My Out-of-class Activities

My extracurricular life is rich and colorful: sometimes I practice Taekwondo, sometimes I play skateboarding, sometimes I read books, sometimes I watch TV, sometimes I ask my good friends to play together. In many extracurricular life, I like reading books best.
As soon as I heard that there were good books, I begged my mother to buy one for me. There were so many books that I couldn’t read. I was ashamed that I only wanted to buy new books. Every day I had to pack a book in my school bag. After class, I took out the books I brought with me as soon as I had time. Looking at it with relish, I don’t even know what happened next to me; waiting for my mother at the school gate after school, I don’t forget to take out books to read; even sitting on my mother’s electric car, I can’t take advantage of my mother’s unconsciousness and peep at them. It’s really a book that I can’t leave my hands! At home, before I go to bed, I have to read, and I can’t sleep without reading. Sometimes I shut my books and got into bed at my mother’s urging voice. Sometimes I was so sleepy that I couldn’t open my eyes and fell asleep without taking off my clothes. At night, I often dream about the contents of books and talk in dreams. It’s really “thinking day by day, dreaming night”. When my mother smiled the next day and asked me, “I met ghosts in the middle of the night? Say a lot of strange words!” When my second father-in-law monk was still puzzled, thinking for half a day, he remembered the contents of dreams, and the original story of books. The plot is relevant. You said it was ridiculous?
Take a recent incident for example. I saw the recommended science fiction book “Survival in the Sahara Desert” from the “Reading Guide for Primary School Students” and thought: It must be very beautiful! I always asked my mother to buy it, but my mother did not buy it for me because I had too many books. A few days ago, I suddenly learned that my classmate Yang Yifan had this book, and it was a set of miles. I was so happy that I asked her to lend it to me. Who knows she was so stingy that she refused to lend it to me. I had to trade my skateboard with her in a “low voice” – whenever the book was finished, the skateboard would be returned to me. But she played my skateboard at school and didn’t lend me books. It’s really not a friend! Hey, when can I get the book?
There are many kinds of books I like to read. They are divided into adventure, detective, fairy tale, science fiction, cartoon, composition, etc. Reading adventure books can make me feel thrilling and exciting, just like riding on the “jungle motorcycle” in Beijing Happy Valley. Reading detective books can help me learn how to solve crimes by detectives. Once I was a detective addict, especially Captain Harry in Tropical Tracking and Holmes in Sherlock Holmes, I admired his superb crime-solving skills. Reading fairy tale books made me hallucinate and made good friends with the heroes in fairy tales, laughing and grieving together. Watching sci-fi books, such as Happy Planet, can not only increase scientific knowledge, but also swim in the magical universe. Reading comic books can make me often meet with cartoon characters. When I am upset, reading comic books will make me laugh and forget all the unhappy things. Writing books can accumulate good words and sentences, learn to write methods, and improve the level of writing. Reading these books really opened my eyes and made me more intelligent.
With books as my companion, my extracurricular life is full of joy. “The book has its own gold house, and the book has its own beauty like jade.” On the way of life, books will always accompany me around and become my good teachers and friends!