An unforgettable thing

Each of us will experience many, many unforgettable things. Sometimes this thing can be difficult to smooth out in your life. I have experienced things big and small over the years, but one thing has made me unforgettable.

At noon on a Sunday, there was no way to make lunch because of a sudden power outage at home. Then Mom and Dad took me to the restaurant to eat. We just walked into the hotel and soon came in, a mother and child. The little boy seems to be about the same age as me, and the boy’s mother looks very tired. And the clothes look a bit dirty like they just finished working. We are not too concerned about it. Everything is still normal, Mom and Dad ordered, a few dishes, and ordered three bowls of noodles. Then we sat there waiting to serve, which was quite boring. So my gaze fell on the mother and son who had just entered. Maybe it’s because the little boy is about the same age as me. I always can’t help but look at him more. The little boy may have felt my gaze, so I looked at me, but I quickly turned my head. I thought to myself, this may be because the little boy is more introverted, afraid of being born, so I also twisted.

After a while, our dishes were served on the table. Maybe it is because of the hungry reason, I and my mom and dad ate. At this moment, I only heard the mother say, you eat, I am not hungry. I turned around and saw that there was a bowl of noodles in front of the mother and the child. The boy, did not speak, just looked at his mother, the mother said to his son, “Hurry and eat, it will be cold in a while, and my mother will take it.” Mom loves to eat hoes, don’t like to drink, you can eat quickly. As the mother said, she took two hoes out of her pocket. Seeing this, I suddenly understood. Certainly because the family conditions of the mother and the child are not very good, so only a bowl of noodles, the mother lied to lie to the son, saying that he does not like to eat noodles. The little boy opened his mouth and, after all, did not speak, then he bowed his head and ate. Just next to this, a sister called the boss over. I don’t know what to say to the boss. After a while, the boss took out a bowl of noodles from the back and said to the mother, today we have activities in the store, buy a bowl and send a bowl, this bowl is for you. The mother apparently did not know that there was such an activity, so she smiled and said to the boss, really? That thank you very much. The boss is also very polite, no thanks, this is what you deserve. I suddenly understood, it must have been related to the sister, so I turned to look at the sister, the sister did not have too many abnormalities, just eating and eating. I looked at my father and mother and whispered to my father, “Don’t wait for us to help them check out.” Dad looked at me and said to me, no, the sister’s approach is correct. If we help them check out, they may feel that they are sympathizing with them. The sister took care not only about their experiences but also their dignity. Dad said to me again, we will have to take care of such things in the future. We must take care of each other’s self-respect. We must not act recklessly. Sometimes it may be kind, but if it is not correct, it will also hurt others. After listening to my father’s words, I nodded secretly. The respect for the sister has increased a bit.

This matter has been lingering in my mind. I, countless times of assumptions, if there is any sister in this bowl of noodles, take the past and say to the mother and child, maybe the mother and the little boy will not feel very happy. My sister’s statement is undoubtedly the most appropriate. Let the boss tell your mother and son that this bowl of noodles is bought, sent, and sent. Therefore, in the hearts of their mother and child, they will not let everyone have a different look at them.