Howard returns to the dunk contest

If Superman can fly, let him take part in another dunk contest!
Today, according to shams report, the League invited Howard to participate in the dunk contest, and Howard has confirmed that he will participate in the dunk contest.
In addition, according to sources, considering Howard’s important role in the team now, the Lakers plan to take care of Howard when he enters the dunk contest.
Howard, as a young man, has always been very keen to participate in the dunk contest. He participated in three consecutive dunk competitions in 2007, 2008 and 2009, and won the championship in 2008.
It was an impressive dunk contest. Howard, who didn’t make it to the final one the year before, decided to take part in it again and prepared a set of big moves.
In the final, his opponent was Gerard green, who was also a very jumping player. He also completed the air pick-up windmill during the rebound period.
Gerard green performed an impressive pattern dunk in the final. He put the candle on the basket’s neck, blew out the candle while jumping up and dunking, which made him astonished.
In the previous year, Howard was obviously well prepared, his first shot first hit the ball to the backboard, then after holding the ball in the air, the rod hit the ball into the basket, 50 points!
Second button, Howard’s teammate Nelson took a red cape from the side, and then Howard was also eager to try, he lifted up the Jersey, revealing a superman robe with S shape in front.
At this time, the whole audience knew what Howard was going to do and began to be very excited. The idea of Superman’s robe has never been thought of in the history of dunk competition.
Then the dunk was not perfect, Nelson’s throw was bad, but Howard managed to catch it and hit it into the basket with inertia. Strictly speaking, it can hardly be counted as a dunk. He didn’t even touch the basket.
But when Superman’s robe appeared, the entertainment significance of the dunk contest was greater than that of the competition. The judges let Howard win the championship, because this may be the most entertaining dunk in NBA history.
Next year’s dunk contest, Howard still took out Superman’s uniform, but the judges have not bought his account. This time, Howard came back 11 years later.
This will be Howard’s fourth dunk competition, and in history, only the glider Drexler and Dominic Wilkins are more than him.
Of course, there is also a player audience waiting for his return. Trey young tweeted: “Vince Carter to dunk, we need him!”
We all want to see Carter fly again.