Executives suspected of sexually assaulting their adopted daughters

In the morning of April 10, ZTE announced that it attached great importance to relevant media reports, and the board of directors of the company had received Bao Yuming’s application to resign as an independent non-executive director.
Previously reported:
The latest progress in the highly concerned “four years of sexual abuse of adopted daughters by executives of listed companies” has been made. According to reports, the executive is Bao Yuming, vice president of Jerry and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as “Jerry group”). Late Wednesday night, Jerry group announced that it had negotiated with Bao Yuming to terminate the labor contract.
On August 8, a piece of news was released that “senior executives of listed companies were accused of sexually assaulting their adopted daughters for four years, police filing”. According to the source, senior executives of a listed company in Yantai, Shandong Province have sexually assaulted their adopted daughter Xiaolan (pseudonym) since about 2016. According to public reports, Xiaolan said that she had been controlled in an apartment in Yantai for a long time since she was 14 years old (2016) by “adoptive father” Bao Mou, and suffered multiple sexual assaults. Until April 2019, after being sexually assaulted and beaten, she chose to call the police.