I love books, books love me.

Shakespeare of the United Kingdom said: “Books are the world’s nutritional products.” Henry Longfellow of the United States said: “Books are the destination of thought.” China’s Chen Shou said: “No books in a day, Pepsi is ridiculous.” Also became my best friend.

I remember when I was in the second grade, I went to class one day. I saw Li Aoxuan reading the extracurricular books in a relish. Looking closer, it was a painting and collector’s edition of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I liked it all at once, saying: “Li Aoxuan, borrow Let me see it!” He reluctantly said: “No, I haven’t finished reading yet!” I pleaded: “Let me take a look! Just three days, read it right away!” “Good– Li Aoxuan reluctantly agreed.

This book is very good. I will go home from school in the morning and go home after school in the afternoon. I will watch it before going to sleep at night. I will wake up in the morning and watch the time quietly in the afternoon. Three days later, Li Aoxuan said to me unhappyly: “Han Jiangtian, return me, the deadline is up.” I said with a sigh of relief: “I, I haven’t finished reading it, and then have a grace of a few more days!” He said: “A few days ago, you said that you have returned to me for three days, and you are not keeping your credit?” I said: “Since borrowing, let others read it!” He said helplessly: “That – I will borrow you for two more days!”

Two days later, I finished reading, but I still don’t want to return. One morning, my mother went to school with my mother. I met Li Aoxuan halfway. He told my mother that I would return his book. I had no choice but to return it. When my mother saw me so much in love with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, I bought one for me. I often see it as intoxicated, and I forget to sleep. Mom urged me to sleep, I said: “Immediately!” Dad urged me to sleep, I said: “This battle has not finished yet, I will sleep when I finish playing.” Dad rushed into my room, grabbed After the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” I was watching, I slammed into the bed. I was scared to go to bed.

When I woke up, it was only 2:00 in the morning, my father and mother slept soundly. I turned on the small lamp and looked at it in the bed. I watched a few battles. I was afraid that my father and mother found out that I had to sleep. Even the dream was a scene of fighting in the Three Kingdoms. The next day, I washed my face and looked in the mirror. Haha, my eyes became dark and became a panda eye. In the language class, the teacher gave a lecture and painted, but I was sleepy and really wanted to have a bed. It’s hard to go to class. I quickly walked out of the classroom, stretched my arms, kicked my legs, and I was sober.

In the battle of Guandu, I hate to become Cao Cao’s military division and help him design the strategy of defeating Yuan Shao’s 700,000 army. In the battle of Chibi, I would like to become a military commander under Zhou Yu’s account, arrogant and arrogantly driving a fireboat. To Cao Jun, burn him a piece of film does not stay; in the battle of the flooded seven army, I want to become the main lord of Guan Yu, let the water immersed in the banned water army; in the battle of Yiling, I want to be one of Lu Xun’s men The staff will be partial, help him burn Liu Bei’s seven hundred miles of camps…

I love books, books love me too. Through reading books, I learned about the magnificent history of the Three Kingdoms, the corporal of Liu Bei Li Xian, treating the people well, and establishing the Shu Kingdom; Cao Cao Xiong was a general, resourceful and conspiracy, and established Wei Guo; Sun Quan was calm, far-sighted, and established Wu. Through reading books, I have met many Wenchen military commanders. Lu Bu let me understand that it is not enough to have courage, but also have strategies. Guan Yu let me understand that I can’t be proud of being underestimated and be modest and cautious; Zhang Fei makes me understand that I can’t act recklessly, be careful. Coping; Wei Yan let me understand that I can’t just use it myself, I have to have a big picture… Through reading books, I know how to divide and combine Chinese history, and the general trend is unified.

Classmates, have you read my story, are you inspired? Descartes of France said: “Reading all good books is like talking to the best people in history.” Let’s read more books!

Remember the most memorable day

April 22 this year is my 10th birthday. On the night before my birthday, my mother first accompanied me to the barber shop in the alley to manage a “children’s style” and took me to the children’s clothing store on the park road to buy clothes. I started to say that I only bought one set. I was ready to walk out of the store with new clothes, but I didn’t see my mother coming back. Looking back, my mother’s eyes were fixed on a white casual shirt hanging on the wall. The white casual suit is really beautiful. There are a few big five-pointed stars on the chest with black edges. There is also a casual hat behind the clothes, which is also black-edged. The left sleeve is also very chic. A silver ring. I am busy pulling her out and going out: “Mom, this one is enough, let’s go home!” Mom glanced at me lovingly, hesitated, said to the owner: “I want this one!” “When I took these new clothes out of the store, I was very happy, and I was filled with gratitude to my mother. I was thinking about which clothes I would wear tomorrow to go to school.

My birthday is finally here! This is a bright sunny day. The teachers and classmates saw my new clothes and boasted that I was beautiful today. Teacher Yi said: “Chenno is very cute and especially pure today.” I don’t want to mention how beautiful it is.

When I was at work, I was called out by Mr. Ping (the class teacher at the time was Yi teacher, and Mr. Ping taught us English) and said that there was something to do. When I returned to the classroom, I couldn’t help but be shocked: the classroom was beautifully arranged, and Yi and the classmates said in unison: I wish Chennuo a happy birthday!

I was so excited that I stood there stupidly. Teacher Yi smiled and asked me to sit back. At this time, Song Yifei, who was sitting in the first row, walked to the podium and lit two colorful candles. Who knows that this colored candle will ignite a beautiful fireworks when it is ignited, and it will fly into the sky! The classmates cheered! I was even moved by tears in my eyes. I don’t know whose parents sent a big birthday cake at this time. In the happy atmosphere, the whole class and Yi teacher shared this beautiful and delicious cake with me. I think this is my happiest day.

And who knows this is the prelude to happiness! Next, Mr. Yi asked everyone to send me a gift. I can’t help but be surprised: Do you still have a birthday present for me? I can’t let me think about it. The classmates lined up in a group and sent the gift to me in an orderly manner: Zhao Yingyi sent a beautiful pen holder set and sent a beautiful diary to Hong Lei. Wu Hao sent a The little cake, Lu Yifan sent a very handsome jeans, Su Shi took the most beloved little pendant on her bag and gave it to me. Lu Dingyi knew that I liked the pig most, and sent a “QQ pig”. Ragdoll; Yi teacher also gave me a gift, a very expensive brand-name sportswear; Ping teacher gave me a beautiful foreign watch… and practice books, pencils, pencil sharpeners, etc. I can’t remember who sent it. I only saw the three tables full of gifts surrounding me. The smiles and friendships of the teachers and classmates surrounded me. I only knew that in our fourth year of special unity and special friendship. The big family in the class surrounded me with unlimited happiness.

I learned later that for my birthday, the teachers and classmates had quietly prepared for several days, and they carefully prepared the biggest surprise. They hope to bring me joy and take away the shortcomings —— Dear teacher, dear classmates, life, study among you, I am happy and healthy every day, there will be no regrets !

On April 22, 2005, teachers, mothers, and classmates, let me spend all my unforgettable days with all my love.

Visit the Aboriginal Cultural Village

In the afternoon, we came to the reception of the Cultural Village and saw many colorful English letters painted in colorful ink on the house. On the two pillars in front of the house, there are also colored animals, indigenous people, and back to the standard…

At this time, there was a long line in front of the house. I thought, “Hey? You have to queue up when you enter the house? What are they doing?” I looked at it, Mom! A man and a woman are painting on the faces of the students there! The men painted orange paint for the students, and the women painted white paint for the students. I used to stand in the orange-painted team, and then quickly stood in the team painted in white paint. Because I think white oil paint is more into the skin. When it was my turn, the blond big sister painted four points and two bars on my face. Suddenly, I became a big face!

Walking into the house, a pungent smell of paint rushed. The surrounding walls are covered with shields, spears, indigenous people, animals… even the roof has not been missed.

Then we walked out of the house and came to the grass. A “beer belly” uncle has been waiting there with two bouncers. Oh! It turned out that he taught us to throw back the back darts! He first took a big pull back with his right hand, shook it in his hand, then picked up his arm and throw it outward. The bouncer flew forward, flew far, and spun from time to time, then it slowly rotated back and flew back, and on the way back, it suddenly fell to the ground.

After learning to fly back to the force dart, we went to the hospitality room and sat down.

Yeah! It turns out that we have to draw a back here! The two blond big sisters are giving us back the unreturned darts, but each of them has a black ink painted animal. I got a little black duck on the back button.

The table in front of us was filled with oil sticks and small sticks for painting. I started to draw.

I first smashed a little red paint with a small stick and painted it in the middle of the back-dart, that is, around the duck. I suddenly thought: it’s too time-consuming and time-consuming to paint with a small stick, but it’s not as good as a finger! So I dropped the stick, rubbed a little red paint with my fingers, and spread it around the duck. Then I picked up the stick and took a little light blue paint. I was at the junction of the duck and the red paint. Got a little bit. After the point, I found that the duck had no wings, but there was no black ink at the moment, so I used my fingers to paint a duck with a blue oil paint.

Among the four indigenous people, there was a brown-haired boy, a curly aunt, who wore ordinary people’s clothes, but their faces were painted with oil. The other two uncles were only wearing turf skirts, and the rest of the body was painted with oil paint. They were thin and tall, and they looked like a “skinny monkey.” Another fat person is not very tall. At this time, we suddenly recognized the fat male native – he is the “beer belly” uncle who taught us to fly back to the dart. “Beer belly” took out a flat, wide and long stick, and the stick was painted with an indigenous totem. He waved in front of us with a stick. “Skinny Monkey” carries an instrument that the indigenous people blow – the scorpion. While rubbing his feet, he slammed the floor with a scorpion. The “beer belly” also clap his hands while clapping his hands and swaying. The little boy and the aunt used two totems with a totem and a bouncer to beat each other to help them beat the rhythm. After a while, the music stick made of hollow wood was blown, and after blowing it, it made a wonderful squeak, and it was like the call of an elf. Then, “Leather Monkey”, “Beer Belly”, the little boy and the aunt, danced together. They cramped, akimbo, and then clap their hands. Then, they also invited the audience under the stage to go on stage to jump together. Two-thirds of the people went up. I didn’t go up because the “skinny monkey” was holding a puff-like thing and adding white oil and white powder to the faces of the people on the stage. Ark, Jiang Qianhui, and Xu Xiaoying all struggled to run behind other people, and they didn’t want to have their faces painted with white oil and white powder. A tour guide held down the Ark, Jiang Qianhui and Xu Xiaoyu fled. As a result, the face of the ark was painted as white as a ghost. When the “skinny monkey” is no longer painted, I will go up and follow. The content of the jump is very simple, with the rhythm of tapping the music, clap your feet. The whole house is boiling. Dancing, cheering, taking pictures, people are happy.

Alma Zoo

In the morning, I still have classes in the classroom. In the afternoon, we drove to the Alma Zoo. After an hour of “trekking”, I finally arrived at the Alma Zoo.

The Alma Zoo is located in the virgin forest. From the outside, it seems that there is no gate, and no matter where people stand, there will be plants around.

When we look at the map, it’s so complicated!

At this time, we saw a large, tall, long iron cage. There are many swings in the cage, seesaws, slides, parallel bars… I think: Which animal needs so many sports equipment! Thinking about it, I saw two monkeys. Ugh! It turned out to be a monkey! The little monkey squats on the back of the big monkey and wants to tickle the big monkey. But the big monkey does not appreciate it and desperately wants to knock down the little monkey. Looking at the two monkeys, I suddenly shouted to my mom: “Mom! Isn’t that you?” (俺老妈是猴)

Chatting in the forest, strolling, the crow is cheering on our heads. From time to time, the big tree came from the crow “ah – ah – ah”. In fact, crows are not only found in the woods. In Australia, the crows are often heard in schools and on the streets. Even every morning, the crow is calling us early in the window of the host family! Australians have never hated crows like the Chinese, saying that the crow’s voice is “crow’s mouth” and does not think that the crows are unlucky, they are always friendly to the crows.

Go forward and see a large open space. There are several basins on one side of the open space, and there is a small room on the other side of the open space. There is also a cow basin in the center of the open space. Let’s go to the house and see! Oh, it turned out to be a little mouse! The small one is as big as a pen ink bottle, and the big one is as big as two pen ink bottles. I took out a little kangaroo food that Mr. Wang gave me to a small mouse to eat, and the little mouse actually ate it. I took the opportunity to catch a little mouse and play it. The little mouse is full of fluffy hair, its coat color is brown and white, and its big head is out of proportion with the body. I don’t know if it is too cold or because it is scared, it has been shaking in my hand. I touched it, it was better, but its small limbs still shrank under the fat body. I put it in the house, I wonder if its mother or its father is rushing to run there. I caught another big mouse that was just big. It was wet and the hair was all upright. Has it just taken a shower? Ugh! Anyway, I don’t know what is going on. I took two of the kangaroo food from my hand and put it in my hand. I reached into the rat house and wanted to see if the mouse could not eat. Unexpectedly, a mouse ran over and ate two kangaroos in my hand. We walked to the cowshed and saw that the cows stood and shook their tails; some lay down and slept. Ugh! It’s really boring.

Came to the sheep shed, there are two goats, two sheep. The goats were very friendly and kept their heads out of the sheep shed. I fed them a little kangaroo food, and they also ate well. I suspect that I have kangaroo food in my hand? The sheep ignored us and kept looking down on the feed. There are two cute spotted pigs in the pig shed next to the sheep shed. They sometimes look up, shake their tails, look at us, sometimes bow their heads and eat feed.

Came to the goat garden, dozens of goats running happily in the garden, playing. One goat ran agly on a few meters high stone pile, and the other goat jumped on a wooden pile more than one meter high, as if to show off their running and jumping skills. I took out a little kangaroo food. The goats swarmed up and smashed the kangaroo food. As a result, they made me full of mud.

I don’t know why, the animals in the Alma Zoo are kept in cages or surrounded by barbed wire, but the peacocks are free-range. We walked away and could see a few beautiful peacocks walking freely and happily on the grass and in the jungle.

Unconsciously, we have come to the place where the deer are raised, and dozens of cute sika deer are wandering around in the circle. They are small and big, thin and fat. They saw us coming, and a few of them immediately ran to the wire fence and looked at us happily. I also fed them a little kangaroo food, and they also took it right. Sheng Shiqian is using a map to smudge the sika deer. The sika deer jumped and bit the paper. Sheng Shiqian was shocked and hurryed back. The sika deer swarmed and rushed to eat the map. Someone exclaimed: “Is the animals here hungry?”

Coming to the Koala Park, I saw that the koalas were sleeping on the banyan tree. At this time, a staff member woke up a koala, and then the koala consciously reached the shoulder of the staff, and the staff took it out. The koala was sleepy and squatting on the staff, very unhappy. Finally, we took a photo with Koala and left this wonderful moment.

I learned ping pong things.

I was a table tennis training class that I entered last Wednesday. I got to the first level after six days and I went to the third level today. The third level of the task is simple: practice the serve.

Serve, this kind of work, in the eyes of those who have not been properly trained, is simple; it is not the case for the ping-pong veterans who have already practiced; but for beginners, they must concentrate on practicing and be convinced. Condensed to experience the method of serving, it is not a big deal.

At first, the coach wanted to touch my “bottom”, then threw two balls and let me try it out; the result was very unexpected. I was very good, the ball was low and fast, even the coach I couldn’t help but admire a few times. I was surprised and happy. I was shocked that I didn’t officially learn to serve, so I sent it so well. I liked that I “showed two hands” in front of the coach, and it also shows that I can easily master the teeing skills. The coach soon walked away, and I also practiced with my companions with confidence.

But with the minutes and seconds, the effect of my serve is getting more and more unappealing. First, it is getting higher and higher. Later, the speed of the ball is getting slower and slower, and even “off-target” is often repeated. I can’t help but be anxious: Could it be that the first two balls just happened to happen? I actually have poor basic skills and need to practice for a long time?

Taking advantage of the “shift” time, I calmed down my mind and carefully thought about my previous actions. When it was my turn, I calmed down and carefully practiced according to the teacher’s standard movements. I gradually found some tips and the service situation gradually improved. Every time the ball went further, my heart was easy. In the end, my serve finally returned to the state of the first two balls, and it stabilized, and my heart was finally completely relaxed.

Taking advantage of the “change of class”, I carefully tasted before and after I practiced the serve, and found a very interesting phenomenon, everyone can also understand according to philosophy, huh, huh. “Many things, when the initial fiery feelings pass, if you can work hard and return to the original state, then you really ‘practice’ it.” This sentence can also be used to friendship, learning, only It will be a real success if you can stand the test of time.

In order to save time, the coach asked us to catch the practice. That is to say, the two groups, standing on the same side of the table, one on the left and one on the right, is equivalent to splitting the table into two. It is. For the “right-handed” who is a beginner to serve, it is not possible to completely control the direction of the serve. Generally, the ball will be sent to the right side of the opposite case. As a result, the children’s shoes standing on the left side of the table are unfortunate, often put The ball is bounded. But there is a strange phenomenon in me: two people in our group take turns standing on the left side. Every time, when I stand on the right side, I am very used to naturally send the ball to the left; but when I stand on the left side, I rarely send out the boundary, but subconsciously do not send the ball Too far left. Later, I tried to see if I stood on the right side and couldn’t make the ball too far left. I was surprised to find that it was very difficult for me to do it.

Oh, weird, the same person, the same is a racket, why is the effect different? Now think about it, in fact, it is quite simple: when standing on the right side, there is a lot of space on the left side of the opposite case, and I naturally serve the ball without worrying about going out of bounds; when standing on the left side, there is almost nothing on the left side of the opposite case. Free, I subconsciously control the hand, try to make it fly straight ahead.

In fact, this little thing is quite connotative. What is “a hero in a chaotic world”? In fact, at any time, the heroes are almost the same, only in troubled times, but more heroes. For example, if the Eastern Han Dynasty is not chaotic in the end of the year, he can take the opportunity to recruit and buy horses without being blamed. Certainly not. When you are in adversity, you will redouble your efforts and exercise yourself. If you are in peace, you will not be as strong as you are in adversity.

That is to say, in the Taiping, “artificial brewing” has an adversity, in which it constantly grinds itself, and when it encounters adversity, it will not be so flustered – this is another episode of my playing table tennis.

My language teacher

She is a teacher and director who teaches Chinese.

She began to have straight hair, and later she made a roll, a small face, a well-maintained skin, and a sweet dimple in her right face, always dressed very clean and very delicate. She is kind and responsible, and compared to other language teachers, she is very interesting.

When she first took our class, I made a good impression on her. It’s very efficient to be in class, and what poems and words can be remembered and mastered in class, and it saves us a lot of time. Every time she came to class, she came in advance, holding a small bag in her hand, and her face was a kind smile. As soon as she entered the door, I couldn’t help but want to talk to her as if she had taught us for many years. Every time I talked to her, my heart was beautiful, and I began to have some interest in the language. After a period of observation, I found that she finished her class with a smile and never got emotional. In class, when we educate us, we will not take the parents as an introduction, but if we take the countdown to the exam, she will give them a “small stove” and also funnyly say that the small stove is not open, so I have to pay for it. The classmate laughed as if she had no clear distance from us and was kind to be like a mother. At this time, I made up my mind to study Chinese.

Speaking of “opening a small stove”, she once opened it. That month, Yuya had the lowest language score. She asked Aachen to go to her. As for what I said, I don’t know. When I can call back, she will call Yuya’s name extra. I think there are other rules for Aachen! But no charge! But Aachen’s performance is still up to her own, but the teacher does her best to not give up any student.

Doing a small piece of Chinese is an indispensable thing every day. Correcting a small piece is also the work she has to do every day; she is very serious, even if you are wrong, how can you make a circle or write one by one? come out. Sometimes you answer well, she will give you a “good” word or give you a point, every day is like this, as if it will not change in a lifetime. Her seriousness is something that every one of us looks at, sometimes when we forget to make a small article, when we see someone else’s hair, I feel a little regret in my heart.

We must be excited about the whole class when we talk about language self-study. Because you can write a brush and read a magazine book. It is called a enjoyment. This is the winter plum on the cliff. It can only smell the sweet dreams that can not be enjoyed in the hands. Now the dreams come true. The whole class is looking forward to the arrival of Saturday. Prepare a 16-fold white paper and fold it into a small grid. Pour a small bottle of ink and start to write it in a model. Sometimes you can get a stroke that you can’t write. The teacher can also give you a demonstration. Once, I couldn’t write the word “heart” at the same table. The teacher said that we gave us a demonstration. Then we can find a way to find it ourselves. After a long time, the words are a bit like, and the teacher asked us to hand over the brush pens regularly. “There is such a special free practice word, I believe that each classmate can practice a good word before the college entrance examination.” The teacher said with full expectation. I think the whole class thinks this way. As for reading magazines, sometimes the teacher will recommend us a good article, so let us not look at it and accumulate it, so I am prepared to accumulate this book. Every time I read a magazine, I have to write something to enter. There is also a certain time to enjoy the music, which is closely related to our usual profession! The teacher provided us with a good platform and I am very grateful to her.

This is my language teacher, a teacher who never goes out of style.

Don’t have an alma mater

Six years, maybe in a person’s life, it is only a short period; in the vast time, it is only a short moment, but in my life, this past six years is special and unforgettable. A period of time will also be a time that I will still cherish after many years, because this is the childhood that I can’t come back again, and I can’t copy it again!

Looking back at the friendly campus, I couldn’t help my heart, the grass and trees in the playground, the table and chairs in the classroom, the loud answer in the classroom, the soft singing voice; the laughter in the class, the affectionate fight, even The white chalk ash that fell with the wind… everything is so kind and familiar when I think of it; I will not forget the days, the young friends, the respectable teachers, the colorful primary school time. .

In a blink of an eye, June, parting. The sky was drizzling, and the gray sky added a bit of sadness to our departure. I stood at the school gate and watched the backs of the classmates disappear into the drizzle. The teacher stood side by side with me and quietly looked at the teacher. The teacher’s eyes had a few deep crow’s feet, and the deep wrinkles. It seems that there is an invisible knife that passes through my heart, which makes me pay more respect to the teacher who is about to leave. There was also a white spot on the corner of the corner. A tear came silently from the corner of the teacher’s eyes. The teacher held me in my arms. I seemed to want to say something, but I couldn’t say anything. The tears and the rain melted together. Enjoy the hooligans. In my eyes, the familiar sixty faces have become more and more – more and more blurred, and in my heart everything is getting closer and closer, more and more clear!

Later, when we grew up, we took out our graduation photos, looked at the students’ appearances, recalled the bits and pieces at that time, and found out that the nicknames that others had called themselves were so sweet and lovely; once disgusted The teacher is actually for us. The students who once hated actually didn’t offend themselves. Once… but when everything is over, will anyone care? The teacher at that time is no longer young, then we may have already remembered I don’t know each other’s appearance.

I remember the day I first went to elementary school. In August, I carried a big bag and walked into the campus wearing beautiful new clothes. I think some of the campus is so strange. I am afraid to bow my head and feel overwhelmed. The teacher has a gentle smile in his eyes and gently picks up my hand. Her hand is warm and moist, only one light. I was forced to leave all my fears behind me, and I still remember the teacher’s smile at the moment. We are progressing, she is happy, we make mistakes, she is sad, everything we seem to be connected with her. Quiet night, the stars fell asleep, the moon slept, but she still didn’t sleep, I would like to be a light, to illuminate this dark night for her.

No one will take me to the teacher’s office again. No one will listen to my favorite music with me anymore. No one will sneak away my chair when I stand up, never again. Someone secretly told me who did not write homework, and no one would ask me what the answer to the multiple-choice question was. No one would sneak a shot when I was not paying attention. No one would give me a nickname in the back. Up…

I left the most nostalgic alma mater. Although I was reluctant and reluctant, I must leave because no one can refuse to grow up. The door to the new campus is already open, and new life is beckoning to me; looking forward to the future, maybe there will be more challenges tomorrow, but I believe that I will actively respond, because my alma mater has taught me how to go forward and how to face it. I really want to yell: “Don’t, alma mater!” Let all the reluctance and nostalgia be integrated into these four words…

My silence

I am in the same age as the girl in this age. I have a person in my heart. I can almost wait for him with a youth, even if it hurts others…

My desk is a rebellious girl. I am still ordinary. I like him. He is the leader of a group. I can’t help but deal with the girls in the group. Although I am not feeling well, I still accept the fate. Who makes me not him. What about the group?

At the same table that day, I showed me the sputum on her hand, a faint scar. She said that she once fell in love with a person. Because of that person’s greeting, she could not extricate herself. In order to witness their love, they are in hand. They were engraved with each other’s names, but later he still lost her, which made her really sad. I looked at the road and my heart was choppy. “Catch me one!” The table looked at me with surprise. My face is full of determination, looking at the stubborn me at the same table, shaking my head, sighing, or agreeing…

The pointed blade was on my arm. I turned my head, didn’t look at it, and my body trembled fiercely. I felt it. When the blood flowed out, my face was white, and the intense pain almost made me Tears fell, I was on the table, just to prevent him from seeing my tears sitting next door, half an hour later, I finished, I know how bad my face is, one afternoon, I finally got out of school…

After returning home, I habitually took off my coat and exposed the knife on my arm. My mother saw it and quickly came over and asked me: “Children, what happened? Is anyone bullying you? Mom will help you out!” I am fine, my own plan. “Mom stared at me, tears burst out. “Child, how are you so stupid, you will be so sad,” I didn’t talk, quietly watching her, in the slightest Did not feel that I was wrong.

Dad is back, my mother hastened to help me put on my coat. “Don’t let your father see it, or your father will hit you. This is the name of the person that baby likes, right? Hey, don’t be stupid in the future, mother will help you. Secret” I looked at her weather-beaten face, and I didn’t know what to say.

Dad came in and saw that my mother was wearing a coat for me. “How old is it, let her wear it!” Dad wears a stern voice. I smiled at my mother and gestured to her, and she resisted the pain and slowly wore her coat. The wound broke again and the blood dripped out. Dad looked at the blood in my hand, frowning, and pulled my coat off and looked at the wound in my hand. I raised my hand and hit me. Who knows my mother ran Come over, for me to block “The child is in a rebellious period, what use is it for you to fight her?!” I am fine, I dropped my jacket, turned and ran out the door, and wore the voice of my mother behind me, “Child, come back!” I did not Turn back

I walked aimlessly on the street, the wind was cold at night, I held myself, I hope I could warm up, raised my hand, noticed that there were still bloody wounds and bright red blood, I realized things. The seriousness, quickly ran home, but no one at home, I sat on the sofa, finally they came back, my mother cried, my father still looked at me coldly, I stepped forward and bowed my head “I’m sorry” Hey, boy, why are you so stupid?” “Okay, don’t cry, isn’t the child okay?”

Looking at them, I fell into endless self-blame. I hurt other important people for the people I like. “Children, my parents will not force you anymore. I will not give you so much pressure. Doing something stupid”

I didn’t speak, didn’t refute, just silenced…

An unforgettable thing

Each of us will experience many, many unforgettable things. Sometimes this thing can be difficult to smooth out in your life. I have experienced things big and small over the years, but one thing has made me unforgettable.

At noon on a Sunday, there was no way to make lunch because of a sudden power outage at home. Then Mom and Dad took me to the restaurant to eat. We just walked into the hotel and soon came in, a mother and child. The little boy seems to be about the same age as me, and the boy’s mother looks very tired. And the clothes look a bit dirty like they just finished working. We are not too concerned about it. Everything is still normal, Mom and Dad ordered, a few dishes, and ordered three bowls of noodles. Then we sat there waiting to serve, which was quite boring. So my gaze fell on the mother and son who had just entered. Maybe it’s because the little boy is about the same age as me. I always can’t help but look at him more. The little boy may have felt my gaze, so I looked at me, but I quickly turned my head. I thought to myself, this may be because the little boy is more introverted, afraid of being born, so I also twisted.

After a while, our dishes were served on the table. Maybe it is because of the hungry reason, I and my mom and dad ate. At this moment, I only heard the mother say, you eat, I am not hungry. I turned around and saw that there was a bowl of noodles in front of the mother and the child. The boy, did not speak, just looked at his mother, the mother said to his son, “Hurry and eat, it will be cold in a while, and my mother will take it.” Mom loves to eat hoes, don’t like to drink, you can eat quickly. As the mother said, she took two hoes out of her pocket. Seeing this, I suddenly understood. Certainly because the family conditions of the mother and the child are not very good, so only a bowl of noodles, the mother lied to lie to the son, saying that he does not like to eat noodles. The little boy opened his mouth and, after all, did not speak, then he bowed his head and ate. Just next to this, a sister called the boss over. I don’t know what to say to the boss. After a while, the boss took out a bowl of noodles from the back and said to the mother, today we have activities in the store, buy a bowl and send a bowl, this bowl is for you. The mother apparently did not know that there was such an activity, so she smiled and said to the boss, really? That thank you very much. The boss is also very polite, no thanks, this is what you deserve. I suddenly understood, it must have been related to the sister, so I turned to look at the sister, the sister did not have too many abnormalities, just eating and eating. I looked at my father and mother and whispered to my father, “Don’t wait for us to help them check out.” Dad looked at me and said to me, no, the sister’s approach is correct. If we help them check out, they may feel that they are sympathizing with them. The sister took care not only about their experiences but also their dignity. Dad said to me again, we will have to take care of such things in the future. We must take care of each other’s self-respect. We must not act recklessly. Sometimes it may be kind, but if it is not correct, it will also hurt others. After listening to my father’s words, I nodded secretly. The respect for the sister has increased a bit.

This matter has been lingering in my mind. I, countless times of assumptions, if there is any sister in this bowl of noodles, take the past and say to the mother and child, maybe the mother and the little boy will not feel very happy. My sister’s statement is undoubtedly the most appropriate. Let the boss tell your mother and son that this bowl of noodles is bought, sent, and sent. Therefore, in the hearts of their mother and child, they will not let everyone have a different look at them.

Birthday banquet

I entered the hotel early with my mother, and it was very noisy. The voice, the singing in the recorder and the friction between the stool and the ground made me nervous.

My mother helped me find a place to sit down and watched a large group of strangers be a little afraid. And my mother pointed to those people who told me how to call them, I listened, and said hello one by one. This feeling is very uncomfortable, like being manipulated. What “uncle, aunt, uncle, sister…” is like a recognition meeting, I am already bored, but my mother’s life is hard for me. After that, my mother went to play cards with them, and I sat quietly, waiting for the dishes. Although there are some children, but I don’t know, it’s not easy to talk, and I generally don’t like to talk to people. I have been sitting quietly there, no one is coming to disturb, I am also happy. Nothing can be done, I began to regret to go with my mother to participate in this broken banquet, is it for the eight-dollar red envelope? Or to eat a meal? I am suffering from this crime, it is better to sit at the computer Before playing the game is free. Although it is quite boring, it is much better than staying in this completely strange area.

I can’t stand my own feelings and walked to the window to breathe. The splendid curtains swayed in the wind, and the small floral flowers on it were lovable, flowing like ripples, pulling my heart. The sound of the car outside the window was even more harsh, and I hurriedly tied the window. The transparent and smooth glass reflects a strange landscape. The green leaves nodded frequently outside the window, and the passing vehicles traversed at the crossroads. The slogan “Red light stopped, green light line” rang in my ear. Looking at a thing in a daze is my strength, this is not my big eyes and looked at the road out of God. The thoughts don’t know where it is, and fly aimlessly. Suddenly someone took my shoulder and said, “Baby, have dinner.” I only returned to God, it turned out that my mother called me. Unhurriedly rushed to the table, hurriedly ate the meal, did not taste any taste. Because I really can’t stay, I want to leave this place. But my mother hasn’t finished eating yet, so I have to wait.

I felt more and more depressed on the table. The glass of the chopsticks was placed on the tablecloth, and the wine was spilled out. I accidentally splashed on my body. A wine smelled straight into the nostrils. I didn’t know how to describe it. Everyone is holding a glass of wine, and it’s a pleasure. From time to time, I have a cup of laughter, and I talk about it from time to time. Look at the mother next to me, like those people, ignoring my existence and pleading eyes. I feel very terrible, but I have no way to succeed in escaping (I feel bad, but can’t escape). Can only sit quietly, waiting for the end of the banquet. I want to go home, I want to slip away, I am afraid that my mother will rebuke me, so I dare not. And it is far from home, I don’t know how to go home, what should I do? I will continue. I don’t understand why, whether it’s a banquet or a meal, its theme is always big and big? I don’t understand why a small birthday, a move to eat at a time?

At this time a tender voice was introduced into the ear. I looked at the stage in the hotel lobby. Several children were singing to a middle-aged man about 40 years old: “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you… “I can’t get inside and feel the joy of birthday.” The inexplicable depression is alive, and the wait is long and anxious.