The fugitive turned himself in because he didn’t have a green code

At about 17:00 on May 3, the sun had not set, and the weather was still very hot. A middle-aged man dragged his tired steps into Hangzhou Jos police station. “Officer, I’m going to surrender myself.”
This sentence immediately attracted the attention of the police. “What is it to turn yourself in?” Police officer ye qianxiao asked after guiding him to sit down. However, before he began to narrate, he could not help breaking down and sobbing
24 years after man killed
I don’t have ID card and mobile phone, and I live by doing odd jobs
The man said his name was Shi, a native of Qingshui County, Gansu Province, who fled his hometown 24 years ago after a dispute with villagers in the same village over a trivial matter. After investigation, the police found that Shi did join hands with others in June 1996 to hurt and kill the villagers in the same village and then fled to this day.
Shi, born in 1972, is 48 years old. The man in front of him looks more than 50 years old. Most of his short flat hair has turned white. His T-shirt is very old. His black leather shoes are covered with dust, which looks old and dirty. He is in a state of depression. When someone said today’s situation, he felt that he had been unable to move.
It turns out that for 24 years, someone had no ID card or mobile phone. When he fled, he didn’t take his luggage and belongings with him. For so many years, he had been wandering all over the country, making a living by doing odd jobs. Because of the fear of being arrested, when I dare not have any contact with my family, “my parents were 60 or 70 years old, I didn’t even have a phone call.” He didn’t dare to associate with others and didn’t trust others. He had been single for many years. Because there is no ID card and mobile phone, he has been working on the construction site for so many years, and his salary is settled in cash. He didn’t dare to stay in every place. After a year in Wenzhou, he considered changing places.
Some time ago, he heard from a worker that there were many job sites in Hangzhou, which was convenient for him to work. He took a ride to Jos. However, what he didn’t expect was that he came to Yuhang in Hangzhou and found that he couldn’t escape any more.
Come to Hangzhou to work, can’t get green code, can only roam
To turn himself in when there is no way to go
Shi said that on May 1, when he arrived in Yuhang, Hangzhou, he wanted to find a job at the construction site, but the person in charge of the construction site asked him to take out his ID card and green code. He wanted to rent a house, but he also wanted these two things. When he stayed in the hotel, he didn’t want to stay. He wanted to go to the store to buy things, and he also asked for green code and temperature check. Check registration everywhere. Without ID card and green code, he couldn’t find a place to live, so he could only wander on the street. There is not much money left. By the third day, he had no way to go. Forced to turn himself in at the joss police station. “Hangzhou is too strict. I don’t have a place to go. I’m in a panic.”
At this point, the 24-year escape career finally came to an end. After going through the relevant procedures, a will be transferred to the public security organ of Qingshui County, Gansu Province for investigation.