Zhang Ziyi has two children

On January 1, 2020, Zhang Ziyi gave birth to a second child, perhaps the best gift for her new year.
How soft Zhang Ziyi is now, how sharp she used to be.
At the age of 19, Zhang Ziyi acted as Zhao Di, a rural girl in my father and mother. She had two braids of hemp. She was obviously not involved in the world, but her eyes were full of emotions.
After that, she became more and more powerful, and gradually grew into a woman warrior who could fight at any time.
When “Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon” started shooting, it was said that Zhang Yimou recommended Zhang Ziyi to Ang Lee, but Ang Lee decided to appoint new people after careful consideration. Unexpectedly, the newcomer failed to carry the training of too high intensity, temporarily quit, Zhang Ziyi just had a chance again.
Zhang Ziyi cherishes the chance of recovery. She is the most hardworking person in the cast. She is oppressed and injured, and all is gritting her teeth.
But she felt that director Ang Lee never recognized her.
“It’s not good, it’s not encouraging. He will encourage Michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun fat. Every day I can see the picture of his encouragement. I always look forward to it. Every day I’m basically going to finish ten minutes and twenty minutes late. I’ll wait. I hope the director can encourage me today, but it never happened. “
Until that day, Ang Lee held her and gave Yu Jiaolong a hug.
Later, she was known as “international chapter” and “little Gong Li”. She fought for herself with ruthlessness.
Emotional road also suffered a lot, ups and downs until Wang Feng met.
When their relationship was just exposed, because of the gap between their careers, the outside world was not optimistic, but what Zhang Ziyi was good at was to live more beautifully in a voice of saying no.