Hand in the mahjong reward mask

“Now that the epidemic is so severe, the big guys should not play mahjong and increase the risk of infection.” At 2:00 p.m. on February 1, in a residential building in Changfu Road community, baoshenghu street, Chen Xingping, a resident, was painstakingly propagating the importance of home-based prevention to several people playing mahjong. His attitude was very sincere.
If it wasn’t for Chen Xingping, it’s hard for you to imagine that a few days ago, like these residents, she spent her time playing mahjong every afternoon.
The change starts a few days ago.
On January 29, during a visit to changfulu community cadres, they found that Chen Xingping was having a lot of fun with a group of “Ma friends”. Based on the principle of “no leakage of one household, no leakage of one person” in epidemic prevention and control, community cadres conducted patient persuasion and epidemic prevention publicity to elder sister Chen. In the publicity, novel coronavirus was also cited by community leaders, and the situation was serious. Chen Xingping was deeply touched when she saw that community workers worked hard and conscientiously to prevent and control the epidemic. She also wanted to do what she could to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.
A day later, the opportunity came. Due to the emergency of the epidemic, the entry and exit personnel of Jinfu community where Chen Xingping is located are mixed, which is not easy to grasp the flow of foreign personnel, and there are loopholes in prevention and control. So Chen Xingping volunteered to join the epidemic prevention front line of the community. After she came to the community to express her will, she took the temperature meter and epidemic prevention and control publicity materials, spontaneously organized Jinfu Garden community to be enthusiastic about the owners and property management staff, took the temperature of the people in and out of the community, registered and publicized, and patiently dredged the residents’ mood, which can be regarded as reassuring the residents of the community. During the extraordinary period, the community residents praised the warm-hearted elder sister.
Seeing that he has gained from his efforts, Chen Xingping feels that it is very meaningful, and then he has a new action. When it was known that the community was organizing a volunteer team for prevention and control patrol, Chen Xingping actively responded to the call of the community, joined the volunteer team and participated in the volunteer service work of joint prevention and control of community epidemic. Now, Chen Xingping works with the community staff every day to go on the streets for propaganda and persuasion, to go upstairs for inspection and disinfection, to take home temperature measurement, to be diligent, not afraid of hardship and fatigue, just to build up a safe defense line for epidemic prevention and control, and to protect the life safety and health of residents.