April Fool’s Day

I was fooled by my classmates in school. I don’t know what drives me. I’m determined to fool my parents back.
As soon as I got home from school in the afternoon, I was eager to find my father. At that time, I saw my father idly tidying his desk. “Dad, I’m back.” I shook my arm and said to my father, “Yes, I had a fever today.” I pretended to be naive and said to my father, but I was laughing in my heart.
“What, how?” said Father, surprised and anxious to touch my forehead. I was stunned for a moment, then burst into laughter and said, “Dad, you are foolish by me, fool Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Seeing my father crying and laughing, I said to me, “Ah you!” At this time, my mother was absent, it seems that she has a chance to fool herself with the same trick.
When my mother came home, she was busy in the kitchen. I’m waiting for my mother to bring a plate of delicious food to the table. Finally, my mother said, “It’s dinner!” So we had a happy dinner together. But I’ve been waiting for my foolish mother. I deliberately pretended to be tired and said to my mother powerlessly, “Mom, I seem to have a fever today.” I laughed in my heart. When my mother suddenly put down her chopsticks for dinner and touched my forehead with her hand, she was surprised and said, “What, how?” Father smiled and said to her, “Oh, you are foolish!” Mother also smiled and said, “Ah, you are dead.” At this time, I could not laugh, because my parents heard that I had a fever, the action was surprisingly consistent: raise their hands to touch my head, anxiously. Ask, look concerned
My heart was shocked. The more I think about it, the more I feel sorry for my parents, the more sadly I tell them what I think. Father said, “Well, we would rather be foolish than ill by you!” Ah, Dad, your sentence sounds like this to me: “We would rather give ourselves than hurt you!” After that, the educative father slowly opened his mouth: “You see, you are not always worried about how to write an article of gratitude to your parents? Actually, as long as you are careful in life. For dessert, you can feel your parents’love for you. A bowl of iced sugar Sydney and a cup of sweet honey tea are all parents’ selfless love for you! __
Yeah, whenever I write a composition, my mind is empty and I can’t find any trace of love. Actually, the love between father and mother is in life: in a cup of tea, in a gesture, in a sentence, in a look.
I lament: parents, in fact, are very “silly”. For the sake of their children, they would rather be deceived and even give their lives. But, in fact, the love of parents is like a seed, which has taken root, sprouted and grown in your heart.
My heart, for a long time, can not calm down. This sentence will be printed in my mind for a long time. I will never forget that day.