Zhong Nanshan shares Chinese experience

China novel coronavirus pneumonia and China Academy of engineering, Dr. Zhong Nanshan, and the European Respiratory Society chairman Anita Simmons, have video links.
The European outbreak continues to raise alarm, Italy announced on Tuesday the implementation of a nationwide ban on City closures. European Respiratory Society, headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, told Global Times global.com in a written interview on March 10 that Europe is learning from China’s anti epidemic experience and actively preparing for the outbreak. European public health experts have recognized the important value of China’s rapid diagnosis, possible new therapies and isolation strategies; The society appreciates the quick sharing and high transparency of the Chinese team in clinical information and case results, and calls it “very valuable”.
Europe is actively preparing for an outbreak under the guidance of the World Health Organization and the European centers for Disease Control and prevention, the European Respiratory Society told the Global Times – global network. The society is coordinating various programs and integrating the rich experience of China and other countries in epidemic response.
“The society appreciates the rapid sharing and high transparency of clinical information and case results by the Chinese team, which is very valuable.” According to the European Respiratory Society.
China novel coronavirus pneumonia and China Academy of engineering, Dr. Zhong Nanshan, and the chairman of the European Respiratory Society, Dr. Anita Simmons, joined the video conference on from March 3rd to 4th. Academician Zhong made a very “useful and comprehensive” Introduction on clinical nursing and research, and participated in the following Q & a session, the society told Global Times global.com.
In addition, the European Respiratory Society said it would strengthen cooperation with China in anti epidemic. The society plans to hold a joint education activity with China during the International Conference of the European Respiratory Society held in Vienna in September this year to share the lessons learned from the epidemic so far. At the same time, the society is also discussing with China the possibility of carrying out joint research on the new crown.