Quantum wave speed reading checked

Never mind, quantum mechanics. I can’t explain. I’m going through time and space. “
Science fiction movies usually use the above two sentences to cover up the things that cannot be explained, and the beautiful name is “pay homage to the myth”
However, in real life, some organizations take this nonsense as a magic weapon, and set up a set of teaching system, with the reputation of “whole brain training”, teach children “quantum wave speed reading”, and attract a large number of unknown parents “devout inquiry” to send their children to the past.
On January 16, the Ministry of Education announced the investigation and treatment of several off campus training institutions that had violated the regulations, and shut down several institutions that had violated the regulations in Shenzhen, Taiyuan and Chengdu to carry out similar off campus training, including Shenzhen Branch of Beijing smart brain development Co., Ltd., Zhuolun education, Sichuan pilot Vance Education Technology Co., Ltd., Jinjiang Branch of Chengdu xuezhihai Education Consulting Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Qiqi Avis Education Technology Co., Ltd.
These institutions, which do not even have business licenses or school permits, claim that “the faster they read 100000 words in 1-5 minutes”, the closer they are to the universe. These are the words of netizens that “businessmen just rub my IQ on the ground” are believed by some people, and there are many people.
In the secret interview video of people’s daily.cn on October 23, 2019, a potential training camp held by our excellent education technology Co., Ltd. in Hebei Province announced that after learning, students can read with blindfold eyes, recognize colors with blindfold eyes, sense words with arms, and even carry objects, break steel spoon with open eyes, see through envelope with open eyes, and read with ears.
In the video, some students with black cloth on their eyes perform badly under the instruction of the organization teacher.
Tianyan inspection shows that Hebei meiben excellent education technology Co., Ltd. was founded on October 30, 2017, and its legal representative is Zhang Xiujuan. The company has been listed in the list of business exceptions twice in 2019 due to “the registered residence or business site cannot be contacted”. In fact, if the company is listed in the list of business exceptions and fails to perform relevant obligations for 3 years, it will be listed in the list of serious illegal and dishonest enterprises for management.
However, Tianyan inspection shows that the business status of the enterprise is currently showing survival, that is, “the enterprise exists and continues to operate normally in accordance with the law”. The city called the company, but it was not connected up to the time of publication.
In fact, before being informed by the Ministry of education, the legend of quantum wave speed reading had been circulating for a long time in the primary school community. In their performance, even if the children take the book down, it does not affect them to finish a book in 5 minutes and repeat it completely. Back in 1979, Tang Yu, a young man who read with his ears, reported by Sichuan Daily, has been proved to have achieved the goal of so-called ear literacy by changing notes, stealing and cheating. Because of being caught, the scene was extremely embarrassing.
Quantum speed, super perception, full brain potential development… There is a lesson in the past, parents really don’t know this is a trick?
In the communication with a nearly victimized parent, the city circle learned that she sent her child to a fluctuating speed reading training institution. When the child was in the institution, he could read with his eyes covered. But when he got home, the child told her that the black cloth covered with his eyes was transparent. Fortunately, it is still in the audition stage, and the parents are not cheated.
The parent told the city community that they were also college students, and knew it was impossible in their hearts, but they always had a fluke mentality: “there are other parents in the organization who also sent their children, in case it is true, my children will lose the opportunity if they don’t go?” This parent is quite embarrassed to tell the city, sometimes it is impossible to take the children, this is the urgent medical treatment.
The thinking of Chinese parents is really magical. A 20 yuan parenting book is too expensive for him, but he is eager to spend tens of thousands of yuan to try a sand sculpture training.
Xiong Bingqi, vice president of the College of education and research in the 21st century, told the city circle that this reflected a phenomenon that exists in our society in pursuit of success, opportunism and even obsession. Some people prefer to abandon basic common sense in order to get rich.
Some time ago, an article “I took drugs, mom fed” was swiped on the screen. In order to improve the children’s performance in a short period of time, parents fed them smart drugs, which led to their children suffering from drug addiction. It sounds creepy.
In order not to let their children lose in the starting line, parents believe in the other side of the road, trying to take a shortcut in the process of jumping off, so that they are reaped by the fraud organization.
Li Hong, a netizen, once told the story of attending the quick reading lecture of quantum wave when she was a child. She was selected by the master and completely retelled 400 pages of English books. The master in her ear to say an enlightening words: “you just make up.”
Fortunately, tianwanghuihui is careless without omission.

IKEA travel cup causes cancer

Cups are daily necessities. In daily life, they are widely used and can also be used as heat preservation cups and travel cups. They are mainly for convenience of carrying. However, all cups on the market are not safe and harmless. Recently, after the news of IKEA travel cup carcinogenesis was released, consumers are worried and panicked. At present, the official release of the global recall notice. Carcinogen detected in IKEA Mug carcinogen detected in IKEA Mug
IKEA is the world’s largest furniture and home furnishing enterprise. Its main products are mainly household products, such as sofa seats, wardrobes, tea tables and other furniture, or household products such as cups and refrigerators. I still remember that the glass exploded last year, causing a woman’s face disfigurement. In recent days, IKEA’s travel cup cancer news was released through the official website, saying that it is recalling the product Product. On January 15, the official website of IKEA China announced that the product of IKEA travel cup has been found to be carcinogenic, which is a “traigtvis travel cup”. To this end, the official issued a global recall notice. Any consumer who bought the travel cup can return the product to any IKEA store, and can get a full refund without a shopping voucher. It should be noted that IKEA travel cup is sold in IKEA stores in China. When customers purchase related products, they should pay attention to whether the travel cup products are still sold, because during the investigation, IKEA has stopped the sales of the travel cup. According to the monitoring report, IKEA travel cup is carcinogenic, and the migration of dibutyl phthalate exceeds the specified limit. At present, the official website of IKEA China has issued a global recall notice, which will recall this product from various countries and regions. According to the survey, the travel cup marked “made in India” may also be affected. Go to see if there is such a travel cup in your home, and if so, go to IKEA mall to return it.

8K Spring Festival gala will be launched

The launching ceremony of 5g + 8K / 4K / VR innovation application of CCTV 2020 Spring Festival Gala was held in Beijing media center on January 14. Shen Haixiong, Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee and head of the CCTV, heads of the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration of radio, film and television, three major operators and Huawei Company, relevant heads of the CCTV and representatives of various media units attended.
According to reports, 5g network has fully covered the main venue and branch venue of CCTV 2020 Spring Festival Gala.
At that time, the main station will adopt 5g + 8K technology to achieve multi stand shooting and produce 8K version of Spring Festival Gala. 4K signals of mobile shooting and landscape based on 5g network are all connected to the production system of Spring Festival Gala, providing strong support for the full 4K intelligent live broadcast of Spring Festival Gala; the first virtual network interactive production mode (vnis) will also be applied for the first time in the Spring Festival Gala, and users can watch the 2020 Spring Festival Gala VR live broadcast and multi perspective panoramic live broadcast through the central video client. The application of new technologies such as 5g, 8K, 4K and VR will bring users a new viewing experience.

You can register for marriage on February 2

The reporter learned from Yanji Civil Affairs Bureau that in order to meet the needs of the masses, the marriage registration office of Yanji Civil Affairs Bureau plans to handle marriage registration for the majority of marriage parties from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. on February 2, 2020.
It should be noted that the marriage parties must make an appointment through online appointment, telephone appointment and on-site appointment (not including the day before February 2), and the non appointment and out of time marriage registration parties are not accepted.

Nongfu mountain spring is reported

Nongfu Shanquan (Fujian Wuyishan) drinking water Co., Ltd. was recently put on file by Wuyishan Forest Public Security Bureau for investigation and punishment due to its failure to construct a new production line with an annual output of 1 million tons of drinking natural water in Wuyishan City according to the requirements of environmental impact assessment and unauthorized excavation of access roads to destroy trees.
On the night of January 11, local residents of Wuyishan reported to them that after the deforestation, there were still large-scale machinery entering the forest area for overnight construction, and the construction route was seriously inconsistent with the requirements of environmental impact assessment, causing damage to Wuyishan’s ecology.
According to the video taken at the scene, after large machinery entered the forest area at night, a large number of construction materials were transported, and several citizens came forward to obstruct, indicating that the area is within the red line of Wuyishan National Park.

The Palace Museum’s new year’s Eve meal is 6688 yuan

The most interesting news of the weekend is the grand dinner launched by the Forbidden City.
It is reported that during the Spring Festival this year, the corner restaurant of the Forbidden City will launch the new year’s Eve meal. The preliminary plan is from the big year to the 15th day of the first month. Each table is set according to the standard of ten people, with a charge of 6688 yuan for one table and another 680 yuan for each additional one.
It’s worth noting that since the corner restaurant is open on the outside, you don’t need to buy tickets to the Forbidden City for eating.
Why this news attracts public attention lies in the status of the Forbidden City on the one hand and its price on the other.
Needless to say, as the Royal Palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties and the largest museum in China at present, the tourists who visit the palace museum every day are crowded, and their every move is very concerned.
With its name of “Palace Museum Corner Restaurant”, the launch of new year’s Eve dinner, naturally is one of the focuses. Many netizens joked that this may be based on the royal court meals of Ming and Qing emperors.
But what netizens are focusing on is actually the price of new year’s Eve meal in the corner restaurant.
In principle, a dinner for ten people costs 6688 yuan, which seems to be a relatively high price.
Some netizens said that, you know, the national poverty alleviation standard per capita net income is only 4000 yuan. At the beginning of the year, Jiangsu province put forward an annual income standard for the poor, which is 6000 yuan. According to this standard, a meal in the corner restaurant is equal to one year’s income of the poverty-stricken people in Jiangsu Province.
By comparison, we know that a new year’s Eve meal in the corner restaurant of the Forbidden City is not expensive.
But looking at the comments of many netizens, many people say that the price is really not expensive. Some even said that after the price was expensive, it immediately attracted a lot of people.
See what netizens say.
Netizen “eat your smile well”: when other Forbidden City needs to repair and inherit culture, a group of people do not pay or contribute, and they are unwilling to forward a microblog. Now that they have found ways to increase domestic demand and expand the surrounding markets, these people have jumped out and said, “don’t move.” this is our common wealth. I think later, Puyi will buy tickets to the Forbidden City. Who are you?
Netizen “pancake thin” said: a table of rice 6688 is really expensive for ordinary people, but don’t see where it is? The Forbidden City, alas, even if there is a big scramble for the table.
Screenshot of netizen comments
Netizen “kicks giant’s belly” thinks: what to eat is rice, what to eat is atmosphere, culture, service, and the cultural heritage of China for five thousand years. In addition to the Forbidden City, where else can you enjoy the five thousand year culture? Besides the Forbidden City, where there is such a profound cultural heritage, where the emperors of the past dynasties live, where the literati, the poets and the famous generals have gone. The price is worth it.
Such comments are not only many, but also arouse the resonance of many netizens. All in all, the reason why people think that the 6688 yuan dinner is not expensive is mainly due to three reasons: one is in Beijing, the other is in the Forbidden City, and the third is that many things are expensive now, such as an Apple phone, Disneyland charges, etc.
Even for example, some people say, “a big hotel in a small county town usually requires 5 / 6000 of a table”, “a table of annual dinner in a third tier city can’t go down by 2000, what’s wrong with the Palace Museum more than 6000?” One called “cool straw mushroom” also said that it’s not expensive but not expensive. My friend just ordered a table of ordinary rice 5888 in Changsha Hotel. It’s the Forbidden City. It’s not the best bar! This is not your fly restaurant downstairs. There is a cultural background besides catering.
According to your reflection, most of the people who think that the charge for the new year’s dinner in the Forbidden City is not expensive.
However, up to now, the dinner for the new year to the 15th of the first month has been fully booked. It can be seen how popular the price is.
Xiaobian also believes that if the price was put more than ten years ago, it would be considered as a high price. But from the comments of many netizens, does it mean that everyone’s income level is indeed improving and their vision is also improving. This is a good thing. In fact, the Imperial Palace corner restaurant is only reported, some of which are not known by the public, and the price is more expensive.
Radish and pickled vegetables, each has his own love. Whether it is high-income families or low-income groups, as long as reasonable consumption, within the scope of their ability to bear, it is normal. What’s more, it’s new year’s day. Bite your teeth, grab your relatives and friends, have a big meal and have a tooth beating ceremony.
But Xiaobian also believes that no matter the price is high or low, everyone stands in a different angle, and the conclusion is naturally different, so it is not necessary to force others to be the same as themselves.

Apple launched a fire collection

Apple launched a fire to raise money. The Australian forest fire has been burning for four months, burning forests and countless animals. However, the prime minister went to Hawaii for a holiday. This time, even the Americans far away can’t watch it. Recently, Apple launched a donation page for Australian wildfires on its official website.
In December, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted that he would donate money to the rescue of the Australian mountain fire. At present, users can go to the donation page of Apple’s official website in the United States / Australia to donate with the associated payment method of iTunes and app store. All donations will be transferred to charity organizations. Apple, the middleman, rarely does not charge any difference, commission or commission.
Since September last year, Australian wildfires have been burning for four months, with an area of tens of thousands of square kilometers and possibly 500 million animals. Nowadays, there is no sign of extinguishing the mountain fire, and with the arrival of high temperature, the mountain fire still has the risk of aggravation. According to the analysis of some economists, in addition to the irreparable ecological disaster caused by the mountain fire, it will also bring 5 billion Australian dollars (about 23 billion yuan) of economic losses to Australia

500 million animals died in the sea of fire

Australia’s wildfires have been raging for more than four months, and every scene here is heartbreaking. A shocking set of figures tells you how serious the fire is.
80% of koala’s natural habitat was destroyed by mountain fire, and more than 20000 koalas died;
More than 500 million birds and other animals were killed;
The area of wildfires is more than 52500 square kilometers;
In Australia, the temperature is more than 40 ℃ for many days, even close to 50 ℃;
The death toll rose to 27
500 million animals died in the sea of fire
Wildlife and the whole ecosystem
Suffered great damage
Someone recorded it on camera
It’s a bloody tragedy
The animals died in the fire
The body is like black charcoal
Even standing
Terrible scene, heart wrenching
According to a number of satellite monitoring products released by the National Satellite Meteorological Center, New South Wales and other places in the southeast of Australia are densely covered with fire spots, and the smoke caused by wildfires has spread to the north of New Zealand 2000 kilometers away. Even from the point of view of satellites far away in space, the mountain fire is also shocking.
The most serious forest fire in southeast Australia has a disastrous impact on the ecological environment
In early January 2020, wildfires in southeastern NSW and eastern Victoria developed rapidly. According to the fire monitoring map of FengYun-3 meteorological satellite on January 4, there are a large number of fire spots within the range of 270 km from the east to the West and 360 km from the north to the south. Some of the fire spots have spread to the beach, with a total area of 7900 square kilometers. Most of these fires occurred in forest areas.

Bieber has Lyme disease

Justin Bieber has just released a new song recently, when it came out that there were health problems and rumors of Bieber taking drugs. But soon Bieber responded. Is it true that Bieber suffers from Lyme disease? What’s the matter with Bieber suffering from Lyme disease?
Is it true that Bieber has Lyme disease
It’s true. Recently, it was revealed that Bieber was addicted to drugs on the Internet. In response to this, Bieber sent a message, revealing that his health was not very good, but it was not the way that was spread on the Internet. “I have recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease, not only that, but also with a serious chronic mononuclear disease that affects my skin, brain function, energy and overall health,” Bieber said. He admitted that these years are difficult for him, but he will adjust himself to return in a better condition than ever before.
Some netizens said that Avril also suffered from Lyme’s disease, which was later cured, not as serious as the Internet. According to netizens, in fact, Lyme disease is the most common rumor disease. It is an aphid mediated spirochete infection and a natural epidemic caused by Borrelia burgdorferi. The aphid that can infect Lyme disease is very small, about the size of sesame. As a result, most people with Lyme disease will not remember being bitten by mites. When it is serious, there will be headache, dizziness, muscle ache and other symptoms, which must be treated in time.
What’s going on with Bieber’s Lyme disease
Bieber recently in response to the Internet rumors of illness, revealed that he is indeed sick, but not so exaggerated. Bieber revealed that he has Lyme disease and severe chronic monocytosis, which can affect skin, brain function, energy and overall health.
In addition, Bieber also said that later documentary will talk about his illness and treatment in detail, and hoped that these experiences can help netizens. After that, foreign media said that Bieber’s condition improved after long-term treatment. A new song, which has been delayed recently, is also waiting to make sure Bibb is ready.

2020 national examination results announced

On the evening of January 7, the results of written examination of public subjects for civil servants’ recruitment in 2020 by the central authorities and their directly affiliated institutions were officially announced. Candidates can check the written test scores and the minimum qualified score line on the website of 2020 annual examination and employment of civil servants of the central authority and its directly affiliated institutions.

It is reported that this “national examination” is the first recruitment of civil servants by central organs and their directly affiliated institutions after the implementation of the newly revised civil servants law. It is planned to recruit 24000 people, involving 86 units and 23 directly affiliated institutions of the central and state organs. A total of 1.142 million examinees have paid for the examination before the examination. 965000 people actually take the examination, with a reference rate of 84.5%. The ratio of the number of people taking the examination to the number of employment plans is about 40:1.

Netizens waiting for interview list

Candidates who want to enter the interview must meet the following conditions:

1. The written test result must be above the minimum qualified score line. 2. The ranking of written examination results in this position must be within the specified proportion.

Whether or not to enter the interview, in addition to passing the minimum qualified line of written examination, also need to see the candidates to apply for the position’s result ranking to decide.

We official civil service examination is not published ranking! Only the interview list and the lowest qualified score line of this position, then some examinees will ask: since the scores are all out, how long will the interview list be officially announced? According to the past practice, after the official written test results are announced, the first batch of interview list and adjustment announcement will be announced one after another the next day! That is to say, it is most likely to be announced on January 8, but it is not yet known when. So please wait patiently for a while.