Epidemic edition zhongguobagong

As for the story of “eight heroes of loyal dogs”, even if you haven’t seen the movie, you should have heard that it is an Akita dog in Japan. After the death of the owner, he still waits for the return of the owner in one place every day, rain or shine, until the end of his life. Recently, the story of a loyal dog, Bagong, happened in reality and made people cry.
The Italian epidemic is very serious, so many people, including pet owners, may not be spared, so there are not a few people who have lost their lives. Once a pet loses its owner, it is also very poor.
According to the Italian Evening Post on April 15, a dog owner died of infection with the new crown. The dog named Xing Xing ran out of his home and spent several hours to come to the hospital. It seemed that he was waiting for his master.
It is understood that when his relatives finally found him, he was squatting just a few feet away from the hospital where he died. Finally, the relative of the host adopted it.
Fortunately, the owner’s relatives found him. Otherwise, the dog named Xing Xing may have to be a “loyal dog eight heroes” again, waiting for the return of the owner until he dies.
Netizens have said that this is the epidemic version of “loyal dog Bagong”. Even if the people who haven’t seen this movie, they are all moved by this scene, shocked by the pure and selfless love of dogs.
I hope you will take good care of your pets, cherish their hard love and their only 10 years of company.