Mildew leads boyfriend to the red carpet

According to Taiwan media, Taylor Swift, who won the 77th Golden Globe Award for “best original movie song” with the theme song “beautiful hosts”, showed up with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn on the same day. The two people exchanged sweet glances in the field, and the netizens all said: “the picture is so lovely!”
I saw Tess close to Joe, hand on his shoulder, touch him, eyes are looking at Joe from the beginning to the end, showing full of love and worship. At that time, people at the award ceremony also revealed that the interaction between the two was super cute, and they could feel strong love for each other at a glance.
The relationship between mildewed and Joe is quite low-key. Although they are photographed in private by paparazzi from time to time, they attended the Golden Globe Award for three years. It’s rare for them to appear in public with such a high-profile.
“If I talk about our relationship openly, the outside world will start to think that I am in a lot of discussion, but we don’t think so,” mildewed said in an earlier interview
She added: “it’s OK for me to chat with you in private, but I’m not ready to share this relationship with the outside world. I just want my private life under control.”
In fact, mildewed and Joe have attended the Golden Globe Award together in 2019, but there is no interaction between them from the red carpet to the end of the ceremony.