Luo Zhixiang’s godfather defends him

According to Taiwan media, Luo Zhixiang (piggy) and Zhou Yangqing’s destructive breakup caused heated discussion. Xu Nalin, Luo Zhixiang’s father, pointed out the key reasons. To be honest, artists who come to the mainland earn a lot of money, but they have a lot of free time. Of course, they hope to get together with friends, so they will eat, drink and have fun everywhere.
Xu Nalin recalled Luo Zhixiang, who was the four kings of “Taiwan’s red don’t let” at that time. He also called me “Godfather” for a while. He had previously released a new album and also appeared in “talent rush rush rush rush”, but he went to the mainland for more than ten years, and we didn’t contact him. He said: there is no way for outsiders to know about their feelings. How can they know about their family? Artists are social wealth and what they get is given to you by the society. Therefore, we will use a magnifying glass to see that we should be careful on the table or in private.
Xu Nailin pointed out that Luo Zhixiang would be very hard-working, and the famous artists should be careful.

Live broadcast by Yang Mi and Li Jiaqi

The live broadcast industry is becoming more and more popular, and many star artists have joined the live broadcast industry to help the network bring goods. Since April, Deng Lun, Jing Bolin, Zhang jianni and other star artists have all sat in the live broadcast room of Li Jiaqi, and Li Jiaqi has become the envy of netizens.
On April 28, Yang Mi, the “Queen with goods”, also landed in the live broadcast room. Even if the epidemic stopped at home, Yang Mi’s body was still the same thin. Some time ago, Yang Mi also shared the dynamic of home exercise. Today, it appears that the exercise effect is very obvious!
Yang Mi arrived at Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room as promised. Yang Mi, who hadn’t appeared publicly for a long time, surprised everyone. Yang Mi wore a paint wrapped hip skirt suit, her hair was still fluffy and curly, and her feet were full of holes and shoes, which gave a fresh feeling of maturity.
Yang Mi measured the ankle circumference in the live broadcast, only 17.2cm. It’s too thin, isn’t it? Human leg essence. Because of her slender body and charming long legs, Yang Mi has been a goddess beauty of many netizens, although she has been divorced after 30 years old.
Later, Yang Mi and Li Jiaqi also measured the wrist circumference. Li Jiaqi was 15.5cm, and Yang Mi was only 13cm (power elder sister: No, it was 6.5cm). Yang Mi has always presented to the audience are slim body with a little plump image, I did not expect that the skeleton is so small, I really admire the star’s perseverance in controlling the body! Netizens all call it too thin.
In the live broadcast room, Yang Mi also started the “tongue” mode of accepting people. After a live broadcast, Yang Mi never stopped. He started the mode of accepting people and self congratulating. He directly accepted Li Jiaqi’s silence. At last, the effect of the live broadcast was not good. Li Jiaqi suspected that he was still crying. He wiped his tears nearby, but Yang Mi did not forget to mend his knife. The scene was once very embarrassing.
Netizens have also called Yang Mi over, and think Yang Mi has been very embarrassed. Do you like Yang Mi’s character?

New coronavirus detected in the air

On April 27, a study published in the journal Nature proved that the new coronavirus (sars-cov-2) RNA could be detected in the air.
The corresponding author of the study is Lan Ke, director of the State Key Laboratory of Virology, Wuhan University and professor of the school of life sciences.
According to reports, the environmental monitoring of two hospitals and some public areas in Wuhan revealed that there are hot spots of air borne virus RNA, but whether sars-cov-2 RNA has the potential of infection has not been evaluated. Although the sample size is small (31 sites, less than 40 samples), this finding confirms the previous view that careful hygiene, good ventilation and avoidance of aggregation can reduce the risk of exposure to airborne viruses.
The reported transmission patterns of sars-cov-2 include: close contact with infected persons; contact with contaminated surfaces; inhalation of droplets released from respiratory system of infected persons. It is unclear whether sars-cov-2 is likely to spread further through the air.
In novel coronavirus pneumonia hospital, from February 2020 to March, the two sets of aerosol capture devices were set up inside and around the two new crown pneumonia treatment hospitals. One was the third class hospital for critically ill patients, the other was the shelter hospital for the patients with mild diseases. In the ventilated area, the concentration of virus RNA in air is very low, which is attributed to the high efficiency of effective isolation and air exchange; the toilet used by patients is not ventilated, and the concentration of virus RNA is high. The authors found that the virus RNA concentration was particularly high in the place where the medical staff removed the protective device, which means that after the protective device was removed, the aerosol containing the virus could be suspended in the air again. However, after increasing the intensity and frequency of cleaning and disinfection, no evidence of air borne sars-cov-2 RNA was found in the medical staff area.
In public areas outside hospitals, such as residential buildings and supermarkets, the concentration of sars-cov-2 RNA is generally low. However, the concentration of sars-cov-2 RNA was still high in two places with large-scale population, including the outdoor open space near one of the above-mentioned hospitals. The authors suggest that individuals infected with sars-cov-2 in these crowded areas may contribute to the generation of viral aerosols.
The study did not investigate whether sars-cov-2 RNA might be infectious, and hospital access was limited during the peak period of the epidemic, limiting the number of samples available. Nevertheless, this study supports the practice of reducing the risk of infection by thoroughly eliminating potential hot spots of viral aerosols, keeping hospitals well ventilated and avoiding aggregation.

A survey of Liang Yanping in Hubei University

The University attaches great importance to the issue that netizens reported that Liang Yanping, a teacher of our school of Arts, made inappropriate comments on his personal social platform. An investigation team has been set up and is conducting an in-depth investigation, which will be dealt with seriously according to the investigation and discipline.

Xie Na is Yang diqingsheng

At 1:30 a.m. today, Xie Na put out a group of photos to praise her good friend Yang diqingsheng for being excellent and red.
In the picture, Shana and Yang Di look at each other and smile, the picture is full of joy.
It is completed as follows:
I’ll be happy when I get together with you, but it’s hard to meet you now, because you’re so red and busy. Is Yang dizai happy to work hard to make good people and look more and more handsome? Do you want to do that? You must be very angry with the third photo I put on haha, happy birthday, birthday red packet private chat.

New energy vehicle subsidy policy

Department of Finance (bureau), competent department of industry and information technology, Department of science and Technology (bureau, science and Technology Commission), development and Reform Commission of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, cities specifically designated in the state plan:
In order to support the high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry, do a good job in the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, and promote the consumption of new energy vehicles, the relevant matters of the financial subsidy policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles are hereby notified as follows:
1、 Extend the period of subsidy and smooth the decline of subsidy
The implementation period of the financial subsidy policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles will be extended to the end of 2022 based on technological progress, scale effect and other factors. In principle, the subsidy standards for 2020-2022 will decline by 10%, 20% and 30% respectively on the basis of the previous year (see the annex for the subsidy standards for 2020). In order to speed up the electrification of vehicles in public transport and other fields, the subsidy standard will not decline in 2020 for vehicles that meet the requirements in urban public transport, road passenger transport, taxi (including online car Hailing), sanitation, urban logistics distribution, postal express, civil aviation airport and party and government official fields, and will decline 10% and 20% respectively in 2021-2022 on the basis of the previous year. In principle, the maximum annual subsidy scale is about 2 million vehicles.
2、 Optimize technical indicators appropriately to promote the industry to be better and stronger
In 2020, the energy density and other technical indicators of the power battery system will not be adjusted, and the energy consumption of new energy vehicles and the pure electric driving mileage threshold of pure electric passenger vehicles will be moderately increased (see the annex for specific technical requirements). From 2021 to 2022, in principle, keep the overall stability of technical indicators. Support the development of new business models such as “separation of vehicle and electricity”, encourage enterprises to further improve the safety and reliability of the whole vehicle, develop and produce new energy vehicle products with advanced underlying operating system, electronic and electrical system architecture and intelligent networking features.
3、 Improve the fund clearing system and the precision of subsidy
From 2020, the number of new energy passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle enterprises applying for liquidation at a single time shall reach 10000 and 1000 respectively; after the end of the subsidy policy, the final liquidation will be arranged for those enterprises that fail to meet the requirements of liquidation. Before subsidies for new energy passenger vehicles, the selling price must be less than 300000 yuan (including 300000 yuan). In order to encourage the development of new business model of “power exchange” and accelerate the promotion of new energy vehicles, the “power exchange model” vehicles are not subject to this regulation.
4、 Adjustment of subsidy mode and demonstration application of fuel cell vehicles
Adjust the current purchase subsidies for fuel cell vehicles to select cities or regions with foundation, enthusiasm and characteristics, focus on the demonstration of key parts’ technical research and industrial application, and the central finance will reward the demonstration cities by “replacing subsidies with awards” (relevant notice will be issued separately). Strive to establish the hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle industry chain in about four years, make breakthroughs in key core technologies, and form a good situation with reasonable layout and coordinated development.
5、 Strengthen capital supervision and ensure capital safety
The leading department of local new energy vehicle promotion shall strengthen management together with other relevant departments, publicize the subsidy verification results simultaneously, accept social supervision, and refuse to accept the reported materials that are not reviewed and publicized as required. We will give full play to the role of information-based supervision, and eliminate subsidies for data fraud after verification. The local governments and enterprises that are not strictly supervised and cause fraud and compensation shall be dealt with seriously according to the regulations.
6、 Improve supporting policies and measures to create a good development environment
According to the resource advantages, industrial basis and other conditions, reasonably formulate the development plan of new energy automobile industry, strengthen the seriousness of the plan, and ensure the implementation of the plan. Increase the government procurement of new energy vehicles. In principle, in addition to special geographical environment and other factors, government vehicles such as confidential communications should purchase new energy vehicles, and give priority to purchase and provide rental services for new energy vehicles. We will promote the implementation of policies to support new energy vehicles in terms of free purchase, free travel and right of way, increase efforts to control diesel trucks, and improve the use advantages of new energy vehicles.
This notice will be implemented from April 23, 2020, and the transition period is from April 23, 2020 to July 22, 2020. During the transitional period, for the sales of the vehicles on the license plate that meet the requirements of technical indicators in 2019 but do not meet the requirements of technical indicators in 2020, 0.5 times of the corresponding standard of the notice on further improving the financial subsidy policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles (CJ [2019] No. 138) will be subsidized, and the sales of the vehicles on the license plate that meet the requirements of technical indicators in 2020 will be subsidized according to the 2020 standard. After the transition period, the price limit of subsidized vehicles shall be implemented. The fuel cell vehicles promoted from June 26, 2019 to April 22, 2020 shall be implemented in accordance with the transition period subsidy standard specified in CJ [2019] No. 138.
Other relevant provisions continue to be in accordance with the notice on the financial support policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in 2016-2020 (CJ [2015] No. 134), the notice on the relevant matters concerning the approval responsibility for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles (CJ [2016] No. 877), the notice on adjusting the financial subsidy policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles (CJ [2016] No. 958), and the notice on the completion of adjustment The relevant documents such as the notice on the promotion and application of financial subsidy policies for new energy vehicles (CJ [2018] No. 18), the notice on further improving the promotion and application of financial subsidy policies for new energy vehicles (CJ [2019] No. 138), and the notice on supporting the promotion and Application of new energy buses (CJ [2019] No. 213) shall be implemented.

The epidemic situation can’t stop the space ambitions

Today is the fifth “China space day”. Academician Zhong Nanshan sent his blessing to China Aerospace: “the epidemic can’t stop the aerospace passion. I sincerely wish our country’s aerospace industry a vigorous development, a thriving, continuous breakthrough and innovation, and a new victory! “
Know more:
China space day
On March 8, 2016, the State Council approved the establishment of “China space day” on April 24 every year. Reporters learned from the State Administration of science and technology of national defense that the first China space day will be themed with “China dream, space dream”. The State Administration of science and technology of national defense, together with relevant departments, has planned and deployed a series of publicity and science popularization activities such as “open day” and “science popularization week”.
The establishment of “China Aerospace day” aims to publicize the consistent purpose of China’s peaceful use of outer space, vigorously promote the aerospace spirit, scientifically popularize Aerospace knowledge, inspire the whole nation’s enthusiasm for exploration and innovation, sing the theme of “exploring the vast universe, developing aerospace industry, and building a Aerospace Power”, and gather the powerful force to realize the Chinese dream of aerospace.
At 10:00 on April 24, 2020, the launching ceremony of China space day in 2020 will be held online on the website of NASA, people’s daily and other platforms.
Extended reading:
Swipe the screen! Zhong Nanshan’s six words are touching
“We survived!” Today, Zhong Nanshan’s six words are on the screen!
Zhong Nanshan was present at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University Tuesday morning when Guangdong medical staff including the post-80s sang Ling returned to the hospital.
Zhong Nanshan said that the mood at present is totally different from that at that time. We often tell him that when we first went to (Hubei), we did encounter very hard conditions, but we survived. We are on the front line like the common people and medical staff all over the country, and our critical medicine is on the front line. We survived! And we basically turned the situation around in a month or so, and the case fatality rate and other aspects have been greatly improved.
Zhong Nanshan said that the death rate and survival rate of the ward in charge of the medical team are relatively low. “Our department of critical medicine is good, showing our mental outlook and technical strength.”
Do you remember: a few months ago, at the beginning of the outbreak, when Zhong Nanshan was interviewed, he mentioned several chokes and tears in his eyes in Wuhan. But he still believes that China will win!
At the end of January, Zhong Nanshan thought: Wuhan is a very heroic city. With the support of the whole country and everyone, Wuhan will surely pass the customs!
Now, we really survived! Praise for the Chinese people! Salute the rebel!

Sun Yang joins the Olympic training list

Sun Yang, who hasn’t appeared in public for a long time, has been officially selected for the Olympic training list of the Chinese swimming team. Subsequently, the reporter also confirmed the authenticity of the news through people close to Sun Yang.
In a notice on organizing the national swimming team training (Swizz [2020] No. 49) issued by the swimming management center of the General Administration of sport of the people’s Republic of China to the Sports Bureau of Zhejiang Province, a list of the players, coaches and staff who will participate in the three-month training in Zhejiang and Beijing respectively from April 1 to June 30 is listed. In this list, Sun Yang’s name is impressively listed. He will take part in the training in his hometown Zhejiang.
The notice is aimed at Zhejiang sports bureau and Zhejiang swimming team selected as members of the national training team. According to the current severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, combined with the actual situation of the extension of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, in order to better prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games, the national swimming team organized the training from April 1 to June 30, 2020.
There are 17 people on this list, including coaches, athletes, and some staff members, including Sun Yang and Zhu Zhigen, the coach, Wang Shun, he Junyi, Shang Keyuan, and four other staff members, 9 of whom have reported to participate in the training in Zhejiang. Two world champions, ye Shiwen, Xu Jiayu, teammate Zhu Menghui, several coaches and staff members, 8 of them reported to the Training Bureau of the State Administration of sports in Beijing and participated in the training. It can be seen from the notice that although Sun Yang’s appeal case has not been resolved, his name still appears in the list of Zhejiang swimming team selected into the national training team, and he is still a member of the national training team.

Sun Yang joins the Olympic training list

Phone emptied

At about 10:00 p.m. on April 21, two reporters who interviewed four boys in Yuanyang about the burial received the returned mobile phone, but the mobile phone was swiped and all the contents were emptied. In response to the original Yang official claim that it was a reporter who was beaten by his family members, several reporters denied it.
That night, Zhang Guowei, Secretary of Xinxiang Municipal Party committee of Henan Province, responded to the upstream news reporter about the news reporter being beaten and robbed of his mobile phone in Yuanyang County, apologizing to the reporter, “we must thoroughly investigate, in case someone violates the law, we will act according to the law.”
▲ at about 10:00 p.m. on April 21, the upstream journalists received the robbed mobile phone, but the content of the mobile phone was cleared by the brush. Picture source / video screenshot
Mobile phone is swiped, content is empty
At 10 o’clock that night, the upstream news reporter received the robbed mobile phone from Bian, deputy director of the Publicity Department of Yuanyang County Party committee, but the mobile phone was brushed. “The mobile phone was sent in this leather bag, and there was nothing in the mobile phone when it was turned on. I don’t know who brushed it, and there was nothing in the mobile phone.”
Red Star News reporter said that when the mobile phone was sent back, it was turned off and found that it was in the state of being swiped. After opening, you need to enter the account to open. After opening, there is nothing in it, “even the address book.”. The reporter tried to restore the function, only part of the content was restored.
Two reporters said that there was a video of the scene being hit that afternoon in the mobile phone, and now there is no content in the mobile phone.
▲ in the afternoon of April 21, at a cemetery intersection in Yuanyang County, Henan Province, the reporter was beaten and torn by several unidentified personnel during the interview. Photographer / upstream journalist Jia Chen
Deputy Minister of publicity “three unclear”
The reporter asked vice minister Bian who gave them the stolen cell phones. The person in charge said he didn’t know them.
Who are the people who beat the reporters? unclear. Why stop the reporters? unclear. Why do you brush your mobile phone? It’s not clear.
So what will happen next? Vice Minister Bian said an investigation would be launched, but they were silent about how.
This time, besides the mobile phones robbed by reporters, is there anything else.
Vice Minister Bian said, “apologize.”.
“They came here just to apologize to us, but they didn’t say anything because of something,” the reporter said.
▲ at about 3:00 p.m. on April 21, the local people who appeared at the scene where the reporters were beaten in Yuanyang County said that they had not seen them before. Puzzle source / video screenshot
The reporter denied being beaten by the family of the dead
Bian, Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department of Yuanyang County Party committee, said in an interview that some family members of the deceased did not agree with the reporter’s interview and there was a conflict with the reporter. At that time, there were two village cadres present, and their families were excited. These people could not control the scene.
When the reporter asked Bian about it, he said that he heard from the party secretary of the original Xingjie district office that it was a reporter from his family.
A number of journalists have denied this. Less than half an hour before the incident, the reporter had a good communication with the family members, who agreed to follow the reporter to the burial site. The family members said that they were grateful for the media’s report, “but there are some words (we) that can’t be said indiscriminately”, and agreed that the reporter should follow the family members to the cemetery.
The reporter said that according to the comparison between the families interviewed in recent days and the people in conflict at the scene of the incident, no one in conflict had been seen.

Tmall president’s wife more dynamic

Recently, the wife of tmall’s President Jiang Fan revealed that Zhang Dayi “provoked my husband”, and then Jiang Fan sent an internal email to ask the company to investigate him. Zhang said “everything is a misunderstanding”.
On the 19th, the president’s wife was found to be online for the first time on a second-hand platform after “tearing the net red by hand”, and she went shopping from 12:00 at night to more than 3:00 in the morning.
Her first move after “tearing the net red by hand” was to release a skirt that she suspected her daughter had worn. After the second-hand dynamic release, many people’s messages were instantly received, and everyone cheered her on.
At the same time, at 3:00 a.m., the president’s wife handled her own comments. It can be seen that the president’s wife stayed at least from 12:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. on the second-hand platform.
Melon eaters found that the day before the president’s wife broke the news that Zhang Dayi had a dispute with a seller. In her comments on the 16th, she said that the seller refused to admit the damage of the function and refused to communicate. She said that the seller’s character was too bad and said, “I will give you 2000 yuan!”
Some netizens think that the president’s wife is “thrifty and thrifty”, and she has a lot of money. She even buys used goods.
The president’s wife has been found by melon eaters before. She is not stingy with herself when she wears 10000 skirts, 5000 shoes, 30000 coats and 20000 jewelry, which means she is not short of money at all.
But at the same time, she also pays great attention to the reasonable disposal of old things. It seems that the label of “thrifty” is worthy of sticking on her.