Bieber has Lyme disease

Justin Bieber has just released a new song recently, when it came out that there were health problems and rumors of Bieber taking drugs. But soon Bieber responded. Is it true that Bieber suffers from Lyme disease? What’s the matter with Bieber suffering from Lyme disease?
Is it true that Bieber has Lyme disease
It’s true. Recently, it was revealed that Bieber was addicted to drugs on the Internet. In response to this, Bieber sent a message, revealing that his health was not very good, but it was not the way that was spread on the Internet. “I have recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease, not only that, but also with a serious chronic mononuclear disease that affects my skin, brain function, energy and overall health,” Bieber said. He admitted that these years are difficult for him, but he will adjust himself to return in a better condition than ever before.
Some netizens said that Avril also suffered from Lyme’s disease, which was later cured, not as serious as the Internet. According to netizens, in fact, Lyme disease is the most common rumor disease. It is an aphid mediated spirochete infection and a natural epidemic caused by Borrelia burgdorferi. The aphid that can infect Lyme disease is very small, about the size of sesame. As a result, most people with Lyme disease will not remember being bitten by mites. When it is serious, there will be headache, dizziness, muscle ache and other symptoms, which must be treated in time.
What’s going on with Bieber’s Lyme disease
Bieber recently in response to the Internet rumors of illness, revealed that he is indeed sick, but not so exaggerated. Bieber revealed that he has Lyme disease and severe chronic monocytosis, which can affect skin, brain function, energy and overall health.
In addition, Bieber also said that later documentary will talk about his illness and treatment in detail, and hoped that these experiences can help netizens. After that, foreign media said that Bieber’s condition improved after long-term treatment. A new song, which has been delayed recently, is also waiting to make sure Bibb is ready.