Hand in the mahjong reward mask

“Now that the epidemic is so severe, the big guys should not play mahjong and increase the risk of infection.” At 2:00 p.m. on February 1, in a residential building in Changfu Road community, baoshenghu street, Chen Xingping, a resident, was painstakingly propagating the importance of home-based prevention to several people playing mahjong. His attitude was very sincere.
If it wasn’t for Chen Xingping, it’s hard for you to imagine that a few days ago, like these residents, she spent her time playing mahjong every afternoon.
The change starts a few days ago.
On January 29, during a visit to changfulu community cadres, they found that Chen Xingping was having a lot of fun with a group of “Ma friends”. Based on the principle of “no leakage of one household, no leakage of one person” in epidemic prevention and control, community cadres conducted patient persuasion and epidemic prevention publicity to elder sister Chen. In the publicity, novel coronavirus was also cited by community leaders, and the situation was serious. Chen Xingping was deeply touched when she saw that community workers worked hard and conscientiously to prevent and control the epidemic. She also wanted to do what she could to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.
A day later, the opportunity came. Due to the emergency of the epidemic, the entry and exit personnel of Jinfu community where Chen Xingping is located are mixed, which is not easy to grasp the flow of foreign personnel, and there are loopholes in prevention and control. So Chen Xingping volunteered to join the epidemic prevention front line of the community. After she came to the community to express her will, she took the temperature meter and epidemic prevention and control publicity materials, spontaneously organized Jinfu Garden community to be enthusiastic about the owners and property management staff, took the temperature of the people in and out of the community, registered and publicized, and patiently dredged the residents’ mood, which can be regarded as reassuring the residents of the community. During the extraordinary period, the community residents praised the warm-hearted elder sister.
Seeing that he has gained from his efforts, Chen Xingping feels that it is very meaningful, and then he has a new action. When it was known that the community was organizing a volunteer team for prevention and control patrol, Chen Xingping actively responded to the call of the community, joined the volunteer team and participated in the volunteer service work of joint prevention and control of community epidemic. Now, Chen Xingping works with the community staff every day to go on the streets for propaganda and persuasion, to go upstairs for inspection and disinfection, to take home temperature measurement, to be diligent, not afraid of hardship and fatigue, just to build up a safe defense line for epidemic prevention and control, and to protect the life safety and health of residents.

A letter from the Ministry of education to college students

Dear students
Hello everyone!
At the beginning of 2020, this unexpected epidemic and the unprecedented gengzi Spring Festival made us become “homestead men” and “homestead women”, making the meeting of friends become video chat, and the meeting of relatives and friends become a new year’s Eve. The spread of the epidemic makes us feel not only anxious, but also the warmth brought by the most beautiful “anti traveler”.
Epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is responsibility. Under the firm leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, Party organizations at all levels and Party members and cadres and medical workers in all levels have fully implemented joint prevention and control measures and built up a tight defense line for mass prevention and mass control. College students are the novel coronavirus that we are advancing with the new era. I believe that you will shoulder the mission and responsibility entrusted by the times and fight with the motherland in the face of the struggle against epidemic control. We should make joint contributions to the people and make the due contribution to win the battle against the outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus.
To be a “Guardian” is to take on a mission and ensure health. At present, the epidemic is still spreading and prevention and control is in a critical period. Many medical teachers and students have gone to the front line and become strong guardians of patients. In times of crisis, only the responsible party can show loyalty and let youth bloom in the fight against the rampant virus. When you have not mastered the relevant medical knowledge and professional skills to stop the epidemic, to protect yourself and not let those who care for us worry is to be responsible for the life safety of others, to comfort the front-line medical staff, and to contribute to the “war epidemic”. Every student is involved in a family, and every youth should take on a mission to be a scientific communicator, a rumor breaker, a healthy guardian and a family caregiver. The safety of every classmate and the health of every family are the solid foundation of safe China and healthy China.
To be a “practitioner” is to stay in one’s own house and embrace the Tao. “All things are born when they have their origin, and all things are accomplished when they have their way.” In literary classics, we should cultivate sentiment, increase talent and achieve the goal of “having poetic spirit and self-improvement”; in philosophical classics, we should improve our thinking, grasp laws and enhance our ability of philosophical thinking; in ethical classics, we should know about shame, right and wrong, honor and disgrace, good and evil, and cultivate a sound moral character; on the platform of network resources, we should study independently and improve ourselves, so as to achieve the goal of “non-stop learning and learning” No delay “; through online discussion between teachers and students, teaching and learning.
To be a “knower” is to make sure there is a way to travel. For the sake of the health and safety of the students, the Ministry of education has made the decision to postpone the opening of the spring semester in 2020, which is the need to fight against the epidemic, and also the concern and love of the party and the people for the students. No matter where you are, please remember that the teachers of the school are always concerned about you and hope that everyone can set foot on the way back to school in a healthy and sunny manner. At the time of return, maybe the epidemic situation has not been completely relieved. The big housework must be arranged in accordance with the unified plan, in cooperation with the relevant arrangements of school return work, do a good job in personal protection and return planning, travel must be well-organized, shorten the return time as much as possible, do staggered travel and safe travel, and show the enthusiasm and youthful vitality of college students in the new semester.
Our wills unite like a fortress. The million people united as one man, and the United States and the United States are firmly united in the final victory of the struggle against the epidemic, Xi Jinping said. We will also work with our teachers and look forward to meeting you again in the spring of the year of gengzi!
February 3, 2020

Post adjustment of Hubei Province

Wuhan, Feb. 13, Xinhua news recently, the central government adjusted the positions of the main comrades in charge of the Hubei provincial Party committee. Comrade Ying Yong was appointed member, standing committee member and Secretary of Hubei Provincial Committee, while Comrade Jiang Chaoliang no longer held the post of secretary, standing committee member and member of Hubei Provincial Committee.
On February 13, Hubei Province held a meeting of leading cadres, at which Wu Yuliang, Vice Minister of the Organization Department of the Central Committee, announced the decision of the Central Committee, saying that the adjustment was made by the Central Committee based on the overall situation, according to the needs of the epidemic prevention and control work and the actual situation of the leading group of Hubei Province, after overall consideration and careful study.
Comrade Ying Yong was born in November 1957 in Xianju, Zhejiang Province. He used to be deputy secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Zhejiang Province, director of the Department of supervision of Zhejiang Province, President of Zhejiang provincial court in January 2006, President of Shanghai Municipal Court in January 2008, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, head of the Organization Department, deputy secretary and Deputy mayor of the municipal Party committee, and mayor of Shanghai in January 2017. He is a member of the 19th CPC Central Committee.
It is reported that the main responsible comrades of Wuhan municipal Party committee were adjusted at the same time. Wang Zhonglin was appointed as member of Hubei provincial Party committee, standing committee member and Secretary of Wuhan municipal Party committee, and Ma Guoqiang was no longer appointed as deputy secretary, standing committee member and Secretary of Wuhan municipal Party committee.

The first cold wave of this year

At present, a new cold air is brewing in Siberia to Mongolia. It is expected that from tomorrow (13th) to 16th, the strong cold air will “head south” and affect 29 provinces and cities in China. At that time, the strong wind, cooling and rain and snow weather will come together, which is likely to sound the first cold wave warning this year! This cold wave process has three characteristics of rapid cooling, wide range and strong intensity. There is Blizzard in the northern region, with a cooling range of more than 14 ℃.
This year’s first cold wave warning is about to ring in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region, which may face the strongest snowfall this winter
In recent days, I believe that many netizens feel that most of China’s regions are not really warm. The temperature of major cities in the Middle East has repeatedly reached new highs. However, this is a “blind way” caused by the temperature. It is expected that starting tomorrow, cold air will break out in the south, and rain, snow, strong wind and temperature drop will affect most of China from the north to the south.
First come to see the rain and snow. From today’s night to tomorrow, the snowfall in the Middle East of Inner Mongolia and Jilin Province of Heilongjiang Province is the first to increase. But the snow is still on the 14th-15th. There may be large-scale snowfall or rain to snow in North China and Huanghuai river. The area of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei may reach the level of Blizzard, or it will be the strongest snowfall this winter (2019-2020 winter). Beijing is expected to receive the seventh snowfall in this winter. On the 15th, the snowfall center moved eastward and southward, and gradually moved southward. Liaoning, Shandong and other places may also welcome it It’s a blizzard, a local blizzard.
In terms of temperature, the script of “roller coaster” was staged again. On December 14, many areas in the Middle East were still warm as early spring, and then the strong cold air with strong wind brought rain and snow all the way south. On March 13-17, the temperature also “dived” all the way, from northeast to South China, with a general cooling range of 10 ℃. Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shandong may even reach 15 ℃, from warm as spring to Shivering, maybe only overnight.
Cool down! Wide range! Strong strength! “All-round” cold air or disturbing spring transportation
According to Hu Xiao, chief meteorological analyst of China Weather Network, this cold wave process has three characteristics: fierce cooling, wide range and strong intensity. In the early stage, China’s central and eastern regions heated up rapidly, just like a roller coaster, which made the subsequent temperature drop very prominent. It is expected that the northeast, North China, the east of Northwest China, Huanghuai, Jiangnan, etc As far as South China and other places are concerned, they can’t escape the “attack” of the cold wave process. The temperature drop will generally exceed 10 ℃, and the accumulated temperature drop in the north will even reach 20 ℃.
It is worth mentioning that in Northeast China, Inner Mongolia and other places, this time not only the maximum temperature drops obviously, but also the minimum temperature drop will be more prominent. For example, the minimum temperature in Changchun on the 13th will be above or below 0 ℃, and on the 17th, it is expected that the minimum temperature will drop to – 19 ℃, and the cumulative cooling range will be close to 20 ℃!
In addition to cooling, this cold air will bring a very strong snowfall! On the 14th-15th, there will be strong snowfall in North China and Huanghuai, and on the 14th, there will also be heavy snow in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. It is worth noting that many places in the Middle East may also have rain and snow changes, and the snow line may be pushed southward to the central area of the south of the Yangtze River. Changsha, Nanchang, Shanghai and other places may have short-term snow around the 16th. In Lingnan area, the cold wave will fight against the main body of the warm and humid air flow, and thunder may be heard when rain falls in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan, Jiangxi and southern Hunan.
To sum up, this year’s first cold wave process will be an all-around player, with a lot of rain, snow, wind and cooling. It is worth mentioning that the temperature fluctuates greatly in this cold wave process, especially in the south where there is no heating. With the rainfall cooling, the body will feel colder and colder. The public should pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm and prevent colds. On the diet, they should drink more cold driving drinks such as jujube tea, ginger water and longan tea.
In addition, the spring return tide is continuing. This rain and snow, cooling weather process or adverse impact on railway and road travel, especially the public driving back, should pay attention to the forecast, early warning and road closure information issued by the meteorological department and transportation department in advance, arrange travel time reasonably, and pay attention to the visibility reduction and road wet and slippery knot caused by rain and snow Adverse effects of ice and other conditions.

Local discharge standard response

On the 11 day, the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference to address the issue of discharge standards in various places. The meeting pointed out that the national health and Health Committee has studied and formulated the new diagnosis and treatment plan for coronavirus pneumonia (trial version fifth). The scheme is applicable to the whole country. The standard takes into account the clinical manifestations, imaging manifestations and pathogenic detection results of the disease, and conforms to the current characteristics of the disease. All parts of the country should follow this standard. On the 11 day, the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference to address the issue of discharge standards in various places. The meeting pointed out that the national health and Health Committee has studied and formulated the new diagnosis and treatment plan for coronavirus pneumonia (trial version fifth). The scheme is applicable to the whole country. The standard takes into account the clinical manifestations, imaging manifestations and pathogenic detection results of the disease, and conforms to the current characteristics of the disease. All parts of the country should follow this standard.

Wuhan screening percentage

Xinhua news agency, Wuhan, Feb. 10 (reporter Guo Xiaoying) at present, 10.59 million people have been screened in Wuhan, and all suspected patients will be “cleared” on Feb. 11. This is the information released by Ma Guoqiang, deputy secretary of the Hubei provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Wuhan municipal Party committee, on the evening of 10 evening at the news conference of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in the province.
Ma Guoqiang said that as of September 9, Wuhan had investigated 3371 communities and villages, 4.21 million households and 10.59 million people, with 98.6% of households and 99% of people. By noon on the 10th, 1499 patients who had not been hospitalized before were all hospitalized. For the suspected severe patients who have not been admitted before, they have been arranged to non designated hospitals for treatment and isolation, and speed up the detection and diagnosis as soon as possible.
When asked whether the suspected patients have been tested, Ma Guoqiang said that although he has tried his best to speed up the efficiency of the test, he has not yet completely achieved the “zero” of the suspected patients’ test. “Our goal is to” clear “all suspected patients by tomorrow (11th).” He said.
Zhang Hongxing, director of Wuhan Health Committee, said that the primary task of all designated medical institutions at present is to collect and treat the confirmed severe cases and critical cases, as well as suspected critical cases. For patients with mild to severe disease, the referral mechanism will be activated quickly.
With regard to clinical treatment, Zhang Dingyu, President of Wuhan Jinyintan hospital, said that at present, the hospital has admitted more than 1500 confirmed cases. Most of the patients, including severe and critical patients, can be discharged smoothly after various oxygen therapy, symptomatic treatment and immunomodulatory treatment without excessive panic.
“At present, there are no cases of relapse and reinfection among discharged patients in our hospital, including patients with severe and critical diseases.” Zhang Dingyu said that after all patients are cured and discharged from hospital, antibodies will be produced in the body for a period of time. Whether lifelong immunity can be achieved remains to be further studied.