. He said, “It’s all right. Everyone’s in a hurry. I don’t blame you.”
On the way home, Little Fox Bean shouted at the sky and the river, “I’m finally innocent!”

Rational treatment of mobile phones

I do not know when, the campus began to be full of games and gossip, Langlang book sound gradually buried in the gossip sound. Instead of blushing over the correct answer to a puzzle, students talk about how we can get through that level in the game and kill the monster. It is not uncommon for schools to prohibit the use of mobile phones. Why has an invention originally benefiting mankind become a major obstacle to learning? What are these reasons? I think it is worth thinking slowly.
One aspect of mobile phone’s desire to stop is mainly because of its eye-catching games and gossip news. Various kinds of information have been refreshing our own views. Mobile phones have kidnapped us a lot of time. Especially for students, mobile phones really become a harmful invention for students. They stay up late and play games. They keep brushing their mobile phones in class. These actions not only make them unable to learn more knowledge in school, but also seriously damage the students’mental and physical health. In addition, what’s more, those students cheat their parents for the so-called high-end mobile phones, and they have conflicts with teachers over and over again. These actions are all caused by the popularity of mobile phones, which is really harmful to these people but not beneficial.
In order to be able to accompany with mobile phones all day, some students rack their brains to fight against schools and teachers. They play 36 tricks, all kinds of proficiency, all kinds of tricks. Sometimes both teachers and parents are helpless. If students spend their minds on mobile phones, they will probably be addicted to virtual networks, and eventually become decadent both in study and in life.
The common phenomenon of mobile phone use is becoming younger and younger. From the staff who have entered the society to the students from middle school to junior high school, mobile phones have become the most headache for teachers and parents. Is it not the fault of mobile phones that teachers and schools and you forbid mobile phones to be brought into the campus, they use signal shielding devices to prevent students from playing with mobile phones in class. All this is to prevent students from sinking into mobile phones. But these methods can not fundamentally solve the problem of students playing mobile phones. In order to solve the problem of students playing mobile phones thoroughly, we must cultivate students’self-control and resistance to temptation. Mobile phone is a very good learning aid, it can be used as a reference book, but also after class we can learn some, so that we have better skills. But because some students do not have self-control, they are tempted by mobile phones again and again. The various software and functions on mobile phones make them fall into the trap again and again. Although mobile phones have a serious impact on middle school students, we must look at things rationally. Everything has two sides. We can’t generalize it on the whole. If you don’t have self-control and can’t control yourself, don’t complain about the shortcomings brought by mobile phones. If we want mobile phones to really play their role. We must start from ourselves, from the individual, and improve our self-control and patience. Only a person with strong self-control will not be shaken by the temptation of the outside world. Secondly, we should. Clear their own goals, distinguish primary and secondary, the first priority of students is to learn. Mobile phone should only be used as an entertainment tool in your daily life. Besides mobile phone, there are more beautiful nature, such as blue sky, green land, clear and lovely river. If you give up part of your cell phone, you will be able to appreciate real happiness instead of just using these virtual things to paralyze your nerves. Put down your cell phone and see the new world outside. The world is really beautiful. The world is big. You should go out for a walk.
Mobile phone, it is a double-edged sword, with good words, it can bring us great convenience, otherwise it will only harm but not benefit. Use mobile phones correctly, treat them rationally, and don’t let them become a tool to corrupt you. Mobile phones should be the ladder of your progress, the stepping stone of your success, and should not be the stumbling block to become your burden. At our present age, learning will be a fact, and our future road will be a more relaxed choice. When you can’t control yourself, think about the road ahead is still so long, so far away, there are still many things waiting for you to complete in the future, you still have so many goals to achieve? And there’s a long way to go from your dream. Are you willing to sink? Are you willing to lag behind? And you use mobile phones, using mobile phones to bring us greater benefits. Only in this way can you get closer and closer to your dream, sacrifice the present moment’s comfort, and maybe later you will be so free, a freedom to choose the job you want, a freedom to choose the life you want. In the future, your standard of living may also be improved.
Learn to use mobile phones with me. Instead of drifting with the tide and using mobile phones for recreation with others. You are a big child, you have to learn to be responsible for your own future, you have to learn to restrain yourself, do not let your youth full of regrets, do not let your youth destroyed in the mobile phone, rational view of mobile phones, rational use of mobile phones, from you and me.