I didn’t understand it.

Sorry, brother.
Please forgive my sister for this late apology. You give me warmth like my little sun and pay for me silently. And I didn’t understand it all the time.
Your arrival did not surprise me much, on the contrary, it was a deep disgust. At that time, my heart was already occupied by the flower of jealousy, and my eyes were blinded by selfishness and jealousy. I am jealous of my parents’focus on you; of their expectations of you; and even of their laughter.
Your arrival has robbed me of the shining crown that my parents loved to make up, for which I have been dissatisfied. Whenever we quarrel and my parents give you their consent, I will be very angry, slam the door into the house and cry loudly, and then ignore you for ten days and a half.
It was another quarrel, and I threw in my anger again. Looking at the sugar gourd in my hand, I sneered, threw it on the ground and stepped on it severely until it was “crushed to pieces”. But you opened the door and went in, once in a blue moon. You look at the sugar gourd on the ground that “there is no whole body” and look at me again. Then you bow your head and admit your mistake obediently: “Miss Sister, I am wrong. Don’t be angry, will you? I screamed wildly, burning with anger, and my voice sounded like a duck:’Get out of here! You’re not my brother!” You look up at me in a daze, and then tears pour into your eyes, laughing and sliding down your “face” slide. You opened your mouth, tried to say something but stopped. You took out a few milk candies from your pocket and handed them to me timidly. Your eyes wandered around without colliding with me. But I sneered and clapped the sugar off your hand with one hand: “Not rare, go!” You bite your lower lip, shake your head hard, and turn stiffly away. Then I heard a loud cry.
Since then, you have alienated me, sticking to your elder sister all day long as a “follower”. I am also happy to try to be quiet, but I don’t know why my heart is somewhat unwilling and frustrated.
On my twelfth birthday in sixth grade, I accidentally hurt my finger and bled. I panicked. My parents and elder sister went out. You are the only one here. You were frightened to see me hurt, and then you ran to the opposite shop and borrowed a band-aid from the owner. Your hands shook and wrapped it for me. At that moment, the wall in my heart collapsed suddenly, and my heart was full of touching. You hesitated for a moment and handed me a letter with a great love on it. My heart stagnated for a moment and I looked up at you lightly. You blushed and whispered, “Happy birthday, Miss.” My heart began to surge, but I slowly opened the envelope. The next moment will be full of tears!
In the first grade, you wrote in astringent writing: Happy Birthday, Miss and Sister! I love you, but you hate me!
My elder sister just came back at this time. I know from her mouth that you didn’t want to rob me of the sugar gourd, but just wanted to take out the lactose rewarded by the teacher. After that, you advised my parents not to hit me. The reason for alienating me is that I want to ask my elder sister how to make me happy. The delivery of the letter just happened is the result of your sincere learning to write for many days.
I cried even worse – I didn’t know anything! I rushed to hold you tight: “Brother, sister also love you!” You hugged me tightly and cried, but you __. Laugh!
My dear little sun, your beloved sister, I will always love you!