Buy 1 ton onion for ex boyfriend

May 17, Shandong, China (correspondent Wang Nan) May 20 is called online Valentine’s day, because “520” is homophonic and I love you. Every year, May 20 has become a festival for netizens to express their love. Just a few days before May 20 this year, Ms. Zhao in Zibo, Shandong Province, was broken up by her boyfriend. Unexpectedly, Xiao Zhao’s ex boyfriend received a gift for Valentine’s Day: a whole truck of onions! The spectacular scene was photographed by the residents of the community.
After contacting the “consignee” for many times, the express delivery boy started to move the onions. He was helpless to say that he had to move more than 50 times, at least 5 or 6 hours
The reporter learned that, two people get along for a year, in order to increase her boyfriend’s guilt, Ms. Zhao bought a ton of onions online and sent them directly to her boyfriend’s home. She also told the businessmen not to contact the recipient after the arrival of the goods and piled them at the door, claiming that they would never return them. In order to make her boyfriend cry, she also entrusted the merchant with a note: ex! I cried for three days. It’s your turn to cry!
The onion merchants wrote the “little note” to denounce the former according to the buyer’s requirements“
The reporter connected the two parties on this matter, and Xiao Zhao, who still couldn’t extricate himself from the shadow of lovelorn, said in agony that their feelings of more than one year had broken up on such a single side, and they were very unwilling to cry at home for three full days. Last thought can’t cheap ex boyfriend, hope to use this car onion choke out his tears, let heartless people conscience found. “Money is not too expensive. It’s not that I can’t afford it. Love is for two people. I can’t only cry! “
Express bill number with special remarks
The reporter contacted Xiaozhao’s ex boyfriend and got such a reply. Xiaozhao’s boyfriend said that he could not bear to break up because his ex girlfriend’s behavior was too excessive. The Frank Shandong man said: “my ex girlfriend said everywhere that I didn’t cry when I broke up. Is it a bad guy if I didn’t cry when I broke up“
When Xiao Zhao’s ex boyfriend came back, he saw a meal of onions at the door, saying he was helpless
Up to the time of publication, they were still in a state of breaking up. Aunt Zhang, a resident of the community, told reporters, “I don’t know whether her boyfriend cried or not. Anyway, I was choked to cry! There is a strong smell of onion in the whole community. ” Finally, due to the special remarks of the next person, the whole ton of onion was piled at the door of the consignee.