Little brother

The little brother of the neighbor’s family is born with polio, but in the face of the disease, he is very optimistic, and he has the confidence to win, and never give up. Therefore, my little brother is the most admirable person in my life.

When I was a child, my little brother didn’t have to be bullied by other children because of the disease. He also shed tears because of innocent suffering from all kinds of grievances. However, when people are in adversity, they are more able to sharpen their perseverance, patience and individuality. This is how the little brother is. In the face of adversity, he gradually learned to be strong. His legs and feet are not good. This will undoubtedly cause some troubles when he is doing things, but every time he does things, he can clench his teeth. Finishing things, so, after a long time, he has developed the habit of doing things from beginning to end. He does not care about the gains and losses of the results. On the contrary, what he values ​​is a process. He often said to me: “In fact, I enjoy the process of doing things, the result is not important, as long as you work hard, success is a matter of time.”

It is precisely because of this concept of being a man, gradually, the character of the little brother is more and more cheerful and more optimistic.

In the days when he grew up, although he did not go to learn this path, he insisted that he did not continue to study after graduating from junior high school. However, the little brother is not at home, according to the small brother’s usual personality, he will never sit at home to enjoy his success, then where is he going?

It turned out that he used his father’s money to buy a tricycle, and said that he would use a tricycle to carry the guests outside to earn money. At the beginning, his family was particularly worried, for fear that the little brother would carry the passengers outside because of the legs and feet. However, the little brother is determined to try it. He said, although I don’t have a good leg, I still have a hand. I will use my very healthy hands to grasp the steering wheel in my hand. Carrying every passenger.

In this way, under the insistence of the little brother, he finally got his wish to drive his tricycle.

The younger brother was especially dedicated after he was on the job. He got out of the car early, and it was almost wind and rain. Some good people saw that he had physical disabilities and thought about making money at home. Therefore, in the hearts of many people, he admired him and argued. The purpose of rushing to be his car is to allow him to increase his income.

The younger brother is also very touched by this. He believes that others respect him and take care of him. He must be more dedicated and treat others. He is treating everyone as everyone, and everyone is me. The little brother thinks so, and he does the same.

However, later, the younger brother was temporarily rested for some time because of physical problems, because he was not very good after all, and he was too tired to get out of work as early as possible.

During the time when he was resting, I happened to be an intern reporter at the local newspaper. So, taking advantage of him to rest, I specially went to the small brother’s house to interview him. He smiled at me and was so optimistic. He said, sister, we are old neighbors for many years, what are the good interviews.

But I have to let him talk about his feelings of carrying passengers every day. He said that if you want to say it, when you are carrying passengers, when you are chatting with passengers, that is when he is happiest, most memorable and feels the most fulfilling. Because many passengers praised him, saying that he was physically disabled and said that he had two sons, saying that he is good, saying that he loves life and that he is an example of learning and a model of the times.

Finally, he said to me, in short, what I said, I am embarrassed to say that no one devalues ​​me and rejects me. Therefore, at this point, I have to work hard in the days to come. Repay the passengers’ love and repay this beautiful and harmonious society.

The little brother said so, and he did the same. After a slight adjustment, he went to work with full enthusiasm. No, to be exact, he is going to embrace the blue sky and embrace life.

Now, after so many years of hard work, my little brother has already had a certain income, and I have a little nephew for the blessing of my little brother. They have been very happy, I bless my little brother from the bottom of my heart.

May the good man be safe in his life!