A visit to Tanaka

Summer is hot and the sun is burning like fire. Knowing outside the window is never idle. Once again, the song of summer is played. I know, I know, the hot summer has already arrived, another summer that makes people “burnt lips and dry mouth”. At this moment, perhaps more people expect to enjoy the cool in the air-conditioned room by the swimming pool. It should be rare for the post-90s generation to think about going to the fields.
This evening, when my mother did not have to go to work, we went to the field. It’s not a walk or an outing. It’s weeding and fertilizing for uncle’s “national cuisine” and “hollow cabbage”. In the fields over five o’clock, there are quite a few people. An uncle is sowing here and an uncle is spraying medicine there. Not far away, people come and go everywhere. What are they doing? Of course, it’s hard work. How diligent they are, I can’t help exclaiming!
I found that the sky in the field is so blue, so broad and endless, covering the whole field. The distant mountains, sky and fields are linked together, and there is no end. It can be said that “Tiantian is connected, it is hard to see”. The blue sky has begun to glow. Birds are singing happily and soaring high in the fields. I can’t help but press the shutter in my hand and click a few times to fix the beautiful scenery in my memory. The scenery in the fields is so beautiful!
Turning around and looking at his mother, who was busy watering behind him, I suddenly thought, “Mom, do you say it’s hot in the field at noon?” “Of course it’s hot, and it’s very hot!” I giggled and said, “Yeah! There’s no fan. At this time, behind the gust of breeze slowly came to me, “The natural wind in the field is so cool ah. What about noon? Needless to say, maybe at that moment, you can feel the heat of Monkey King’s master and apprentice as they pass the Flame Mountain! What was the farmer’s uncle doing at that time? They may be busy sowing or harvesting millet. That grain of millet, but they get up early and greedy black, busy throughout the season, hard transplanting, weeding, spraying, watering, so that the cycle, only the harvest; only then we have the birth of white rice on the table ah! When we eat rice and absorb its nutrition, how many people will think about its origin, and how many people will know: Farmer uncle every day for them, early and late return, with all his heart and soul to exchange for their birth. At this moment, I seem to have further understood Tao Yuanming’s real artistic conception of “Morning Rise, Return with the Moon and Lotus Hoe”! Perhaps not many people know that in the early spring season, the farmer uncle will look at the sky in the field, feel the spring rain to bring the nurture of the seedlings, honestly say “Spring has come…” In fact, there is much hope for them. When the rice panicle is long and tall, the peasant uncle will show the most natural and brilliant smile, which means that they will have to harvest their own harvest in the harvest season. In their faces, there will be beans of sweat, shoulder cloth may have been wet, but their smiles are still bright and simple. Please don’t forget that the white rice on our table every day is not only brought by sweat, but also by the efforts of farmers. “Whoever knows how hard it is to eat Chinese food on a plate.” In the field, with the scenes in front of me, I further understand it. Farmer uncle is the teacher of our life.
While my mother was mowing, I picked up the ladle and ladled the vegetables. Suddenly, Bai Juyi’s “wild fire can not burn, spring breeze blows again.” It seems to be in front of us. Aren’t these dishes the same as the grass in the poem? Don’t they also have the tough character of “burning out” and “blowing out again”? Although there will be no fire here, in summer, they have to face the sun all day long, endure the sun exposure, accept the general suffering of fire? And why did they stop growing under the spring breeze every year? Isn’t this quality of tenacity the same as the gravel in the desert? If you want to be picked up easily in the endless desert, salted fish turn over, as a gravel, you only have to accept the test of the hot sun, bravely look up to the sun, let yourself have the opportunity to be found, which is the most indispensable is a kind of perseverance, a tenacity, is not it? So what about learning? In fact, the same is true. In the face of difficulties, we should not choose to retreat or escape, because only brave people are qualified to succeed. Farmers uncle strong, self-confident, so they will have a successful harvest of fruits one day; the sand in the desert has a brave, tenacious character, so it will have the opportunity to be appreciated; the river is flowing, courageous forward, so it will have a dry, continuous “life” and ultimately win the opportunity to return to the sea; then what about me? Only by working hard, fighting tenaciously and chopping waves in learning can I have a day to reach the other side of success. That’s exactly what I should read, isn’t it?
I didn’t expect that a short trip in the field could make me learn so much and understand so much. In the new semester, I would like to work as hard as the peasant uncle. I hope that my hard work will turn into a beautiful rainbow on the horizon.