A van Gogh painting was stolen

China Daily, March 30 (Gao Linlin) according to the website of the independent, officials at the singer laren Museum in the Netherlands revealed that Van Gogh’s painting spring garden was stolen.
It is reported that the thief broke into the museum at about 3:15 a.m. on the 29th and stole the painting created in 1884. The painting is on loan from the Groningen Museum in the Netherlands and its value is unclear.
No other painting has been stolen except this one. At present, the police are investigating the theft.

Experts talk about whether to wear masks

The novel coronavirus pneumonia (reporter Xu Meihui) at 15 o’clock on March 29th, “global epidemic, the four seas concentric” second new crown pneumonia multidisciplinary forum held, Zhang Wenhong, Li Lanjuan and other seven top experts at home and abroad, in-depth analysis of the global new crown epidemic trend and the strategy of national epidemic prevention.
Several experts discussed whether to wear masks when going out.
Lu Mengji, Professor of the Institute of Virology at the medical school of Essen University in Germany, said that wearing a mask is not only a medical and scientific issue, but also a higher level of social identity. Lumengji pointed out that due to the large public space in Germany, it is relatively easy to maintain a distance of 1.5m and 2m between two people, but this is relatively difficult in China.
Lumengji pointed out that if everyone uses masks, it will cause a lot of waste. At present, it is relatively difficult for German citizens to buy masks because the government controls the supply of masks and does not want the public to hoard masks. As long as the German government thinks that residents need to use masks, health institutions will issue them.
Lu Shan, a lifelong professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, agreed. Lu Shan said that whether to wear masks or not has a relatively different view between the East and the West. The main purpose of wearing masks in China is to protect themselves, while Westerners believe that it is up to sick people to wear masks to control the source of infection.
“When I talk about wearing masks with you today, I know that there are many things in the world that don’t have standard answers. This is the essence of life.” Zhang Wenhong said.

Zhong Nanshan, Zhang Wenhong, double alarm bells

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases are diagnosed in the world as of 10 hours in Central Europe at 17 hours in Beijing, March 27th, according to the latest data from the World Health Organization. 509164 cases of new crown pneumonia were diagnosed globally. This is the 400 thousand novel coronavirus pneumonia case reported by the World Health Organization in March 25th, only 2 days ago.
China has China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia cases. The world has more than 10 thousand confirmed cases in China, including the United States, Italy, Spain, Germany, Iran, France, Britain and Switzerland (Liechtenstein). Among them, the United States and Italy have more than 80 thousand confirmed cases, and the United States has surpassed China and Italy to become the world’s most new cases of new crown pneumonia cases.
At the China EU anti epidemic Video Conference on March 25, academician Zhong Nanshan said: in the context of the global epidemic, in order to prevent the second wave of peak, we should still maintain the existing prevention and control measures, and at the same time, strictly prevent the input of external prevention.
The reporter contacted Professor Zhang Wenhong, director of the infection department of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University. On March 27, Professor Zhang Wenhong responded: “keep alert, the prevention and control measures are important, but the direction is different from the first stage.”
Zhong Nanshan’s latest judgment on the epidemic situation
It is estimated that there will be no second wave of epidemic peak in China
Zhong Nanshan said that the peak of the second wave would not appear in China, because it is difficult to have another big outbreak under the group prevention and control measures, provided that we should actively prevent and control and keep vigilance. According to the mechanism of group prevention and control, now the focus of prevention and control has reached hundreds of foreign importers, especially from the “first wave of epidemic countries”, which is highly infectious, so it is very right to actively diagnose and isolate.
The epicenter of the epidemic may have moved to the United States
How to control the novel coronavirus pneumonia quickly, Zhong Nan Shan said that there are two strategies to control the epidemic, one is suppression, the other is delay. China has chosen a strategy of repression to control the epidemic in the short term. As you can see, the number of patients is still increasing during the two weeks, but it has reached a peak within two weeks, and it will return to the original situation after two weeks. Chinese communities also have strong group prevention and control measures, specifically, four “early discoveries”, early reports, early isolation and early treatment, which play a very important role.
Zhong Nanshan said that some countries have taken corresponding measures after learning about the situation. Now, the number of infected people in Italy and Germany has declined, but other regions are still growing, especially in the United States. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is now more than China, reaching over 8.2 000 cases in the United States. It’s possible that the epicenter has moved to the United States.
If the global response is positive, it is expected to be effective in April
For the current “closure” measures in some foreign areas, Zhong Nanshan responded that “closure” does not mean solving the problem. After closure, there should also be good personal protection in the city, and everyone should follow the protection principle. If measures can be strictly implemented, cases in Europe will be expected to peak in the next week, and the global epidemic in April is expected to achieve results.
Zhang Wenhong’s latest judgment on the epidemic situation
Current main anti input risks
Normal life can be gradually restored
Will China’s domestic epidemic be affected by the global epidemic and repeated? In an interview with reporters, Zhang Wenhong pointed out that whether the epidemic will recur depends on three reasons:
First, it depends on whether there will be a relapse of pneumonia in discharged patients or even a change to chronic poisoning in the country and region,
Second, are there any asymptomatic patients not found in our population,
Third, overseas import risks.
At present, how should Shanghai and even the whole country face the development of the epidemic?
Zhang Wenhong said in response that we want to keep the first stage of China’s epidemic prevention and control of the fruits of victory, but at this time we must also do a good job is to prevent imported cases. Cities without local cases for more than two weeks in a row mean that they are safe. It is also necessary for us to start normal life and work at this stage, which is also the return of taking very strict control measures at the early stage. In such a relatively safe environment, we can gradually carry out normal work and living conditions.

Opening time announced by 17 provinces

Listen to the story of war “epidemic” and learn the knowledge of epidemic prevention On March 25, senior three students of Ningxia junior high school sat in the classroom to welcome the special “the first class”. On this day, teachers and students of grade three in Shanxi returned to campus after more than two months’ absence.
With the relief of the epidemic situation and the smooth progress of resumption of work and production, school opening has been put on the agenda. Recently, many places have made clear the opening time.
According to the statistics of the reporter, up to the time of publication, 17 provinces in the mainland have made clear the opening time, of which, some students in 6 provinces have stepped into the campus and returned to their desks. Other provinces are also preparing for the start of school, and students will be back soon.
More than ten provinces open “soon”
At 7:10, the students of Baita campus of kunshizhong entered the campus one by one through temperature monitoring. They have been in school for a week. Since March 23, the third grade of senior high school and the third grade of junior high school in Yunnan Province have officially started.
At present, six provinces (mainland) have started school. In addition to the Ningxia, Shanxi and Yunnan mentioned above, on February 27, Guizhou Province decided to officially open school on March 16 for senior three and junior three students (other grades to be determined). Then Xinjiang also announced that senior three, junior three, secondary vocational school graduation grade is scheduled to open on March 16. Tibet has made it clear that schools of all kinds and at all levels will open in late March 2020.
According to statistics, as of the morning of March 27, there are 17 provinces in the mainland that have determined the opening time. In addition to the above six provinces / autonomous regions, 11 other provinces / autonomous regions are about to open school, including Liaoning, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hainan, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Guangxi and Inner Mongolia.
The reporter learned that many provinces are actively preparing for the opening of the school. For example, on March 19, Jilin Province issued a notice requiring all localities to make preparations for the start of primary and secondary schools before March 31, while many areas in Shandong Province have been carrying out the verification of school opening conditions, for example, Dezhou City clearly will complete the verification before March 31.
There are also areas that have been slow to open school. The relevant departments in Beijing, Shandong, Chongqing and other places have also refuted the rumors about the opening time spread on the Internet. It is reported that at present, Hubei, Tianjin, Beijing and Hebei still maintain the level of first-class emergency response.
Open the credit batch and the university is about to open
On the evening of March 13, Wang Dengfeng, director of the office of the leading group of the Ministry of education in response to the epidemic, said that we should first solve the problem of opening primary and secondary schools nearby, and then consider the opening of Universities on the premise that primary and secondary schools are basically open, or that the epidemic situation is further controlled.
The reporter noted that all places started school in accordance with the suggestions put forward by the Ministry of education, in order to ensure the safety of the back to school process.
At present, most of the provinces that determine the starting time are junior and senior three; only three provinces are clear about the starting time of other grades of primary and secondary schools, namely Jiangsu, Yunnan and Qinghai; in addition, only one province in Jiangsu determines the starting time of kindergarten as April 13.
In terms of colleges and universities, at present, Jiangsu, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other places have a clear opening time. Jiangsu requires colleges and universities to start school on April 13 in six batches; in principle, colleges and universities in Qinghai Province will start school from April 1 to April 15 in succession; colleges and universities in Xinjiang will start school in batches from April 8, 2020 spring semester.
In addition, many colleges and universities have also issued a notice requiring teachers and workers to rework and conduct school opening exercises. Wuhan University issued a notice that required foreign teachers and workers to return to Wuhan before March 31.
In terms of the start date, Jiangsu junior high school, Shaanxi senior high school and other primary and secondary schools in Yunnan Province set the start date at March 30, which will be a small “wave peak”. More provinces set the start date of all kinds of schools at all levels on April 7 and April 13. At present, April will usher in the start peak.

Suspension of entry of foreigners

Since novel coronavirus pneumonia spread rapidly across the globe, China has decided to suspend foreigners from holding valid visas and residence permits for entry to China since March 28, 2020 at 0. Suspension of entry of foreigners with APEC Business travel cards. Such policies as the suspension of port visa, 24 / 72 / 144 hour transit visa exemption, Hainan visa exemption, Shanghai cruise visa exemption, 144 hour visa exemption for group entry of foreigners from Hong Kong and Macao to Guangdong, and visa exemption for ASEAN tourist group to Guangxi, etc. Entry with diplomatic, official, courtesy and C visa will not be affected. Foreigners who come to China to engage in necessary economic, technological and other activities, as well as for urgent humanitarian needs, may apply for visas from Chinese embassies and consulates abroad. The entry of foreigners with visas issued after the announcement shall not be affected.
This is a temporary measure that China has to take in response to the current epidemic situation and with reference to the practice of many countries. China is willing to maintain close communication with all parties and do a good job in personnel exchanges between China and foreign countries under the current situation. China will adjust the above measures according to the epidemic situation and make a separate announcement.
It is hereby announced.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China
National Immigration administration
March 26, 2020

One belt, one road, saves lives.

“One belt, one road” press cooperation alliance Secretariat issued a joint epidemic prevention line in Beijing on 25 May for global members. “One belt, one road, stand together through storm and stress”, the member of the alliance is actively playing the role of the media. It continues to report accurate and reliable information on epidemic prevention, convey information of solidarity and support to the public, uphold media responsibilities and human morality, and promote the “one belt and one road” building a country in the battle of the whole human race with the virus, sharing the same boat, working together and fighting together to win the final victory.
One belt, one road, is issued in the six language versions of the Chinese, British, French, western, Arab and Russian languages, and is issued in the English version of the alliance mobile terminal platform. According to the open letter, no country can be alone in the face of the epidemic. This battle proves once again that the fate of all countries in the world is linked and shared, and that human society is a community of shared destiny. The cooperation of “one belt, one road” emphasizes peace, cooperation, openness, tolerance, mutual learning and mutual benefit, and win-win. Both have long-term future and realistic urgency.
Since China novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak one belt, one road, one belt, one road news cooperation alliance governing unit, member unit and the media participating in the short term visiting class of “one belt and one road” news cooperation Union has paid great attention to it. In the report, they have actively evaluated the effective and effective measures taken by China to prevent and control the epidemic, and called for opposing all kinds of false statements to promote international cooperation in the prevention and control of epidemic.
The open letter hopes that the members of the alliance will continue to report accurate and reliable anti epidemic information, jointly crack down on rumors and false information, truly and rationally reflect the change of epidemic situation and the process of anti epidemic, provide objective and fair public opinion help for anti epidemic of all countries, and guide people of all countries to unite, help each other and respond scientifically.
Members of the open letter initiative alliance pay close attention to and report on the stories of countries around the world supporting each other and delivering warm news and positive energy to fight the epidemic together.
The open letter calls on alliance members to “safeguard the right to life, shoulder the responsibility of prevention and control, respect dedication and sacrifice, and pass on the values of people first and life first”.
The “one belt, one road” news cooperation Union held its first executive meeting in April 23, 2019 in people’s daily. At present, 205 media from 98 countries have become full members. The people’s daily is the chairman unit of the alliance.

Beijing now imports related cases

In March 24th, in novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in Beijing, Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of Beijing City Center for Disease Control and prevention, introduced the first case of imported foreign related cases in Beijing.
Beijing’s first imported related case,
Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of Beijing CDC, reported the first case of imported related cases in Beijing.
Pang Xinghuo: Mr. Liu, 42, Beijing native, lives in dahezhuang garden, No. 3, Suzhou Street, Haidian District. It is the first case of imported related cases in Beijing.
On March 10, the patient developed fatigue, fever and other symptoms, and his temperature returned to normal after taking the medicine.
On the 14th, I heard that there were cases in the community, and I went to the fever clinic of Haidian Hospital, where I took medicine and went home for treatment.
Fever appeared again on the 17th, taking Tylenol and cough medicine.
Two throat swabs were collected from fever clinic of Haidian Hospital on the evening of the 20th.
The 21 day feedback novel coronavirus nucleic acid positive, comprehensive CT imaging and blood test and antibody detection, 23 day diagnosed as confirmed cases, designated hospital treatment, clinical classification is light.
The patient’s close family contact is his wife. At present, he has no related symptoms and no positive indicators.
There was no travel or residence history in Wuhan, Hubei, other areas with continuous transmission of cases and overseas two weeks before the onset of the disease.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia was a residential neighbor. Lee lived in the neighborhood in March 5th. He was in the neighborhood and watched the activities of the house. He had 7 activities on the 9 day after he went to the community to go to the hospital for treatment. He went to the Haidian Hospital on the 11 day and was diagnosed as a new crown pneumonia case on the 12 th.
Epidemiological investigation found that both Liu and Li had recently taken stairs. Liu may have been exposed to the stairs polluted by Li before March 11.
The disease control department and the community have successively taken disinfection measures for the living environment of Li and Liu.
Pang Xinghuo said that in view of one case of imported related cases in Beijing, he once again reminded the public friends that the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still severe and complex. Relevant prevention and control measures should be implemented, masks should be worn, less gathering, hand hygiene should be paid attention to, regular ventilation and timely cleaning should be carried out in the family, and disinfection treatment such as toilets and kitchens should be carried out when necessary. The property management unit shall clean up the pollution in time and regularly disinfect the shared facilities.
A family of four arrived in Beijing from Spain and three people were confirmed as follows:
Local neighbors are infected
Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of Beijing CDC, reported a typical case imported from abroad.
Xu, 45, Zhejiang native, runs a fruit shop in Barcelona, Spain.
In March 10th, a novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in a fruit shop upstairs, and the fruit shop was closed in March 11th.
On March 21, Xu and his three sons took flight ca846 from Barcelona, Spain.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Beijing in March 22nd when customs quarantine completed the declaration card. 4 of them were not dissatisfied, but they had actively declared for 14 days. Afterwards, the throat swab samples were collected by the airport quarantine personnel and then transferred to Beijing Ditan hospital by 120 ambulance.
On March 23, Xu was diagnosed and the clinical type was common type. As of March 23, three of the four mothers and children of Xu have been diagnosed as confirmed cases and one as suspected cases. At present, all of them have been isolated and treated in Beijing Ditan hospital.
According to Xu, Barcelona residents don’t wear masks every day.

Statement of kingensheng studio

On March 23, Jin Ensheng’s studio issued a lawyer’s statement, saying that Jin Ensheng and Zhang Meng found on the Internet that they were seriously injured by some malicious infringers with false information such as “stepping on several boats with little five feet every day” and “Zhang Meng makes a little three again” and defamatory language, causing mental injury.
The epidemic situation is getting better. We didn’t intend to take up public social resources when we went back to work in an all-round way. But we can’t keep silent about the escalating untrue remarks, which even affected our families and friends. In addition to pursuing the responsibility of the infringing accounts that have published false statements, we will continue to collect evidence and litigate, and use legal weapons to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests.

The White House’s Secret electric skillet China

China Daily reported novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia, which was reported on the 21 day in a report entitled “White House officials to focus on China to cover up the new crown pneumonia epidemic”, said that the new white crowned pneumonia case continues to grow rapidly. The White House is launching a so-called “public relations plan” among several federal agencies, demanding officials to focus on Beijing’s “trying to cover up the epidemic” and causing a new crown pneumonia in the global pandemic.
According to the beast daily, the telegram sent to State Department officials Friday (20 local time) provided guidance on how U.S. officials could answer questions about the new coronavirus or talk about it, as well as the White House’s response to China. The talking points originally came from the US National Security Council, because part of the telegram read “National Security Council (NSC)”. It even accused the Communist Party of “attaching more importance to its reputation than to the sufferings of the people”. “It’s all about China,” said an official who broke the news, the report said. We were told to do everything possible to get this information out, including in press conferences and TV shows. “
In the past, many American politicians, including President trump and Secretary of state Peng Peio, have called the new coronavirus “China virus” or “Wuhan virus”. Geng Shuang, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, said at a regular press conference on March 20 that some people on the US side have been deliberately linking the new coronavirus with China and constantly stigmatizing China. The Chinese people are strongly indignant and firmly opposed to this. Geng Shuang also listed the facts of information sharing in China’s fight against the new crown epidemic in chronological order, indicating that in the past two months or more, China has provided information to the United States in a timely manner and worked hard to fight the epidemic, winning valuable time for the world, but unfortunately it was wasted and squandered by the United States.
The global times also published an editorial saying that Trump’s government is weak in its command of anti epidemic, but it is very good at launching a public opinion war against China, with full motivation. The root cause is that the epidemic has spread in the United States on a large scale. The confirmed cases in the United States are second only to Italy, becoming the third largest in the world. The death toll has also reached more than 300. The panic is spreading. The White House has no skills to reverse this situation and has a growing political dependence on China. The headline of the editorial is concise: Washington’s pot is too big to throw out.

The president kisses the five-star red flag

Original title: the Chinese medical team is here! The president of Serbia picks up at the airport and kisses the five-star red flag
At 19:30 local time on March 21, China’s medical team of six experts assisting Serbia arrived at Belgrade International Airport. Along with the special plane, there are more than ten tons of anti epidemic materials such as respirators, masks, kits and so on urgently raised by the Chinese government. President Vucci of Serbia, Minister of health, Minister of national defense and other government officials waited on the tarmac. Vucci and members of the medical team touched each other, expressing warm welcome and sincere thanks.
Later, Vucci gave a affectionate kiss on the five-star red flag to show his deep gratitude for the support and help of the Chinese government and people during Serbia’s difficult period, which made many people at the scene moved.
China’s anti epidemic expert group to Serbia has 6 people, respectively from Guangdong Provincial Center for disease control, people’s Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University and the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University, including infectious disease control, respiratory and critical illness, infection, psychology and other majors.
“We are going to share our experience in prevention and control in China, including some practices in Guangdong, such as” four early morning and four concentration “, some screening and isolation measures for close contacts of patients, etc.” Peng Zhiqiang, head of China’s anti epidemic expert group to Serbia and deputy director of the Institute of infectious disease prevention and control of Guangdong Provincial Center for disease control, said.
According to the data released by the Ministry of health of Serbia at 18:00 on March 21, 171 cases were confirmed in the whole country, 672 samples were tested, and one patient died on March 20. China novel coronavirus nucleic acid test kit was delivered to Serbia in March 15th. President Vucic of Serbia announced a nationwide emergency and asked China for help. The first batch of 1000 new coronavirus nucleic acid test kits donated to China last night.