Baicheng Yi Office Building collapsed

Baicheng First Bank office building collapsed

On October 14th, an enthusiastic netizen issued a photo saying that an office building suddenly collapsed in Jilin Baicheng. The scene has become a ruin. The scene is shocking.

Office building used by credit unions

Then, an informed source broke the news that the bank building is currently an office building used by a credit union. After the building collapsed, the relevant government departments quickly responded and immediately organized personnel to carry out on-site rescue. Fire trucks, ambulances and other rescue tools were ready. Ready to rescue

Rescue measures are in place

It is reported that some people have been rescued at the scene, and rescuers urgently sent the injured to hospital for treatment.

6 people were trapped, official: 4 people have been rescued, still searching and rescue

At 6:40 pm, the official report said that the accident has caused six people to be trapped and has safely rescued four people.

The building that filled the money fell

The netizens felt that they were afraid after a while, but fortunately they were not inside, and few people laughed and said: The building that loaded the money actually fell, and it could be fired!