Mom is a WeChat fan

“Husband! Come and see, I have to be a friend with a colleague. How do I add it?”

“Son! People talk, how can I reply?”

“Husband! This person wants to add me? How do I know who he is?”

“Hurry! Your brother’s WeChat spoke, and quickly replied!”

Since my mother changed a new mobile phone and opened the WeChat function, my father and I became my mother’s WeChat consultant. I was often interrupted by my mother and answered her various questions.

I was in contact with many friends and classmates who had not been in contact for a long time. My mother was both anxious and excited. I, usually busy studying, how can I spend so much time on my mother, so I always push and drag. Dad is very patient, always willing to teach his mother how to add friends, how to set the name, how to find, how to forward, how to send things in the circle.

Since my mother learned WeChat and finished the housework every day, I will always calm down and see WeChat!

“Hey! It’s raining again in Shenzhen! The flood has become a disaster!”

“Look, the May 1st trip, traffic jam for 5 hours, more than 70 kilometers!”

“In China, be careful to be slaughtered in these 13 scenic spots!”…

The mother who used to be boring and not talking, always tells her own WeChat from time to time, for us to be on current affairs, safety, health education, politics class!

On that day, as soon as I got home, my mother announced her news to us like the New World. “Great, forward WeChat can receive a sun umbrella! Forward WeChat! Can lead the crystal pendant! Forward WeChat can also eat the King meal!”

“Is it true? Can you get it?” My father and I have some doubts.

“It’s free to be idle anyway! Look around!”

Therefore, the first thing that her mother wakes up every time is to forward the content that needs to be forwarded. In order to facilitate the memory, she also carefully numbered it and forwarded it for a few days. It is clear at a glance. Finally, the number of times the sun umbrella needs to be forwarded is enough. It is just a weekend, and my mother rushed to the place where the information was released early in the morning. After a whole morning, until we had lunch, my mother came back with a tired body and had a beautiful blue umbrella in her hand.

“There are so many people today, there are 4-5 hundred, but fortunately, my number is in front of me, I finally got it!” Mom said with great accomplishment.

In order to express my congratulations to my mother, my father and I specially respected my mother for a few glasses of red wine.

In less than two days, the number of WeChat messages that Jewelry City needs to forward is enough. Although the conditions required by this Jewelry City are quite demanding: it is continuously forwarded for more than 10 days, and is forwarded to new content every day, and there is no time between them. However, as long as you have the heart, you can still do it. My mother’s embarrassment is to see if the transfer is forwarded before going to sleep. At noon that day, my mother was accompanying her mother to collect the pendant. It was a long queue, a long queue, and my mom and dad came back at dinner. Although my mother is a little tanned, but under the neck is a crystal pendant with a “Golden Panda” in it! Dad makes a look, I immediately know, busy and really praise the mother a few words! Mom is happy The exhaustion of the situation was swept away.

“Next, I want to ask you to eat a meal, I will also win an electric hot pot for our family!”

Mom said it was done. Soon, we really ate the tyrant meal. Although the dishes were exquisite and the food was small, we really ate it.

As for the electric hot pot! It takes 60 days, once a day, of course, this difficulty is also difficult to beat the mother, she is very determined, but also perseverance. After a day and a day forwarding, at present, it has been transferred nearly 40 times, and the day when my mother realizes her wishes is approaching step by step!

This is my mom, a full WeChat fan!