Barcelona! Gatai derbies Wu Lei to come on as a substitute and scores in the 88th minute

[global network reporter Zhu Mengying]

The Spaniard drew 2-2 with Barcelona. (00:35)

At 04:00 p.m. Beijing time (21:00 p.m. Spain time) on January 5, 2019 / 20, the 19th round of La Liga focused on the arena of Cornelia eprat. The Spaniard was led by midfielder David Lopez in the 23rd minute. At the beginning of the second half, Suarez and Bidar scored continuously to help Barcelona fight against the Super League; in the 74th minute, Wu Lei came on as a substitute; in the 75th minute, de Rong, the Barcelona midfielder, was sent off by a red card; in the 88th minute, Wu Lei pushed the far corner to break through the gate of Barcelona. In the end, the Spaniard drew 2-2 at home to Barcelona and got the first point of the new year.