Fan Bingbing ring steals the mirror

Recently, Fan Bingbing’s ring grabs the mirror and attracts hot discussion. Recently, some netizens have photographed Fan Bingbing’s dinner in a restaurant. In the photo, Fan Bingbing’s ring finger ring has caused a lot of netizens’ attention. Is it true that Fan Bingbing has a new relationship?

On October 21st, Fan Bingbing grabbed the mirror and boarded the hot search. On the evening of the 19th, the master of cooking, Sun Zhaoguo, took a few photos with Fan Bingbing. Fan Bingbing recently appeared in Shanghai and had dinner with friends. In the photo, Fan Bingbing’s body is thin, although it is a simple beret to wear a simple beret, it is still difficult to conceal the temperament, the ring on the ring finger of the right hand has also attracted the attention of many people.

From the photos, you can clearly see the diamond ring on the right side of Fan Bingbing. Needless to say, everyone knows the meaning of the diamond ring on the ring finger, and it is still right-handed. It’s no wonder that netizens will pay special attention. Fan Bingbing has a new Love, and there has never been a real hammer. Now Fan Bingbing has generously displayed the ring finger on the right side of the ring finger. I don’t know if there is any new progress in my feelings.

Despite the negative comments, Fan Bingbing is very popular. The staff in the restaurant are vying to take a photo with her. Fan Bingbing is not a one to take a photo with the on-site staff. It is very grounded. In the photo, Fan Bingbing did not hide the ring on his right upper ring finger, especially stealing the mirror.

Sun Zhaoguo also showed a video of the dessert show on Weibo. In the video, most of the girls who participated in the dinner were all girlfriends. Fan Bingbing was also screamed by the surprise scene. He also voted for the celebrity chef Sun Zhaoguo. The eyes were caught by the camera. On October 20th, some netizens exposed the menu of Fan Bingbing’s dinner party on Weibo, and broke the news that Fan Bingbing spent a total of 400,000.

It took 400,000 for a meal, and even the users who broke the news sighed that it was good to have money. The netizen who participated in the dinner party also took a photo with Fan Bingbing. She also revealed that the meal was not paid by Fan Bingbing, but was bought by Sun Zhaoguo. At the same time, the netizen who participated in the dinner also indirectly opened up a fan for Fan Bingbing. The 400,000 menus exposed were not Fan Bingbing. The name of the restaurant on the menu and the name of the restaurant Sun Sunguo were not the same, because both stores are Sun Zhaoguo’s, so they were linked together, but the two stores are independent stores. This 400,000 menu is also sourced. Although this menu is from the hands of Sun Zhaoguo, it was last year. After this menu was exposed last year, it caused a heated discussion. Sun Zhaoguo also gained both fame and fortune.

Does Fan Bingbing have a new relationship?

On the evening of the 19th, a restaurant general manager took photos of Fan Bingbing’s visit to the restaurant and issued a message saying: “If it is not face to face, I really don’t know that such a thin Fan Bingbing loves food so much, and his appetite is super good, very real and very kind, and legend. It’s not the same thing at all. She is a very kind person! We have always tasted food.” In the photo, Fan Bingbing wore a striped sequined skirt with an oversized beret. The face is very delicate and the face is also very nice. Among them, Fan Bingbing’s right hand ring finger also put on the ring was guessed by the netizens suspected of having a new love.

On the 20th, Fan Bingbing and his mother Zhang Chuanmei appeared at Hongqiao Airport. Fan Bingbing wears a large beret with red lips, his face is more delicate and compact, wearing a blue velvet robe and luxurious atmosphere, cartoon Pikachu mobile phone shell cute stealing the mirror to show the girl’s heart. On the same day, Fan Bingbing’s mother and daughter were unveiled without accompanying the assistant. Fan Ye also intimately helped the mother to push the luggage. The sunglasses covered the corners of the mouth and smiled sweetly, without losing the gas field. Fan Bingbing’s right ring finger ring is very stealthy, I do not know whether it is for decoration or a new love, causing the majority of netizens to discuss.

Fan Bingbing’s feelings have been rumored after breaking up with Li Chen, and even Fan Bingbing’s pregnancy has been reported. Fan Bingbing’s birthday was followed by his own “Gossip Boyfriend” Zhang Shuai’s confession. Netizen’s guess. Not long ago, in Zhang Shuai’s fashion week, Fan Bingbing was also invited to be a stable C position to witness their relationship. Now Fan Bingbing himself has recovered his single status. Fan Bingbing said that he was trying to marry himself when he expressed his goal. As for the emotional situation of Fan Bingbing, I am afraid I still have to wait for her own response.