Dong Mingzhu takes 300 million goods in 3 hours

Tiktok in April 24th was first featured in Dong Mingzhu’s voice, because the Internet problem was “overturned”. On the evening of May 10th, Dong Mingzhu, the former queen of sales, decided to make a comeback. This time, she chose to deliver goods with Kwai live.
Unlike Kwai tiktok, which last time was expensive, the high-end product line was different. The price of the upper shelves was more “down to earth” in this quick live broadcast.
It is worth noting that Dong Mingzhu only showed up for half an hour in the live broadcast that night, and then left the live broadcast because of other interview arrangements.
Photo source: Sina Weibo @ Gree Electric
Although the time of appearance is short, Dong Mingzhu’s achievements in carrying goods live are very outstanding. In 30 minutes, the sales volume of three products broke 100 million yuan! 60 minutes, sales of single products exceed 100 million! 3 hours, sales volume reached 310 million!
Dong Mingzhu Kwai Shou live the first show
On the evening of May 10th, GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu appeared in China’s “entrepreneur China” magazine, GREE and Kwai Fu jointly launched the “let the world love China made” live room, opened her first live show.
It’s totally different from the shouting promotion of “buy him, buy him” in the previous studio. In Kwai Tai’s live broadcast room, Dong Mingzhu, wearing a light grey skirt, guided by Dong Mingzhu’s first live air show, first introduced GREE’s new crown air purifier. “I used five purifiers in my own house.” Said Dong Mingzhu.
Kwai Kwai has been known to sell Dong Mingzhu and GREE appliances to the fastest selling platform, and has also specially configured two Kwai donkey, donkey sister, Ping Rong, Li Xin and other influential sprinter in the fast track platform for Dong Mingzhu to sell live products on the same stage.
Source: Sina micro-blog @ Kwai Fu
The first show of live music before the tiktok platform is introduced, and Dong Mingzhu introduces the different forms of GREE’s household appliances in the exhibition hall of GREE headquarters. In the Kwai Tai platform, Dong Mingzhu has been showing live direct selling products. “Tonight’s sales target is 100 million.” “I think this goal can be achieved.” Dong Mingzhu immediately replied.
In this live broadcast, the first product Dong Mingzhu brought with him was a portable juice cup, which cost 199 yuan, but after Kwai Fu’s subsidy of 30 yuan, the price dropped to 169 yuan. Dong Mingzhu demonstrated the operation and squeezed a cup of watermelon juice.
But less than half an hour after the introduction, Dong Mingzhu left the live broadcast because of other interview arrangements.
Photo source: Sina Weibo @ Gree Electric
Tiktok Kwai live with the last time, unlike the last live broadcast, the price of the shelves is more “down to earth”.
Take air conditioning as an example, including Kwai Yuk’s 1.5 single cooling, fixed frequency of 1949 yuan, 1899 yuan for a large and one cold and warm, 2099 yuan for heating and cooling, 2349 yuan for heating and cooling, and 2099 for different products.
As of 22:00, 67181 sets of 1.5-piece Pingyue single cooling constant frequency air conditioners with a price of 1949 yuan had been sold, 28702 sets of 1.5-piece Pingyue variable frequency air conditioners with a price of 2349 yuan had been sold, and 17729 sets of large Pingyue variable frequency air conditioners with a price of 2099 yuan had been sold.
Roughly estimated, only three of these air conditioners, Dong Mingzhu Kwai live broadcast sales of more than 200 million.
In addition to air conditioning, other household appliances were also put on the shelves for the live broadcast, such as 1648 yuan for Jinghong 198l two door refrigerator, 155 yuan for DASONG electric hot pot, 579 yuan for DASONG 2lih intelligent electric rice cooker, etc.
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Dong Mingzhu: the purpose of the live broadcast is not to bring goods
On the evening of the 10th, when the news of sales exceeding 100 million yuan was delivered to the live room, a reporter asked, “will there be any pressure from the board of directors, because the goal of the next live broadcast will be higher?”
Dong Mingzhu smiled: “I won’t have any pressure, because I want to share it with you. The purpose of my live broadcast is not to bring goods.”
After the live broadcast sales exceeded 200 million yuan, Dong Mingzhu went back to the live broadcast room and said that he would continue in the future. Instead of selling at a low price, he hoped fans and consumers would learn more about made in China through live broadcast.
Dong Mingzhu photo source: visual China
Dong Mingzhu also said that he fully felt the importance of interaction with consumers through live broadcast, “everyone has participated, from close distance to zero distance, and can fully understand everyone’s demands.”. She said that she plans to open a live room for Dong Mingzhu next “to normalize live broadcasting”.
“Dong Mingzhu’s live room is not purely for carrying goods. I want to share with you some of my views, including the development of Gree. Through these things, we can let you know that this is Gree. You are the best,” Dong said.
For the live broadcast, Dong Mingzhu confessed that his original intention was: “there are more than 30000 dealers offline of Gree, and I hope to combine them online and offline. I started to explore the way for them and gradually experience the online feeling. “
Gree earned tens of billions less in the first quarter!
Dong Mingzhu responds in this way
Affected by the epidemic, Gree’s net profit in the first quarter of this year was 1.558 billion yuan, down 72.53% year on year.
Gree Electric appliances in the first quarter performance forecast