Maternal love

It really seems to be destined. In that year, on that day, I opened my eyes. She touched my head, and my mouth was filled with laughter. The two lives were tied together, and I went back together. sad.

“We”, I solemnly wrote the word, only two words, it is enough to sum up the relationship between me and my mother, the fate is destined that we are together, fate destined to connect with her life.

I was born that year, she is twenty-nine years old.

At that time, I was just a black and skinny baby girl. I couldn’t see any blood connection with the beautiful mother at that time. Regardless of how my friends and relatives evaluate, my mother still feeds me like a baby. In addition to her busy work, she dyed all kinds of fruits and nuts every day and changed the pattern to feed me. Gradually, I was so thin that I was like a small refugee. My complexion was white, my face became chubby, and my health improved significantly.

I think, after that, I can grow up healthily. I must thank my mother for giving me the nutrition that she gave me. She gave me life and laid a solid foundation for my life. Every time I read this, I am secretly happy. It’s good. We are this life. Mother and daughter.

I was four years old that year, she was thirty-three years old.

At that time, I was a carefree child, playing all kinds of games with my friends all day, and I was eating and playing in the spring of thinking every day. After my mother got off work, she began to tell me stories and taught me to read the poems. I always like Andersen’s longest “Heavenly Garden”. Every time my mother laments the length of the story, I only smile. In fact, I have already been familiar with the plot of the story. The words inside can also be read and understood. I want my mother to read a little longer and give me some time to see what she was when she read the story to me. In the silent night, my mother whispered to me reading poetry, the quietness of the paper, let the night extend indefinitely, covering the time below the eaves, as if to the earth.

My mother seems to have opened another door for me. There are sparkling fireworks in the sky, the intoxicating flower fields, and the bamboo that is far away from the world, taking me into another world.

I was ten years old that year, she was thirty-nine years old.

At that time, I thought that I was right, and I was blind, but I didn’t know how ignorant I was. I praised the great soul of the sages, talked loudly about the majestic ambitions, but worked hard all day for something that didn’t make sense. I lost my way between books and reality. I even wrote a letter to my mother with awkward words, “controlling” my dissatisfaction, but I did not expect that she had given me such a long letter, she said in the letter “I don’t want you to I don’t want to see a child who only knows how to play, but I don’t know how to go forward. Mom wants you to be happy every day, but happiness can sometimes be realized from the hard process or result. ”

She is the referee who is destined for me. It is only for my growth. When I am lost in the wrong direction, I bring her back with her warm hand.

I was twelve years old that year and she was forty-one years old.

At that time, my academic burden gradually increased, and my homework was always very late. She stayed with me every day, and after a year, I was sent to junior high school. In the first week of school, I first used the phone in the telephone booth to call my mother. I only heard the “beep”, and there was an infinite amount of sourness and rush to the tip of the nose. We didn’t say much, just when I rushed to hang On the phone, my mother rushed to say: “Remember to eat more green vegetables.” All kinds of emotions mixed with blowouts, my heart is really uncomfortable.

It has been quietly gone for more than a decade. The sunshine in May is just right, not long or short. At the tip of her fingertips, heaven opens our flowers, as if destined, silently staying here. fleeting time.