a meaningful thing

What I am impressed with, what makes me worth remembering is that thing.

That was the mountaineering. That mountaineering, our group went to Mount Taibai, which is a very high mountain and the most famous mountain in Xi’an.

It is rumored that Taibai Mountain is a place where the white gold stars sit. I don’t believe in this kind of thing, I am an atheist.

A legend of my blind date is like this. Once upon a time, a girl found a pebbles by the river. She accidentally ate her, gave birth to a child, the name is too white, because it is a mountain, so too white to go to the sheep, a chance, he became a fairy, he wants to take the mother to the heavens, but your mother Because of fear, on the way to the sky, I fell and died. His son cried and cried, and it became rain on Taibai Mountain. Therefore, people in the mountain area commemorated him and named it Taibai Mountain.

Today, we are going to wait for Taibai Mountain. Maybe mountaineering is not very special, but what is really special is that today is a special day. Today is the New Year’s Day. We are first to take the car. This is a special block. There are so many people. But the weather is particularly cold now. Therefore, a special scene was formed, which is a sea of ​​people.

But the real good scenery has not yet been shown. In the summer, it is lush and gloomy, all at a glance, all green and beautiful. In the mountains, the cool showers are very comfortable.

In winter, this person is very special. It is very special to climb the mountain on the first day of the New Year. We first sailed into the mountains. At the foot of the mountain, there were cypresses, very green, and deciduous trees. The yellow leaves were mixed with frost, which made people think of the old vines and the small bridges, but the water was small. The stream is very slow, as if it is about to freeze. From the foot of the mountain, the misty haze on the mountainside, we chose to walk, but the weather is very cold.

I lost my strength and I reached the mountainside. I looked around and covered the clouds, but I couldn’t catch it. I am very miserable, there are a lot of frost on the trees around, and there seems to be a small ice crystal in the air. The surrounding scenery reminds me of the spring breeze that comes like a thousand trees and pear trees. The surrounding scenery is very beautiful. At this time, the quiet atmosphere, the cold breeze, the small Taibai Mountain. The mind is very beautiful. Let people think that it is like coming to heaven.

It is very cold here and the thermometer has reached minus 5 °C. then what should we do? Continue climbing, we are slow. On the way to the top of the mountain, we appreciate the surrounding scenery, thousands of birds flew, and thousands of people disappeared. However, there are a lot of people here, in groups.

After the summit. I can see Xi’an as if I can. At this point my mood was very exciting and very scared. Too high. As if you accidentally fell down. The mountain is very cold and the tree seems to have frozen. But we, after the arrival of a group of people, the temperature here has risen several degrees Celsius. It seems to be warming up for the warmth of our people. Near the evening, we stayed in a hotel. But no one is in the hotel, we are sitting on the stone bench outside. At nine o’clock in the evening. The entire sky was swallowed by the twilight.

Fireworks, firecrackers, and smashing, are about to set up the mountain. The gold is really beautiful. The fireworks family has been there for a while, and the reunion dinner has come up. Looking at the beautiful scenery, eating delicious food. The heart will be happy. The sky is very beautiful. A round of the moon. A lot of stars. Baiyun will block the moon in a moment. Block the stars for a while. How beautiful.

This is Taibai Mountain. I am not trying to praise the beauty of Taibai Mountain, just to show that this is a meaningful thing, a thing worth remembering.