The setting sun slanted and reflected two red-faced faces. It was an old man, on the balcony, one in a wheelchair, the other standing firmly, with deep, unrelenting love in his eyes.

The old old man had quarreled and disagreed when he was young. He had lived and worked together for many years. The man once snarled at the woman, and the woman had quietly turned her back to tears… After a woman is ill, the man superimposes the layers of love for decades and presents it to the woman. There is no vow, no promise, and no meticulous care.

They are my grandparents.

The grandfather was a rare college student of that era. He was still elegant at the age of seventy, but he was a bit too reluctant, with the strange personality of the literati. I don’t know much about the situation when my grandmother was young, but in my memory, my grandmother is a particularly hardworking and gentle old man who lives very calmly and happily.

One afternoon in the early spring six years ago, my hardworking and gentle grandmother had a cerebral hemorrhage without any warning before. When I knew this news, my grandmother had been in the hospital for three days. The bloody foreigner wiped my tears and told me with a hoarse voice and a firm voice: “Don’t cry, grandma will wake up.” I didn’t know at the time, my grandfather’s firmness, persistent observance, It is because of deep love inside.

Since then, the grandmother lost her language and self-care ability, and the grandfather did not hesitate to take up the responsibility of taking care of her grandmother.

As always, I went back to my grandmother’s house every Sunday, and every time I saw my grandfather take care of my grandmother in every possible way. I learned that every day, the grandfather and the family’s nanny or mother will help the grandmother to walk a few laps in the house. The grandfather holds the grandmother’s waist behind him, the nanny or mother is holding it, and the grandmother walks up in the living room. Every time, the weight of the grandmother’s whole body is almost on the grandfather’s body. While walking forward, the grandfather always makes all kinds of jokes with ease. When standing in front of the window, he will not hesitate to say to the grandmother: “Lao Zhao, look at the flowers on the tree, and there is a small sparrow on the branch.” The grandfather has been standing in that position, the position behind the grandmother, holding up the weight of her whole body! Dad and He want to change him, and he stubbornly refused. Spring has come to the autumn, six years have passed, and the 78-year-old grandfather is still holding his grandmother behind him. He is still an unrelenting gaze, still pretending to be a relaxed words… However, I saw how hard he was from his casual expression, even though he carefully concealed it! Retired to the inner room, I have already burst into tears.

More than six years, more than 2,200 days and nights, grandfather to the grandmother to feed, wash his face, take a bath, push a wheelchair to the balcony to sun, wash my dirty sheets far away…, grandparents Care is meticulous and never stops. The grandfather didn’t have much white hair. In the past six years, he was pale, and his straight back was bent a little bit, but he never complained or complained. Looking at the back of the dirt brushing the sheets, I couldn’t help but tremble, tears falling from the corner of my eyes.

The grandparents are two old trees. One is suddenly destroyed by the storm, the other does not hesitate to support it. He will not hesitate to send his own nutrients to the other party… I am moved in the scene of the scene. Who said that love is going to be vigorous? Who said that you want to promise forever? If you are in trouble, you will stick to it, and you will never give up. Isn’t it the greatest love?

The twilight was pale, and the grandfather pulled up the grandmother’s hand. The shadows of the two old men were pulled longer, but the longer ones were the silent love between the grandparents!

Mo said that at this time near dusk, dusk is very good!