Fishing record

It’s so hot and hot that people naturally like to go to places with water and trees to cool down. Of course, we are young and no exception. Who knows that we inadvertently enjoy the cool, unexpectedly made a surprising discovery: the artificial lake in the community actually lives wild fish! Therefore, a “fishing war” is inevitable.
The appointed time is up, and we are all armed to our destination. Huh! Look, it’s quite well equipped, ranging from a small fishing net to a mini flashlight. When we got to the lake, we saw that many people had started fishing there. Dense fishing nets have become a unique landscape in the community. “Well, we’re still late.” The sentimental Xiaocheng lamented. “Never mind, the latter is in the first place!” I comforted him, but I could hardly wait for him.
We went to a deserted place and did a carpet search. “There’s one!” cried Jurid, with a sharp eye, in surprise. Xiaocheng and I immediately joined up. The little fish was sitting quietly between the two stones at the moment, unaware that it had become someone else’s goal, still foolishly motionless. Xiaocheng and I each held a fishing net to block the fish’s exit. At this time, the little fish may feel bad and can only escape from the front, but it seems that it does not notice the fluctuation of the water surface, because Jured has been there “waiting for rabbits”. Xiao Zhu quickly blocked the front of the stone crack with a small net. At this moment, the little fish seemed to understand that it had become a turtle in the urn, and returned to the original road at a fast speed, rushing towards the direction of the small guard. Unfortunately, it’s too late, Xiaocheng said, this dizzy fish has become our “first battle product”.
Influenced by this “open door red”, we have great morale and high personality. We are anxious to fish all the small fish in the lake. It really took no effort. Just then another little fish came into our sight. We immediately implemented the capture plan. This little fish seems to be much smarter than the one just now. Just as soon as our fishing net touched the lake, it seemed to feel bad and fled immediately. I was deeply disappointed. At this time, Xiao Cheng suddenly said, “Who said the fish ran away, it’s in my net!” Originally, when the small fish fled, it was in Xiao Cheng’s pocket. “What a coincidence! It’s not a book!” we sighed one after another.
Time passed silently, and we kept fishing. But after a period of time, no fish was seen. We sighed and lost our hearts. Even Xiao Zhu, who is usually the most patient, is a little impatient. The flashlight in his hand flashed and seemed to be restless. Suddenly, Xiao Zhu shouted, “Red goldfish!” This simple three-word, like a time bomb suddenly pushed us to the climax. “Where is it?” I asked Xiaocheng in unison. We looked in the direction of Xiao Zhu’s finger. It was true that a red goldfish was swimming happily in the water. “Boy, this time you met this fishing expert and you’ve been mouldy for eight years. See where you’re going? Take your life!” Xiao Cheng cried excitedly. He was caught with a fishing net in his pocket in the water. We were thrilled by this great achievement.
In the next time, we caught several small fish one after another. Although the fish is very small, but this is the result of our united cooperation and hard work, there is a sense of pride!

Model around us

People are all born with inertia. It is precisely the inherent inertia that restricts the steps of most people. So only a few people defeat their inertia with strong perseverance, and get the fruits of the season on the road of life.
I am very glad that there are a lot of perseverance, down-to-earth and hard-working colleagues in the collective of my work. It is precisely because of them that our collective is full of positive energy. In this silent but never-ending positive energy shining like gold, I dare not slacken for a moment. Often tired, dizzy and exhausted, but such a day makes me feel full and happy.
I think the reason why I can persist is that these examples around me are always pushing me and touching me.
I am often touched by the leadership of our collective. They set an example everywhere, are pragmatic and diligent, treat their subordinates warmly and peacefully, and win our respect and trust with a respect, understanding and tolerance.
I am often touched by our collective team of old teachers. Although retirement is imminent, but the work is still vigorous, independent. Teacher Zhang Gui’e’s smile made the winter morning warm; Teachers Dong Xiuying and Pan Ying’s persistence and earnestness for decades made people awe-inspiring; Teachers Jia Jia’e and Gao Yumei built a monument of their teachers’soul with their endless patience and love; Teachers Su Meirong and Xu Guimei poured out like silkworms in spring all their lives. My love for education. Looking at their diligent figures, looking at their old backs, I saw a kind of silent greatness.
I am often touched by those platoon leaders of our collective, who have brought back the glittering and sweaty trophies one by one. This is their credit. It is their credit that they have brought back their proud achievements one after another. Gao Wenying, Bian Rongmei, Yang Lan, Dong Mei, Yang Hongmei, Shang Chunhong, Han Mei, Gao Ruiqin, Gao Jiaoqin, Zhang Rong, He Jinhua, Li Jiefang, Zhuangyan and Wang Qiaoling. They are the gold of our collective, because of them, our collective shines brightly.
I am often touched by every unknown colleague in our collective. They have no halo on their heads and no applause in their lives. What makes them consistently willing to contribute? What makes them never stop rushing? I think it’s responsibility, responsibility and conscience. There are many special students in Chang Zhi’s class, but she seldom complains. She teaches children knowledge steadfastly and cares for every child’s growth peacefully. Teacher Chai Xudong’s eyes are not good, so many compositions, diaries, homework to be corrected, she often has no intention, but she always feels that the school language teachers are in short supply, and has been gritting her teeth. Teacher Liu Fenglian has an indescribable tenacity in her work. Her work is always so orderly and effective. Teacher Zhang Wenying’s patience, carefulness and ingenuity in his work often make me feel inferior to myself. As a math teacher, Ms. Su Lixia can teach children knowledge and at the same time, as a head teacher, strictly require children’s behavior and habits. I’m really happy to work with her. Teacher Li Xianfeng is both a head teacher and a math teacher. I can’t help envying her vigorous and popular work.
Looking at Linhe five small posts, there are inspiring examples. A single flower is not spring, a hundred flowers blossom in spring, I would like to blossom in such a large garden, I would like to leave a touch of fragrance in such a large garden.

A good teacher in my mind

“The stars are shining in the quiet night, and the teacher’s window is bright all night.”
The stars are the long lights in the dark; the teachers are the engineers of the human soul. It’s him, it’s her, it’s him… These good teachers illuminated my growth path and guided my way forward. If you want to ask me who is the good teacher in my mind, I will tell you:
A good teacher in my mind! Like us, vigor, broad mind, solid work like foot on the ground, profound knowledge like steep mountains, innovative teaching methods, and intimate contact with classmates. Is she not our mother’s Chinese teacher, Mr. Dong?
A good teacher in my mind! He is as energetic as we are. The combination of humor and unrestrained will make us more friendly and close to him. His bold demeanor will make him gradually stand up in our hearts. He made serious math lessons a favorite among his classmates, made tense exams easy and easy, and gave full play to his true level. Is he not the same math teacher as our big brother, Mr. Zhang?
My idea of a good teacher! She has the same broad mind as the sky, so that the fear of students back to nature, her actions and hearts, will make the students who made mistakes blush, this is not our English teacher – Miss Zhao!
A good teacher in my mind will enlighten people with infinite wisdom. They strive to seek the law of teaching, while not forgetting to dig deep into the art of teaching. Let’s grasp the boring knowledge happily in a humorous atmosphere.
In my mind, a good teacher will not miss any chance to encourage us, because in our eyes, encouragement is the catalyst to regain self-confidence and success. Good teachers don’t care too much about our strengths and achievements. Encourage us as long as we make progress. Our courage and wisdom need you to set up a stage for exhibition.
In my mind, a good teacher will understand the child’s heart, some naive, some sensible, some strong, some fragile. They will never easily hurt or trample. When students encounter difficulties, they can talk to us heart-to-heart, with good-will action to support. A family visit to care about children, an encouragement in frustration, a greeting in sickness, a congratulations after success, and a cheering cry in long-distance running. These little touches will also be deeply branded in our hearts.
My idea of a good teacher, chalk dyed your black hair, homework boiled your eyes red, but your love and love for us is deep like the sea, high as the blue sky.
A good teacher in my mind, you are a bumpy boat, full of knowledge, sailing into the harbor of children’s hearts in the strong wind and waves.
My idea of a good teacher, ah, you are a red candle, usually forgotten, but whenever the power is cut off, you stand up, illuminate others, burning yourself.
The sea is blue and seabirds fly. The good teachers in our minds take us to walk on the sea of knowledge, the real connection between heart and heart, the fusion of laughter and laughter. Feeling on the body, expressing on paper. Every teacher writes the truth in the ordinary and the greatness in the true. Originally, every teacher who devotes love to students is a good teacher in our mind. They have noble personality and sentiment. Therefore, my idea of a good teacher is not a person, but a collective, this collective is the coordinates of the students’life path, regardless of which point we are, which straight line, will always be on the coordinates.
“The stars are shining in the quiet night, and the teacher’s window is bright all night.” The familiar song reminds me of it again in my ear…

From now on

The story of talking about soldiers on paper must have been well known to all. Zhao Kuo, the ugly hero for thousands of years, has become the object of ridicule in history. It is well known to all women and children. Zhao Kuo’s powerful ability in speech is in contrast to his poor ability in behavior. His poor ability to say nothing has long been laughed at by countless people. We laugh at his incompetence and flaws, but we don’t notice that this scandal is still repeated even now. Many of us only know how to laugh at Zhao Kuo, but we don’t know what we should learn from Zhao Kuo. That is to remind ourselves of our ability to do.
To do, what is it? To do is to act and act. If you only know the skill on the tongue and don’t understand the practicality of doing, in the final analysis, it is only “a giant in speech, a dwarf in action”. Speaking pleasantly, as long as everyone can do it, but few people want to translate their words into actions and put fantasies into reality. If you want to succeed, it’s not enough to have a grand blueprint and a strict plan. If you don’t do it, the most sophisticated plan will be just a bamboo basket to catch water in the end. Do it now. This is the necessary factor for success and the golden key to opening the door of wisdom. Keep this in mind and Practice your actions to the end. Only in the end can we succeed.
Bill Gates, president of Microsoft, heard in college that a businessman had built a micro-computer. He had fully conceived a system that was close to people’s hearts, but he was worried that there was no suitable carrier for the system. Now, the ideal carrier appeared, and he immediately went to do it. He did not stop at the verbal declaration, but acted immediately, and this cross-century operating system, Windows, came into being. If Bill Gates only created Microsoft in his mind, but did not do it, I am afraid people will not understand the outstanding contribution of computers to human society, that is, because of the “do” idea, Bill Gates became the world’s richest man, pushing the Microsoft brand to the world.
If Edison only imagined a lighting tool, if the Brothers Letter only imagined flying into the sky, if Jobs only imagined changing the world, then there would be no lights after thousands of experiments, no planes that helped us soar in the clouds, no apples that really changed the world. If all this exists only in speech, in the brain, in a fleeting thought, can you imagine what the world will look like now? Thus, doing determines the changes of the world and the civilization of human evolution in life.
Maybe you don’t know how to do it or how to change the world. In fact, it’s very simple. When an idea flickers in your mind, it seems impossible, or even talks at night, but don’t let him go, don’t miss him, do it with all your strength, do it now, let the idea gradually become reality, and strive to attack. If we grasp this knowledge, solve this problem, do it with our heart and seize every minute and second to do it, then all impossibilities will eventually become possible and the world will probably change accordingly.
Just do it
Don’t think so badly about everything. Don’t just keep your thoughts in words or mind. Do it now. Do it with all your heart and soul. Step by step, achieve success. The world is changing because of you. Now, go ahead and do it.

My favorite teacher

“The stars are shining in the quiet night, and the teacher’s window is bright all night… My dear good teacher… Whenever I hear this song, I think of my beloved teacher Wang.
Mr. Wang is a teacher in the composition tutorial class. His round face had big, shining eyes, and a black plate was particularly noticeable. He’s fat. He weighs about 80 kilograms. The belly is round, like a ball full of fresh air and bulging. He walks like a king, with great air. He likes to play jokes on us very much. After class, we call him “Anzi” kindly.
What impressed me most was Mr. Wang’s dedication to his work and his humor in class.
I used to be afraid of writing. I thought writing was too difficult and boring. So this summer vacation, my mother reported to me the reading class taught by “Anzi” teacher. I went reluctantly. Mr. Wang teaches four reading classes a day for a total of eight hours. In order to make the students behind hear clearly, his voice is very loud, because the weather is too hot, coupled with continuous lectures, drinking less water, on the seventh day, Mr. Wang’s voice was hoarse, but he insisted on coming to class for us, the voice is still very loud. On the eighth day his voice became hoarse and he was almost speechless. On the ninth day, he couldn’t hold on and his voice finally went on strike – Mr. Wang lost his voice. Can not come to our class, can only invite other teachers to substitute for the class, see the teacher’s voice so, the students are in a hurry, have to give the teacher medicine. Under the care of my classmates, one day later the teacher’s voice was much better, and he came to our class again. When I saw that the teacher was well, I felt much happier.
Mr. Wang is also very humorous in his lectures. Once, I was sleepy in class, fighting with my upper and lower eyelids, and almost fell asleep. When the teacher saw that many students were sleepy, he told us a joke. I and other students have come to the spirit, I forgot sleepiness. But the teacher’s voice of telling jokes is getting smaller and smaller. I have to raise my ears and listen carefully. After a while, the teacher’s voice becomes smaller and smaller. We all concentrate on the teacher. After the joke is finished, the teacher looks at everyone’s spirit and begins to talk about the key content. Because Mr. Wang’s lecture was interesting, I began to like composition.
Mr. Wang is not only very dedicated in his work, but also skillful and methodological in his lectures.
In one lesson, the teacher told us the knowledge point of “one article, two lines”: the main line is love, the second line is scenery. In order to let us understand the knowledge point, the teacher gave us an example. The teacher said, “When I was a child, Ama was a very good friend, and we often played together. This is a story; there is a peach tree, peach blossom is particularly fragrant, this is a picture; with the fragrance of peach blossom to contrast my relationship with Ama. Later, Ama and I became enemies because of a little incident, which is a story; the peach blossom fell, snow, which is a picture; with the peach blossom fell to contrast Ama and I became enemies. Twenty years later, I met Ama again at a party, and we became friends again. It’s a story; a peach blossom fell on my nose, but I can’t smell it any more. This is a picture; using peach blossoms to contrast Ama and I are not as good as before. After telling the story, the students learned the knowledge of “one article, two lines”.
From then on, I was no longer afraid to write articles, and took the initiative to participate in the “commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Yuanmingyuan robbery” campaign organized by the Chinese Heritage Conservation Foundation.
Although the composition tutorial class is over, I will never forget Mr. Wang, because I like him and his class, I also like composition. He is such a dedicated, humorous and skilled teacher. Did you like the teacher very much after listening to my introduction?

What a surprise!

My mother wears a pair of thick glasses. Behind the glasses are bulging eyes and glassless eyes. In my mind, these eyes are not beautiful. But it was such a pair of eyes that played a magical role in that time, which I really did not think of ah! _
Mother said, Sunday morning to participate in the TV “Sunshine Baby” competition, I heard, excitement, but also a little scared! I looked at her secretly, her eyes seem to say: “What’s the use of fear! As long as you go to practice, hard to practice, fear will disappear naturally!” After listening, I do not know why. Yes, I don’t feel afraid, and my spirits are shaking violently.
Okay, practice! I quickly wrapped my nails and sat in front of the zither. Mother sat in front of me, looking at my performance without blinking her eyes. What a surprise! Her eyes are so magical! From her eyes, I could see hope. At this moment, my heart is filled with the word “touched”. I think, my mother is so responsible to me, she patiently teaches me, accompanies me with her heart, with such a loving mother beside me, I should learn everything with passion! Think of here, I adjust my state, take a deep breath, and play carefully. Get up. At the end of the song, I didn’t miss a note! Mother praised me, my heart was full of flowers! Mum, I really want to thank you for that look of expectation! With it, I have the strength of struggle, the confidence of victory!
Guzheng is ready. It’s time to practice dancing. My mother and I came to the third floor of my house. There are clean floors, huge mirrors, like our dance classroom, the only thing missing is the cool air. But I had no complaint because I saw my mother’s expectant eyes. With my mother’s attention, I danced again and again with melodious music. At that time, my back was soaked with sweat and my hair was wet. My dear mother sweats all over her face, but she always smiles and looks at me silently. I practiced harder and practiced for an hour. Even I admired myself! I could not bear the burden of effort, so long dance was conquered by me! Mom’s attention was so important to me at that time! This was something I had never thought of before! __

With the confidence of victory, I entered the scene of “Sunshine Baby”. There are a lot of people, but I am not afraid, because there is such a sentence: life is for the prepared person! Yes, I am a prepared person!
At last it’s me! I straightened up and stepped onto the stage. As soon as I looked up, I met my mother’s warm eyes. In the surroundings of such eyes, I played a song “Spring to Lhasa” vigorously, and a section of “Auspicious” was full of applause! Perhaps I was infected by my dancing posture, and the lovely judge let me sing a song immediately! To tell the truth, at that time, I was full of applause. I was confused, my mind was blank, I was at a loss on the stage, and my mouth faltered. I threw my eyes to my mother for help. My mother’s eyes were so complicated. She was anxious and worried, but more encouraged. In a moment, my brain was awake, right! It was useless to be stunned like this. I had to be calm and calm. My brain was spinning rapidly and there! After singing, the lovely judge came to me. With a lot of praise, my self-confidence is “bursting shed”. I think all this is due to my mother’s encouraging eyes!
What a surprise! Mom’s eyes are so beautiful and magical to me now! I firmly believe that my life path will be wider and farther! Because these magical eyes have been branded in my mind!

Growth and深圳洗浴中心2019荤场 Understanding

Not long ago, I heard that there was a sports meeting in the college. If you enter the first two places, you can go to the school competition. What’s more attractive is not the bonus of the college and the school, but the points after you get the place in the school. So I don’t care about the result of the registration, because in my opinion, no matter what the result is, I want to try, in case I get the ranking? Although I’ve never been good at sports, sometimes it’s valuable to have the courage to try.
Now my heart is like a calm lake. I don’t have too many worries, and I don’t want to think about too many nervous things about the game. The so-called “no indifference, no ambition, no tranquility, no farther”, at this moment, all kinds of melancholy and helplessness have gone away from me, the stars in the day seem not to belong to my world. At the moment, when I think of the game, I seem to forget that I was trembling in the eyes of all the people.
Speaking here, time inadvertently pulled me back深圳洗浴中心哪个好玩 to that ignorant junior high school era. In the first year of junior high school, I participated in the oral English contest for the first time when I faced hundreds of audiences. When I stood on the stage, I felt like the sky was falling apart and the whole person lost weight instantly. On that occasion, I repeated it three times on the stage, and the final result must be eliminated. But I was not a willing person, so in the second year of junior high school, I once again took part in my second English speech contest with brazenness. After making full preparations, this time I was not as awkward as the first time. Although I did not achieve good results, I finally reached the finals. After struggling with myself again and again, I finally won the speech contest for the representative class in the third year of junior high school. The contest in the third year of junior high school changed me from a coward who shivered in front of everyone to a person who dared not fear in front of hundreds of thousands of listeners.
The so-called “newborn calves are not afraid of tigers” may be the true portrayal of my three years in junior high school, but with the growth of age, people always have to learn to grow up. Think of tomorrow’s competition, I have been accustomed to participating in such activities, saying, “There are people outside the world, there are days outside the sky.” There are many excellent people in the world, like the shining stars in the universe, I can become one of them, can also be an ordinary dust in the universe, as Big Ice said, this world. Someone will always live the life you want. But sometimes think about it, 深圳洗浴中心价格表we may live the life others want, and the best way to end up is to fight with the world. But we do not have to give up the heart of striving for the upper reaches, just because people vary, different people have different pursuits. Some people live in other people’s way all their lives. Some people struggle for their dreams all their lives. Others want to live in an ordinary life and pursue the realm of mind like water. Others just escape. As Liu Tong said, “All disguises are escape, all escape is due to inferiority complex”. 深圳洗浴哪家好谁知道Fortunately, now I have shed my disguised skin, unloaded the armor of inferiority, just want to pursue their own way of life.
Growth can make a person’s mind mature, growth can make people’s thinking gradually independent, growth can make people understand what is happy and what is sad… Baptism in growth is precious wealth in life. What we want in growth may be sent to the corresponding people one day. We don’t need to live humbly. It’s good to follow our hearts. Maybe someday in a corner, we will find that we did not lose our original self in the vast crowd.

Happy spring outing

On May 2nd, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep at the thought of going on a spring outing tomorrow. The next day, she woke up at 6 o’clock and asked her grandmother in a hurry, “Did it rain?” Grandma said, “It didn’t rain.” As soon as I heard this, my heart finally fell down. I hope it won’t rain later. Get up, wash your face, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, carry your backpack, step out of the house and go to school.
“Get on the bus!” The students searched for seats for themselves one after another. After finding seats quietly, the car drove. My heart was very nervous. When I thought about the scenery later, my mood changed from nervous to exciting. On the bus, the students divided into two groups and began the singing competition. After singing “Cloud” and “Yong Goose” for a while, the car finally arrived.
We got off and lined up and went into the zoo. The teacher took us to the sea lion show. We started looking for seats again, so we sat down and waited for the sea lion show. After a long wait, the sea lion show began. We saw a little sea lion coming out of the door. Then, the host aunt began to introduce the little sea lion. After introducing the little sea lion, we began to watch the sea lion show. This little sea lion is terrific! It can catch circles and head the ball. What’s more, it can jump up and turn over a big thunderbolt heel. Finally, the host announced the end of the performance, and we all walked out of the stage reluctantly. The teacher took us to a place where there were Asian elephants. The teacher asked us to stop and look at Asian elephants. “What a big elephant!” I looked at it. The elephant was bigger than the big stone beside it. Elephants always shake their noses and stomp their feet as if they were exercising. After seeing the elephants, we also saw chickens, ostriches and geese-like animals. The teacher took us to a special place to see bears. There are two kinds of bears here: black bears and brown bears. Let’s watch the bears together. First we see a bear in a small house under a triangular glass. The bear keeps touching the railing, as if he wants to go out very much. We went up to another glass triangle room, and we were all scrambling to find a good place for ourselves to see the bears, but strangely there were no bears in it, and everyone went away disappointed. Everyone ran to the side of the railing and saw a wet land under the railing. There was a slide on the ground. There was a bear on the slide. The bear was drooling all the time. The slide was full of saliva. At this time, everyone looked at the land below and a black bear was climbing there. Suddenly the black bear on the slide slides down, as if to find his companion, and the teacher makes everyone queue up and move on.
However, we did not see any animals this time. Teachers took us to an open space to start eating. I surrounded Jiang Xinyang, Li Kexuan, Chen Xiaohan, Cai Ziyue and Lin Rong County with raincoats and laid a “small table”. We took out our own food and chatted while eating, and handed each other food. Eat. Just as we were about to finish eating, it suddenly rained in the sky. Some students shouted, “It’s raining! Close the stall soon.” Some students rushed to put the rest of the food in their backpacks. The teacher began to lead us. We got out of the zoo, got on the bus, and sat for about an hour. Finally, we arrived at school. Then we found that the light rain had turned into a heavy rain. The teacher asked us to put on our raincoats, get off the train and go back to the class. We began to count the number of people. After confirming that no one was lost, the teacher took us out of the classroom and sent us to the pick-up point. Finally, we went home.
The journey was over, and I recalled that everything I saw wanted to go to the zoo again, but next time I had to wait until autumn.

Know how to be grateful

I remember when I was a child, I always like to procrastinate and sleep in the dark. An orange-rendered street lamp, like a soldier, is waiting for me. In the early morning, before we got up, my mother was standing in front of me with great vitality. From time to time, a sad figure flashed in my mind.
Another night, at the urging of my mother, I reluctantly got into the cot, draped a quilt in the darkness and muttered a few words. When I was sleepy, I got up again. I went into the toilet confusedly. Suddenly, the muffled sound of “beep” came into my ear. I looked up sharply and saw her at a glance. The tiredness of red eyes was hard to hide, and the dexterous hands were dancing fast on the keyboard of the computer. Occasionally, a beautiful strand of hair slipped to her face, which was dim because she stayed up late. Mother held her back and yawned lazily. I stopped and looked at it with a trace of heartache and regret. I watched in silence, too nervous to venture out, my chest fluttering with excitement because of my discovery. “Bingru, you……”
For twelve years, a little bit, a drop, are deeply engraved in my mind, that every move, full of care and concern. In the face of difficulties and setbacks, those warm hands gently cling to my shoulders and tightly cling to my heart.
From swaddling to learning to speak, to falling down and walking, to growing up. Have you forgotten the first nursery rhyme, the first sentence and the first word we learned in the moonlight? How many times have we been filled with affection and tenderness? My father corrected and recited them. When we were successful, joy filled our cheeks and hearts. Sometimes we didn’t even look up to see our parents’tired look. When we were young, we wondered how many times we had to ask our mother, “Where do I come from?” It was the sweat and tears from our mother and father that brought me into the world and pulled me out of my stubbornness. In this troubled society, when money is more important than everything, only parents will devote all their money to their children; when innocent and beautiful happiness goes to waste, only parents are so sincere to their children. When I go to primary school, I fall in love with writing and enjoy playing endless fantasies in the scene of no one. That silky feeling, I am free, carefree and happy. On a recent evening, I was struggling to write a book, but I didn’t know that there was a cup of hot milk beside me. Now I understand that father and mother, in our lives, are treasured and can’t be found again.
You know, parents’hearts are always hard and happy. They left us a vast ocean, let us roam, they pay no return.
Someone asked: Why are we more impatient with people who are more close to us? That’s because our parents spoil us and love us, but we want to take it for granted, even complain about their verbosity. Who is it that gets up early and prepares breakfast while we are still sleeping? Who is it that washes our clothes in the weak moonlight when we are asleep?
At this moment, I learned that Thanksgiving is very simple. The good night before going to bed, the thank you when delivering milk, the smiling face when looking at parents, and a pair of clean slippers… even if it looks so insignificant! As long as we have a sincere heart, say a thoughtful word and do a little bit. Small things.
So, with our active and boiling heart, comfort the old look gently!
“Falling red is not a merciless thing, but a spring mud to protect flowers” is the gratitude of the leaves to the roots.
“Whoever says a little grass will get three spring sunshine” is the son’s gratitude to his mother.
Thanksgiving, let life be full of sunshine, let the world be full of warmth…

My favorite season

There are different beautiful sceneries throughout the year. I like all kinds of seasons. Each season has its own characteristics.
Spring, I do not know when to steal from my eyes, sprinkle joyous buds on nature, the stream “tinkles” to ring, grass suddenly turned green quilt. You know who brought everything back to life, who made the grass green and who brought the swallow? It’s all spring.
In summer, trees grow lush and leafy. Various leaves cover the boundless sky tightly without a glimmer of light. In the morning, although the fog is not as thick as Xiao Xing’an Mountains, it can make you lose your way. After a while, the sun passed through the morning mist like a sword, keeping your eyes open.
Autumn, fruitful, fruit farmers are happy and sad. Happy is the fruit, but worried is busy picking fruit. In autumn, people no longer need to worry about being hot, but feel cool. You may think that if you change the autumn high air to summer, you won’t have to be tanned as Africans.
In winter, the north wind whistles, everybody wears thick clothes, and animals dig holes to hibernate. They do not wake up until the next spring. The little swallow has no trace. There is a thick layer of snow in the mountains and rivers, and the dead trees use snow as flowers.
Four seasons scenery, has different characteristics, I love this beautiful four seasons!
My favorite season is autumn.
First let me know that autumn is not the weather forecast, nor the newspaper report, but the autumn wind suddenly crossing your body on the road. The autumn wind blows, the cool air hits people, and immediately feels cold, let people know that the autumn wind is ruthless and cold.
But after the autumn wind blows, I suddenly feel that under the cold skin my blood is hot and flowing, my heart beats regularly, which is not felt at other times. Therefore, the autumn wind is not cold and heartless, but gives people vitality. She is stronger, more energetic and deeper than the spring breeze.
I don’t know why, when autumn comes, I can’t help recalling the past. No matter how happy you laughed and how sad you cried, there was always a little sadness in your memory. Especially in late autumn, this feeling becomes stronger and stronger. Doctors call it “seasonal depression”.
In autumn, everything seems quieter than usual. Less impetuous, more deep. This kind of deep feeling seems to be caused by some kind of unknown pain, as the text says, “Only this kind of pain can give us deep feeling.”
The trees on the earth stood still, and the flowers withered quietly. Suddenly there came a light rain, which hit the face with a deep coolness. Even if you are angry now, when a drop of autumn rain falls on your face, you will find yourself so foolish and then so lonely.
Autumn rain will not make people ecstatic, more quiet. This kind of quiet, well-controlled people, will be transformed into quiet, always do things at will, not over-the-moment feeling; and those who do not control well, will be impetuous, and incompatible with the things around them.
In autumn, she seems so unpredictable. Sometimes she calms your wounded heart like an angel. Sometimes she makes you mad and mad like a devil. She is beautiful and dangerous. Although I’m not an adventurous, bold person, these characteristics are enough to make me have a little preference for her.