2019 Hurun Rich List

This year, 266 people were on the list; in the past two years, one person fell into the list. In the past two years, a total of 722 people, or 40% of entrepreneurs, were on the list, and 68 of them were frozen.
192 newcomers were on the list, and two of them entered the top 100 for the first time in the list: Li Yongxin, 43-year-old public education, and his mother Lu Zhongfang, wealth of 60 billion yuan became the world’s new richest man in the education industry; new listing video Meeting software developer Zoom, 49-year-old Yuan Zheng, has a wealth of 36 billion yuan.
“Old Horse” Ma Yun became China’s richest man for the third time with 275 billion wealth; “Pony” Ma Huateng’s wealth rose 20 billion, returning to second with 206 billion. Real estate developer Xu Jiayin’s wealth has shrunk by 40 billion, and it has retired to the third with 210 billion.
The mental illness drug company Hansen Pharmaceutical landed in Hong Kong stocks to drive Sun Feiyang Zhong Huijuan’s wealth rose by 92.5 billion, ranking the fifth with 175 billion new top ten.
After the fight for a lot of jaundice became the first to enter the top ten from scratch, the wealth rose by 100 million a day, and the past year has risen by 40 billion, ranking 173 billion with the seventh. This year’s increase of 24 and 80 after the list, a total of 156.
The performance of the big food industry is outstanding: Qin Yinglin and Qian Qi, the “big pig kings” in Henan, the wealth has risen to nearly three times last year, reaching 100 billion, and the top 20 in the promotion; the “hot pot king” Haidilao Zhang Yong Shuping couples have doubled their wealth. 120 billion new into the top ten; “soy sauce king” Haitian flavor industry Pang Kang wealth increased by 63% to 85 billion.
The wealth of 19 people is hundreds of billions, a sudden increase of 7 people over last year, the highest in the calendar year; the top 50 thresholds increased by 10 billion to 52 billion yuan last year, and the average wealth increased by 10% to 9.8 billion over last year, the highest in history.
Two people started their careers in the list of 90: Chen Xiaoliang, 28-year-old user service platform, and Ge Yuejun, a 27-year-old shareholder of the mining giant Bit China.
Kechuang board contributed 22 entrepreneurs on the list, and Zhang Wenyuan, a founder of the flat-panel testing equipment company Huaxingyuan, became the richest person in the board of science and technology with 22 billion yuan.
Huawei’s Ren Zhengfei, which is at the focus of Sino-US trade friction, rose 24%, ranking 162nd with 21 billion yuan.
The proportion of the IT industry increased from 10.3% last year to 11.7%, surpassing the financial investment industry and becoming the third largest source of wealth for entrepreneurs on the list; the proportion of manufacturing industry fell from 24.1% last year to 24.5%, but it is still on the list. The main source of wealth for entrepreneurs.
The unicorn company contributed 52 people to the list, covering the artificial intelligence represented by Shangtang Technology, the robot represented by Dajiang, the blockchain represented by Bitian, the sharing economy represented by Youke Workshop and the new energy represented by Xiaopeng Automobile. Automobile and other industries.
Zhejiang University and Peking University Alumni Association is still the most successful alumni association in China, with 39 and 38 alumni on the list respectively; Shanghai Jiaotong University has the highest number of alumni, increasing 8 people and ranking sixth with 20 people; 12 newcomers to the top ten.
Sichuan has made remarkable progress, with 15 newcomers among the 46 listed entrepreneurs in Sichuan.
On October 10, 2019, Hurun Research Institute joined hands with LEXUS Lexus to jointly release the “2019 LEXUS Hurun China Rich List”. This year, Hurun Research Institute has released the “Hurun Report” for the 21st consecutive time since 1999. The list has been kept at 2 billion yuan for the seventh consecutive year. The deadline for the calculation of the wealth of entrepreneurs on the list is August 15 this year.

Hu Run, chairman and chief researcher of Hurun Report, said: “The 21-year history of Chinese companies and wealth development is not only meaningful to Chinese companies, but also of Hurun’s richest. Hurun Report Every year, we continue to improve on the basis of the previous year, and every year is a new starting point. We will see many innovative business models and new listed entrepreneurs emerge. Their common advantage is the ability to accurately preview. In the future, we will continue to care for our users. This concept is similar to our partner LEXUS Lexus, which has been working together for two years. We have an insight into the needs of our customers, and we are more passionate about our hospitality with sincerity. A luxurious lifestyle.”