French crowing cock wins the lawsuit

Rooster crowing is a normal thing, but recently a rooster in France has been charged with disturbing his neighbor by crowing, the rooster and its owner. Finally, the court ruled that the rooster had the right to crow and refused to accept the complaint.
The cock, named Morris, is four years old and lives in the countryside of Oleron Island off the west coast of France. Two years ago, Jean-Louis Billon and his wife bought a house on Oleron Island for a second time, and became neighbors with Jackie Feifer and Colin Feifer, the owners of Morris. The Billons wanted to retire and enjoy rural life, but they were disturbed by the cock’s crowing. They had a dispute with the Feifei couple and took the case to court.
Let Louis complain, “Morris” starts “screaming” at 4:30 a.m., and “screaming” from morning to afternoon. The couple said that attempts to use black cloth covered with chicken cages and other methods to make “Morris” do not crow, have no effect. The Roseford Court, which accepted the lawsuit, sent staff on a field trip and stayed for three nights to confirm the time and volume of the “Morris” sounding. They found that Morris chirped intermittently between 6.30 and 7 a.m., and that the chirp was “audible”, but closed the window without feeling particularly noisy.
The court ruled that the couple could keep “Morris” while the Billons were compensated 1,000 euros for damages to the reputation of the couple. To celebrate the victory of the lawsuit, Colin walked out of court and began to shout cocks.