Horton responds to Sun Yang’s suspension

The international sports arbitration court announced the arbitration result of the World Anti Doping Agency case against Sun Yang and fina, and imposed a suspension of eight years on Sun Yang. Once the punishment result is published, it has attracted the attention of all circles. Hoton, a famous Australian player who refused to accept the award with Sun Yang at the world championships in Guangzhou, and Dunn Scott, a British player, both expressed their views on Sun Yang’s suspension. Although they did not involve Sun Yang’s name, they both mentioned that their position was to uphold the innocence of swimming.
As Sun Yang’s main opponent in the 400m freestyle, Horton and Sun Yang had a tie up as early as the 2016 Rio Olympics. At that time, Horton attacked Sun Yang personally, calling him “doping player”, which caused great controversy. At last year’s Guangzhou World Championships, Horton once again “grabbed the mirror” and refused to take photos with Sun Yang at the award ceremony after the 400 meter freestyle final.
The result of Sun Yang’s hearing is undoubtedly “good news” for Horton. Unless Sun Yang appeals successfully, he will not compete with Sun Yang again in the Tokyo Olympic Games. “My position is that swimming should be a clean sport, which does not involve individuals or countries, and the result published today will not change my position.” Horton said simply that Sun Yang had been banned for eight years. And charlmouth, Horton’s Australian teammate and Rio’s 100m freestyle champion, naturally stood on Horton’s side, “I fully support mark, which may not be under our control, but I still want to support Mark’s position.”
At present, the Australian swimming team is training for the Tokyo Olympic Games. The head coach of Horton, Jacques verhallen, said his disciples are concentrating on training. Sun Yang’s verdict will not affect him, let alone the Australian swimming team. “Houghton is a very focused athlete, he will not be affected by things off the field, even this matter will not affect him.” Verhallen said, “he has experienced such a scene before and will not be affected. Because this case has nothing to do with him. He has stated his attitude on the international stage, and his attitude will not change. That’s enough. It’s not what we should do to comment on the judgments of athletes from other countries. For us, no matter what the result is, we will accept it. We also respect this process. Our focus is on the Olympic Games, not the Olympic Games Sun Yang’s case. “
In fact, Horton was not the only one who refused to receive the prize at last year’s Guangzhou World Championships. At the 200 meter freestyle award ceremony, Duncan Scott, a British swimmer, also imitated Horton and refused to take the podium to embarrass Sun Yang. At that time, Sun Yang even said excitedly, “you are the loser, I am the winner.” Scott also made a brief statement after Sun Yang was banned for eight years.
“I fully respect and support the decision announced by the international sports arbitration tribunal. I believe that only pure sports can provide a fair competition environment for all athletes. I also believe that the international sports arbitration tribunal and the World Anti Doping organization will uphold this concept.” Scott said.

How to adjust the entrance examination

Affected by the epidemic, schools around this spring have been postponed. In this context, is there any change in the time of this year’s high school entrance examination and college entrance examination? How can schools and examinees arrange teaching and learning? How to help examinee reduce pressure? In view of the relevant hot spots concerned by the public, “Xinhua perspective” reporters conducted an interview.
What are the changes in the exam arrangements?
Under the influence of the epidemic, will the time of college entrance examination change this year?
Wang Hui, director of the Department of college students of the Ministry of education, said at the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council on February 12 that he would pay close attention to the development and change of the epidemic situation, assess the possible impact of the epidemic situation on the organization of the examination together with relevant departments and regions in a timely manner, carefully study and formulate the specific implementation plan of this year’s senior examination, and timely announce it to the society.
According to the reporter, at present, some places have adjusted some arrangements related to the middle school entrance examination and the college entrance examination.
First, according to the local epidemic situation, we announced to postpone the application time and some examination arrangements. The education departments in Beijing, Hainan, Jiaxing, Jiangsu, Suzhou and Changzhou announced that the application time for the mid-term examination in 2020 will be postponed. Beijing announced the postponement of the second computer-based English listening test for the 2020 national college entrance examination and the second computer-based English listening and speaking test for the senior high school entrance examination. In Hubei Province, where the epidemic is most serious, the provincial education and Examination Institute announced to postpone a number of self-study and adult examination projects, but it has not yet involved the secondary examination and the college entrance examination.
Second, the national unification delayed the “special type enrollment” examination of colleges and universities, including “strong base plan” enrollment, escort students, art students, sports students, high-level athletes enrollment, etc.
Third, some places have changed the mode test. Recently, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission announced that the new college entrance examination simulation test, which was originally scheduled to be held on February 25, will be postponed to March 3 and will take the form of home-based unified test. This test is the same as the schedule of the new college entrance examination for four consecutive days. At home, parents will be invigilators and examinees will hand in their papers in the cloud. Teachers will also strive to complete the “cloud marking”. The follow-up model test will also be adjusted according to the specific time of school opening.
A headmaster of a middle school in Beijing said that the purpose of the model test is to evaluate the review effect of the previous section, so as to make clear the direction and rhythm of the review in the next section; for students, the form of home-based unified test is a more strict test of education and a unique life experience.
How about the effect of online class?
Since the announcement of “no suspension of classes” in late January, schools all over the country have integrated online learning resources, enriched learning content and provided suitable home-based learning methods for examinees under the unified deployment of education authorities and in combination with their own reality.
Get up at 7 o’clock every day, have class at 9 o’clock in the morning and go to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening. Six classes a day, cultural classes, physical exercises, Q & a time, online class time should be controlled within three hours as far as possible. This is the study schedule of junior three students in Nanjing No.39 middle school. “The progress of online teaching is relatively slow, and it’s hard to be as nervous and orderly at home as at school. In response to these problems, in recent weeks, we have been practicing and improving. ” In order to guide the students to review at home, the recording and broadcasting course requires the students to take class notes, take photos and upload them. It focuses on the students who are slack and anxious, and updates the review plan according to the individual situation.
Liu Siwen, a mathematics teacher at the third grade of Hunnan No.1 Middle School in Shenyang, said that the most urgent thing at present is the high-quality exercises adapted to the network teaching. He hoped that the teaching and Research Institute and the entrance examination office could organize experts to produce some special exercises, which could not rely on the teachers to fight each other.
Candidates in Hubei Province face more difficulties. According to statistics, there are 18000 parents of students in Wuhan alone participating in epidemic prevention and control work in medical institutions. In order to ensure the quality and efficiency of review, the local education department not only relies on the air classroom to ensure the inclusive of high-quality education resources, but also specially organizes famous teachers of various subjects to customize review and sprint guide for senior three and junior three students.
A senior three student of Chengguan high school in Xinzhou District of Wuhan focuses on the review plan of some famous teachers in Wuhan on the Internet. “With the review plan of famous teachers, online consultation with questions is very helpful to me.”
According to the analysis of several graduating class head teachers, online classes at home have little impact on students with good learning habits, but students who do not consciously learn may suffer from a decline in their scores. From the perspective of the types of candidates, art majors and sports majors are greatly affected. Art students need to strengthen art training before the exam, and physical students also need to do a lot of physical exercises; both types of candidates need field training, and the guidance of professionals is more needed before the exam.
How to reduce pressure for examinees?
In the past, the “countdown to the college entrance examination” hung above the blackboard in the classroom has now moved into the class groups on the Internet platforms such as nails and wechat. A number of interviewees said that without teachers around, stress and anxiety would be greater.
“This year’s senior three is quite special. We should try our best to solve their problems.” Many teachers said that in addition to the impact of the epidemic, they are in the transition stage of the reform of the college entrance examination. For example, Beijing will implement the new college entrance examination this year, which will change from the original liberal arts division to the “3 + 3” examination mode, and the examination time will change from 2 days to 4 days. To adapt to the new mode, it needs to practice hands-on test many times. For the examinees in Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangsu, Liaoning and other eight provinces, this year is the last one in the liberal arts and science division of the college entrance examination. If this year’s examination is not ideal and requires re reading, it will face many difficulties.
In order to solve the anxiety of examinees, education departments and schools all over the country are working hard. Recently, the Ministry of education of central China Normal University

Prison responds to release from Han Dynasty

In February 26th, the novel coronavirus pneumonia was led by the central political and Law Commission. The Deputy Minister Liu Zhiqiang led the joint investigation team with the central political and Law Commission, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Ministry of public security. He went to Hubei to investigate a new Wuhan crown prison hospital member who was released from prison.

Building Leishen mountain without permission

“Wang Deping, this time you go to support the construction of Wuhan leishenshan hospital is a voluntary act. We all praise you! However, it is against discipline not to ask for leave when you go out. Since you are out of public interest and have outstanding achievements, you will be given fault tolerance and exemption after the study and decision of the District Supervision Commission’s business committee. “
“Thanks for the understanding and concern of the organization. At the same time, I will learn from the lessons and abide by the discipline and rules. If the country needs me in the future, I will be bound to advance!”
Recently, in the conference room of Suining Chuanshan District Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision, Luo Zhongzhong, the leader of the discipline inspection and supervision team assigned to the district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, opened a wechat video conversation with Wang Deping, a staff member of the municipal public affairs center under the district housing and urban Rural Development Bureau at the isolation point.
In this online conversation, in addition to the care and greetings for Wang Deping’s health, it is more important to inform Wang Deping of his behavior of not going out on leave.
It turns out that on February 9, the discipline inspection and supervision team assigned to the district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau received the clue of Wang Deping’s not going out. After the approval of the relevant leaders of the supervision committee of the District Commission for Discipline Inspection, the discipline inspection and supervision team assigned to the district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau started the preliminary examination of Wang Deping’s problem.
According to the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the work of the new crown pneumonia prevention and control system was implemented. From February 3rd, the flexible working system was implemented in the Chuanshan district. But on the night, Wang Deping received an urgent invitation from his friend, and asked Wang Deping to set out for Wuhan to support the construction of Raytheon hill hospital. Time is tight. In response to the national call, Wang Deping simply packed his bags and drove to Wuhan with Xiong and others. When he arrived at the epidemic area, he put into work. It was not until the evening of February 8 that Wang Deping thought of reporting and asking for leave to the relevant leaders of the Bureau.
During the construction of Wuhan leishenshan hospital, Wang Deping’s team work was outstanding, successfully completed the ventilation system installation in the A3 ward of leishenshan hospital and the installation and commissioning of indoor electrical equipment in some ward, and the hospital successfully delivered and put into use. On February 13, Wang Deping successfully completed the construction assistance task, returned to the boat mountain area and consciously accepted isolation observation.
“Discipline enforcement requires both strength and temperature. In view of Wang Deping’s situation, I suggest to start a fault-tolerant audit procedure for him.”
“I agree!”
After discussion, the members of the investigation team reached an agreement and proposed to start the fault-tolerant audit procedure for Wang Deping’s disciplinary violations.
“Forced by the situation or for the benefit of the people, some breakthroughs have been made in the promotion of work, but the expected objectives have been achieved and good results have been achieved.” According to the implementation measures for fault tolerance and error correction audit of public officials in Chuanshan District of Suining City (Trial), Wang Deping’s behavior meets the fault tolerance conditions, and the fault tolerance audit procedure is officially launched.
The investigation team puts forward fault-tolerant suggestions, the unit provides a description of the actual performance, and the fault-tolerant audit team of the district supervision committee checks the relevant supporting materials On February 18, the Council of the District Supervision Committee decided to deal with Wang Deping’s violation of organizational discipline with fault tolerance and exemption, and to settle the clue of the problem.
“I believe that with the practical application of the measures for the implementation of fault tolerance audit, the cadres of the whole region can be further encouraged to take on the initiative and dare to charge. At the same time, we should remind the cadres of the whole region to keep discipline and rules in mind and make good deeds more perfect. ” She Guohua, deputy secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and deputy director of the Commission, said.

A total of 61 confirmed cases in Iran

Novel coronavirus pneumonia death toll increased to 12 in Iran, and 61 cases were confirmed, Halice, Vice Minister of health of the Iran, said 24.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia died in Iran, a total of 61 people were diagnosed in Iran, according to a report at the national television station in February 24th, according to the New York Times reported on February 24th. Most of the confirmed cases occurred in the holy city of Qom, 120 kilometers south of the capital Tehran.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Iran’s Labor News Agency (ILNA) on 24 April, quoted by Ahmed Amirabadi Farahani, a member of the Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani, in the past two weeks. He said the government had been slow to announce the outbreak and that the city of Qom did not have enough equipment to deal with the disease.
In response, Harry said the figure of 50 was not accurate. He said, “novel coronavirus pneumonia is the 1/4 death of 50 people. I will resign.”

838 cases diagnosed in Japan

China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed a total of 838 cases as of 21:20 pm local time, including 133 people infected with Japanese domestic tourists and Chinese tourists, 691 passengers from the diamond princess cruise liner and 691 crew members, and 14 people returning to Japan by the Japanese government charter plane.

A steward was diagnosed

Anhui province released novel coronavirus pneumonia cases diagnosed on 19 and 20 days.
Among them, a newly diagnosed patient in Hefei, Anhui Province, was a young woman who worked in the company on February 3, 4, 10 and 12. On February 12, headache and fever occurred, and they took medicine by themselves. Cough symptoms appeared on February 18. He was hospitalized in fever clinic of Hefei Binhu hospital, and then treated in isolation. The diagnosis was made on February 20, and the condition is stable at present.
The reporter came to the office building of Ping’an Jinfu near Hefei Binhu office service area. A cordon has been set up at the entrance of the building. A sign posted on the locked glass door said: in order to prevent and control the epidemic, Ping An golden clothing suspended its work. Signed as Ping An Jinfu Hefei Branch. A police warning novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control concentrated in the Hefei Baohe branch of the Public Security Bureau was also posted.
In addition, 19 novel coronavirus patients were diagnosed in Bengbu, Anhui. The patient was a railway steward, who had traveled between Beijing and Bengbu many times before the disease. The details are as follows:
Xie, 56, a male, now lives in building 4, Ruitai Xincheng, Dongfeng Street, Longzihu District, Bengbu City. He is a railway steward.
On January 26, I took k148 times (No. 12 carriages) from Fuyang to West Beijing;
On January 27, he took k147 trips from Beijing West to Fuyang;
On January 27, take k8484 (car 9) back to beng and walk home;
Stay at home from January 27 to 30, take k8415 (car 7 or 8) to Hefei on January 31, take k8554 to Fuyang (car 2) on that day, and take k148 times from Fuyang to Beijing West;
On February 1, k147 passengers were on duty from Beijing West to Fuyang;
On February 1, take k5613 Fuyang to Hangzhou;
On February 2, take k5614 from Hangzhou to Fuyang;
On February 2, take k4132 to Fuyang, Beijing;
On February 3, he was on duty from Beijing to Fuyang on k4131 and had a close contact history with the confirmed case Shen XX (No. 0212-4);
Take k1046 (car 9) from Fuyang to beng that night, and walk home at 11-12 PM;
He did not go out at home from February 4 to 10;
Febrile occurred on February 10, and fever was relieved after taking medicine;
On the afternoon of February 11, I arrived at the unit. I got fever again that night. I walked to the fever clinic of the First Affiliated Hospital of Beng Medical College with a mask. 120 special buses were transferred to the city designated hospital for isolation treatment that night. At present, my condition is stable.

English name revision of novel coronavirus pneumonia

English Health Commission of novel coronavirus pneumonia English revised to novel coronavirus pneumonia. The announcement of the announcement is that the English name of the new coronavirus pneumonia is revised to “COVID-19”, which is consistent with the naming of WHO and the Chinese name remains unchanged. COVID-19 ​

When an employee is diagnosed

Dangdang, a Dangdang novel coronavirus pneumonia, was informed by IT’s home in February 20th that the IT was informed that the staff member was diagnosed with a new crown pneumonia.
Dangdang said the employee had worked for three days in the company, and Dangdang was cooperating with the CDC to properly arrange close contacts.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed by IT’s family.
The following is the official response of dangdang.com:

  1. On the evening of February 19, it was learned from the CDC that the nucleic acid test of the staff of Dangdang close contact was positive, and the nucleic acid test of the husband and the child is still negative at present.
  2. When it is the first time to hold a full conference call to report the progress, synchronize the instructions of the CDC, answer all kinds of questions of the staff, and calm the staff’s nerves.
  3. The employee worked in the company for three days before his mother had symptoms. When working with CDC to properly arrange close contacts. Meanwhile, the follow-up work shall be handled in an orderly manner based on the opinions of professional departments.
  4. Dangdang has attached great importance to the physical safety of employees as the first priority. On February 18, the company has arranged all employees to work at home and track the physical condition of all employees in real time.
  5. We also call on the media to respect and protect the privacy of patients.

Shooting in Germany

According to local media in the city of hanou, Hesse, Germany, quoted by Russia today, two hookah bars near hanou were shot on Wednesday night local time, killing several people and leaving the gunman at large.
Local police suspected a link between the two shootings, the report said. According to Reuters, the shooting has killed at least eight people.